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It had been two weeks since Zeala had moved in when Carlisle came downstairs one morning and said, "Zeala I feel it's time to start trying the pain monitor I've been building. I'm off work today and we could spend all day working with it to make sure you are comfortable. What do you think?"

Zeala looked up at him chewing a bite of cereal. She finished and said, "Carlisle how big is this thing? Would I have to carry it around with me?"

"It's relatively small, maybe the size of a personal cd player. And you could carry it on your side, like someone would a phone or pager. Really I think you'll find it easy to live with. But it would really help us to know the neurological stimulations of pain when they happen. That way I can find out what triggers them." Carlisle said looking into Zeala's eyes promisingly.

They went on with the normal medical drabble, that would normally interest me, however my mind was too preoccupied.

Am I falling in love with Zeala? I didn't really sound so bad when I thought of it like that, but then I thought…

Am I falling in love with a mortal? Now that sounded bad. It was a difficult idea to grasp. But the most hurtful thought was…

How could I think she was falling in love with me? It hurt so bad to know that she didn't love me back. I mean as far as I could tell, she had written off falling in love at all.

Then when I thought this horrible feeling couldn't get any worse my mind began to wonder to the worst thought…

What if Carlisle couldn't help Zeala? What if she couldn't be fixed?

I could live the rest of my life knowing fell in love with Zeala, even if she was a mortal. I could even live with the fact that she would never love me back. But to lose her, for her to suffer a death she didn't deserve. That was something I couldn't live with.

But I knew that I had to think positively, for Zeala and I both. Through the next few days Carlisle had set up the pain monitor and started to be able to give Zeala the right kind of treatment, when it was needed.

She seemed to get stronger over the next couple weeks. She ate more than usual and danced longer in the evenings. She said she didn't get dizzy as often and Carlisle liked her progress.

On Saturday Carlisle did full X-rays on Zeala, you know just routine. But I knew that something was wrong because from upstairs Carlisle was thinking the names of bones in alphabetical order. I knew this meant he was trying to hide something from me. He didn't want me to be hurt by something on those X-rays. He didn't want me to see his thoughts.

But he slipped and in between Mandible and Manubrium, he thought, I'm sorry son.

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