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Chapter Six: Unveiling

After Glinda and Elphaba's brief encounter of nakedness, the green girl laughed at the blonde and forced her to go take a shower saying that she wouldn't kiss her again until she was clean. Glinda stuck her tongue out at her new found love interest and skipped to the bathroom, shutting the door softly behind her.

Back in the main room of dorm 22 Elphaba was all smiles. Sure there was the problem of the entire school being hit with the unexpected turn of events, but she didn't care. True, they weren't actually more than roommates who apparently, kissed now. And then it hit her; Glinda had a boyfriend.

Elphaba groaned as she let her body fall backwards onto Glinda's pink engulfed bed and threw a green arm over her eyes trying to block out all thoughts of that arrogant fool who had probably already claimed Glinda's virtue. It was just another obstacle the witch would have to face in her lifetime.

"Elphie?" Glinda asked, standing next to her bed where the green girl still laid.

"Hmm?" Elphaba said, lifting her elbow to let one chocolate brown eye appear. "That was quick."

Glinda giggled as she pulled the towel off of her hair and let her still wet curls frame her face. "What can I say, I'm excited!"

Elphaba laughed and continued watching the blonde as she flounced about the room getting ready.

I wonder why everything changed overnight, Elphaba thought to herself as she rolled on her side and pulled her legs up to her chest in a half fetal position. We hated each other just yesterday.

Unbeknownst to Elphaba, Glinda was wondering the very same thing. As she stared into her vanity mirror, gaping like a fish as she applied her eye makeup, she couldn't help but wonder what in Oz had happened while the two girls slept. Sure she was more than grateful, more than any words could ever express that the princess had saved her life, but surely that couldn't make someone fall in love over night… could it?

I suppose I've always loved her… Glinda admitted to herself, reaching into a jar of gel, or as Elphaba called it "purple goop". She was in a hurry to find out what was going on in the wee hours of the morning at Shiz and didn't want to waste time drying her hair. I mean, I was intrigued when I met her… wanted nothing more than to be her friend, to be close to her, fell her soft green skin on mine, but… she sighed something's different about the feelings I have for her.

Elphaba continued to watch as the blonde put her "face" on and apply the goop to her hair. She didn't understand why Glinda hid her face behind all that wax and whatever other crap make up was made out of. She was beautiful without it.

Maybe Mat was right, Elphaba admitted to herself as she uncurled her body to put her boots on when she noticed Glinda going to her wardrobe to get her own shoes. Maybe Morrible knows something that she's not sharing with me.

"C'mon Elphie, I'm ready!" Glinda exclaimed as she bounced over to her bed and pulled the green girl up with a tug.


After breakfast where the girls met up with Prince Mateo and Yina, per Madame Morrible's instruction, Elphaba led the small group outside, due north, around the campus, past the library, science buildings, and infirmary. They came to the horse stables.

"Is the horse stable where you have been running off to during the middle of the night Miss Elphie?" Glinda asked somewhat confused.

Elphaba giggled as she held out an arm for her roommate, which caused the two cousins following them to snicker. "No my sweet, we have to ride the horses to get to the destination."

Glinda blanched, not a horse!

Glinda stopped in her tracks, causing the green girl to halt immediately. When Elphaba looked at the blonde, she realized that Glinda was scared.

Taking her chin into her hand to bring the crystal blue eyes to meet her own, she tilted her head in confusion. "You don't know how to ride?"

Glinda shook her head, eyes straying back to the horse stables once more. "No it's not that. I was a champion horse rider when I was younger it's just…"

Yina and Mateo saw the frightened look in the blonde's eyes and stopped alongside their friends, frowning Mateo asked, "What happened Glin?"

Tears sprang to the blue eyes as she remembered that day…

Fourteen year old Glinda was on the back of her black stallion whose name was Dreamer. He was a purebred Ozian race horse whose lineage was almost as great as the Arduenna or Upland's themselves. She loved her horse as much as any child loves their pet dog or cat. She remembered when the horse had been born only five years ago. Dreamer had been born on the eve Lurlinemas and Glinda claimed it to be the best Lurlinemas gift ever.

As they raced around the pasture that was behind their house and stable, Glinda decided to ride just a little farther down to where the creek met the Upland's property. She rolled her eyes at her mother's voice inside her head that was reprimanding her about her decision. She didn't care. Momsie was the reason she was riding her horse anyway. If she had just let her go to Lixis' house, she wouldn't have been angry in the first place.

Shaking the argument from her head she leaned into the horse and kicked his sides, urging him faster. What Glinda didn't notice was the frayed rope on the bridge that crossed a gorge in the land. When Dreamer hit the bridge, the rope snapped and down the two fell. Luckily for Glinda, the horse didn't land on her legs or anything else as she had reacted quickly enough and jumped off when the two had started to tumble. The black stallion and little blonde hit the bottom of the twenty foot gorge with a sickening crack. Glinda had broken her left leg and two ribs. Dreamer didn't make it. She hadn't ridden horse back since that very day two years ago.

When Glinda was done recounting the horrible tale, Elphaba pulled the blonde closer to her and wiped the tears from her eyes with the pad of a green thumb as the other arm wrapped itself around the lithe waist.

"Shh my sweet," Elphaba whispered and looked to Yina and Mateo and told them to go with her eyes only. They both nodded and left the two girls to themselves.

"Oh Elphie it was horrible," Glinda cried as she let the strong green arms around her pull her tighter into an embrace. Glinda had never told anyone but family about her accident.

"It was a long time ago Glin," Elphaba whispered into the blonde locks that were slightly crunchy from the gel. "I need you to do something for me."

Glinda pulled back and sniffled finding the pools of chocolate in front of her. "What?"

Elphaba smiled a sad smile at the tear laced voice, "I need you to ride a horse again."

"Elphaba no." Glinda said, and pushed away from the green girl. "I can't. You don't understand!"

"Shh, you don't need to shout dearest," Elphaba said, "There's no other way."

Glinda frowned and crossed her arms over her chest, why did everything with Elphaba have to be wonderfully difficult all the time?

"But what if I fall. What if I kill another horse?" Glinda half shouted, causing a few gardeners to turn their heads, "I can't let that happen again Elphaba!"

Elphaba grabbed the blonde and forced her lips upon pouty pink ones, quieting the blonde. Glinda struggled against the kiss momentarily but let herself melt into the kiss. As they parted, Elphaba rested her forehead against Glinda's. "You don't have to ride by yourself Glin. You can ride double with me. I didn't mean to frighten you or make you do something that scares you so much by yourself. Forgive me?"

Glinda nodded although still a little skeptical, "as long as I can ride with you I should be ok…"

Elphaba smiled a beautiful smile, "That's my girl."

Her girl, Glinda smiled to herself as she continued the walk to the stables on the green girls' arm. I like the sound of that.

Little did any one of the group know, Hyan who just happened to be Deriz's friends and also had a massive crush on the boy, had saw the two girls kissing. She had been helping a gardener with some planting when the event had taken place. Grinning slyly, she took off at a dead run to find Deriz and tell all of the scandalous news.


After only having to reassure Glinda two more times that all would be just fine the four friends were now riding through the thick forest-like boarder of Shiz University. Yina had doubled up with her cousin and the girls followed at a medium trot on their brown mare.

Trying to take Glinda's mind off of things, Yina, who was studying to be a botanist told Glinda about some of the plants that were along the trail. Glinda was grateful for the chat and even more grateful for Elphaba who had her right hand firmly on the smaller girl's stomach.

Glinda sighed contently as she leaned back into the girl behind her after the friends had been on horseback for a little over twenty minutes.

"Ok?" Elphaba asked quietly.

"Mmhmm," Glinda nodded as she placed her own hand over the green one on her stomach and laced their fingers together. As their hands connected in such an intimate way the two girls felt a jolt and could see a mint colored light emanating from their entwined hands.

"What in oz?" Glinda asked breathlessly as she gazed down at their hands.

Elphaba was dumbfounded as she peered over the blonde's shoulder and down at their hands.

"Elphie do you see…"

"Yes," Elphaba whispered completely confused, "What…"

Glinda shook her head, "did you feel…"

She could feel Elphaba's nod.

"We've really got to talk to Morrible." Elphaba said flabbergasted, causing the blonde to giggle from the tone in her voice.

"Well it can't be bad," Glinda concluded as she pulled their hands up to her face to examine them closer, "It's just… different."

"That's for oz damn sure," Elphaba scoffed, apparently not able to let the glow go.

Glinda rolled her eyes with a smile on her face. "Oh well as long as it's not hurting either of us, I don't think we should worry about it."

"You're right," Elphaba concluded and tried to drop the issue.

They rode for a few more minutes in silence until Glinda broke the comfortable silence.

"Why didn't you tell me you and Yina were so close?"

Elphaba gulped. "Well um,"

"Spit it out Elphie," Glinda giggled.

Elphaba snorted at the girl in her arms, "Well you see when I was sixteen, right after my last year in school and before I took my University Placement Exams my mother and father took the family on a trip to Winkie country. He had to work some things out with the King and my sisters and I met their family. Yina is his cousin and we hit it off immediately. We both love plants and animals and we would wander off all the time."

Glinda giggled as she listened to Elphaba as she continued to explain how the two became such great friends.

"Well what about you and Mateo. You guys seem to be good friends." Glinda asked, noticing that the trail they were on suddenly stopped not that far ahead of the small group. In fact, Mateo and Yina had already dismounted and were stretching their achy legs as they waited.

Elphaba sighed at the question. "I like Mateo as a friend but he is the most obnoxious person on the face of Oz and sometimes I honestly can't stand to be in the same room as him."

Glinda laughed loudly at this as they reached the other group.

"What's so funny?" Mateo asked as he helped Glinda off of the horse and tried not to look offended when Elphaba scoffed at his outstretched hand and jumped off herself.

"Oh nothing," Glinda smiled sweetly at the prince, "Elphie just made a joke."

Mateo laughed a full belly laugh at the blonde, "Elphaba? Joke? No way in Oz."

The green girl smirked as she held out a hand for Glinda, who happily took it into her own with a bright smile as she wondered if the mint glow would return, "Oh my dear Prince you think you know, but in truth you have no idea."

And then she cackled; a sound that filled Glinda's soul with fear and desire all at the same time.

Mateo shook his head and followed the group of girls up the small hill and then back down into a small ravine.

"Glinda what you're about to see is top secret." Elphaba explained to the girl at her side, "You mustn't tell anyone about what you're about to do and see."

Glinda looked deep into Elphaba's eyes and knew she was more serious than she had ever seen her roommate. Glinda nodded.

"Okay Glinda watch carefully." Yina said after she got the look of confirmation from Elphaba as she stood in front of an old Ozbirch tree stump.

Glinda was all eyes as she watched her friend. She placed her right hand in the center of the stump and placed her left hand over her eyes and quietly chanted "evanescere" and disappeared into thin air.

"Holy oz!" Glinda exclaimed as she watched her best friend vanish as she tried to remember what evanescere meant.

Mateo laughed at his friend and repeated the process just as his cousin had done.

Elphaba cackled as she led Glinda to the stump and wrapped her arms around the blonde girl from behind. "Okay my sweet are you ready?"

"What in Oz Elphaba?" Glinda asked, eyes opened wildly. She was admittedly a little frightened but more intrigued than she had ever been with anything other than the person standing behind her.

"It's called irising." Elphaba explained as the blonde cocked her head to the side in confusion as she looked down at the stump. "It's very ancient magic that only was used by witches such as the Kumbric witches."

"You mean like Kumbricia?"

Elphaba nodded as she pointed out the little symbols that were carved into the wood of the stump. "Whenever you see these seven markings; the crown, the star, the moon, the sun , fire, water, and air," she pointed each of them out, "it means it's a marking that allows one to iris."

Glinda laughed as she suddenly remembered the actual meaning to the word iris; rainbow.

"We're rainbowing?" Glinda asked through her giggles.

Elphaba chuckled along with the blonde, "Yes my sweet we are. We are using the magical powers of light and water to project ourselves through an invisible barrier into a secret place."

"Cool!" Glinda said as she bounced excitedly, still in Elphaba's arms.

Elphaba smiled as she put her chin down on the shoulder in front of her. "Together?"

Glinda turned in her arms with a thousand watt smile that seemed to make the green girl's knees go weak, "together."


Back at Shiz campus a gasping for breath girl sped through the doors of Briscoe Halls, the boy's dormitory at the University. She ran up the two flights of stairs, took her first right then the first left, ran three doors down and pounded on door number 101.

Deriz, who had been studying for his biochemistry test was startled by the sudden and rapid knocking at his door. Rushing to the door, he had to suppress a look of disappointment as he saw the tall, skinny, white haired Hyan standing in the hallway, gasping desperately for air.

"Deriz," she panted, as she leaned on the door jam, "you'll never ever guess what I just saw over by the stables!"

Deriz rolled his eyes at the girl, she was such a gossip.

"And what would that be Miss Hyan?" He asked, hoping this little visit didn't take too much longer.

Hyan grinned, "I saw Miss Glinda kissing Miss Elphaba."

Hazel eyes flashed with rage.

That little slut!, he seethed to himself as he pulled Hyan into his room, slammed her up against the door and demanded to know everything she knew.

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