Playing with the dead

It was a beautiful day in the village and we decided to go for a pick nick.
There was a space at the edge of the village where they hadn't build anything. It's where the washing lake is and there's a big field next to it for families to have a day out or children to play.

When we got there other families had already occupied most of the field with their blankets laid out and sandwiches in hands.
But we found a empty spot and began our own pick nick.

Mom had gotten to a often lot of trouble to make sure we had a nice lunch here.
Making all kinds of different sandwiches and making sure everybody got their favorite.
I guess she just wanted this day to be perfect. It wasn't that often that we had a family day.

The mudo's endless pleas were a constant background noise as we were close to the fences.
But everybody knew to stay away from it. Well everybody except some teenagers who would tease the mudo.
Throwing rocks at them, spitting, calling names. They also had a game where they would see who dared to get the closest to the fence, to the mudo.
It was stupid and if a adult found out they would get a mouth full, but they did it none the less.

I didn't like those games. My brother used to play them with his friends and I always used to watch anxiously at the side lines.
I know, I'm not really a dare devil.

We had just eaten our lunch and mom was washing up at the lake, when the siren rang.
This loud mechanic shrieking noise that warned us that mudo had entered our village.

So it was weird that I hadn't heard it when I jerked my head to the moan and looked right into the faded red eyes of my dad.
He was stil there fighting and my only guess to the lacking of the siren was that dad had been bitten while securing the fences and had been running towards us. To warn us or for us to kill him I don't know. But my only hope was that he was the only mudo in the village, that the fences hadn't been breached. But that hope was shattered into pieces when I heard the loud mechanic shrieking sound of the siren, telling us to go to the platforms cause mudo were walking amongst us.

My brother jerked at my arm to get me up and running. But I was frozen in shock as I saw the infection winning, taking over my dad. Saw his quick surten step transform into an irregular shuffle. Saw his bald fist and tense arms raising as moans for flesh escaped his mouth.

'Gab, come on it's not him anymore!' I registrate my brothers voice screaming out at me as he get's me on my feet and is dragging me over to the backdoor.

I shake myself, make my gaze drift from the body that used to contain my dad. Feeling a rock in my stomach appear as I make my way to the house. Make my feet run as more moans fill the air.

We enter the house in ragged breaths and I slowly realise that the door was already open when we ran inside before my brother swings it shut and looks at me grabbing my hand.

'They've got an attic that leads to the platforms.' I say in a voice that doesn't sound as my own. Doesn't seem to fit this frightening, shocked girl. For the voice is way to calm, to surten, like she actually knows what's going on and knows what to do. Where as I so don't know anything right now.

My legs run to the stairs as I now drag my brother behind me showing him the way.
Reaching the 1st floor I turn into the hallway to see all the doors are shut exactly like I left them except for one.
A thump and a unintelligent grunt comes from the open room and I'm already going towards it.

'Wait!' My brother hisses 'Your going straight for the ladder right? Your not actually going in there?' Nigel looks me straight in the eyes cause he knows I can't lie making eye contact.

'I-I have to' I stammer finally finding my own voice again while shifting my gaze towards my clutched hands 'the.. Nigel Oh what have I done. The baby is in there' I look up at him just in time to see the shock.

He let's out a sigh 'It's to late sis. She's probably already gone.' He begins to turn away before I shoot out and grab his hands digging my fingers in a bit.

'Nigel! I have to be sure.' I hiss in a new found courage

He thinks this over before coming to a quick decision. He gives a quick nod. 'Fine, you hide. I'll distract it, then you go in and have a look.'
Before I can tell him no he jerks out of my hands and starts for the room.

I duck behind a corner and wait.

'Hey, you stupid mudo.' He yells as he gets to the door. 'Here I am! You meat head. I'm way more tasty then that baby. See all this meat I've got.'
He turns around and smacks his but before running away.

I can hear his quick footsteps followed by slower ones go down the stairs and that's my cue.
I turn around my corner and run on tip toes to the room.

Everything seems to be the same.
The big window lighting the room and giving few over the village.
The first bright pink rug that has faded to a light salmon taking over most of the room.
The small bed against the wall in which I can sleep in if I'm babysitting. The leaved tree painting hanging above it.
I turn around, behind the door, where the crib is. The white lace skirt swinging as the crib moves.

Something inside of me tells me stop, to turn around and run away, to not look, that I don't have to be sure.
Anything that's in a room with a mudo is bitten for sure.
But I just need to know, to see. I can't life with myself if I run away now.

I can hear my brother running around down stairs and i know he won't be able to run for ever.

So I walk over to the crib, not delaying it, and look into her beautiful pink face.
My arms are already extended to envelope her when I see her leg.
Her pink little leg ravaged. Teethmarks still showing. Blood dripping out, spotting her blanket. Flesh torn and broken, showing the white of her bones.

I avert my gaze and stifle a scream as my legs feel like pudding.

'Gab, I'm coming up so be ready. More are coming!' I hear my sweet brother who risked his life for me to see this yell.

So I walk out of the room leaving her to her faith. I silently close the door and run over to the ladder climbing it as I hear my brothers footsteps running up the stairs.

I open the trap door and pull myself up crawling over to make room for my brother.
He jumps up and pulls himself up swinging the trapdoor shut as he does.

I walk over to shut it when my brother pulls me away.

'There's no time. There are to many.' I pull him up and we both run towards the porch.
I can hear scrambling and the trapdoor slamming as the mudo try to climb the ladder with their unsteady feet.

My heart races in my chest and adrenaline rushes through my veins as my troubled thoughts become irrelevant.

I stumble onto the porch as my brother bumps behind me.

'What's wrong Mary go!' Nigel pushes me as he must've forgot that I'm totally mortified of heights.
Yeah I know not real handy with all these platforms.
I swallow bile back that has filled my mouth with a sickly bitter taste.
And make my first step onto the bridge clinging to the rope at both side.

We're about half way when I hear the mudo finally crawling into the attic.
The bridge shudders and shakes and when I look at the tree that we're heading to I can see that it's shuddering and swinging.
People are climbing the ladders and crossing the bridges towards the tree.
And it's going to collapse under the weight.

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And please let me know what you think.