Chapter 16 - How Strong

Sophie rolled over in the huge bed and noticed Paul was missing from it. His scent lingered on his pillow. She heard some moving around in the next room as she slowly rolled out of bed. Stretching her body out she noticed she was still naked from the night before. A smile played on her lips. She slipped on her shorts and a t-shirt as she stood from the bed. Her bare feet padded around the bed and out into the hallway. She noticed the door was ajar in the next room, as she pushed it open at the way.

Sophie couldn't help but giggle as she watched Paul. His big hands trying to get their son into a clean diaper. Paul heard her giggle as he looked over at her and smiled softly. She walked over, "Having some issues babe?" Paul faked a scowl, "No of course not you'd think after six months I'd be a pro at this. How's come this doesn't look right?" Sophie couldn't help laughing harder as she leaned again Pau's side. "Okay now I know you're laughing at me...What did I do wrong?"

Paul's arm slipped around Sophie's waist as he pulled her to stand in front of him as he rested his chin on her head. Sophie smiled brightly, "Daddy's hands are just too big. Aren't they? Yes they are." The brown eyes boy giggled hard as Sophie fixed the diaper and fastened it on both sides. Sophie looked up with laughter dancing in her eyes, "It kind of helps if the diaper isn't backwards." Paul chuckled, "Okay so I don't have it down fully yet." Sophie laughed again as she scooped up Isaak in her arms. Listening to him giggle was music to both their ears.

Paul followed her into the living room and handed her one of his burping pads, he sat down next to her on the couch and watched as she breastfed their beautiful son. Sophie smiled as he leaned over and kissed her lips softly, "Watch it well have another one if we aren't careful." Paul smirked, "I'm not complaining. We never discussed how many to have." Paul leaned over and kissed his sons soft head, "You're mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. I'm glad I made her marry me." Sophie scoffed, "Made me marry you? Whatever you big fur ball."

Paul narrowed his eyes as he growled at her. Isaak decided to get fussy when Paul growled. Sophie leaned over and smacked Paul's shoulder, "Don't growl in front of him. I don't want him scared of you." Paul chuckled, "Sorry little man...I'd never hurt your mother...I love her." Sophie giggled, "You should be lucky she loves you too." Paul leaned over and kissed her lips again.

Sophie pulled away, "Burp him for me, I need to shower so I can get ready to go to the cook out at Sam and Emily's." Paul nodded as he carefully took Isaak from her, tossing the towel over his shoulder as he slowly tapped his back and rubbed it. Sophie shower quickly as she pulled on her jeans and a red form fitting t-shirt and pulled her hair into a pony tails. Lately Isaak had been using her long hair as a rope to pull and get her attention. Paul showered next as Sophie got Isaak ready.

Once they got to Emily and Sam's, Everyone was already there practically. Sophie went inside with Isaak while Paul stayed outside with the other guys. Savannah was sitting at the table with 'little' Jake, properly named so after his father. Little Jake was born 4 months before Isaak. Sophie giggled, "I can't believe how big he's gotten. Have I really been out of the loop since I had Isaak?" Emily turned around smiling as she rubbed her 7 month protruding belly, "Yes...You have." Kim was the next to come barreling through the door, "I'M PREGNANT!" Sophie, Emily and Savannah all cheered...Kim laughed, "Jared's a little pale, but he's the one who's been talking baby talk."

Sophie laughed and watched as Isaak yawned, as she stood from the table and placed him in the crib in the spare room as she turned the light off and pulled the door closed. She walked out to the porch to get some fresh air and felt warm arms wrap around her as the low voice of her husband rumbled in her ear, "Happy Anniversary by the way...I know you didn't think I forgot." Sophie smiled up at Paul, "No of course not...Sam's had you guys on double patrol. You didn't look too awake this morning." Paul's hand came up and hanging from his fingers was the most beautiful silver heart shaped locket on a silver rope chain. Sophie gasped as she opened the locket at Paul's request. On one side it was a picture of her and Paul and the other side was a picture of Isaak. Paul clasped it around her neck gently as she turned in his arms and planted her lips on his.

Paul pulled back, "I can't believe it's been two years already...How the hell did you put up with my ass?" Sophie smiled softly, "Just shows that, that's how strong my love is." As she winked at him. Their lips meeting in another kiss. Both knowing they had many more happy anniversaries to come.

The End

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