The Wager

Chapter 22

"Oliver… hi." Chloe said hesitantly. She stared at him not quite sure what else to say. She wasn't ready for this yet. She thought that she would have the drive to Oliver's apartment to decide what she was going to say to him, but now here he was, standing right in front of her and she seemed to have lost her ability to form any kind of rational thought.

Chloe was staring at him, her eyes wide and her teeth tugging on her bottom lip. He could tell that she was surprised to see him there; he just hoped she would at least give him a chance to talk to her. "I really need to talk to you. Can I come in?" he asked.

"Yeah sure." she answered stepping to the side so he could enter.

Chloe closed the door behind him, and turned to look at him, "I'm sorry I didn't call you back I was just…"

"Blowing me off?" he held his breath hoping she would deny it.

"No, I wasn't trying to blow you off. I just needed some distance."

"From me?"

"Yes." Chloe admitted quietly. She took a step back, and turned away from him, "I just needed…" her voice trailed off.

"Look Chloe, I know you said we could be friends, but I'm guessing that I made you uncomfortable the other day. I'm sorry if that's the case, but…"

She turned around quickly and looked up at him, "I wasn't avoiding you because you made me uncomfortable Oliver."

"Then why?" he asked.

"Because, I can't be friends with you." she said her voice lowered to practically a whisper.

He felt like he had been punched in the gut. After everything that had happened she couldn't even stand to be friends with him. "Oh." he replied his voice as low as hers.

She saw the sudden look of pain that crossed his face and she realized he didn't understand what she was trying to say. She had to try a different approach. "I was scared.

He took a step toward her to close the distance between them, "Scared of what?" he asked.

Her heart was pounding, and she couldn't find the guts to say the words. The courage to tell him that it was the way she felt for him that had scared her away, that and her stupid insecurities and fears.

Telling Oliver the truth meant fully opening up to him and trusting him. She was torn part of her just wanted to run away from him and from the way he made her feel. But the other part of her the stronger part knew that she couldn't turn away from this anymore. She took a deep breath and decided it was time to be completely honest with him. "You… and the fact that after everything that happened between us I still wanted you to kiss me."

He stared at her. He knew what he had to do; he had to be completely honest with her and everything out once and for all.

"You don't have to be scared of me Chloe, or of what could happen between us. What I feel for you, it's real. And it's not going to just go away. I will never hurt you that way again, I promise." He moved closer and placed his hand on her cheek, "Please give me a chance to prove it to you."

Chloe looked into his eyes and saw how sincere he was being. She knew that he meant what he had just said to her. She pushed aside her fears and reached out placing her hand on his hard chest.

Oliver kept his eyes on her as he leaned over. He stopped when his lips were just barely an inch from hers. "Please give me a chance to prove it to you, Chloe," he asked again in a low whispered.

Chloe knew what he was doing. He was waiting for her to tell him it was okay, that they could move past everything that had happened and start fresh, and at that moment she knew they could. She knew she could forget the past and have something real with the man standing in front of her.

"We'll have to take this slow." she said breathlessly.

"As slow as you need." he told her

"And I want to start from the beginning, like a clean slate."

"Sounds good to me."

"And if I'm going to completely trust you, you have to completely trust me."

He pulled back slightly and looked at her confused by her words, "what do you mean?"

"I need you to trust me enough to not keep me in the dark about problems your alter ego has."

"I do trust you." he lifted his other hand and brushed away a stray curl that she hadn't even realized had fallen. Then rested it hand on her cheek, "Completely." And he meant it, he did trust her. He knew that his secret and the secrets of his team mates were safe with her. That she would never betray them. "Is there anything else?" he asked teasingly, "or can I kiss you now?"

A shiver made its way across her entire body at the thought of finally kissing him. He was staring at her intently waiting for her to respond. She felt his breath against her lips, it was so warm, and just like the other day his proximity was intoxicating to her. She wouldn't let herself resist him or what they could have together any longer. Chloe lifted her hand to the back of his neck and pulled him closer until there was no longer any space between the two of them; she gently brushed her lips against his, and pulled back giving him a shy smile.

That was all he needed, he gazed at her for a moment longer the pressed his lips against hers. At first it was soft and gentle like the one she had just given him but it quickly intensified. He moved his hand to her hips then wrapped them tightly around her waist pulling her body as close to him as possible. To say he was shocked by what was happening would be the understatement of the century. A month ago, two weeks ago, hell even ten minutes ago he was sure there was no way this thing of them would end up like this. Yet here they were she was in his arms and letting him kiss her. Finally. Kissing her was even better then he ever imagined it could be, and he had a really good imagination.

Chloe felt like her skin was on fire, she had kissed men before, but nothing she had ever experienced compared to the drugging kisses of Oliver Queen. She let out a small gasp when she felt his arms move around her and he took complete advantage. She felt his tongue gently massaging against hers and she let out a small moan.

He pulled his lips from hers and slowly worked his way down her jaw line to her neck where he placed gentle butterfly kisses, before returning his full attention to her beautiful mouth. He felt himself starting to become overpowered by his desire for her, so he pulled back, "we should stop." he said slightly out of breath.

Chloe looked at him. She was confused by what had just happened. One minute he was begging her to give him a chance to be with her and now he was pulling away.

"You said you wanted to take this slow," he explained when he saw the look that crossed her face.

"Right." she said with a quick nod as a small blush working its way across her face as she realized he must have seen her reaction to him pulling away.

"Can I take you to dinner tomorrow night?" he asked hopefully.

"Defiantly," she said with a bright smile.

He gave her another short kiss and turned to leave.

"Hey Oliver?" She called.

He turned around quickly looking at her, "Yeah?" he asked.

"I'm really glad you came here tonight." she said honestly.

He smiled brightly at her and left.

Two Weeks Later

Oliver sat on the couch in his apartment. The TV was flickering images in front of him but his attention was focused on the small blond whose head was currently resting on his lap as she watched the movie she had brought for them to watch.

Over the past couple of weeks they had continued to grow closer. He found himself doing all the things he used to laugh at 'serious' couples for doing, and he actually enjoyed them. They went to dinners, held hands; she had even convinced him to have a picnic in the park the previous weekend. He had already known how amazing she was and the last two weeks had only solidified that belief in him.

When the movie ended Chloe pulled herself into a sitting position,

"Oliver?" she said hesitantly


"I've been thinking and I would really like to help you and the team." She had been thinking about it ever since she learned all about the JL and the work they were doing, and while she knew there were risks in his line of work something in her was desperate to be a part of it.

"What?" he asked.

"I really want to help you and the team, with the Lex situation."

"Chloe, you can't get involved in this, It's too dangerous." he said sternly. The idea of her putting herself in the line of fire to work with him made his chest tighten.

"I'm already involved Oliver, try to remember you weren't the only one Lex kidnapped that day. I was there too."


"No please let me finish," she said holding up her hand at him. "I know the work you guys are doing and I think it's amazing. I just really want to be a part of it?"

Oliver thought for a minute. He knew she was right about already being involved. Lex knew they were together, so she was already a part of this no matter if she worked with them or not. At least if she was working with him, he could keep a closer eye on her. He had a better chance of keeping her safe.

"There's no way you're doing field work." he said finally, "if you work with the team it is strictly behind the scenes."

"When you say 'behind the scenes' what exactly do you have in mind?" She asked.

"Something that'll utilize that super sized brain of yours." he answered reaching over and gently tapping her forehead with his pointer finger.

She smiled at him brightly, "will I still get a really cool codename if I'm only 'behind the scenes' because I really want a code name."

"Of course," he replied, "every good sidekick has a cool codename."

"Hey, I am no hero's sidekick." She tried to keep a stern look on her face but failed as the corners of her lips tugged up into a smile.

"Of course not what was I thinking?" he asked rolling his eyes.

"You obviously weren't." she teased.

"Oh now you're in trouble…sidekick." he lunged at her and pinned her beneath him and began tickling her giving her no mercy.

She giggled, "Okay fine, I'll be your sidekick," she relented in between gasping breaths, "but I want the best sidekick codename ever, got it?" she asked pulling her hand from beneath the and holding it out for him to shake.

"Got it." He lowered his mouth to hers.

Chloe pulled away and smiled up at him before kissing him again. She had no doubt this was where she was supposed to be, here in Oliver Queen's arms. He was a hero and he was all hers.

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