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What more could he give?

They wanted Jack, after all. A bodiless fragment of a memory of once was the greatest hero to ever be heard of. But not, they only saw Oz.


He was the unwanted mistake of a child that he father absolutely loathed. Who would want Oz?

As Oz stared at Yura, his eyes dimming with self-hate and darkness, he wondered why he even listened to this fanboy speak.

The many was obviously interested in the being inside Oz, no Oz himself. Most people were once they found out. Frankly, that only added fuel to the self-hate fire. The fire burning in Oz's heart, wishing that instead of being born as Oz, he was reincarnated as Jack.

Sometimes it was just too much. Alice and Gil already got use to the fact that Oz and Oz and Jack was Jack, but the rest of human society did not.

Jack….if you come out then….I'll force you out!

In that moment of pure shock, slow motion going into play, Oz felt it. The presence of the being inside him, as warm and dangerous as any grown-up Oz had ever met.

He felt the hands wrap around his shoulders, the chest pushed against his back, the wind-chime laugh ringing through his ears.

Jack was there. Jack was behind him. Jack was amused.

He felt Jack lean down to breath on his neck, a smile pressing against the flushed skin.

"Why don't you show them. Show them who is who. Act it out, my cute little descendant. I'd love to sit back and be the one to watch the play, for once," Jack whispered softly, giving Oz a little shove into the spot light of their shared mind. Oz was tempted to turn around, but he knew if he did, he would have seen it.

The face of the man everyone else wanted.

So he did not. No, instead he closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. He thought of Jack, his every movement and his facial expressions. He opened his eyes, his head bent, hearing the stiff silence in the room.

Gil and Alice stared, still-shock. Yura was staring, waiting, expecting. Break and Barma stared with wide-eyes, not expecting the boy to actually do such a daring act.

"Hahahahahahaha," Oz laughed, his tone copying Jack's soft, care-free ring. And then, the play began.