Hello there!

So, I'm not the kind of person who likes to write fanfictions since I usually 1) fail at making the characters act in character and 2) I just don't like that.
However, I do like writing stories, and I'll go as far as to say I consider myself pretty good. At writing in french, that is. I wanted to practice writing stories in different styles, and I decided that I could help my english a bit at the same time. Because, you see, I simply SUCK in english, my syntax is all wonky and I usually do a lot of errors no matter how much I check.

Anyways. I decided to come here since I know there's a lot of people who could help me by giving critics (go go go, I don't mind them, I LOVE them!).
Finally, what made me choose Trauma Team, of all I could choose, is the fact that the characters don't have some retarded super powers and weird ass abilities. They're human, normal, they have a live and I find them inspirational, as well as how they visibly evolve through the story.

When I realised there were six characters and six faces on a dice, I decided to attribute a number to each character, role the dice two times and make a short story with the two characters. If the same number was to appear twice, I would use a secondary character I attribute to the principal one (for example, if I roll 6 twice, it would be a story with Naomi and Alyssa/Navel/David. Understood?)

Here's the list of numbers :
1. CR-S01 2. Maria Torres 3. Hank Freebird 4. Tomoe Tachibana 5. Gabriel Cunningham 6. Naomi Kimichima

In short : I suck, so you have to help me.
If I like it, I might just continue doing it. Also, if I get the same pair more than once, I'll try to look at different angles on wich I could base the relation (like friendship, romance, enemy, etc).
Lastly, the stories aren't necessarily connected together; some might be just like that, while others will relate on another chapter or event I talked about.
And I say. Thank you in advance! c: Make me want to write more!