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Teddy is 9 and Victoire is 7 for those people who would like to know

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Oops, Teddy thought concernedly. He looked down and hastily picked up one of the collapsed tent poles that now lay scattered around him, trying to figure out what went wrong. This is bad, thought Teddy. He bit his lip as he remembered Ginny's specific instructions to not go out in the backyard until all the adults had said it was okay.

He rubbed his irritated eyes the tips of his fingers. Looking up, he scanned the lush green trees and blooming flowers. Allergies, he sighed. Getting up, Teddy dropped one of the heavy poles and brushed off the new grass stains on the knees of his pants.

It wasn't his fault really, reasoned Teddy. Most of the people had already arrived for the festivities; and the great majority of the various cousins were being boring inside and sleeping. It was such a nice day, and all the uncles were inside having an afternoon snack, so why shouldn't Teddy go outside to simply enjoy the good weather and his new miniature broom?

And he was so careful, Teddy thought with a pang. And now he would be punished.

Ginny and Harry had been planning this elaborate family reunion for weeks now, and Teddy had gone and messed it all up. Even though the Potters had guests over nearly every week, this is the first time in Teddy's memory that absolutely everyone was going to come over. All the Weasley brothers were Apparating or flooing to their sister's; it was going to be total chaos, Ginny told a grinning Harry, but she was going to see it through if it was the last thing she did. And now Teddy had ruined it all.

Oh no, oh no, Teddy repeated inside his head as he surveyed the damage in his wake. What should I do now? The carefully set up tent now lay in shambles around him.

It was as he was contemplating fleeing the scene or owning up to his actions that Teddy first heard the footsteps.

Panicking, Teddy knew that he couldn't escape the person approaching the garden short of sprinting past them and having the element of surprise on his side. Then his best hope would be that they wouldn't be able to make out his face as he whipped past them in a blur of speed.

That was absolutely ridiculous, Teddy thought to himself as soon as it crossed his mind.

The person was getting closer, and Teddy was nowhere near close to having a good plan of escape.

Years later looking back on it, Teddy was properly ashamed of his antics. Still, he was nine, young, and entirely too fearful of Ginny Potter's wrath to think straight. At least that's the story he maintains, and if Harry ever objects, Teddy will remind him of the time that he caught his godfather trying to sleep on the couch, under the invisibility cloak, to get one peaceful night's sleep when his wife was angry.

"Hello?" a young female voice called from behind the fence.

Finally Teddy was able to look up and see the intruder; with difficulty Victoire Weasley pushed the heavy garden gate open. It was bigger than she was, after all.

"Oh my," she said, grimacing as she caught sight of the destruction behind the boy in the yard.

He simply looked at her.

"Fred, did you do this?" Victoire asked sternly, talking to the four-year-old looking guiltily around.

Teddy nodded, unable to look at Victoire's disapproving face. He dropped the pole and began to walk towards her.

Suddenly he tripped over a rock and landed face first into a bed of particularly fragrant flowers. Rotten allergies, Teddy thought, as he gave a particularly violent sneeze. It brought tears to his eyes and he wiped them away hastily, lest Victoire, a girl, saw the water and thought he was crying.

As he pressed his palms into the ground to get up he suddenly found a pair of small hands helping him stand, holding him securely around the middle. He looked around, surprised, and saw Victoire's face too close to his own.

"Oh Freddie," she said softly, wiping the corner of his left eye with her thumb. Teddy had noticed that her tone had changed drastically from when she was questioning him earlier. "Don't worry; Aunt Ginny won't be too angry." She stood back as soon as Teddy could stand by himself.

"Don't worry," she repeated reassuringly. "It'll be ok," Victoire said as sympathetically looked down onto his watering eyes.

Teddy couldn't think of anything to say in response.

Victoire turned to leave the backyard. "Vienne, mon chéri, let's get back to the house," she called to him as she reached the gate. "We can explain it to Aunt Ginny together. Aren't you coming Fred?" Victoire turned to look at him once she realised he was not right behind her.

"You go first," Teddy said.

Looking a little bemused, Victoire shrugged and said, "Sure. Come in right after me, though."

Teddy watched Victoire hurry off back to the house. Turning around to ponder the mess of poles around him, he quickly changed back into himself. Turquoise hair replaced black, green eyes replaced brown and he felt his face resume its original shape. Grabbing his toy broom, which Victoire had thankfully not noticed, he ran out of the garden, around the house and into the front yard.

There he spent a few delightful minutes playing around without any sudden bouts of clumsiness that had plagued him while flying in the backyard. However, sooner than he would have liked, the guilt that gnawed in his stomach for leaving Victoire to deal with Ginny reached an alarming level.

Sighing, Teddy dismounted and walked inside, fully prepared to give a complete confession to Ginny and spend hours cowering behind Harry while she yelled. To his surprise, he entered a house filled with noise entirely different than an angry godmother. He walked into the living room to find everyone laughing uproariously. Confused, he hovered in the doorway for a minute to listen.

"A troublemaker, already, huh little guy?" cooed Audrey, bouncing the real Fred on her knee. He was giggling madly with all the attention he was receiving and had a huge smile plastered onto his little face.

"Bound to happen, what with the genes he's got," Ron scoffed, arm swung casually around his wife who was grinning along with the rest.

"Just what are you insinuating about my wife's genes, oh dear brother of mine?" George yelled in a falsely offended voice over the splutters of laughter.

Teddy crept over to where Victoire was sitting, smiling slightly at everything going on around her.

"What's going on, Vic?" Teddy asked her.

"Nothing, I mean I caught Fred outside messing with the tent and then I told Aunt Ginny." Victoire paused, a little confused. "She wasn't mad though, said she'd fix it back up in no time with magic."

"She wasn't mad?" Teddy repeated dubiously. He snuck a glance at Ginny who was sitting next to Harry and chuckling over something he just whispered in her ear. She didn't look mad at all.

"Yeah, but then she went out to check if Fred was alright, but she couldn't find him outside. It turns out he was sleeping inside." Victoire looked more bewildered than ever. "Aunt Ginny woke him up, and he denied everything." She shrugged. "Uncle George then came in, and said his son would clearly be a great prankster. By this time the whole family was involved and they've been talking about it ever since."

"Oh," Teddy said. "She really wasn't mad?"

"Nope," Victoire confirmed, flicking her long blond hair over her shoulder.

"You sure?"

"Yes," Victoire said a little exasperatedly. "Why are you so interested anyway, Teddy?"

"No reason," he said too quickly, wiping at his runny nose with one hand.

Victoire suddenly grabbed his arm away from his face and stared into his eyes for a moment. "Your eyes are still red," she commented in a hard voice.

"Wha-what?" Teddy stuttered under her intent scrutiny.

"At least you're not crying anymore."

"I was not crying!" Teddy denied sharply.

Victoire looked triumphant. "Ha!" she exclaimed. "It was you! You can't ever fool me, Teddy Lupin."

He could only gape at her, completely speechless. She had tricked him!

"What are you going to do about it?" Teddy asked her sullenly.

"Nothing," was the flippant reply.

Again, Victoire had rendered Teddy silent in shock. "Why?" he asked once he had fully processed her reply.


"Because why?" Teddy asked, annoyed at her stupid answers.

"Because I'm not a tattle-tail, that's why," Victoire said, turning away from him.

As he watched her go, Teddy thought about Victoire. She was mighty quick, and now she even had blackmail material against him. No, Teddy decided, Victoire definitely deserved his respect, he thought as he meticulously revaluated his opinion of this blond haired Weasley.

He would never try to fool her again.

Much later he reflected that it was the only promise he ever broke to Victoire.

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