A pair of dark blue eyes looked up at the tall, intimidating building of Tashio Industries headquarters. The eyes belonged to a gorgeous woman with pale, silky skin and dark, wavy hair. The woman walked into the building with her head held high and her black Marc Jacob heels clicking on the ground.

"Hi I am Kagome Higurashi and I have an interview with Mr. Tashio." said the woman with the blue eyes to the secretary.

Looking in her computer the secretary found the appointment and said "Ah yes, that will be on the 17th floor."

"Thank you." Kagome said with a bright smile. She then picked up her briefcase and walked to the elevator pressing the up button.

Once on the 17th floor Kagome looked around and noticed how magnificent everything looked. All the walls were painted and decorated with one of a kind pieces of art and the secretaries desk was of the most beautiful maple wood. She walked up to this secretary to again tell her what she was there for.

Inuyasha Tashio, president and CEO of Tashio Industiries, was sitting at his grand desk staring at his computer screen when all of a sudden he smelt the most delectable scent.


"What?" thought Inuyasha. That was the first time in a long time that he had heard his demon side make his feelings known. And now it was towards that wonderful scent of lavender. Whomever that scent belonged too was definitely his future mate he just hoped it belonged to a female that looked as good as she smelt. And oh yeah one who actually used her brain for more than just thinking about the latest fashions. The smell was coming closer and then he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in" called Inuyasha.

In walked the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She was tallish, about 5'9 with legs that went on for miles. Attached to those legs was a body to die for. She was slim without being too skinny or too muscular and had nice breasts. Although they weren't large, they were perfectly shaped and perky too. Her face was what really got him though; she had beautiful dark blue eyes, the color of the midnight sky and full pink lips that were just begging to be kissed. Her nose was dainty and her cheeks were lightly pink. She had long dark, dark hair that waved ever so softly. God this woman was everything he needed and thankfully she was the one with the mouthwatering scent.

"Hi I'm Kagome Higurashi. I am here for an interview to become your new vice president." the gorgeous woman said and stuck out her hand.

'MATE' Inuyasha's demon yelled.

Getting up Inuyasha grabbed her hand and shook it coming around his desk. He was still too shocked by how strongly his demon was reacting to this female, this human female. Suddenly grabbed Kagome and brought her flush against his body shoving his nose into the crook of her neck to breathe in her lavender scent.

Kagome was too shocked to do anything but stand there. When she first walked into the office she was struck by how handsome her hopefully boss to be was. He had long silver hair and stunning gold eyes. Judging by the dog ears on the top of his head he was either a demon or half-demon. When he stood up she was excited to find he was taller than herself at approximately 6'4. She was definitely attracted to him already.

'What the heck?' she thought as she felt his nose nuzzle her neck. This was an odd way of greeting even for a demon.

"Um… Mr. Tashio? Can we please start the interview?" Kagome timidly asked.

"Oh sorry yeah." Inuyasha turned and sat back at his desk and pulled out the file he had of Kagome Higurashi.

"Well according to your resume you are very accomplished. I have gone over it many times and contacted all of your references. I think you are definitely qualified for the job so it is yours if you want it." Said Inuyasha.

Kagome was speechless. She couldn't believe that she didn't even have to answer any questions in order to get the job.

"Of course I want the job" said Kagome. "Thanks so much. I promise I will be the best vice president you could have."

"You are welcome Kagome." Inuyasha said with a smile. Inside he was just teeming with joy at the fact that he was the one to bring such excitement to her face. He felt he should be the only one to bring out so much happiness from her, that it was his pleasure to do that for her and no other person especially no other male should make her that excited. His demon was purring, actually purring with contentment that Kagome was happy.

"When do you want me to start?" Kagome asked still smiling

"Tomorrow at eight a.m. There will be a Sango Yu waiting by the Secretaries desk to show you around and help you get started." Replied Inuyasha.

"Alright Thanks again." And with that Kagome turned to leave. But before she could get even close to the door Inuyasha had ran around the table and grabbed her to him again. He wrapped his hand in her silky black hair and dropped his mouth to hers. Kagome gasped in surprise which Inuyasha took complete advantage of, sweeping his tongue in her mouth staking his claim in a completely primal way. He turned his head slightly deepening the kiss making her moan.

Kagome was shocked to say the least but only two seconds into the kiss and she was responding full heartedly. Her arms came up and wrapped around his neck pulling herself up against him and close to his body as she could get. Finally getting a grip on herself she pulled away.

They were both breathing deeply with Kagome's cheeks flushed deep red and Inuyasha's eyes tinged pink. His demon side was begging him to take her knowing she would be completely willing but Inuyasha's human side knew that would be wrong and it would only be her body responding not the rest of her and that was what he wanted, her soul, body, and heart all for his own. Who cares that he only knew her for barely an hour. Demons knew who they were supposed to be with and she was definitely his mate.

All of a sudden Kagome's eyes turned furious. She was absolutely livid at what just happened. Sure she enjoyed it but she barely knew the guy this was beyond inappropriate.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" she demanded. "You cannot just go around kissing women thinking it is totally okay!"

"I am your mate that's who I am! And I don't go around kissing women, only you because you are mine to kiss." Inuyasha replied calmly.

"Your mate? No I am not. I barely know you." Now Kagome was a little nervous. She knew enough about demons to know that they knew upon first glance who their mates were and that they mated for life.

"Of course you are. But I will give you time to get used to it, to me." Said Inuyasha, trying to placate her. "Remember to be here at eight in the morning tomorrow."

"First no I am not and second I will be and hopefully by then you will learn to control yourself." Kagome said angrily. She turned and left the room in a flurry of feminine self righteousness.

Inuyasha stared at her walking down the hall with a smirk on his face. He loved that his woman had spunk. She was definitely something and he couldn't wait to start a life with her. But he could tell the process of getting to that was going to be a long and difficult one.

When Kagome got home that evening she was still fuming. 'How could he think that he could just grab me and kiss me? That was not how you treated a woman.' She furiously thought. But at the same time she thought of how turned on she was by that kiss. She had never felt that way from any other kiss she had received. Tomorrow was definitely going to be an interesting day and she was definitely excited at the prospect that another such kiss would happen. Not that she would admit that to anyone but herself.

Crawling into bed she turned off the light and slipped into a sleep filled with dreams of a certain silver-haired half-demon unaware that on the other side of town in a grand bed said half-demon was also dreaming of a certain blue-eyed woman.