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Holding on tightly, just can't let it go
Just trying to play my role, slowly disappear, oh
But all these days, they feel like they're the same
Just different faces, different names, get me out of here
But I can't stand by your side, oh no
And watch this life pass me by, pass me by

So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground?

I gotta find my place, I wanna hear my sound
Don't care about all the pain in front of me
'Cause I'm just trying to be happy, oh, happy, oh

Happy - Leona Lewis


The pink-haired girl sighed, "Well-"

"To you."




"Wait what?...come again?"

"Here, I know you don't exactly like reading these, but I think this will change your mind."


Who would've thought? THE Tsukiyomi Ikuto is actually going to commit himself to a woman! As sexy as the man is, he's been single since his wife died and hasn't shown any actual interest in women. Tsk. Sad story..but apparently, he's had a childhood friend who he's close with. Very close. They went to highschool together and were inseparable. Actually, the wife of Tsukiyomi-san is their bestfriend too. During their highschool days there was no possible romantic relationship between Ikuto and his bestfriend since his wife that time also liked him, sad thing? Ikuto liked her back thus hurting the poor girl. It is said she left because of them and months later Ikuto's girlfriend got pregnant but died after Amu's birth. So technically, Tsukiyomi-san is not married! . He's been lying to us this whole time. Years later though, Tsukiyomi-san and his bestfriend meet again! Not much is covered about that BUT! We have proof that the two of them have been or are, dare I say it, DATING! (Pictures on the next page) The only question left now is, who is this bestfriend of his anyways? Well, believe it or not, the long-lost bestfriend of Mr. Tsukiyomi Ikuto is our very own HINAMORI AMU! Now, sorry for those who were mislead by the title, but, nothing about a marriage is actually confirmed. But hey, he is dating her so it'll probably lead to that anyway..they already have some chemistry, so people, we might as well be expecting a grand wedding!

By: Tasou Hina

Source: secret! But just to assure you, my sources are very accurate and reliable so my articles are so very true.

Note: I too, have noticed my normal and composed writing style has changed with this particular subject but, I couldn't help but gossip.

Amu's POV

'' "You've got to be kidding me Rima.."

"Why the hell would I do that?"

It wasn't the news about the two of us getting supposedly married that got me, don't get me wrong though, that shocked me too. A lot. Like, accurate and reliable sources? Yea right! Tch. Back to the main point though, the thing that bothered me, was the content. The body of the article itself. Hello! It contained our past! Only Hana, Rima and Kukai know about this! Unless that jerk told the media about it..but he wouldn't right? If so, it should've been out long ago. Who the hell leaked it to the press? ! And how the hell did they know about our date! What dating? We went AS FRIENDS!

Oh god..


They even snapped a shot of our kiss! -my peck on his cheek-

I hate journalists, I do. Did I ever mention it? I did now. Cause I do, I really really don't really like them right now. Me marrying Ikuto? Are they serious? What the hell did they smoke? ! I know, I'm a lady. I shouldn't talk like this but I'm angry! And sad...and confused. And happy..? Phantom joy really, my mind is just imagining if we actually did get married. But I also feel betrayed..just mixed emotions really.


I blinked. Right, I didn't answer Rima, did I?

"Don't believe it. Its completely bull."

"As much as I'd love to believe that Amu, I can't. Why the hell would they lie?"

I frowned. She believed it? Really?

"Why would I lie? Especially to you..." I countered.

Her eyebrow twitched. 'Eh?' I blinked.

"Not about that stupid! If by any chance you really were to get married to that...that...that, then I would personally make sure he would change his mind. So even if that was true it wouldn't happen. Anyway, what I mean is, why the hell would they put it on the newspaper! I'm talking about the date. I know you said it was fake, but Amu, you're going to tell me the kiss was fake too?" She raised her eyebrow at me. Looking at me speaking through her eyes, that said 'don't-even-try'.

I just looked away. "I-i got a little too much into my role oke? !"

"Try a lot too much.." She muttered. I heard it though.

"I heard that you know.."

"I know. That was the point why I said it. For you to hear!" She smiled. A fake smile. A creepy sarcastic fake smile.

I sighed. "I'll go to Ikuto's tomorrow to figure this shit out..still need some time..anyway, don't worry oke? I'm not marrying him."

She, in return, just rolled her eyes "Do you really think that going there, after what happened, is a good idea?"

I just smiled at her. Even though she worried a little bit too much for my liking, I still wouldn't want it any other way. "Like I said Rima, don't worry kay? "

She scoffed and looked away. "How can't I? Please, do enlighten me on how to perform such a task."

I just shook my head and laughed. To which she frowned.

"I'm serious here Amu. I'm getting tired of the whole cycle."

I rolled my eyes and hugged her. I love her. She responded with a sigh and returned the hug. "The end of the cycle is still me smiling. In the end everything is going to be alright!"

She let go and walked over to the couch and sat down watching TV. Well, not really watching..she was glaring at it.

"That's another thing I don't like and don't want to happen." She muttered.

I blinked "And why is that?"

She just glared harder and her cheeks flushed "Because, what if it does turn into a happily ever after? You obviously love him more than me, he's more important than me, he's just more everything than me! So if you finally have him, I'm out of the picture. You'll pay more attention to him than me, he'll even steal my spot as your shoulder to cry on, unless he's the one making you cry..only then you'll probably come to me for advice and comfort." Again the glare intensified and she puffed out her cheeks. "But even that probably won't happen! Because even though I hate to admit it, he's a good guy. If he'll come to love you he'll treasure you and take really good care of you. Hell he'll probably love you more than Mitsuki..he won't make you won't have a reason to come to me anymore..because the only reason you come to me for, is him. If you're troubled by him you come to me, if he hurts you, I'm the one you seek, if he makes you happy, I'm the one you share it to, you come to me for advice about him...but even though you're with me, its still all about him." The glare was gone and her eyes were glazed over with tears threatening to fall.

My cheeks hurt.

My eyes teared up.

I was shaking...

I couldn't keep it in anymore.

I was touched.

And apparently it was obvious by my facial expression. She blinked surprised, and glared. Oh if looks could kill

"What?" She snapped

I couldn't take it.

I burst out laughing "Pffahahahaha!"

I laughed so hard I was crying. Plus my sides started to hurt.

"WHAT ? ! " She yelled this time. Not out of anger though. Her whole face was red and she was being all shy. But she still glared.

My laughter reduced to giggling. When I looked at her I smiled. She just blushed again and glared harder hissing another 'what!'

"Sorry..I just can't believe that..that..Y-you're jealous?" I asked her raising my eyebrow

Her eyes widen and her face darkened. She hid half of her face behind a pillow, still glaring. "So?"

This time I blinked. Rima was stubborn and wouldn't normally admit to things like this. I didn't mind though. My gaze softened and I smiled sadly, letting the things she said actually sink in instead of focusing on the fact that it meant she was jealous.

"Rima.." She looked -glared- back at the TV

"Amu-chan is my bestfriend. Not Tsukiyomi's."

I walked over to her and stood behind her looking at the TV too. I leaned on her head with my hands under my chin.

"Sorry..I won't deny any of it since its true. But even though Ikuto wasn't back yet, you were still with me, even now that he's back you're still with me. So even if he leaves again you'll still be with me..right?" I looked down at her. She still avoided my gaze glaring at the TV with her cheeks puffed out. "Whatever happens, Rima will still be my number one bestfriend! With or without Ikuto! So don't get jealous ok?"

She looked up at me "And what if he'll come to love you?"

" will still be Rima. He'll be my boyfriend then so.."


I pouted. "Mou Rima~how about you? You also left when I was heartbroken just because you had a job interview with Fujisaki-san!"

Her eyes widen and she blushed again. I smirked 'gotcha' "T-that has nothing to do with this!"

"It does..its somehow similar..our situations."

"I never asked you to help me about Nagi-kun. I-i can do it myself thank you very much!"

"Oh so you like him?" I smirked.

"S-shut up!" She now turned around and started hammering down my head. I just giggled finding her being embarrassed cute.

"We're even" I smiled. She just sat on her knees on the couch, her face being half hidden. She glared.

"Nagi-kun and Tsukiyomi are different." She mumbled.

"True..but isn't it unfair if you have your happily ever after with Fujisaki-san, and I don't with Ikuto? You'll leave me too then because of him."

She glared. "I hate you." I smiled.

"So if I help you with Fujisaki-san, and you help me with Ikuto, we'll both be happy! Either way we'll still be friends Rima."

"Would you? Nagi-kun doesn't seem to like me that much.." I blinked. Wow. Now this is new.

"Sure!" I smiled. "So we're ok now right?"

She smiled shyly and nodded. "And you promised to help me with Nagi-kun."

I giggled. She's just so cute. "Yup!"

She smiled "I still hate and don't approve of Tsukiyomi though!"

I shrugged and smiled back "You won't have to since you're with Fujisaki-san. You'll be with him and won't care who I'm with."

Her smile grew bigger "Well you won't care that I care since you'll be with that jerkface!"

My smile grew sweeter "Well, you can't wait to be with him so you won't have to care if I care that you care!"

Her teeth were showing now. "Well you already beat me to it since you stopped to care if I care because I don't care yet you still do!"

I blinked. "Huh? What do we care for now?"

She blinked and burst out laughing. I was confused now. She jumped off of the couch and hugged me.

"I care about my bestfriend. You're my bestest friend Amu!" I smiled and hugged her back. What would I do without her?

Normal POV - Tsukiyomi's Residence

Ikuto and Souko left to search for the source of the rumor -aka Tasou Hana- leaving poor little Amu-chan alone with her mother-to-be. She still didn't approve of the idea. How could she? Even under normal circumstances she would refuse. Not knowing the woman was one thing, the promise from her dad to her mom was another. That's where she was stuck, she understood the situation but she knew her father too. She knew he wouldn't even dare to think about it. He never did in the past. So why now? She understood she was pregnant but was that really the only reason? No one knew about it. And unless her step-brother-to-be would look exactly like his father, it would stay that way. No one would ever know about the mistake her dad made. So why did he agree? She stopped pondering about it since it lead her no where. The decision was already made. She just hoped that what she did earlier would help to turn the situation around. Her thoughts wandered to this morning. Surprised, would be a too light word, to use to describe the expressions they wore when they read the article. She felt an uneasy feeling gnawing at her from the inside. Guilt. Regret. Doubt. Should she really have done it? She told a reporter! A journalist! A gossiper! Well, at least she kept the story real. But still. Amu regretted even coming to the said woman's house and leaking almost everything she swore she'd keep to herself. She sighed. She already did it. No point in wishing for a time-machine. All she could do now was hope for the best. Her father was already stressed enough, she shouldn't have add up to it. Again a sigh escaped the little brunettes mouth. She sat on the couch near the window and looked out into. the garden. She wondered how life would be if it still went through. The marriage. She turned to the woman sitting across from her facing the TV. Even though the TV was turned off, she still stared at it. Amu looked down, thinking if apologizing would be a good enough start to try and strike up a conversation. Hey, the woman was going to be her mother whether she liked it or not. So she could at least try her best and make the best out of it right? -even though it meant eating the words she said the previous night.-

"My dad...he.." Amu was still looking down. The moment Haru heard a sound coming from her, her head snapped to the girl. She looked at her expression and the more she felt like what she was doing was a crime. Not getting any other response, Amu continued. "Do you really love him? My it really love? How can you tell?"

Haru was stunned by the questions. 'Do you really love him? Is it really love? How can you tell?' Those questions kept replaying in her head. She took her time thinking about it. Amu was about to open her mouth again, thinking she couldn't answer, but got beat to it.

"I..I love him. I'm ready to do anything for him, anything! I-i love him so much..I don't want to let him go, I won't. I can't. So of course I would jump at the chance to be married to him. Wouldn't you do the same?" She smiled bitterly at the child "You're still a kid, even though you're mature for your age and try to understand these things, Amu, you won't fully know how it feels unless you've experienced it yourself."

Amu let the words sink in. Then she looked at her in the eyes, "You're right, I'm a child and maybe I don't really get complicated stuff like that but don't you think you're acting more immature than me? Don't you think you're being selfish? Since it didn't happen to me, I don't know how it feels. And since I'm not blinded by 'love', I can say that no matter how much I'd love that guy, if he wouldn't be happy then I wouldn't push it. You said you'd do anything for him, you said since you love him so much you won't be able to let him go, you'd jump at the chance to be married to tricked him when he was drunk just because of your love for, do you really love him or is it just lust?"

Haru's eyes widen at the word, and a tear slid down her cheek, alarming the little brunette. "I-i..I don't know..." She confessed. "Y-your dad makes me happy. That's all I want to be, I just w-want to be happy.." She wiped her tears away and smiled. Though she didn't look one bit happy. "W-when I was small..I had the perfect little life anyone would wish for. I wasn't that rich but I was happy. I had parents who loved me..loved me so much. Everyone in the neighborhood loved me too. Everyone at school, even the teachers. And I thought that my life would always stay that way. But on my sixteenth birthday, my parents got into an accident..." She forced her tears back trying to stay calm. Amu just listened with both ears on full alert. She somehow felt sorry for her. "H-he.." Haru took a deep breath to steady her voice "My father, he died. And my mother fell into a coma..I started working to keep my mother alive. I worked harder to pay my tuition so I could get a better job. At the age of seventeen I finished highschool and only did two years of college. In between still doing 7 different jobs just to keep my mom on life-support. The doctors found it useless but since I paid them, they, of course kept her alive. When I turned 20 I got recommended at your fathers company by a friend of mine who knew my situation. In those 2 years that I worked for your father he gave me what I've been missing all those years..he brought a smile back on my face. I was so happy..It felt like back in those days when I still had my perfect life. I did my best and worked hard and it payed off. I got promoted to being his PA. He said that was another reason for the party but he was only joking, but it still made my cheeks heat up and my heart skip beats. I enjoyed the party even though there was a brownout. I didn't know it was the whole city that got it though..even though it was only about 5 minutes...those minutes were enough to let her mom died. I didn't know what to think. I was depressed, devastated. I was sad. All those years of hard work all in vain..I lost her. She was all that I had and I lost her. All in that 5 minutes. Your dad came to me and mistook me for your mother..the electricity still didn't come back on so I played along. But even after all that I still felt empty. Then I got news that I was supposed to marry him because of that incident. I took it as a second chance given to me to be happy again. I was going to marry the man I loved..b-but in the e-end...its still..s-still..." Amu just sat there looking at her. She didn't know what to think anymore. Who was she to judge? "I miss them..I miss them so terribly bad! I miss the times we were together...i-i miss it so bad..I-i just want to be happy again..I want to go back to the time where we were all still happy together! That's all I want..I want it so bad..I want to be happy.." She hugged herself and cried. Cried for the loss of her parents, cried for the mistakes she made, cried for the things she couldn't have..cried because she was sad. She felt broken..she felt as if she was falling apart..but then two arms embraced her keeping all the pieces together. Recognizing the touch she just cried harder.

"I'm sorry for your loss...I'm sorry for what happened at the party..I'm sorry for not being able to return your feelings..I'm sorry but I don't think I'm the one who can make you happy..I'm sorry Haru.."

Amu watched as her father held the broken woman. She regretted all the mean things she said...even though she somehow still deserved them. But she didn't blame her.

After Haru calmed down and felt better, she helped Souko making dinner and they all ate in silence. But it wasn't an awkward silence. They were somehow comfortable. After dinner and washing the dishes, Haru went up to the guestroom where she stayed but as she was about to enter the room, she noticed Amu standing by the doorpost of her room, looking at her. She blushed pouting and looked away causing the older girl to giggle.


Haru blinked, and a real smile made its way to her face "Me too.."

Amu blinked, ", about the wedding, a-are you-"

"I really do love your father Amu, I realized that thanks to you, he's the only one who can make me happy." Haru smiled again and disappeared into her room leaving Amu in the hallway. Amu smiled a sad smile and sighed going to bed. 'Well, I guess she deserves to be happy...right?'

The next day

Ikuto woke up the next morning and didn't expect what he saw in his room. At all. But being the lazy ass he is he just slowly sat up in his bed and started lazily at Amu's figure pressed against his door.

"Amu? What are you doing here?"

The pink-haired girl glared at him but soon avoided her gaze noticing the fact that he was shirtless "Shut up! I-i uh..sorta brought reporters inside..its about yesterdays stupid article and-" she stopped noticing he was right in front of her now with both hands on either side of her head. She blushed. A 1000 shades darker than her hair.

Ikuto smirked, "And going up to my room will let their suspicion die down how?"

Again the pinkette glared at him and tried pushing him away. She hated it. I mean, just the day before she was crying her heart out and look at her now, all blush-y and shy again just because he was near her and teasing her again like nothing happened. "Shut up! I need to ta-ah!"


With her hands being on his chest, and his hands lazily being on the door -without any strength- , the two fell due to the force of the pushing reporters on the other side of the door. Luckily though, not on top of each other. Amu fell flat on her face while Ikuto on his back. They were right next to each other though which was enough for the curious people looking at them. They both groaned in unison as camera flashes started to blind them.

"Tsukiyomi-san! Is it true that you and Hinamori-san are dating?"

"Amu-chan! Are you really engaged to him?"

"Were you two really highschool friends?"

"How long do you know each other?"

"When is the wedding?"

"How did Tsukiyomi-san propose?"

"Is Tsukiyomi-san a romantic?"

"How many children do you plan on having?"

"Are you going to wait till your honeymoon to do it?"

"Amu-chan is he your first?"

"How was your first?"

While Amu grew annoyed and embarrassed by the flow of the questions, Ikuto just grew more amused and curious about their choice of topic. The reporters stopped bombarding them though when Amu screamed a 'Shut up!'. It was only meant for Ikuto though, he started asking her questions too. Similar to the last questions they were asking and even more personal. Just to get a reaction out of her which he knew would amuse him. And he was also secretly curious about the answers to those questions. She got annoyed by him and she shouted. She was fine with it though since they all -especially Ikuto- didn't utter another word. But she was also embarrassed. Yup. Certainly.

" answer your question, am I really going to marry Ikuto? Well, the answer is-"

"Yes." Amu's eyes widen. Haru strolled in smiling. "I'll gladly answer your questions for you. Yes, Tsukiyomi-san and Hinamori-san are getting married!"

Everyone stared at her. And there was nothing else but silence.

Haru was smiling though. A real smile. She was happy.

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