A sudden idea just hit me recently for this story so here it is, =) everything might be tied in sooner or later chapters but for now, unto the story!

'It's been a week since Count Bleck took me away from Dimentio,' Mimi thought as she sat on her windowsill looking out the window. 'Ever since then, Timpani and Count Bleck have been fighting constantly.' She sighed. 'I wonder on how Dimentio is faring.'

Someone knocked on her door, "Mimi," Nastasia said, "We have company and she says she needs to tell everyone something urgent and she is also in a hurry because she doesn't know how much time is left."

"I'm coming," Mimi replied as she moved. She opened the door and walked towards the meeting room that they always used when they were trying to defeat Mario and co.

"Hello everyone," Count Bleck said standing in front of everyone, "I would like all of you meet, Diana."

A sixteen year old girl with light blue skin appeared next to Count Bleck, her light purple hair was in a French braid and went past her knees, and she was three feet taller than Mimi herself. Her crimson eyes seemed like they were staring directly at Mimi, she was wearing white jeans and a white shirt over top of a pink long-sleeved shirt.

"Hello everyone," she said, "I don't know how much time is left so we don't have much time and since there has been some problems in the past," she moved in her arm in a fluid circle motion.

"What was that for?" Mr. L asked. "Trying to show us how to move our hands in a circle?"

"No, I put up a barrier that way the people who want to help me can without anyone interfering," she said looking directly at Count Bleck. "As I was saying, this is of importance so if you have any questions that related DIRECTLY to what is going on." She took a deep breath before continuing, "For a few months, the royal family of Terma has been at war with Green Falls and since none of us want our people to get in the mix, we have decided that we as a family will take care of the war. It's not the first time and won't be the last. The problem is that our best assassin and fighter (even through some of us don't agree) has been missing for a week now."

"What does yer family business have to do with us, laddie?" O'Chunks asked.

"Simple, my family is too busy fighting Green Falls to also look for him and so I thought it would be best if I (to represent everyone) would ask you for your help in looking for him."

"We've been coped up in the castle for a while now," Nastasia said shrugging.

"Now hold on Nastasia," Count Bleck said, "Who are we looking for?"

"Funny you should ask that Count Bleck," Diana replied smiling, "If any of you do decide to help then you would be looking for my twin brother, Dimentio."

"What?" Mimi asked shocked. "He has a twin sister?"

"That's me," Diana said her smile is gone. "As much as I should be the one looking for Dimentio, I'm afraid I can't. Next to Dimentio, I'm the second best fighter and not as good as an assassin as he is but I'm a lot better than any of the others so I can't leave the war and let the others risk their lives."

"No," Count Bleck said shouting, "No one is allowed to help find Dimentio!"

"I'm in," Mr. L said shrugging his shoulders getting an evil stare from Count Bleck, "What? From what I have seen through my good other half, Princess Peach will let Toads die protecting her and she continues to get kidnapped by Browser. This royal family is actually protecting their people so I'm game for that."

"Mr. L does have a point there Count," O'Chunks said. "When I was tryin' to earn the love of a lassie back home, we had to fight enemies and whenever we failed' they would be blaming it on us while they let the people suffer."

"So are you in or out?" Daria asked looking at O'Chunks.

"I'm in even through I hate that jester."

"I would be in if I could but I'm afraid I too got to help Diana and the rest of the family with the war," Timpani said. "And since you married me dearie, you belong to the family which means you also have a role to play in the war that is going on."

"I'm in," Mimi said making direct eye contact with Diana.

"Good," Diana said smiling, "All that's left is you Nastasia? Are you in or out?"

Nastasia looked completely torn, "How can all of you agree to search for Dimentio when he betrayed us?"

"He didn't," Diana replied. "Everyone in the family knows how we all worried about Aunt Timpani when she disappeared and since Dimentio is also the best at looking for missing people, he volunteered to search for her."

"And when Dimentio realized that Count Bleck and I were in love and that his father separated us, Dimentio joined Count Bleck in order to get us together again." Timpani continued.

"Another reason why Dimentio betrayed all of you are because the rest of siblings," she shook her head, "including I and I should've known better, convinced him that the only way to save our little sister was if he gave her the chaos heart. Dimentio refused for the longest time but I convinced him and well, our sister died a week before you was faced with the heroes," she finished the story looking away. "Are you in or not?"

Nastasia sighed, "I don't want to be in this castle by myself and I'm sure my powers can get info from people who are willing to talk if they know something about his whereabouts."

"Good, you can go in groups or go individually but I would be so grateful if you could cover as much ground as possibly," Diana said. "Unfortunately, I cannot tell you where the last area he was in."

"Its fine," Mr. L said, "We'll think of a plan to cover the most ground."

"Thank you," Diana said before vanishing.

"Well, its late tonight," Timpani said, "We should get going to tomorrow morning. C'mon dearie, we especially need the rest since we are going to be fighting."

"When did I get involved in this?" Count Bleck asked.

"The day you married me," she replied turning her head to wink at the others. "Good luck!"

After Count Bleck and Timpani left the room, the minions looked at each other, "Shall we pick where we want to look now or wait till tomorrow morning?" Nastasia asked.

"I say let's get it over with," Mr. L said, "That way we will have a full focus on where we are going and get prepared for the environment there."

"I agree with green bean over there," O'Chunks said, "I also think that we should go individually."

"I agree with that but we should also do it in a group," Mimi said.

"Why? We'll be able to cover more ground if we split up," Mr. L said.

"What I mean is that we should do it in a group and do it individually," Mimi replied. "For instance, Diana told us that she is from Terma right?"

"That's what the lassie said," O'Chunks said.

"Then we should go into Terma and spilt the regions up," Mimi said. "We'll be able to cover more ground quickly and at the same time, we won't be going into an area empty-handed."

"That does make sense," Nastasia replied nodding.

"But the problem is we don't know where to start?" Mr. L pointed out.

"Yes we do. Diana gave us a clue," Mimi replied. "She told us that Dimentio is her twin and that her family is to busy to look for him, which means that the last place Dimentio was in, was Terma."

"Not to mention the fact that you saw him around a week ago too," Mr. L said.

"Now, yer two," O'Chunks said stepping between them, "Now isn't the time to fight."

"Actually," Nastasia said adding her two cents in, "Terma would be the perfect place to start at Mimi pointed out but since Terma is so big, the royal family has divided the land between them to make life easier for all of them so we will be able to cover someone who might know some information."

"So what we will do is decide which region of the family member that we will cover first and if nothing and I have some headsets which could allow us to communicate with each other if we found something," Mr. L said before yawning. "Well, I'm going to go get my beauty rest, L-ater."

"I am going to go to bed too," Nastasia said. "Good night everyone."

"Well, for yer sake lass," O'Chunks said to Mimi, "I hope we do that jester, G'night."

"Thanks," Mimi said, "I hope so too."

~~~~Somewhere in the mass universe~~~~

Dimentio sat on a bench inside a cell, he continued to glare at a guy that had no hair on his head, beady black eyes, his clothing were black to blend in the shadows, "It's been a while Dimentio, I sure hope you will enjoy your stay here." Dimentio didn't make a single reply back. "Still not talking, I wonder if you lose your voice, oh well, I will make you talk sometime in the future, so don't worry."

Just before the person left Dimentio alone, he reached through the bars and slapped Dimentio who didn't even flinch, "Don't worry, no one will save you so you will did, just like you always wanted, isn't it?"

Dimentio just listened to the footsteps fading and once he heard the door slammed shut, he put a gloved hand over his mouth and coughed three to four times. When he took his hand away from his mouth, he noticed blood on it while he tasted it.

"If you do want information, then you'll never get it, that I will make sure of," he said to himself as he stared at the wall. "For once in my life, I really wish Diana had the connection that I do with her." Then he laughed to himself, "I have a connection with her when she's in trouble and she doesn't have one at all with me. Just shows I stay out of trouble more than what she does," then he sighed, "and I'm usually the one that saves her. What have I done to myself now?"