A bluu-haired teen rushed into the hospital with a girl in his arms

"HELP ME,PLEASE! MY GIRLFRIENDS GETTING A BABY!" Docter's and nurses rushed to help the docter and nurses helped his girlfriend he was asked to wait in the waiting a while a nurse came out

"Sir,im sorry to say this but..." she looked uncomfortable "We're not sure if we can save both." she looked at him apologetically

"What?what do you mean!" she was taken aback by the anger in his voice

"E-either the mother or the child will die..." she wispered looking away "there is a chance both will make it but one wont for long..im sorry but there is nothing we can do." He didnt know what to say..he was speechless,so much emotions were going through him,finding his voice again he spoke...well almost yelled

"I dont care! If its really not possible save her,my girlfriend! please?" he pleaded,desperation in his eyes. The nurse felt pity for him and returned to the docter inside the room. After a while the nurses and the Docter came out. The blue-haird boy immediatly stood up

"Are they oke?did she make it?can i see her?" he asked hoping he didnt lose either of them. Upon seeing a small smile on the Docters face he got his hopes up

"Yes,they're both fine now" then his smile fell "But you're Girlfriend wont make it" he looked down "we tried everything we could to save both of them...but she insisted we save her baby. Thats what was she wanted...She's in room 102,you may see her if you'd like." without replying he rushed the to said room.

A tear slid down a 15 year old girl's face, She knew she didnt have much time left. The girl sat on a white bed with a newborn baby in her arms, the baby cried. The girl sang her child a lullaby to sooth her,which later on helped since the baby fell asleep,cradled in her mother's arms. A sad smile made its way on the mother's face and she caressed the baby's cheeks

"Im sorry.." she whispered...the door opened and someone came in,she turned her head to the door to see who came.A smile made its way on her face once she saw her boyfriend,he sat on her bed facing her.

"Ikuto...Promise me somthing" she caressed his cheek with one hand while the other supported the child,he only nodded in responce "Promise me you wont cry,dont cry over me please...it'll only make it harder for me.." He didnt even keep his promise for 1 minute and he already broke it. A tear slid down his cheek,she wiped it away with her thumb and smiled "U promised you woulndt cry,and look at you now.." he only shook his head

"I never promised,i never said something..so i didnt break anything." He said,more tears escaping his eyes. She lay her baby in the cradle next to her and hugged him,tears of her own threatening to fall anytime

"Im sorry Ikuto,i really am..i always thought of others before myself,so for once...let me be selfish for just once." she whispered as tears sild down her face "Let me be selfish,let me think of myself for just this once...it'll be the last too,i promise.." she sobbed. He shook his head crying

"No. You wont die..I wont let you go..i cant,so dont try to leave,being selfish is my job.." he said pulling her closer,she giggled

"You wont change huh?i cant Ikuto,i cant,I wont be able to take it...so take it for me..please..take all the sorrow,sadness,grief,pain..bear it for me Ikuto..and let me rest in peace while you take it all for me,please Ikuto..." she choked out,her tears flowing down her face

"I dont want to let go..." he whispered

"Im sorry Ikuto,but you know i love you rigth?I do,i love you so much,and i love her too so take good care of her Ikuto,live for her,make her happy...even though she wont be able to have a mother. Before i go do me a favor?" He could only nod "Name her Amu,after our best friend,i owe her.." she smiled a sad smile and thought of her best friend

-They were the best of friends from elementary till middle both met Ikuto at middle school and soon enough Amu developed a huge crush on the guy,Oblivious to that fact mistsuki confessed to Ikuto who felt the same way and they became a couple. Amu was hurt,but she knew her friend didnt mean to hurt her,heck Mitsuki didnt even know her best friend had a crush on Ikuto too,so Amu decided to ignore her own feelings and be happy for her best friend,i mean Ikuto didnt like her back right?or else he wouldnt have accepted Mitsuki's confession right? even though she let herself believe that she still couldnt change the fact that she was jealous of her,soon she started to hang out less with her and didnt really keep in touch either,that confused Mistuki and made her only became worse and the two grew more distant, soon enough the two became enemies,well not really enemies but they werent friends anymore,Amu broke their friendship,Mistuki was angry she was also sad,she didnt even know why Amu was acting like that,she didnt do anything wrong -at least that she knew of- that couldve angered Amu,they didnt even quarrel! So why was Amu like that?,she didnt like the new Amu so just let her next day though,Amu didnt show up at school,Mitsuki wondered why. She asked a close friend of Amu's,Mashiro Rima -Even though both of them were Amu's best friends they didnt know each other,sure they knew their names and such but didnt really hang out and stuff like that- Mitsuki could remember the exact words Rima said,and it only caused more tears.

"She left because of you...she couldnt take it anymore,she said she didnt want to stay here cause it would hurt her more"

Mitsuki at that time didnt know what Rima was talking about that hurt Amu so bad that she would want to leave. And now she also hears she is the cause of that? she continued to listen though and didnt expect what Rima just said at all

"You're really dense you know..and you're even her best friend too. Did you notice the way Amu looks at him? the way she talks? the way she acts around him? Did you notice her blushes?when she stutters? did you notice anything at all?" she didnt reply,she couldnt "Amu liked him...a lot,maybe even loved,but she knew you did too so she let you have him,even though she knew it'd hurt her in the didnt want to ruin her friendship with you just because you both crushed on the same guy." What Rima said was true,but then again,you know what they say,about love blinds you,and it did,Mitsuki didnt see that her best friend was falling for the same guy as her. But now she knew,and she regretted confessing to him. Mitsuki would always talk about how great her dates were with Ikuto,how happy he made her,how sweet and romantic he was despite how he was labelled...and Ikuto?because of Mitsuki Ikuto and Amu became quite good friends,he'd tell her about the things he loved about Mitsuki,and would thank Amu for helping him out,he'd tell her he loved her like a sister and was glad and lucky to have her as a friend..nothing more and nothing less..And Mitsuki could not even imagine how much those words hurt Amu,appearantly a lot since she left because of it...-

Ikuto nodded. This time a true sincere smile adorned her face "Thank you" she hugged him again but wasnt sure if she could ever let go "Thanks..i love you Ikuto,and i always will,so please...be happy,live you're life,make her happy,take good care of her?" he nodded and only hugged her tighter not wanting to let her stayed like that for a while. After some time he got a little hungry

"Hey..Im going to get something to eat oke?" but she didnt respond,he shook her but nothing..."Mitsuki?...mitsuki!...SUKI?...suki...mitsuki.." he said her name over and over again crying,while holding her body in his arms.

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