I do not owe Super Paper Mario rights or the other Paper Mario rights, ( I own the games, does that count?) if I did, Dimentio wouldn't betray the villians, (especially Mimi). However, Mimi is going to have a human body and not the square head! This is going to be a DimentioxMimi story. I will add BluemirexTimpani and NatashiaxO'Chunks to spice things up. Some of the characters will be my own and Dimentio might be out of character at some parts and he won't always be wearing the jester outfit/mask around some of my characters for certain reason. Please read and give me your input on the story and what I might be able to do improve it. I'm sorry but one of my similes isn't that great but it was all I could think about. Don't hate me for it! -Hides behind a stop sign-


At the interdimension, Flipside, a girl around fourteen with black curly hair in pigtails brought out her green skin and her black eyes. She was wearing a sundress that was pink with a black belt buckle around her waist. In her small green hand, she carried black stilletos while her bare feet walked across the pavement.

"Mimi!" a voice yelled behind the girl.

Mimi tensed but turned around to greet three boys coming towards her. The one who had called her name had blue skin that highlighted his beach blonde hair and his yellow eyes. A black skull t-shirt and jeans. Unlike Mimi, black flip-flops where on his feet. "Hello Jack," Mimi said putting a fake smile on her face.

On Jack's right was another blue skinned boy with a black mohawk and green eyes. He wasn't wearing a shirt to match up with his red shorts. Jack's left was a fellow of the blue skinned with green hair in a pony tail, white sleeveless shirt and white cargo pants brought out his teal eyes.

"Where do you think you're going exactly?" Jack asked as the other two boys circled around her.

"I don't think it's any of your concern now," she replied as she started to walk away only to be held by the other two boys, "Hey!:Let me go!"

They carried her to a dark alley, unbeknowst to them that they were being followed by a floating person. Once in the alley, the two boys dropped Mimi. Mimi got on her feet to escape but was caught by Jack who pushed her against a wall. "Where you go is MY concern because you're my girlfriend!"

She hissed, "I'm your ex-girlfriend because you cheated on me one time to many. Now let me go!"

"I'm the man in this relationship so I can see prettier girls then you," he spat back. "And you're supposed to be loyal to me no matter what I do!"

Mimi yelped in pain as Jack slightly pushed a knife in her side. He pushed it to where it broke skin but not cause severe bleeding. 'I want to use my power but they won't acceptme here,' Mimi thought.

"That's just like saying the wolf's clan leader leave their pack and their spouse to prevent danger only to join another pack with another spouse while the fist wolf's spouse stays loyal much to everyone's demise." Mimi's eyes widened as she recoginze the voice. "Pardon me for speaking the truth but the only way you know which girls are prettier then her, which none of them are, is if you're a girl yourself."

Jack turned to face mysterious voice only for no one to be there. "Go ahead and hide you coward."

"The only person who is a coward here is you. You're shaking in your shoes like that of a rattlesnake's tail. I do suggest that you leave this beautiful lady alone and be a good gentleman or else." A square appeared and after a little flash and shockwaves, a jester appeared floating. He wore a black,yellow, and white jester hat and poncho while his mask was that of a comedy mask. He chuckled, "I can see you being a gentleman as much as I see a lizard being a flower." At that second, a bird with the colors of bright red and orange landed on the jester's outfit. It's blue eyes seemed to look into the soul while the beak could chop a person's head off.

Jack took the knife out of Mimi and let go of her smirking, "Or else what? You're going to send that pathetic bird to attack me? Oh, I'm so scared!"

The bird fluffed it's wings out, "Pathetic bird? I take offense to that!"

"Well, I was going to give you two options which were feed you to a pack wild rapid dogs or allow my girl to use you as human targets and I'm thinking the latter one is more incline now." the jester scratch under the bird's chin. "I might be able to convince her that you are nothing more but a blubbering buffoon, which you are already, if you don't leave the mademoiselle alone and get out of my sight in five seconds."

The other two boys ran off while Jack stayed there until his gloved hand had one finger up before taking off. The bird flew towards Jack and as she flew by Mimi, her body became engulfed in flame.

Mimi had to shake her couldn't believe what she saw but a glove hand holding out to help her out brought her back in reality. "Dim-Dim," she said trying to choke back the tears.

"Dimentio," he smirked slightly. "Long time no see, we should possibly get your side and ankle bandaged."

She nodded and took his hand to get up. As soon as she put weight on her ankle, she yelped and lost her balance causing her to go forward into Dimentio's arms. 'Please don't say anything, please don't say anything," she chanted in her head. She did notice that something was underneath his poncho because the texture was differetnt there.

Dimentio sighed, 'No don't say anything!' Mimi thought. "May I see your ankle?"

"Why?" She asked looking up at him. "No for the answer."

"Very well. Good luck on getting home with that spained ankle," Dimentio said as he pushed her away.

She quickly grabbed his hand, "Wait!" Dimentio looked at her and behind the mask, one of his eyebrows rose. She hopped towards him and slapped his face. "I wanted to do that for awhile now but come with me. I would like some company."

"I deserve it so I'm not going to ask why." Dimentio said as he floated behind a hopping Mimi.

"Your actually following me?"

"Don't see why not since you using both of your arms to keep balance and I have you shoes," he replied showing her stilletos.

"I thought you didn't care for shoes or anything that was fashion designer?"

"I don't care about them. I just thought I'll help."

"What do you have underneath that poncho of yours? First answer why are you still wearing your jester outfit?" Mimi asked. She slowly started to lose her balance if Dimentio wasn't there.

'I can''t believe I'm doing this,' Dimentio thought as he caught her again. "Sure you don't want me to look at your ankle?"


"You'll be able to get inside quicker when it decides to start raining like crowded customers at a supermarket for after christmas sale."

Mimi just looked at him and started which he repeated the action. The bird from earlier flew back and perched on Dimentio's shoulder. "Found Tobias?"

"Nope, I haven't really looked either to tell you the truth," Dimentio replied.

"That's why we're here!" the bird said hitting Dimentio with her wings.

"I'm here to find two people remember? Tobias and Mimi and I found Mimi first," Dimentio replied.

"Where could he be?"

"In the machine shop across the street from Merlon's."

"Who's Tobias?" Mimi asked left out of the loop which she hates.

"My boyfriend's master. Long story," the bird replied before taking off. A raindrop landed on Mimi's ankle.

"What bird is that?" Mimi asked. Forgetting about her sore ankle, she put pressure on it but didn't feel any pain. "Hey I can walk now!"

"A phoenix," Dimentio replied giving her shoes back. "To answer that one question about why I wear this outfit, I'm
wondering if you don't like. You wouldn't have recognize me without it. But, I must be off. If you need anything, come to -"

"Why would I need you for anything you backstabber!" Mimi asked.

"Was that a pun or not?" Dimentio asked underneath his breath. "Why would I know Mimi? I'm just a traitor after all!"

"Pun?" Mimi asked outraged. Dimentio's eyes widen a little bit, "What pun?"

"It's nothing for you to worry your pretty head off," Dimentio replied smiling.

"I want to about this pun!"

"Look it's nothing. It's an inside joke I have, okay!"

Mimi pouted, "You know I hate being left out of the loop!"

"Dimentio!" a voice called from behind him.

He turned around and a light blue lady with a red off-shoulder dress ran towards him. Her green eyes were being blocked by her red hair. "Hey Ruby!"

"I came -pant- to tell you that -pant- Grandpa is thinking -pant- about reorganize the -pant- library," Ruby said.

Dimentio patted her head, "Thank you for that information."

Ruby looked around and spotted Mimi, "Who's she and where's Rising Dawn?"

"Ruby, this is Mimi. Mimi this is my older sister Ruby," Dimentio said. "Rising Dawn is at the machine shop across from Merlon's."

"Hello," Ruby said smiling.

"Hi, um, can you tell me about the inside joke?" Mimi asked.

"Inside joke? Which one?"


Ruby thought for a second before laughing, "Haha, that pun one!"


"Ruby-" Dimentio said.

"When Tobias, Dimentio and I were little we always poked each other with pens or forks. I had an alliance with Tobias so poor DImentio was left all alone. One day, I had the perfect chance to poke Tobias in the back and I did. We still have that joke today! It also slips out of our mouth some days too."

"Oh," Mimi said shocked.

"Well, I'm off to see Tobias. I might have to drag him out!"

"It's your turn anyway!" Dimentio replied as she ran away. He turned back towards Mimi as I was saying before you interrupted me, "I'll be at Explorer's Inn, room 13 if you need anything. Ciao~!"

"Yeah, right." Mimi said as she walked towards her house.

She stopped in her tracks and gasped. Her house was on fire and a laugh which she automaticly labeled as Jack was heard. She shock her head as tears fell down, 'I have no where to go!'

A little girl's voice replied, 'Run and allow your feet to run freely. They know where to go.'

Jack started to turn in the direction of where Mimi was standing and she did what that voice told her to do. She ran and she didn't pay attention because her conscious was talking to her, 'How did it feel to be in Dimentio's arms, hm?'

"I didn't like being in Dimmy's arms! WAIT? DIMMY?" Mimi said outloud.

Conscious, who Mimi decided to name Trixy, replied, "You still have a crush on Dimentio. Face the facts Mimikins!"

"Facts," Mimi continued outloud choking on the tears as the rain started pouring down like Dimentio said it would, "There is no facts!"

Trixy laughed, 'You left Jack because he wasn't loyal - if you ask me loyal men are hard to come by- Chirs didn't have any time for you. Jerry thought he was funny when his jokes were as funny as a tumbleweed, Seth was too serious and didn't get the point of jokes. Ben wasn't smart at all and James because he was scared of jesters.'

"Your point, Trixy?"

If Mimi could see Trixy's head it would be shaking, 'Dimentio isn't scared of jesters because he is one, he helped you whenever you didn't understand the homework Natashia gave you, he knows when to try and make you laugh and when he needs to be serious. See the connection?'

"He wasn't loyal and he doesn't have time for me!"

'He had a reason for betraying, he is someone who has a reason behind every action he does, and why would he invite you over if he didn't have time for you?'

"You're so much like Dimentio, Trixy. You stumped me!"

'With that, I take my leave.'

Mimi finally realized where she was at. She was in Explorer's Inn in front of room 13. She knew it was the Explorer's Inn because of the design. The walls were a red-violet color with white leaves scattered around and it accented the oak doors and side tables that had black vases with lavenders in them. The soft carpet felt good on her aching feet since she's been walking and running on hard pavement but the white of it could've mellowed or spaced out for her taste."I can't be here," she said to herself, "but Jack burnt down my house and as of now, Dimentio is the only one I can truly trust."

Mimi knocked on the door hoping that he was there. The door opened and man that was roughly three feet taller then Mimi stood in the doorway. The man had light purple hair that was down past his knees which accented but also contrasted against his light blue skin. His black long sleeved shirt and jeans brought his crimson eyes that looked surprised. He leaned against the doorway once his eyes lost their surprise and smirked, "You said you wouldn't come here because you couldn't trust me like a fish trusts a shark."

"Dimentio?" Mimi asked shocked once she was able to find her voice.

"I'm not always a jester," he stated flatly before going back in the room. "You can come in, I don't bite much."

"Thank you," she said walking in to a Halloween themed room.

Dimentio sat in a skeleton chair that was near a cauldron shaped desk and a king size bed with dark purple bedsheets with six matching pillows. A black laptop was on the desk. Orange wallpaper with black cat designs lined the wall, black curtains were opened showing the rain. She walked across the dark purple carpet with spiderwebs etched into and layed down on the bed. Mimi closed her eyes and didn't notice that he got up until a jack-o-lantern towel was on her face.

"What was that for?"

"Drying off, perhaps?" Dimentio replied. "So exactly made you decide to come and visit me?"

"Do I need a reason?"

Dimentio shrugged his shoulders, "In the total of my sixteen years of life I've lived with a total of seven girls, including you and Natashia, and they had a reason for doing something they said they wasn't going to do. So I'm just firguring that your curiosity took over unless I forgot to mention that you can ask me any question and I'll answer truthfully or if the offer to come back to Castle Bleck and live there with everyone again. Or perhaps the rain made you seek shelter or your side is hurts?"

"It wasn't the rain, you did forget to mention that offer, I forgot about my side since it's not that bad, I would love to come back since I don't have a home anymore even if I did I would come back," Mimi replied.

Dimentio raised an eyebrow, "What happen to your home?"

Trixy came back to Mimi, 'We all know the real reason is because you LIKE him!'

"I didn't ask for you advice, Trixy?" Mimi replied.

"Trixy, led you here?"

"I was busy arguing with Trixy - my conscious- to pay attention." Dimentio just looked at her making her angry, "I'm not crazy! Your the one who is crazy!"

"Actually I'm the sanest one out of the five of us," he replied.

"You sane? Five?"

"I'm the thrid child out of four and my grandparents adopted my little sister's best friend."

A beep came from the laptop, Mimi looked at it too see MechanicLover logged in on MSN. "You have Mr. L on MSN?"

Dimentio floated towards the door, "Nah, that's Tobias. I can see them being best friends through. I'll be back."

Another beeped came from the computer signalling someone was chatting. MechanicLover, Hey Dimentio dude! What color r ur eyes 2day?

'What kind of question is that?' Mimi thought. She replied through, "His eyes r crimson, y?"

MechanicLover: Oh, ty but if ur not Dimentio then where is he and who r u?

JesterMusic40: Idk and Mimi

MechanicLover: Ah, okay. Tell Dimentio when he gets back 2 tell me when his eyes r either blue or green, k

JesterMusic40: K Did Rising Dawn tell u y we were l8 besides u moving around?

Mimi jumped as Dimentio reached over her and typed that last message. "When did you get back?" she asked trying to get her breathing even again.

"About five seconds ago with food for you," he replied as he nonchantly pointed his head in the direction of the bed.

MechanicLover: Yes and Im curious. Jack the Ripper? Jack Skellington? Jack Sparrow? Jack the fool - wait that's Vincent!

JesterMusic40: Silent Hill 3 ftw!

JesterMusic40 logged off

Mimi poked Dimentio in the chest, "Who are you and what have you done with the old Dimentio?"

He just blinked, "What do you mean?"

"Whenever the old Dimentio brought me food he took a bite out of it!"

Dimentio smiled that smile that which made Mimi even more mad, "The old Dimentio would be back as soon as he can eat again. You could've told me it was my fault that Jack burned down your house. I mean it is my fault that he is this angry since he doesn't know me and since your his ex-girlfriend."

Mimi took a bite out of the cheesburger, "I'm trying to firgure out why he did something like that."

"He thinks you're dating me," he replied.

"I didn't need to know that!"

"Why not? I just gave you the motive."

"Why did Tobias ask about your eye color?"

"My eye color changes everyday."

"That is sweet!" she exclaimed.

"Not really," he replied.

Mimi glared at him, "Why did you want to see my ankle since you're answering my questions."

'Surprised she hasn't asked why I betrayed them,' he thought. Dimentio shrugged his shoulders, "The power of a jester includes a weak healing spell but it works."

"Power of a jester?"

"Terma, my homeworld that would've been spared by the Void, doesn't require but highly recomndes that people at a young age begin training for their job."

"What does that consist of?"

"The jobs or the powers?"

Mimi finished her cheeseburger, "Your powers of a jester."

"Knives, fire, ice, levation, and moving which I cannot think of the proper term for it," he replied.

"You forgot illusions."

DImentio shock his head, "No I didn't. Illusions are the power for musicians, spys, magicians, and certain types of teachers."

"Dimensions then?"

"Certain types of teachers, construction workers, and guards."

"You're a jester so how do you have those powers?" Mimi yawned.

"After I answer this question then you have one more before you go to sleep. In Terma, very few people are born with multi-colored hair and even fewer are born with the rare multi-colored hair that actually do have power. If the multi-colored isn't a special one then the only power you have is that of your job. Since my hair is light purple it gives me the power of illusion and dimensions."

"Two more questions and answer them respectively. Will the offer last until tomarrow to ask you questions and can you french braid your own hair?" Mimi said getting comfy on the bed allowing sleep to take her before Dimentio answered.

"I'll answer them tomarrow," Dimentio said before grabbing a book called Crime and Mystery The 100 Best Books by H.R.F. Keating.

The similie I hate is the wolf one. I couldn't think of anything and since I was listening to a wolf program wolves kept coming to my mind, the little girl is not the same as Trixy - Mimi's conscious- but she is going to play a major part. The book does exist cuz I'm reading it right now. Jack, Tobias, Ruby,Little Girl, and Rising Dawn belong to me. Please review, I love them even if they are flame. Oh, before I forgot - Dimentio's msn Username, JesterMusic40 has something hidden in it. Whoever can tell me what it is will get a chocolate chip cookie. =) ITS A COOKIE! I'll give you a hint. It has to do with the number. =) As Dimentio would say Ciao~