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Ororo watched as Victor Creed came closer to her, his enormous body looming over hers. She held in a gasp as he reached up to stroke her cheek. "You owe me a scream" he said, his voice filled with lust. Abruptly he grabbed the metal bar that held her to the wall, wrenching it from its place, catching her before she fell. Ororo looked up into his eyes and searched for the very emotions that she herself, was feeling. She gazed into his eyes and he leaned down to engulf her mouth with his, her arms reaching up to encircle his neck-"RIIIINNNGGG"

The alarm awoke Ororo with a start. She reached over to shut it off and tried desperately to shake her head clear of the dreams that had been plaguing her for months now. Every night they were almost the same, either she was in the train station, or the statue of liberty. The one where she was in the train station was where she didn't strike Victor with the bolt of lightning that he deserved, but instead swung her legs around his waist, and pulled him close to her. His arms leaving her neck and -"NO" she yelled, clearing her mind of those thoughts, she threw the covers off of her and ran into the bathroom, and quickly splashed cold water onto her face. She stared at herself in the mirror Come on Ororo get a hold of yourself. She thought. What would the rest of them say? If they knew? That was Ororo's worst fear, that the rest of the X-men would find out, not that she had ever acted on her dreams, and that's all they were, dreams. Ororo nodded an affirmation to this thought,
and jumped in the shower pushing the thoughs of Victor Creed, to the back of her mind.


"Okay, When you are finished with the tests, come up and place them on my desk. Also don't forget to grab your homework" she pointed to the pile of papers on her desk. The class groaned. "Oh, you don't want any homework?" Ororo asked the class as she passed the tests out.

"Of course we do Ms. Monroe, we love homework!" asked Bobby Drake his voice dripping with sarcasm, causing several students to snicker.

Ororo glanced at the boy and said "Well that's good Bobby, Because now you get an extra assignment, questions 1-10, on page 213 of your book."

The class burst out laughing as Bobby's face fell, "Aww, come on, Ms. Monroe" the boy pleaded.

"All right," Bobby's face relaxed "1-15, I know how you love essay questions" Bobby's face fell again "Now start your tests, and if I hear any talking, out go your tests." Ororo made her way to her desk and watched as Bobby, scribbled the assignment she gave him on the back of his hand. Ororo smiled inwardly, as she knew she would tell him he didn't have to do it before he left. I must be getting soft she thought to herself.


Ororo was helping Scott work on one of the cars in garage. Though when it came to mechanics Ororo wasn't very good, but he needed the extra help and Jean refused to help him. "To messy," she had said. Ororo had said in response, "I hardly get dirty, I don't see how it could be too messy", jean had retorted with "Well, you don't have to deal with Scott trying to grab you while his hands are all greasy, now do ya?". Ororo smiled at the memory. It was too bad that Scott and Jean broke up about a month after they had found Wolverine. They had both been hurting, but eventually got over the pain.

"What?" Scott asked as he walked over to her, wiping his hands on a rag.

"Nothing, just remembering something Jean told me, "

Scott shook his head with a grin "Whatever just hand me that screwdriver, alright?" When all of a sudden, a loud rumble could be heard in the distance. Scott looked turned his head sharply at Ororo "How longs it been?"

"About 8 months" Ororo replied, knowing exactly what Scott had meant

"I thought he was never coming back." Ororo raised an eyebrow. "Alright, I hoped he would never come back."

Just then Scott's old, now beat up motorcycle rolled into the garage, and sitting on it was Logan AKA Wolverine . He killed the engine, and pulled the cigar he had in his mouth out. "Cyclops, Storm". Ororo disliked being called her nickname when they weren't on the field, but decided against telling Logan that. Deciding that he probably wouldn't listen anyway.

"Logan" Scott said in the same tone as Logan did.

"Logan, how have you been? We haven't seen you in almost a year" Ororo asked.

Logan smirked, "I'm sorry Darlin' I didn't know you'd miss me."

Hardly, Ororo shook her head, "Not I Logan, though I have missed you're friendly demeanor" Scott snickered as Logan's smirk faded into a frown. "But, I know someone who has been missing you"

"Who? Jean?" Logan asked his eyes watching for Scott's reaction, Scott began to respond when all of a sudden, Marie came bursting in followed by Jean and a few of the other students.

"Logan!" Marie shouted, as she ran into his arms. "Ah missed you so much! Ah thought you were never coming back!" she said as she backed away from him.

"I missed you too kid" He laughed and watched her go over to one of the other teens, grab one, and pulled the boy over to him.

"This is Bobby, Ah don't think you met him, the last time you were here."

Logan watched as the kid, reached out his hand nervously "Nice to finally meet, you Logan, uh- Mr. Logan" Logan caught that Bobby's free hand was holding Marie's. When Bobby saw where Logan was looking, he quickly dropped Marie's hand.

Logan laughed inside, but gave the boy a hurt-her-and-I-kill-you look. And reached out to shake the boys hand. "Logan"

Poor Bobby, Ororo thought as Logan narrowed his eyes, but shook the young man's hand. Bobby, instantly relaxed when Logan shook his hand. But that didn't stop him from grabbing Marie's hand again and pulling her back inside, the other kids following him. "Ah'll talk to you later, Kay, Logan?" marie shouted as she was pulled through the door frame. Logan nodded, glad that she had gotten over that little crush she had on him a few months ao.

"Logan, We gave up on ever seeing you again." Jean said, as she stepped forward. Ororo knew what Jean meant. That she had thought he had forgotten about her.

Apparently Logan knew it too. "I'd never would have forgot ya Jean. Or this place." Logan said as he began to walk over to Jean. When Scott, shook his head and left the garage.

Jean's face fell, and reluctantly, she went after him, "Scott!...Scott wait!" she ran out the garage.

Logan turned to Ororo "What was that about?"

Ororo sighed and told him what had happened about a month after he had left, but she left out exactly how Scott had found out about Jean's infatuation with Logan. Which was when Jean had called out Logan while she and Scott were in bed together. "When Scott found out that Jean had feelings for you. He decided it would be best for both of them if they stopped seeing each other. Even though he still loves her he wants her to be happy. But obviously, he isn't ready to deal with this right now."

"Oh, and why's that?"

"Magneto escaped from prison."

"WHAT? How the hell did that happen?"

"We think that Mystique went in undercover-"

"Wait, Mystique? I thought I killed her."

"Apparently not. But as I was saying, We think she went in undercover with Sabretooth" Logan started to interrupt again "Again, apparently not. Anyway Scott has to much on his mind right now, and now you appear and he has to deal with seeing his former fiancé with another man-"

"Wait, they were engaged?

"Yes, for about 2 months before you came along, It's amazing what you miss when you don't pay attention.......Logan?"

Logan was in deep thought and took a few minutes before he answered with a simple "Um?"

"Do you love Jean? Or at least have some feelings other than attraction for her?"

"Well,....I don't think I love her, but I feel I might, if given a chance" Ororo nodded and began to leave the Garage. "Wait, Storm, why do want to know?"

"Because, I don't need to help another friend get over a broken heart." She left the room.


Scott and jean had talked for over an hour. At first there was some yelling, but it had soon quieted down, and the pair was shortly discussing their feelings softly.

"Jean, I love you, and I just don't want to see you hurt. I'm not saying Logan is all wrong for you, or that you don't know what you are doing, I just don't trust Logan."

"I know you don't Scott, and I Love you too, but I feel something for Logan, Something that I haven't felt since our first year together." Jean watched Scott's face fall, and wished for the umpteenth time that she could see his eyes. "Besides, I've seen inside his mind. I know, that he would never hurt me deliberately."

Scott pulled himself up off of the ground and reached over for Jean. " Alright. But if he ever does, give me the word, and I'll blast him from here to kingdom come."

Jean stood up with the help of his hand, and hugged him, with a bit of laughter and love in her voice. "I will, Scott. I will"

**Two weeks later**

Ororo was on her bed grading papers, while a storm outside was starting up. She smiled when the rain started to beat down on the roof of the mansion. As her room was the attic, she heard every drop of rain. Most people it would drive them crazy, but it was sweet music to Ororo's ears. She had just finished the last paper when a flash of lightning lit up the room "One-one thousand, Two-one thousand, Thre-" a loud clap of thunder shook the house. Storm laughed when she heard a several loud shrieks coming closer to her room. Suddenly she heard footsteps on her attic steps and went over and opened the door, and who else would be there but, Jean, Jubilee and Marie all scared out of their minds.

Another flash of lightning appeared and the trio all shrieked and covered their ears for the loud bang of thunder that followed. Normally, Ororo didn't like anyone else but maybe Jean in her room, but she made an exception "Come on, you three" she moved out of the way, so that the other girls could get In the room. Once in the Windrider's room, the three calmed down. Knowing that Ororo would never let the storm hurt them. But they still jumped each time a thunderclap shook the house.

Jubilee said with a smile "Thank You Ms. Monroe. Marie and Dr. Grey were scared out of their minds. I was-".

"WHAT?!" Jean and Marie cried out in unison with a loud boom of thunder.

"As Ah recall, Dr. Grey" spoke Marie matter-of-factly, with a hand on her hip. "Wasn't Jubilee the one who came shrieking into the kitchen?"

"Anyway," Ororo said to break up the impending debate. "Why are you all scared anyway?"

The two younger girls rolled their eyes "Well duh! We can't all control the weather like some people" Jubilee stated.

Ororo grinned, "Well, where are all your boyfriends? The ones that are supposed to take care of you?"

Jean spoke at that "Scott . Hank, Logan and The Professor, took John, and Bobby to that new movie....The Count of Monte Cristo."

"Well then, why didn't you go?"

Jean and Marie looked uncomfortable but Jubilee began before either of them could say something. "'Cause we went and saw it last-" Jubilee stopped talking right away.

Ororo wasn't stupid and she caught on that jean had shushed Jubilee with her telepathy. "You guys went and saw it last week?" Ororo questioned. Another thunderclap caused the lights to flicker off and on. All in all she wasn't that upset, she had been very busy, checking contacts and other reports for the location of Magneto and the Brotherhood. "Well, you guys should have told me, I'd have understood. How was it?" She pulled over a chair next to the bed and faced the three sitting on the bed.

Jean couldn't lie to her friend, "Ororo, we didn't see it last week, we saw it. last night."

A loud Boom echoed throughout the house. But Ororo's face was still unreadable "Oh, why didn't you invite me? I wasn't busy last night. I would have went,"

The three looked at each other "Well, you had already went up to bed, and Bobby asked if him and John could take me and Jubilee out to the movies. Well, Logan and Mr. Summers got all protective, and after us four had left. Scott told Logan to follow us. So, Dr. Grey went with him. Well, Bobby and John wanted to see The Moth-Man Prophecies and Jubilee and Ah wanted to see The Count of Monte Cristo. So me and Jubilee went and saw The Count and they went and saw Moth-man. Well, while we were in line to get some snacks we see Logan and Dr. Grey arguing the same thing. So, us three saw our movie and the guys saw theirs. It wasn't like we planned it. "

"Ororo, You know we'd never leave you out intentionally." Jean said as she reached a hand over to Ororo's.

"But, Then why did you all act so guilty?" Ororo squeezed Jean's hand and let it go.

Jubilee cut in "Cause we had a lot of fun. And it never even dawned on us that you weren't there till we came home." Jean and Marie's heads snapped up to dispute, but they knew it was the truth.

Ororo gave the three other gals a smile and said "Don't feel guilty, We'll just plan another night where we can see a movie, Just the girls, " She went over to the window and said "Hey, look who's come back." She pulled the curtain across and waved down to all the guys, the rain had let up a little bit ago. Jubilee and Marie rushed downstairs to discuss the movie with their guys. Jean stayed behind and asked Ororo if she needed anything. "No thank You Jean, I'll be down in a few minutes." Jean left the room. Ororo pulled the curtain shut and laid down in her bed. They always, never leave me out intentionally. She thought to herself. She hugged her arms around her body. And sighed, as soon as she heard the front door slam shut, she released the hold she had on the rain. And looked up to the skylight. Watching the rain pound the glass. And slowly she drifted off, listening to the pounding of the rain. Little did she know she was being watched by someone else.


Logan and Jean were walking around the school grounds, talking about the movie, "Well, you got to hand it do the bad guy, I don't think he lied directly to anyone during the whole movie."

Logan started to laugh, "Ah, that's right. When his wife asked him if he was guilty of all the things he said he was being charged for, he said "Yes" without a hint of guilt." The pair continued walking and talking (I'd say more but I don't want to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it). When suddenly, Logan unsheathed his claws. "Were not alone"

Jean went into fight mode "Who is it?"

Logan sniffed the air "Mystique and Toad....and Sabretooth. They aren't close, but they have past through this way."

Jean cleared her mind and sent in alert to the professor, who then warned the students to get to their rooms and not leave. X-men the professor called suit up.


Scott had been in the kitchen with Marie, Bobby, and Jubilee. "Get to your rooms, now!" he ordered at them, he pushed them into an elevator

Jubilee began to protest "Come on, Mr. Summers, why can't we help?" as Scott was pushing the trio out of the elevator now.

"Because you haven't got the training. Now move!" the trio sulked off running to their rooms. St. John caught up with the other three, and they all went to the same room. Scott normally would have put a stop to that but they had to much to worry about. Quickly he began to check all of the rooms. He pushed a button on the transmitter. "Professor, all the students are in their rooms.". As soon as Professor heard all the kids were safe he put the school under lock down. All of the student's rooms abruptly locked.

Scott hurry, up were down here, we can't find Sabretooth, But Logan's fighting off Mystique and I have Toad controlled. Do you know where Storm is?

When did you last see her? Scott thought as he ran down the stairs to the ground floor. Finding Toad's tongue wrapped around him and the banister. Mystique was still fighting Logan but was starting to fade fast. Logan swiped and cut her arm, causing her to fall. Quickly Logan grabbed her, pinning her arms behind her back. Scott ran over and grabbed her feet. Pinning them to the floor.

"I don't know...in her room. But that was over an hour ago."

Storm? Ororo? Jean thought, sending a message to wherever storm was. Storm, Where are you

None of them noticed the secret grins Toad and Mystique flashed each other.


Ororo was in a deep sleep, her dream of the train station was progressing, further. Now she was in Sabretooth's apartment. Laying on his bed. He was leaning over her, She reached up for him, and pulled him closer to her STORM? ORORO?

Ororo sat up, still half asleep, "Jean?" she asked the room.

Storm? Where are you?

Suddenly, Ororo snapped to attention, realizing just where she was. Jean? What's going on?

The Brotherhood. They're attacking!

Upon hearing that Ororo leaped from her bed. Grabbing her robe, she headed for the bedroom door. Jean? Why? We haven't done anything, Why would they want to attack us? Do you think they want Marie again?. Ororo was suddenly grabbed by her robe, and pulled back. Her back hitting, something, She realized it was someone. Ororo froze, slowly, two muscular arms, encircled her body. Pulling her close. Ororo looked up and her eyes met two black ones. She fainted.