Title: Daddy

Disclaimer: I do not own anything related to 'Independence Day'. It belongs to who ever it belongs to, which is not me.

A/N: I watched Independence Day for the first time in years July 3rd, then again July 4th. Now, when I watch a movie, half my mind enjoys it, and the other half is thinking up FanFiction I can write. And this is the result. Be warned, it's short, but cute. (At least, I hope it's cute.) Please review and tell me what you think!

Dylan watched as Steve kissed his mother for the hundredth time since they were married only fifteen minutes before. His mom left for a minute; he wasn't paying attention to where she was going. Walking up to Steve, he felt a bit nervous and apprehensive of the question that was laying heavily on his heart.

"Steve?" Dylan asked when he was close enough.

"Yeah?" Steve said, squatting down, looking at the little boy at eye level.

"Well, now that you've married mom, can I," he faltered and almost didn't finish his sentence.

"Go on, son," Steve said.


"Can I call you 'daddy'?" Dylan whispered, afraid of the answer.

Tears filled Steve's eyes as the little boy looked at his shoes. Placing one finger under Dylan's chin, Steve made the boy look him in the eye.

"I would be honored if you called me daddy," Steve said.

Dylan felt relief course through his body. He threw his arms around Steve's neck and hugged him hard.

"Come home safe, daddy."