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Ororo began to cry, "Victor, don't do that"

"No, Ororo I'm serious. Will you marry me?", he stood up, holding out the ring.

Ororo looked up at him, he had a smile on his face, but in his eyes Ororo could tell he was afraid that she would say no.

"Victor, I don't know. How do I know if you are lying? I can never trust you."

Victor grabbed the back of Ororo's neck, pulling her to him. "Yes, You can, I love you Ororo, we'll run away and get married, come on, My life doesn't work with out you.." He kissed her, pressing his body against hers.

Ororo reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck., and she broke the kiss. And asked, "When do we leave?"

Victor picked up Ororo and twirled around. "is that a yes?"

"No!", Ororo said, causing Victor to stop twirling her. Setting her down he gave her a confused look.

Ororo grinned, "It's an absolutely!!"


It had caused some tears, but Ororo managed to say goodbye to Vern, Max and the rest. Ororo promised them that she would come back and do a couple of shows for free. Victor wanted to run off to Las Vegas and get married right away, but Ororo knew that there were some things they had to do first.


Magneto was worried. It had been almost a month since he had heard form Victor. It was weird, ever since the two had played the part of father in law and son in law. Magneto cared about Victor. A knock came to his door. "yes?"

Victor walked into the room.

"Victor? Where have you been? You were supposed to be back 3 weeks ago!"

"I know Erik. But, I found something,"

"What could have been so important?"

"Look out in the hall."

Magneto warily walked around Victor and leaned out the door. there, sitting on a chair, was Ororo.

"Ororo, I'd never thought I'd see you again." Magneto said, going to hug her..

Ororo smiled, and held out a hand, stopping him." You know, just because I came back doesn't mean I forgive you."

"I know, I am just glad you aren't trying to kill me", at that Ororo laughed, #forgive and forget# she told herself. #Well actually just forgive, I don't think I can forget everything# and she hugged Magneto.

"Ororo!", Mystique said, coming out of an office across the hall fro Magneto's. "what the hell are you doing here?"

"Well,", Ororo held up her left hand. Showing off her ring.

"Oh my god! Vic?" she turned to Victor, his answer was a big grin. "Well, come here" Mystique held out her arms and hugged Ororo. Whispering into Ororo's hear she said. "No offense Ororo, but I never thought I'd be hugging you."

"Same here Mystique."

Toad popped out of a room a little further down the hall. "Now what are all these squeals I hear?", he began walking towards the group.

Mystique grabbed Ororo's hand and shoved it Toad's face. "You owe me fifty bucks."

"What?", Ororo laughed.

"Oh, Mystique that bet is over a year old."

Mystique rolled her eyes. "Come on,"

Toad groaned and pulled out his wallet. "By the way, congrats Victor, Ororo.", he slapped a fifty in Mystiques hand.

Magneto grabbed Ororo and hugged her again. "So now you'll actually be a part of our family", Magneto's eyes began to tear up, "Now, I think this is a time to celebrate!", he began to lead the others to the dining hall.

Ororo turned to Toad as they were walking, "Toad, I was wondering, could you show me where Lici's Buried? I just want to see it."

"Sure Ororo.", Toad smiled. Just a hint of sadness touched his eyes, "I'll show you after dinner."

At dinner, Magneto stood up and raised a glass," I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Ororo and Victor….The most unlikely of all couples"

Laughter had spread around the table. "Ororo," Mystique asked, "Have you told….them yet?"

Ororo's smile faltered. "Truth is Mystique. I haven't talked to them in over a year. I said something's I knew they didn't want to hear and I never returned, I figured it would be best if Victor and I told you first."

"well, what did you say?" Toad asked.

Ororo began her story.


"So I picked up the coat, stuffed it in a pillowcase, so it wouldn't get ruined, and said. "This past month I was Ororo Creed. And I loved every fucking minute of it!," then I jumped out the window."

Victor had laughed for about a good fifteen minutes, shocking everyone. Mystique and Toad never saw Victor laugh this hard. In fact, the first time they had seen him grin had been earlier that day.

#Ororo what have you done to our monster?# Mystique smiled to herself. #You made him human!#


Toad had led Ororo to a small clearing. There in the center was a headstone surrounded by flowers. Toad had told her they had been growing there, ever since Lici had been buried. Ororo went and sat down in the grass next to the grave.

"Well, Lici. I did what you told me to do. I didn't let any one walk on me. And now, I'm marrying Victor. Mystique and I are becoming friends and I think I will call Magneto Papa, this time because I want to. Now, all I need is you to pop out of the ground, and help me with my next task. Planning my wedding! Mystique and Papa refuse to let me and Victor elope…….Oh, Lici, I got to tell them, but what will they do? I know I said I hate them. But a apart of me loves them, after all, I grew up with them. I just hope they understand."


Jean walked along the gardens holding Scott's hand. The two had reconciled, and had been married that spring. Jean had wanted Ororo to be her maid of honor, but had settled with her sister.


Yes Professor?

Ororo's coming back


"Where is she Professor?", Scott asked.

After Xavier had given out the message, the two had run back as fast as they could. They were all now sitting on the front steps. Even the students all gathered around. Waiting for Ororo to pull up.

"She called about fifteen minutes ago, she should be here….any minute now."

"Here she comes!", Jubilee shouted.

The missing silver convertible, came into the driveway, it's top up. It parked, and out of the passenger's side, came Ororo.

The students all gathered around their old teacher, Cries of "Ms. Munroe!", were shouted.

"You guys!", Ororo said as she hugged them all, "I've missed you so much!"

Xavier cleared his throat, the students ignored him. Logan yelled," SHUT UP!"

The crowd silenced. "Thank you Logan, Now, I think the students should be off. We need to talk to Ororo alone."

Reluctantly, Jubilee and the others left, Marie gave one last hug to Ororo and ran off towards Kitty and Bobby.

"Ororo, I'm so happy to see you!", Scott said, going towards her with open arms. "Its been what? A year?" Ororo nodded. Scott shook his head, "You missed a lot."

"I'm sure I have"

Jean stepped forward opening her arms for a hug. Ororo reached out her hand. With a sad smile, Jean shook it. #Forgive and Forget Ororo# her mind told her. #Whatever# she told it back.

Xavier stayed where he was his chair, Ororo went up to him and hugged him. "I never got to say good bye to you Ororo."

Logan tapped her on the shoulder, "Don't worry about it Professor, No one did.'

Ororo smiled and hugged him. # Goddess, Please don't let smell Victor #. Ororo had bought new clothes and hadn't let Victor touch her for a few days. Just so she could get passed Logan and his nose. "It's been dull here with out you"

"thank you Logan.", Ororo smiled #Thank you Goddess# she said.

A quick hug to Hank and Ororo turned and faced them all. "Listen, I know it's been over a year and all. But I have something important to tell you." #Goddess give me strength# "I'm engaged."

Jean and Scott smiled at each other, "Who?"

"Ororo! That's great!" Hank said, he turned to the Professor, "Isn't that great?"

Xavier nodded, "Who's the lucky guy?"

Logan stayed quiet but smiled. #My instinct tells me, we ain't going to like who she's with#.

Ororo smiled and pointed to the car. "Him"

The top of the Convertible began to fold back. There, sitting in the driver's seat, was Victor.

Scott was the first to speak. "Jesus", He ran his hand through his hair. Jean stayed silent. Her eyes wide open in shock. She turned to The professor, who had paled.

Hank stepped back and said, "I'm going to the Lab." With that he was gone.

Logan stared at Victor, red rising to his eyes. His claws unsheathed as an reflex of seeing Victor. "What the Hell, are you doing? I know you were mad but for fuck's sake Ororo, That's Victor creed! The man who lied to you! Pretended he was your husband. Any of this ringing a bell? Have you lost your fucking mind? What kind of fucking idiot are you?" Logan stepped closer to Ororo, To think, I spent all of that time looking for you. Just so you could run back to him. You fucking cunt."

Ororo gasped as if she had been smacked. Victor was out of the car inside of a second, and Logan was down on the ground in the next two. He reached down and picked up Logan, throwing him into the building. Cyclops was about to hit Victor with his beam when, "Victor!", Ororo cried, "Stop! he isn't worth it"

Victor delivered another hit to Logan's stomach, and whispered to him, "You're lucky runt, cause if she hadn't stopped me, I would have killed you".

Inside, Logan knew he meant every word.

Victor went towards Ororo. And grabbed her hand. Ororo turned towards the X-men. "I….thought you would understand."

Logan got up, holding his side. "What did you think we were going to do? Drink to your long and happy marriage?"

Ororo smiled, #That's already been done#, she thought to herself. "No, I expected you to at least act happy for me."

Jean rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and we were supposed act how?"

Ororo glared at her. "I don't know, probably how I acted when you told me Scott proposed to you."

Victor leaned over and whispered into her ear. "Come on, you don't need these fucks". Ororo nodded.

"I am going to go, with my fiancé, If that's alright with you", Ororo walked over to her car and climbed into the passenger side.

"Ororo?", Xavier called.

"Yes?", #Say something positive please#

"Are you sure?"

Ororo smiled a sad smile and nodded. "Good bye." She said to the others as she and Victor pulled out of the driveway.


Victor looked towards Ororo, "Well, It could have gone worse"

"Yeah, but it could have gone better."

Victor shook his head, "Like I said, you don't need them"

"I know, and I really don't. But….I just….had hope"

Victor turned his attention to the road. Ororo tried to hold down her hair. Victor looked at the stereo and realized a CD was in there. Curious, he reached over and hit play.

"Bum Bum Ba dooo"

Victor looked at it funny, "what the hell?"

"Bum Bum Ba dooo"

Ororo laughed, "Its one of Lici's CD's. I must have left it in there…..i don't think I've heard this song before"

Victor began to turn it, Ororo stopping him. "Hold, on, lets listen to it."

I've nothing much to offer

There's nothing much to take

I'm an absolute beginner

And I'm absolutely sane

As long as we're together

The rest can go to hell

Victor looked at Ororo, she smiled.

I absolutely love you

But we're absolute beginners

With eyes completely open

But nervous all the same

Ororo unbuckled her seat belt, and slid over the bench seat, and laid her head on Victors shoulder.

  If our love song

  Could fly over mountains

  Could laugh at the ocean

  Just like the films

  There's no reason

  To feel all the hard times

  To lay down the hard lines

  It's absolutely true

Nothing much could happen

Nothing we can't shake

Oh we're absolute beginners

With nothing much at stake

As long as you're still smiling

There's nothing more I need

I absolutely love you

But we're absolute beginners

But if my love is your love

We're certain to succeed

Victor reached over and turned up the Volume, "I think we found a new song for us, Ororo"

Ororo smiled and closed her eyes, letting the music fill her head. "I love you Victor"

"I love you too"

If our love song

  Could fly over mountains

  Could sail over heartaches

  Just like the films

  There's no reason

  To feel all the hard times

  To lay down the hard lines

  It's absolutely true

Ororo reached over and hit the repeat button. And the two lovers held each other close as the small car raced along the highway.


It's over.

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