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Teddy tapped his foot impatiently and glanced at his watch for the seventh time in two minutes. Looking around, he once again scanned Platform 9 ¾ for her telltale blond hair; he had no such luck.

True, he had seen Victoire just barely two days ago, but she had spent practically the whole summer in France! He had had one week with her in the beginning of her vacation, and then she left the bloody continent. She got back a few days ago but was so busy in catching up on all her homework that he only got to spend the barest of time with her.

"Vic where are you?" muttered Teddy, making himself a few inches taller to peer over some of the larger wizards.

"No need to inspect the entire magical community looking for me," a female voice said from behind him.

Teddy whirled around. "Vic!" he said as he gave her a big hug and a swift kiss on the cheek. "You're here!"

"It appears so," she said, laughing a little. "Been waiting long?"



"You should be. These past five minutes have been unbearable."

She smiled. "I'm sure. Help me with my trunk? Dad and Mum are helping Dom and Louis. They're over there," she gestured to a few metres down the platform from where they were standing.

"Oh. Yeah, I'll get it." Teddy reached for the trunk and tugged it over to the train. Deciding that he was going about it the wrong way, he pulled out his wand.

"What are you planning on doing with my stuff?" Victoire asked, looking suspicious.

"Charming it lighter."


"I know. Don't you just wish you had my intelligence?"

"Everyday," she drawled, hands on her hips.

"No need to be sarcastic, Vic. Just your jealously is enough," Teddy said with his back to her as he tucked her trunk safely away.

"Come on, you're train leaves in half an hour." He gestured her to one of the benches lining the walls a little ways off from the small gaggle of witches and wizards that had already gathered around the scarlet express. "We need to catch up."

"You saw me on Saturday!"

"So how was France?" Teddy asked, completely ignoring Victoire.

She shrugged her shoulders. "Alright. We stayed with Tante Gabrielle and even went into Paris for one weekend. Beyond that it was totally boring. I wrote all of this to you." She narrowed her eyes accusingly.

"Yeah, but it's better to hear about it in person."

"Nice hair," she said suddenly, reaching up to ruffle the new dark blue colour.

"Yeah," Teddy said, casually, "I figured since you were leaving today, I might as well send you off in style. Hurrah for Ravenclaw, and all that." He pulled down one of his navy hairs to inspect.

"That's too bad," Victoire said slowly.

"I thought you liked your house." Teddy couldn't see the problem. He looked at her curiously.

"Of course I do," she said defensively. "But I did my nails yesterday." She held up her right hand to show him.


"I'd thought we'd match," Victoire giggled. "Ah well."

"Well, I never felt comfortable wearing another house's colours anyway," Teddy said, changing his hair to its usual bright turquoise.

"Brilliant," Victoire said, spreading her fingers wide to compare. "Nice job."

He grabbed her raised hand in his and pulled her closer so that she was leaning against him. "You know, there's something that has been bugging me all summer."

"Hmm?" Victoire murmured against his chest.

"How did you always know it was me?" Teddy asked her seriously. "Whenever I was pretending to be someone else? Excepting when you were drunk, of course."

"Easy." Victoire paused, and shifted slightly so that she could see his face. "You're the only one who ever calls me 'Vic' mostly it's either 'Victoire' or 'Vicky.'"

Teddy nodded, but then realised something else. "Wait, but when we went on that date? I'm sure I said 'Vic' loads of times," he contradicted.

Victoire grimaced and started blushing. "Yeah you did," she agreed.

"So..." Teddy prodded.

She lowered her eyes to focus on a bit of floor as she muttered something indistinguishable.

"Didn't quite catch that, sorry," Teddy told her, placing his fingers under her chin and angling her face so that he could see it clearer.

Victoire looked mightily annoyed. "Fine," she huffed, "I said, I convinced myself it wasn't you because I couldn't fathom why you would say all those nice things to me."

"But I'm usually nice!" Teddy said instantly, giving her a disbelieving look.

"I know that," she said, patting him on the knee reassuringly. "But, I dunno, there was something else; it's hard to describe. It was the way you looked at me, like you really wanted to be there and like I was the only one in the whole world." She was as red as the train in front of them by the time she finished.


"Cheesy? Girly? A total cliché?"

"No," said Teddy slowly, "I was going to say that was accurate, but those work too." He nodded firmly. "All of the above, certainly."

Victoire laughed. "It didn't help that I fancied you so much that I started wondering if everyone around me was you masquerading as a student, or teacher or something. You weren't the only one who wanted to see someone really badly."

"That's... kind of creepy."

"Yeah? Coming from the bloke who deliberately misled me to follow me around for hours? Was I really that far off, Teddy?"

He shrugged.

"Anyway, it's just that I was thinking about you so much beforehand that on that date I thought that I was just over analyzing the situation and blowing the little things out of proportion. Hence, I figured the whole 'Vic' thing was a misconception; Ethan worked with you, maybe he picked up your nickname for me. Clearly I was wrong, but, hey, that happens so rarely I couldn't recognize the signs."

"Take it from a master of being wrong all the time," Teddy said gravely, "you never see it coming."

"I sure hope you can see this coming," Victoire said mischievously, as she lifted her face up to his.

Teddy lowered his own accordingly, and they spent a few happy moments snogging.

After a few minutes Teddy felt Victoire freeze suddenly. He opened his eyes and saw that she was fixated on some object in the distance over his right shoulder.

"What is it?" he said softly into her ear as he started kissing her neck.

"Change!" Victoire hissed hurriedly.

Teddy was dumbfounded. "Excuse me?" he said slowly.

"Morph into someone else!" Victoire amended, biting her lip.


"Never mind why, do it now Teddy Lup-!"

"Galloping gargoyles!" a young voice said from right behind him.


"Go away, James," Teddy said exasperatedly without turning around.

"What are you doing Teddy?" James asked.

Teddy shifted so that he faced the small redheaded Potter. "I was just seeing her off," he explained.

"Were you snogging?" James asked, looking positively revolted.

Victoire rolled her eyes. "Go away, James," she echoed.

"Were you snogging Victoire?" he repeated, obviously concerned that Teddy had not caught on his original meaning.

"If I say yes, will you leave us?" Teddy asked calmly.

Victoire was significantly less calm. Just as James opened his mouth to respond she cut him off. "Beat it, coz. We're busy," she said, irritated. She leaned in and started snogging Teddy again to further emphasize her point.

James must've left, as there were no further interruptions.

A little while later when they both freed themselves, Teddy was the first to speak.

"He's probably told everyone, little bugger can never keep quiet."

"I know," Victoire sighed. "I just don't like to be gossiped about."

"You're mum's probably already planning the wedding."

"Merlin, you're right!"

"I'm going to miss you," Teddy said unexpectedly. "Will you owl me you're Hogsmeade weekends?"

Victoire smiled. "Of course."

Teddy checked his watch and started straightening his robes. "Come on, train's going to leave in ten minutes. You've got to say goodbye to your mum and dad."

"I'd rather say goodbye to you some more," Victoire said teasingly.

"Be that as it may," Teddy said slowly, "the Head Girl should not miss the first day of school. Speaking as a head boy who nearly missed his own, of course."

"Oh all right, help me up," she commanded, holding her hands out to him.

He obligingly took them and hauled her to her feet. Smiling, Victoire used her momentum to propel herself closer to him and gave him a leisurely kiss.

"I'll write, Teddy" she said as she pulled away.

"I'll maybe sneak into the school as a teacher, student or something," he joked.

She rolled her eyes. Smiling she called over her shoulder, "Please do!"

Teddy gaped. Had Victoire just invited him to try and fool her?

Laughing, she jumped onto the train and waved out the window.

Teddy watched the train go with a smile on his face, already planning his next visit to Hogwarts... and to Victoire.

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