Hey everybody! New story! Woot woot! Hahahaha hope ya like it! I couldn't finish the coma story because I lost all my ideas for it sooooo, I changed my mind and just decided to make a story thats been in my mind for a while now...Hope ya like it!

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Raven bolted upright in bed, covered in sweat. She looked frantically around the dark room, breathing hard, she looked at the deep purple alarm clock on her nightstand. The red lights blinking 4:59 a.m. she saw no use in trying to go back to sleep, the nightmares keep coming back. Raven threw the silky, dark blue, sheets and lavender comforter off of her and slid out of bed.

She stretched her arms out, and let out a yawn. As she walked to the vanity table chair to get her silky, short, purple robe, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She had changed a lot over the past three years since that trip to Tokyo. All of them have.

Robin was now at his optimum height, only about three inches shy of Cyborg. His hair that was once spiked was now longer and a bit more wild, but in no way messy. His suit had changed as well. It'd gone from red, yellow, and green to black, and blue. Even his mask had changed, going from having rounded edges to having a more of a sharp look. Everything about him was mature and meant business.

Starfire was exactly Robin's height with long legs and a long, thin waist. Her hair now went past her back and behind, tickling the lower backs of her legs just above her knees. Her uniform was now even shorter, only on this side of being inappropriately revealing. It showed off her splendid legs, her flat, perfectly muscled stomach, and accentuated her exquisite bosom.

Raven's hair, which had been cropped short, was wavy and now down to the middle of her back. She still remained the shortest of the five, but had a beautiful hourglass figure, and barstool legs that made guys heads turn whenever she walked past, and made a lot of girls glare with envy. Her uniform now cut low, instead of being at her neck, sleeveless, and had fingerless gloves.

Beastboy, however, in Raven's opinion, had become even more attractive. He, like Robin, had grown to his full height. And though he was not as tall as Robin, he was far taller than he'd been a few years before. His once round face now sharp and matured. His hair was longer now and spiked. His uniform no longer had sleeves at all, which showed off his muscles, but he did have silver gloves that covered most of his forearm.

However, Cyborg, out of the five, he'd changed the smallest amount. The only large difference was his facial structure which was more mature and required him to have newer robotic parts installed in the area.

Raven let out a sigh, grabbing the silk robe and slipping it on over the short, lavender, lace nightgown that Starfire had made her buy at the mall several weeks back. She stealthily slipped out of her room to the dimly lit hallway. Still shaken from the nightmare, she slipped through the doors to the common room. Shes had been having the same nightmare for the past three nights now.

Raven made her way to the kitchen area, pulled out her teakettle, and filled it with water before putting the kettle on the stove. She went to a cabinet and got out her favorite purple and green mug, and a teabag. She leaned against the table, watching the teakettle, lost in thought.