Stein laid against his bed with his weapon resting on his chest. Spirit was seventeen and Stein was sixteen. The silver hair teen glanced down at his sleeping weapon and smiled. He ran his pale finger through the smooth, silky ruby locks of Spirit.

His thoughts began to think when they first met. Stein was sitting behind a tree smoking and at the age of fourteen. The young teen saw something run behind his tree. Then saw nothing but red. Spirit was climbing a tree then his soft blue eyes fell upon the younger silver hair boy.

Spirit hung upside down from his legs looking at Stein. "You are a boy right? You kinda look like a chick."

Stein blinked "I am a boy"

Spirit blinked and fell down on his face "Ugh! Fail!" Spirit said now sporting a bloody nose. Stein blinked and took out a white stitched handkerchief.

"Umm you can use this" he said shyly. Spirit looked at him and took it.

"Thanks" Spirit said wiping the blood away.

Stein stared intently at Spirit's hair. Never in his life he saw something to bright. He couldn't control himself. The silver hair teen reached out slowly and touched the hair softly.

Spirit blinked "What is the matter? Never seen red hair before?"

Stein blinked "Not really. Red hair isn't common where I'm from."

" Oh. Anyway I'm Spirit" he said holding his hand up at the younger boy.

Stein blinked and stared at his hand and began to measure it. Hmm a new experiment!

Spirit rose an eyebrow. "Hey! What the hell are you doing? "

"You can be my new test subject" Stein said latching on to Spirit's wrist and dragging him away.

"Wait! Nooo!"

The memory made Stein chuckle a bit as he continue to watch the sleeping Spirit.

"You..are so much more than that" he whispered kissing the top of his head softly.