McGee's leg wasn't broken, just very badly bruised. Morrison had correctly diagnosed the compartment syndrome. The incision he'd made to release internal pressure was properly cleaned and stitched, and McGee was released. Gibbs promised Morrison he'd have a talk with the D.A. and testify on his behalf, then watched as he was taken into custody.

McGee had been issued antibiotics and a mild pain killer, both for his leg and for the various and sundry other aches and pains suffered because of the avalanche.

Gibbs and Tony drove McGee home. The pain killers had already started their work, and by the time they had McGee in his apartment, his head lolled about on his shoulders. Tony managed to remove McGee's shirt and belt before they made it as far as the bedroom, then pulled off his shoes once McGee lay flat on his back. He grinned when McGee curled to his side and immediately began snoring.

He felt as if he were being watched and looked up to find Gibbs studying him. "What?"

Gibbs shook his head. "Nothing."

Tony wagged a finger at him, then bent to tug the covers from under Tim and throw them over his legs. "I know what you're thinking - you bicker and tease each other at the office, but when it comes down to it, you both have each other's backs." Not giving Gibbs time to reply, Tony continued as he bent to retrieve McGee's shoes and walked across the room to toss them into the closet, "We're like brothers, or first cousins - we're opposites, but we make a good team, like Lewis and Martin - Abbott and Costello - "

"Lenny and Squiggy."

Tony paused, hand frozen as he reached for McGee's discarded shirt and belt. "Nice reference, Boss. I wouldn't think you'd be a Laverne and Shirley guy, but I can see I'm wrong."

Gibbs held up his hand when it was clear Tony was going to continue. "You've convinced me, DiNozzo. You and McGee are partners. You watch each other's backs." He shook his head and turned to leave, then thought of something and turned back. "You staying?"

Finished draping McGee's shirt over his desk chair, DiNozzo dusted off his hands. "Yep. That's what -"

"Partner's do. I know. Get some sleep, Lewis."

"Hey, I'm Martin - he's Lewis!" He pretended not to hear the mumbled reply: "You're both loony," and went back to his straightening, then quickly decided he'd done enough. Dragging McGee's sleeping bag out of the closet, Tony unrolled it, undressed down to his boxers and t-shirt, and did his best to find the softest spot on the floor.

The extremely satisfying feeling of a case ending well lulled him to sleep.

The End