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Time passed slowly and quickly in Kid's small circle of light. The darkness around him seemed to shift and move ever closer with each breath he took. He could feel nameless shapes moving just beyond his sight, watching him with hungry eyes. Their voices scratched at his ears, calling him to listen, to respond, to obey.

His arms ached dully from their perpetual place behind his back and his wrists were long since chaffed from the metal clasps. Eyes shifting back and forth his ears strained to hear the loathed sound of the metal door at the far end of the darkness that signified his captor's return. Suddenly Kid's head whipped to the side as his eyes moved frantically to catch some sign of movement.

"Who's there? Who are you?" Kid could hear whispers of laughter taunting him and his weakness. He shuddered from the cold and despair. "It's nothing," he whispered, "just the dark and the madness. I need to focus, there's nothing else here besides me."

"I wouldn't say nothing." Came a crooning voice to his right. Death the Kid jerked around to face his tormentor. Sacmis, ever beautiful and terrible, smiled coldly down at him. "Why Kid, you seem so jumpy! Don't tell me you're afraid of the dark?"

Sacmis reached down, running her long fingers gracefully through Kid's hair; she smiled gently, looking every bit the caring mother figure. Kid fixed his eyes on the floor and grit his teeth together; he wasn't sure how many times she had visited him but the stinging welts on his back kept him in place.

"So quiet Kid! Are you feeling unwell? Look, I brought you some food, you should eat! I don't know how long a shinigami's body can last without food, but it would be so boring if my pretty little toy were to die of starvation so soon." Sacmis presented a plate with bread and a flaky cheese next to a bright red apple. The apple shined eerily and Kid was reminded of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit; offered by Sacmis's hand the fruit looked deadly with its blood red skin. He turned his head to the side and fixed his eyes once more on the shifting darkness beyond his reach.

"Not hungry then? Perhaps later, I'll leave it here for you. But come now, I've been so kind to you and you still haven't thanked me." She stood imperiously before him and presented a sandal-clad foot. "Now Kid, thank your master. Come on! Show your gratitude for my kind treatment and grovel at your master's feet."

Kid turned his head up slowly and Sacmis was met with a pair of burning golden eyes. Drawing himself up as much as his bonds would allow Kid braced himself for the punishment his outburst was bound to get him.

"If you wanted a pet that would condescend to grovel before someone as twisted and disgusting as you, you should find yourself a new prey." No sooner had the words left his lips then he felt her sharp, red nails digging into his cheek as she slapped him, leaving in their wake four angry red welts. Sacmis let out a long, suffering sigh.

"Kid dear, you've been here quite a long time now, and I can no longer forgive that sharp tongue of yours. You can resist me all you like, but you will break eventually, they all do. And really, why bother? No one will find you here. You are mine now, my adorable little pet." Kid sent her a burning glare but refrained from snapping back. "Well, that's alright, your angry face is so very cute, and the longer you resist me, the more fun I get to have breaking you."

Sacmis reached behind him and pulled the chain up, jerking him up and around so that his torso was stretched out before her, looping it around a hook to hold him in place. She pulled her whip from the holster on her hip and slid toward him as he frantically pulled at the chain.

"Now then: spare the rod, spoil the child."


It was a sullen Spartoi that reconvened outside Shinigami-sama's room; six weeks and still no sign of Kid in either the Northern or Southern hemisphere's. The longer they searched, the lower their spirits fell until it seemed that all hope of finding Kid alive had vanished. The group was silent as they waited to inform Shinigami-sama on their lack of progress.

"God damnit! How am I supposed to surpass the Gods if he isn't here for me to beat! Son of a bitch! Kid where the hell are you!" The group jumped at Black Star's outburst. The blue haired assassin's eyes were suspiciously shiny and his fists were clenched so tight his knuckles had gone white. "God damnit!" In a blur of movement Black Star sent his fist through the stone wall beside them.

"Whoa! Damnit Black Star calm down! Screaming and punching the wall won't help us find Kid. It's not cool at all." Soul put a heavy hand on Black Star's shoulder, feeling his friend shaking beneath it.

"That's if there's even anything left of Kid to find." Ox muttered irritably. Soul and Black Star both turned on him furiously.

"Don't you dare say that!" Black Star snarled, "Kid isn't one to let himself die that easily! He's alive you bastard, don't you ever forget that!"

"Hey now, calm down Black Star. Ox is just stressed because we don't know anything about Kid's current condition. I want to believe he's alive just as much as you do, but it's possible he might be dead." Kilik's attempt to calm the tension backfired, though, as Black Star leapt at Ox landing a hard hit to his cheek. Ox stumbled up from the ground

"Fuck you Black Star! How would you possibly know if he's alive? We haven't had one fricken clue as to where the hell he might be or who took him in the first place. We've been searching all over the world for six damn weeks and there's still nothing! Even Maka couldn't find him and she's supposed to have the oh-so-special soul perception!"

"Hey! I've been trying to sense him but it's like picking a needle out of a hay stack! Even with Kid's stronger soul wavelength it's nearly impossible to find him without knowing which direction to focus on! Don't act like I haven't been trying just as hard as everyone else Ox! If anyone you'd be the one to be holding back because the only person you'd ever try hard for is Kim, the rest of us are just collateral damage!" Ox's face turned a violent red, though whether from anger or embarrassment they weren't sure.

"Just because everyone thinks you're so special with your anti-magic wavelength and your soul perception doesn't mean you're any better than the rest of us! If you're really so special why are you bothering with us? Why don't you just go off and find him yourself?"

"Come on now, everyone calm down! This isn't the time for us to be yelling at each other…" Tsubaki was cut off as Ox whirled around to face Black Star.

"Maybe the real reason Maka can't sense him is because there's nothing left to sense because Kid's already dead!" At this Patti burst into tears, her shoulders heaving as she wailed.

"ENOUGH! Everyone will shut the fuck up! Black Star stop yelling and punching things, Maka stop being so defensive, and Ox shut the hell up or I swear I will shoot you! Kid is not dead, we will find him, and everyone will fucking get a grip!" The group stared at Liz as she glared out at each of them. Her cheeks, pale from weeks of worry, had flushed with anger and her eyes were glinting like cold steel. No one dared respond and the group fell back into silence, disrupted only by Patti's broken sobs.


(A/N: The following will include implied and some explicit adult content, if you do not want to read this please skip ahead to the end.)

Kid's body hung limply from his restraints as his chest heaved with the effort of taking in air. He could feel the blood dripping down his back from the fresh wounds. Kid clenched his jaw tight and braced himself for more of the whip's bite; he refused to give Sacmis even the slightest whimper. She paused slightly and contemplated him with a curious spark in her eye. Slowly she turned him to face her, his chin held securely in her hand.

"I'll admit I'm impressed you've lasted this long. Is it your shinigami blood that keeps you so strong? I've never played with a god before so I don't know how much you can take before you shatter." She ran her hand gently down the scratch marks on his cheek. "You look so beautiful bruised and bloodied like this. I could just eat you up. Would you like that better than the sting of my whip?"

Kid turned furious eyes on her, his mouth twisted in disgust.

"I would rather be cut into pieces than have to endure your touch." He spat viciously. Sacmis recoiled in fury. The very air around them seemed to still and even the darkness seemed to hold its breath as she gazed grimly down at him.

"Is that so? Pity, you don't have that choice." Kid's face morphed into a look of terror as she approached him. Quick as lightning her hands tore at his clothes as her teeth bit into his neck. Nails, teeth, and slender fingers tore at him, breaking him down as Kid struggled to get away from her.

"Stop it! No! Don't touch me! Damnit I don't want this!" Sacmis sealed her mouth over his, her tongue pushing into his mouth and brutally taking in every inch of him she could reach. Long fingers pushed his clothes away and clamped down on his waist to hold him in place. Kid managed to wrench his head away from her but her mouth latched onto his neck, biting and sucking at the tender skin. "NO! STOP IT! PLEASE STOP!" Sacmis's only response was a low growl as she continued to violate him cruelly. Kid whimpered softly, he was completely powerless to get away from her.



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