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"Emmett, Edward, could you please stop acting like children? I'm trying to take a call." Carlisle says quietly but firmly as he walks up the stair to his study.

Emmett and I had been at it again. It's never really the words he says, rather the thoughts he tries to hide that make me feel so angry. Well I'm not sure angry is the word I'm looking for, more like they make me feel saddened and worthless. I hear his thoughts, things like "I wish he wouldn't mope around here, it's like he's trying to make me feel guilty." And "Poor guy, he shouldn't have to live so alone." And "If he plays that same melody on the piano one more time I'll make him stop."

And these thoughts lead to the arguments and fights, which normally begin by me saying something along the lines of, "Could you keep your thoughts to yourself?" or "Are the things I do that important to you?"

Which always leads to him saying something like, "If only I could." Or 'Sorry, but you make it pretty obvious to everyone that you have no life at all." And the name calling, throwing, and punching always proceeded, unless Jasper or Carlisle stepped in. But lately even they have gotten tired of the routine fights and just let us take it out on one another.

Now it was quiet because even though I was still enraged by his 'mind insults', I was respectful to do as Carlisle asked. I know we must stop all this fighting, I can see how bad it hurts Esme. She's afraid that she will lose me, that I will leave and go on a search for somewhere better.

But in all truth I know this is where I belong. I love my family, including Emmett. I know he doesn't mean to hurt me, but the truth is I do feel alone and out of place sometimes. You see, my family is all matched up with the ones they will spend the rest of their life, Carlisle and Esme (my 'adoptive parents'), Jasper and Alice, and Emmett with Rosalie, who are all supposed to be my brothers and sisters. So then there's me. Just me. Which I've always been okay with, I've learned so much in all of my spare time. I've learned about art, history and my favorite, music. I've always been happy just being with my family for the past 100 years. But for the past few years I've began to feel like I have someone out there just waiting for me. But I'm just too afraid to go looking.

But I know that it's time for me to stop fighting with Emmett and upsetting Esme, it's not getting me anywhere. I look over at Emmett, who is staring into space with that, "God, I need to hit something!" face.

"Maybe I just need a wingman." I say with a small grin on my face, walking cautiously towards him, trying to meet his eyes.

Then my big brother melts, the anger fades and I'm left with his big smirk and booming laugh. He looks over at Jasper and says, "He may need two." And the laugh sirens again. And I knew I had just solved our problems with a simple joke.

After a few seconds the laughter wore off and I realized that in the last few minutes I hadn't very observant. Esme and Roselie's faces were both in shock, but I hadn't figured out why until I taped into their thoughts. They were listening to the call that Carlisle had taken up stairs. Alice had that look on her face, she was staring into the future. I focused on Carlisle's phone conversation. What was going on?

"You don't know what this would mean to me Dr. Cullen. I know I could trust you after all that you've done for my mother and I." A young woman spoke on the other end of the phone.

"I wish there was another way to go about this Miss. Noel but after speaking with your doctors, and your personal request, I know how urgent the situation is."

I didn't understand why this had everyone so shocked; I must have missed vital information in the beginning. Because it just sounded like one of Carlisle's old patients needing a house call. I listened closer.

Carlisle spoke again "But you need to understand that I'm a very private person when it comes to my personal life. I have a family and I don't know that they would be comfortable with this. My family isn't conventional and we have very different ways than others. I have our privacy to consider."


"I understand Doctor, I really do. I'm not so keen on moving in with a family I don't know, but all the mindless doctors I've seen tell me I can't live on my own. I know you aren't like everyone else Dr. Cullen, you never have been, from all the stories my mother told. And I wouldn't expect anything less from your family. But you may find that I'm very excepting. To live my life you almost have to be."

Oh no!

"Your mother was always very superstitious about me, always had lots of confidence in me. Maybe more than I deserve. Let me speak to my family about this, I don't know how this is going to go. But I will try..."

What is he doing? What could Carlisle possibly be thinking? I knew the answer to that already, but how could he think such things?

"….But no matter what I will definitely fill my obligation to your mother and take care of your health."

She starts talking again, "Thank you so much, my mother would be happy to hear that. Will I hear from you soon?"

"Absolutely, Miss. Noel."

After their goodbyes Carlisle was coming down stairs, thinking of what to say. And I was determining if what I just heard could actually be true.

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