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Death the Kid opened his eyes blearily, desperately trying to stop the spinning in his head and the dull throbbing across his left side. He attempted to sit up and was rewarded with a vicious stab of pain to his stomach. As his vision slowly slid into focus he realized he was lying on a filthy cement floor with only a small radius of light coming from the flickering light bulb above him. An experimental tug of his arms confirmed that he was chained to the wall.

The fifteen year-old closed his eyes, focusing on breathing steadily and clearing his mind. He couldn't quite remember how he'd ended up in such a precarious position, but he sure as hell was going to find a way out of it. Just as he managed to get his breathing under control there came the loud clank of a metal door being swung open somewhere in the dark unknown of the room. Closing his eyes once again, Death the Kid focused on the sharp tip-tap of high heeled shoes. Once they were close enough he allowed his eyes to open to the sight of his captor.

"Hello Shinigami-kun." The soft, sensual voice drifted past sinfully-red lips that curved confidently on a pale face. His captor was a young woman of about 25 with dark eyes rimmed with kohl and equally dark wavy hair that fell to the small of her back. Her striking features coupled with her voluptuous body made her a singularly stunning woman; however the cold shine in her eyes told of her cruel nature. The lithe woman crouched gracefully before him, allowing her eyes to drift over his battered figure.

"I had known," she began slowly, "that you were a unique prey to chase, but I had no idea you would be such a beautiful young boy." The woman smiled cruelly as Kid flinched away from her touch. Moving faster than he could react her hand lashed out to grab his chin as she brought her face within inches of his.

"Nn…!" Kid's protest was cut off as her hand gave a strong squeeze.

"You would do well, little shinigami, to get used to my touch. But then I haven't been a proper host, have I? After all, we haven't even introduced ourselves." She pulled back with a wide smirk, "My name is Sacmis, witch goddess of panthers. And you are…?"

She gazed at him expectantly. Kid took in her white, toothy smile for a second before turning his head away; her smile instantly dropped. With one smooth motion she stabbed her nails into his stomach. Kid let out a desperate cry of pain as she began to twist her nails into his gut.

"What an attractive look of pain you have. Now I will ask you again, your name is?"

"Death…the Kid." He gasped, slumping forward as far as his chains would let him as she withdrew her hand. Her tongue flicked lazily across her fingers as she lapped up his blood.

"There now, that wasn't so hard was it?" She paused contemplating, "But 'Death the Kid' is an awfully long name isn't it? I can't call such an adorable little toy 'Death', it's far too menacing. So I suppose 'Kid' will have to do." She leaned over him once again, tilting his head up to meet her gaze. "From this day forward Kid, I am your master." With that she sealed her lips to his in a bruising kiss.

Over the aching of his mind and body Kid could barely pray that the others would find him soon.


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