Dear Diary,

Jake and I are getting married, Diary. Aren't you so excited for me? Well, it doesn't matter if you are or not because you are a tiny pink notebook and I am a fully grown, extremely happy fiance of the man I love.

Maybe I should back up a little. Okay, here are the facts. 1) My family decided to come visit me for the first time since I ran away to celebrate my birthday. 2) Jake has been my boyfriend since the bonfire six months ago and my fiance since last night. 3) He proposed to me on my seventh birthday, which if you couldn't tell was yesterday.

The whole La Push "gang" arrived at the house to have a pre-party party for me at around one. Usually I wouldn't like this many parties and all the attention, but Jacob said he wanted me to have a fun birthday before my family arrived. I thought it was so cute I had to let him plan it for me.

Seth, and Jenny came over here at the crack of dawn so they could help set up while Leah and Sara distracted me at their house. Though Sara still doesn't like me, I know it is only because she had a crush on Jake when she first started phasing and she was jealous he picked me, considering what I am.

I don't mind though. The rest of the wolves have come to accept me and I know it is only a matter of time before she does.

Everyone came to my party. All the wolves, from the very first ones to the new phasers, and their imprints attended the little get together.

Seth brought Jenny, Sam brought Emily and their kids, Jared Kinard flew in with Kim and their five month old daughter Myran, and Quil was babysitting so he brought his imprint, nine year old Claire, and her six year old brother Christian. On an unexpected note, Leah finally agreed to go out with Embry, so technically they arrived as a couple.

Collin and Brady showed up without dates but I knew that they were secretly dating.

I know this, of course, because I have killer intuition and my power developed a little more when I woke up on my birthday. I guess it was a final gift from my power since I was now officially fully grown. I could now listen in on people's thoughts if I was in contact with them.

When I went in to give Collin a bear hug, I found out the secret he was trying to hide.

They hadn't been back to La Push since they decided their love for one another in hopes that no one would find out that the best friends were a little more than that. It wasn't the fact that they were gay that they wanted to hide, it was the fact that they had imprinted on each other. That was something the legands hadn't prepared them for and they knew they would be cast aside. I didn't care though. I loved them no matter what.

Quinn and Micah Sqyures were the only ones who didn't have an imprint of the remaining available male wolves, but I knew that wouldn't change for awhile. They didn't seem to mind though, and it was even rumored that Quinn had a steady girlfriend (though no one had ever seen her).

Even Paul and Rachel made it, despite her condition. She was eight and a half months pregnant with their second daughter, soon to be Dianea Rebecca Black. Dani was looking forward to being a big sister and the other wolf girls were just happy to have another baby to dress up soon.

Not like they didn't already have enough. They had five and a half year old Harper Uley, who would play dress up for hours if she could, four year old Hannah Uley, who despite her age loved to paint murals so she was always in need of a spare outfit, and Haleigh Uley who was now almost three but still treated like the spoiled baby she was.

Around dusk, my vampire family showed up but by then most of the wolves had scattered. The Uleys, Kinards, and Sqyures went home at nine in anticipation of the Cullens arrival, followed shortly by Quil who had to get Claire and her brother home. Jenny was getting restless when she heard more people were going to be arriving so she asked the Clearwaters to take her home. Leah seemed to be the only one who wanted to stick around, but she too got in the car with Seth and Sara.

That just left Embry, Collin, and Brady.

"You guys don't mind if I finish eating this, do you?" Embry asked me, glancing at the remaining chips and salsa. I shook my head and in an instant he had it shoved down his throat.

"I think we're gonna head out." Collin said remorsefully, eying a sleeping Brady with a passion so deep I couldn't understand why they didn't reveal themselves. He nudged his partner awake and helped him to the car.

I followed them out, giving them each another hug goodbye. I knew from their thoughts when I hugged them that they wouldn't be back for awhile. "Don't be a stranger. I'm sure they could handle the truth." I whispered in Collin's ear, Brady already have fallen asleep in the passanger side.

Collin's face froze in panic, but I refused to drop his gaze. "Don't worry, it's not my secret to tell." I promised, kissing the wolf on his cheek just as a Silver Volvo pulled up in the driveway. Collin jumped in the driver's seat and sped off.

Momma however, did the opposite. She ran and gave me a hug, unconsciously spilling all of the family's secrets as she kept contact with my skin. Edward didn't seem phased with it, but that was because I also knew that Momma was shielding everyone's thoughts from him; for now anyways.

Even though I had run away when my parents declared the family was moving, I kept in touch with Momma through secret phone calls and random trips to the small town of Twitterville, Oregon. That was where the Cullens moved to, by the way. It was everything they could ever need and love; rainy, overcast, and overpopulated in wildlife.

I led everyone inside, giving each family member a big hug. Partly it was because I missed them; partly it was because I wanted to see if the big secret was true. Person after person confirmed it, but that didn't make it any less shocking.

Halfway through the night, my party became sort of a mending time for everyone. My whole family was crowded around in Billy's old house, which had become Jacob's property when his father passed away. I was still living with the Clearwaters though, so don't go thinking anything dirty, Diary. I just enjoyed being over here so I only went back there to sleep.

Edward was still as stubborn as ever. He made a face when he saw me sitting on Jacob's lap a quarter til midnight. Looks like things hadn't changed since he practically threw me out of the house for not wanting to move.

"I told you this would happen, love." Edward growled lowly to my mother, thinking that we couldn't hear him.

"I don't care. I'm happy that Nessie has Jacob." She argued back, glaring at him as she came to give me a hug. She meant it too. Apparently, according to what Jake said and what she confirmed when she hugged me, everyone knew about the imprinting but me. They all knew I would end up with Jake, yet no one tried to tell me about it. That was probably why Aunt Rose was so happy when I briefly dated Nauhel.

Anyways, Diary, I was telling you about my proposal, not my party. *giggle*

The proposal came out of nowhere. One minute Jake was playing with my hair and glancing at the clock and the next he was asking me to go for a walk and pulling me deep into the forest. I agreed quickly even though I had no idea what he was planning, though from the look on Edward's face should probably have been a tip off. He looked like he wanted to kill Jacob so I'm assuming now that Momma had let down her shield and he had been thinking about it.

"Nessie, I love you." Jake said earnestly, glancing at his watch again. "I promised your father, when you were younger and he found out about the imprinting thing, that I wouldn't make a move on you until you were fully grown. Though I seemed to have happened sooner than that, I want to still fufill my promise as best as I can."

I nodded, unsure what he meant when suddenly he crouched down on one knee. Tears were whelling in my eyes as he pulled the little black velvet box from his pocket. He glanced at his watch once more and smiled in triump. "It is now 12:01, Ness." He said mysteriously.

I was about to ask him what he meant when he said those four little words every girl wants to hear. "Will you marry me?"

I think my response could be heard for miles, but I didn't care. "Yes." I whispered once I got over my giggle fit and my spontanious screaming. "Yes, Jacob, I would love to marry you."

AN: So sad, it's ending :( but this story has run its course. Yes, I understand the irony that I started this story on Nessie's sixth birthday and ended it on her seventh. But look at how much has happened in one year. Thank you all for reading and thank you for my few reviewers on this story. They made my day and made me want to continue writing lol. Hope you enjoyed this unusual story! :)