Chapter 1 - Sophie

Standing in the airport at Port Angels Washington, chocolate brown eyes scanned the faces that walked off the plane. Jake looked down at his dad sitting in his wheelchair, "Do you really think this is a good idea dad?" Billy Black looked up at his son, "Well there's no turning back, besides we don't turn our back on family right?" Jake sighed, "No we don't, but it's Sophie...She was such a brat growing up." Billy chuckled, "Jacob she's your cousin and she just lost both of her parents. She's also twenty now. I'm sure she's grown up a bit. Plus she's half Quileute. When my sister married a pale face 21 years ago, Sophie was her pride and joy."

"Uncle Billy." A soft voice said.

Jake and his father looked over and saw a small framed girl standing in front of them. They knew it was Sophie, her long honey blonde hair was in waves over her shoulders. Her 5'8" frame was in dark washed jeans, white sneakers, a white long sleeve hooded shirt and a white scarf hanging around her neck. Billy carefully stood up as his niece walked over and threw her arms around his neck and he returned the embrace.

Billy sat back down as Jake smiled softly, he couldn't help but notice Sophie looked as though she might cry. Jake leaned his 6 foot frame down and hugged her tightly as her soft voice cracked, "Hey Jake." His heart nearly broke for her, he knew she had to be in some pain from losing both her parents. Jake's voice was soothing, "Hey Soph. Let's get your bags and get you to the house and you can relax for the evening." He felt her nod against his cheek.

Once they got Sophie settled back in La Push, Billy rolled into the room she was going to be staying in for a while, she was sitting at the window with her knees pulled to her chest. As Billy cleared his throat, "Do you mind if I come in?" Sophie shook her head no, "What's up Uncle Billy?" Billy noticed her eyes were filled with sorrow and knew she would eventually come around to be herself like she'd always been. It was always the one thing consistent with Sophie, she was never seen without a smile or without hearing her laugh. "Well I wanted to let you know some of Jake's friends from the reservation are having a bonfire tomorrow night to welcome you here."

Sophie smiled softly, "That's very nice of them, but they honestly don't have to." Billy chuckled, "I somehow knew you was going to say that and I tried to dissuade them, but to no avail. It's something they enjoy doing." Sophie nodded, "I won't mind going...Anything to really...Ya know. Get my mind off things." Billy reached over and squeezed his niece's hand, "I understand Soph. If you need anything sweat heart, just let me know...ok?" Sophie nodded somberly, "I'll be okay Uncle Billy." She leaned over and pushed a soft kiss on his rugged face and watched as he left the room.

Sophie stood and crossed the room, she closed the door and turned the light off having already changed into shorts and a t-shirt both fitting snug against her body. She climbed into bed as she pushed her ear buds into her ears and listened to soft music as she tried to sleep, but the tears that slid down her cheeks wouldn't allow sleep to consume her.

She knew she wasn't going to be getting much sleep for a while. She'd not slept since her parents funeral.

Why should now be any different?