At that second, the doors bursted open making me fall on top of Jeremy, who was still pulling my hair. The top of the barrel buried itself in my back and it went off. All I could see was pilocemen running around me and the pain piercing in my backside. I closed my eyes and drifted into darkness my mind was in.

I opened my eyes probably a day later, and I saw nothing but whiteness in the room I was in. I looked around with my panicked eyes and saw monitors. The sunshine bled through the window on the side, and I saw nurses running around in the hallway. I closed my eyes and opened them, like a switch. Where was Justin?

I saw a doctor come in and smile at me with wide eyes.

"How's my girl doing? You doing alright? Don't worry, we got the bullet out in no time. You fainted so we had no trouble"

I was a bit confused. Why was he so cheery about my near death experience? I shook my head and sat up slowly. There it went, the pain in my backside. It went up my spine and down to my toes, then up to the spot where I was shot. Ugh, kill me now.

"Where's Justin?" I grumbled while sitting up. The doctor walked towards me and pressered his hand on my shoulder "No, lay back down sweetie. You have to recover, not make the wound bigger"

But I didn't listen, neither did he "Where's Justin?" I said a little louder then usual.

He hesitated "Uhm...he's uhh...doing fine..." he bit his lip "Listen, I'll send someone in to give you your medicine" and he dashed away.

I wanted to yell after him, but it was no use. Justin was not okay, and he knew that I knew. What happened to him? Where was he? I needed to see him, right now.

A minute later a nurse came in and I grabbed her wrist "Where's Justin, Justin Bieber? Is he in this hospital?" I practically cried out in her face.

The doctor came in and forced a needle into my arm. I cried out, but then I felt really dizzy. I closed my eyes and started to see images of Justin in my mind. Next thing I knew, I was fast asleep. The doctor didn't wanna give me the bad news about least not yet.


I layed there, trying to breathe. Even breathing was hard for me. I stared at my heart monitor, getting closer and closer to zero. What if I just died in this bed right now. Would people die themselves? I wouldn't want that. I love my fans and I love everyone who's supported me, well...except Jasmine I guess.

I heard her and Jeremy got arrested the second they took us to the ambulence car. I was happy to hear this, but my mind was occupied on one thing, Priscilla.

I looked up to see the nurse smile sweetly at me. I could see how tired she was by the dark circles under her eyes. I should've told her to leave me here to die, but she'd just say no and continue to give me more medicine so that I wouldn't die in this bed right now.

Apparently, Jasmine shot me in the chest. Right next to my heart. Yeah, pretty greusome I might say. I lay here, not wanting anything else. I just want to die.

I see the doctor come in with a needle and I close my eyes. I don't want anymore pain! Please, just leave me alone. I hate this, I hate this!

But he wasn't here to give me a shot. He put the needle down on the metal table and looked at me "How you holding up?" he asked.

I wanted to throw him out the window. I got shot in the chest, what do you think? But I just played helpless patient and responded "Barely breathing" I tried to smile.

The doctor didn't smile or even acknowledge my answer. He just went around to whisper something to the nurse. I bit my lip and coughed softly. He turned to me quickly and went to my side "Your lady friend is doing fine. Priscilla isn't it?"

I light up instantly "Priscilla? Is she alright? Can I see her? Please let me see her" I ranted on. I was so desperate to see her, I didn't feel like dying anymore.

But the doctor just frowned "She's alright, but she wanted to see you. And we can't have anyone visiting you right now. You really need some time to recover. So, we put her to sleep"

I frowned. What? But I need her. Right now! I was about to yell, but my heart monitor started going crazy. The doctor took the needle and shoved it in my vein. I started to see circles and lights, then I closed my eyes. He put me to sleep too. Looks like he wanted everyone just to shut up for a while.


A year later

"Noooo!" I laugh and hit Justin in the arm "You're supposed to lose so I can get ice cream!" I moved my body to the right of the couch.

We were playing a video game on basketball. If I won, he'd get me ice cream, if he won, i'd give him 20 bucks. Yeah, I don't know. we were bored.

I lasted in the hospital for about 1 month before I was healed enough to walk. Justin was in the hospital for 2 months. I visited him every day those past 2 months. I was just really happy he was okay and alive.

Jasmine and her dad...or Justin's dad...have been sentenced in jail for a long time. I don't even know how many years they're staying, but I'm just glad they're locked up. Jeremy was right about my dad running, he is now in London without my sister this time. Lily has changed so much, and is now helping my mom out with the twins.

As for me, I am with Justin and we are happy. I've been on tour with him for the last few months and we're having a blast.

Caitlin's doing alright I guess, but we haven't heard from the Beadles family in a while. I was a little concered about Christian. Was he going to be alright?

Anyways, Justin won this game and I handed him a twenty dollar bill. There goes my allowance for the week.

But whatever, Justin owes me a dinner anyway.


Later on that night, I took Priscilla to a nice dinner. We sat, talked, laughed, and were just in love. I couldn't imagine my life without Priscilla Lane. She was my life. And I think I was about ready to pop the question to her. I bit my lip and took out a small box from my pocket.

She was checking her teeth in her little mirror, so she didn't see me slip the ring in her glass.

She finally put the mirror down and stared at me "What?" she giggled "Is there something in my teeth I missed" she picked up her mirror again.

I put her hand down and held it "You're beautiful, you know that?" I smiled.

She blushed "And you're just adorable" she smiled back. I squeezed her hand and she picked up her glass. She was about to drink when she saw the ring and she gasped loudly. She looked slowly at the bottom of the glass and looked at me surprisingly.

" this?" she asked and I nodded "Yes Priscilla" and I took the glass from her. I took out the ring with a fork and got down on one knee. She squealed and put her hands on her mouth so she wouldn't make a scene.

But people turned around and were smiling sweetly at us. I cleared my throat and had the ring in my palm. I held her hand and smiled "Priscilla Lane. You are my life, my heart, and everything else. I never want to part with you, and I never shall hurt you. I love you with my whole being. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

She now had tears streaming down her eyes and she nodded frantically "Yes Justin yes!" and she jumped into my arms. I kissed her all over her face and she giggled.

Everyone in the resturaunt clapped for us and it was just all so overwhelming.

She looked at me and kissed me passionately. I smiled when we broke away "Thank you"

She shook her head "For what babe?"

I bit my lip and sighed "For coming into my life and making it whole again. Without you, I probably would sitll be broken because of my father"

She nodded slowly and kissed me "And thank you, for staying with me. Through ever flaw and issue, I hope you don't run"

I looked deep into her eyes "Never will I run, but I will be there to catch you when you fall"

And we kissed one last time that night before laughing about how she was so excited. Well, how we both were.

I was extremely overjoyed and nothing could ruin it, not even an ex girlfriend who's desire was to kill me. I loved Priscilla Lane with everything I had and I never was going to stop.

And these are my abstract truths.


Hmm, looks like they got married. How lovely, too bad it'll be death do they part BEFORE the wedding. I put my menu down from my face and smiled at the waitor "Some wine would be nice, thank you" and the waitor just nodded.

I smiled through my eyes and kissed the corner of my napkin. My signature for the night. I crossed my legs and waited for my wine.

Oh, how lovely it is...that an abstract truth, can get you so far. So...very...far.