.: A Little Orange Crush :.
:. by Dreamer Ellie in the Clouds .:

One: Games

My name is Harry Potter and I am five years old. My best friend is Ron and my other best friend is Hermione, except when I say her name it sounds like 'Mione because it's to hard to say. Remus is my Daddy, but he's not my real Daddy. My Daddy is in the sky with Mummy. My Mummy now is Nymphadora, except I just call her Dora because I can't say Nymphadora either.

Today I had to walk home with Ron because Dad had to do jobs. I like walking with Ron. He smiles a lot and his big brothers Charlie and Bill give us rides on their backs sometimes.

I was laughing when she tagged me. I was laughing because Fred and George got wet when they walked by a water sprinkler. I didn't even feel her tag me until she said, "Tag! You're it!" Then she laughed, too. Ginny has a pretty laugh like Dora. She's Ron's little sister.

Before I got to tag her back, she ran over to her friend Luna. I wasn't going to go over there because I'm not a girl so I don't need to be by them a lot.

Ron laughs at me whenever I'm with Hermione, especially if we're playing house. She's the Mummy, and I'm the Daddy and we always have a baby. Me and Hermione have fun, but my cheeks get hot and red when the other kids laugh at us and tell us we're "love" or something like that. She's only my friend, I think. I don't feel "love" Hermione. I don't even know what "love" is any more!

Being five is very frustrating sometimes.

It happened again today. I was getting ready to go into Daddy's and Dora's car when I felt her hand on me.

"I got you again, Harry!" she told me. This time she stayed there and waited for me to tag her back, but I got distracted because of Draco Malfoy laughing at us.

I don't like him because he's mean. One time he took Ron's cookie. And it was the best kind, too! Chocolate chips! I herd him sniffle a litter after that and it made me get really mad. I wanted to steal Draco's cookies, but teacher was back from the microwave, so I couldn't or else I'd have to go to the box. I don't like the box.

Ginny had to go soon because her Mum was calling her and she looked sort of pink after Draco called her my girlfriend. I guess she's a girl, and she is my friend... I like it Ginny when she's pink.

Dad said I had to get in the car. He wanted to help me get in my booster seat, but I did it all by myself. Dora clapped and told me I was her little man. It made me feel like I was on top of a really high mountain, but I don't get that feeling just like I don't get "love".

Any way, today Daddy is taking me to Hermione's house to play. She has a nice house with swings and a slide in her backyard. He said Lavender was going to be there, too. It doesn't matter that it's only girls because there's no one there to laugh at us.

When I got to her house, Lavender and Hermione were playing with flowers. Dad and Dora stayed and talked to Hermione's Mummy for a little, but then they left.

We all played hide and seek in the backyard until the clouds started crying. Hermione's Mummy gave us crackers that I didn't really like very much for a snack. Then Lavender wanted to play dress up, but Hermione didn't have allot of dress up clothes so her Mummy gave us clothes that she and Hermione's daddy used to wear when they were little.

Lavender put a big fuzzy white snake thing on her neck, a pink sparkly dress and the tallest shoes I ever saw on. I put on a big comfy sweater that was Hermione's Daddy's. Hermione's Mum even helped me wear a tie like my Daddy does! Hermione got a blue dress and a hat. We all put on a show for Hermione's Mummy. Lavender was a movie star, I was an astronaut, and Hermione was a dentist.

After the play was over I asked Hermione, "How come you didn't invite Ginny? She you're best friend." I wanted to play tag with Ginny, but I wasn't going to tell Hermione that information. Dad says that you're never suppose to mention other women around girls, even if they're old and married.

Hermione said, "I did, but she wanted to play with Neville today."

Lavender's eyes got really big when she heard us talking about Ginny and she started giggling a lot. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, "I know a secret!"

"What!" me and Hermione asked real quiet.

"Ginny likes you, Harry!" she said real quiet, too and then she giggled. My cheeks got hot and red when she said that, but I don't know why. Hermione laughed a little, too.

I think I'm kind of mad at Neville for taking Ginny, now.

I didn't get tagged for a long time. A whole month passed without getting tagged by Ginny! I'm starting to get worried. I miss her tags now, but I don't know why.

Today is Halloween and I'm going Tricks-or-Treating with Ron and Hermione, so I will be with Ginny for a long time today. I hope I get tagged.

This year, me and Dora decided that I was going to be a tiger for Halloween. She said I was a very ferocious tiger and laughed when I roared at Daddy and made him drop all his papers. I laughed too and helped him pick up all the papers. I wonder what ferocious means.

Ron was a pumpkin this year, except his costume was to big on him. I think George was that costume before, so I don't know why Ron is wearing it. Can't his Mummy just make him a new one that fits better? Maybe Ron just forgot to ask for a new one.

Hermione's costume was new just like mine. She was a cat with a tail and everything! I have a tail too, except my costume was orange, not brown.

That's when I saw Ginny. She was dressed up as a fairy princess. Her costume looked new because I never saw her pink fairy wings before, or the pink princess dress she was wearing before. Her hair was very sparkly today. I said, "Hello," and she ran over to me.

"Tag!" she said. Then ran to her big brother, Bill. I was happy that she finally tagged me. I didn't get to tag her back because we started Tricks-or-Treating.

Then I remembered that Ginny liked me, so I got really shy when I walked by her. I think she noticed because she looked kind of shy too.

I guess Ginny does like me. I like her, too.

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