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My Interview with Gourry

Me: Hi everyone and welcome to another interview! Today we have here with us a friend
referred to me by the great sorceress Lina Inverse. Welcome to the show sir.

Gourry: What? Who? Where? Show? I thought this was a buffet!

Me: So, what's your name?

Gourry: Gourry Gabriev.

Me: Well it's nice to have you on the show Mr. Gourry Gabriev. Tell me, how old are you?

Gourry: Last time I checked I comes after 21?

Me: 22?

Gourry: Yeah! I'm 22!

Me: you have any family?

Gourry: Er, last time I checked, no.

Me: You're SURE? Because I vaguely remember Lina telling me earlier that you had some
sort of green-haired cousin or something.

Gourry: If I do, I've never met him.

Me: Oh, so then, who's your best friend?

Gourry: Food.

Me: I meant your best human friend.

Gourry: Oh, uh...good question...probably my sword.

Me: Your sword isn't human.

Gourry: It isn't?

Me: No.

Gourry: Oh, then I guess Lina. After all, I'm her protector.

Me: Oh? Tell me Gourry, do you have a girlfriend?

Gourry: *Blushing* NO!!! And even if I did, it wouldn't be that selfish little
flat-chested runt! Besides, what makes you think it's her anyways? You can't prove that!
Quit asking me!

Me: Er...what flat-chested little runt?

*Suddenly Lina comes barreling through the doors.*

Me: *Shocked* What...? Argh! Remind me to put a deadbolt on those doors.


*Lina starts to summon up a fireball.*

Me: ACK!!! *Dives behind her chair.*

Gourry: *With a look of total bewilderment* What's that Lina?

Lina: Whaddya think? FIREBALL!!! *Lauches a fireball and Gourry*


*BOOM!!! The fireball explodes, sending everybody flying.*


*WHAM!!! Everybody lands back in the studio.*

Me: Owie...

Gourry: *Having landed on his head.* Good thing I landed on my head instead of my butt,
it's hard to keep it looking this good you know.

Me: *Suddenly very frightened* Where's Lina?

Gourry: She flew away. See? *Points on a person flying over the mountains, a trail of
smoke in behind her.*

Me: Oh. I should've warned her that those comments you made about her chest are on the record.

Gourry: Oops.

Me: So then, um, what's your favorite thing to do?

Gourry: EAT!!!

Me: *A little surprised by this reaction*, what's your favorite food then?

Gourry: Um, well, now that you mention it, everything!

Me: Wow, you must be the least picky eater on Earth!

Gourry: What's Earth?

Me: Um, the planet we live on.

Gourry: Er, maybe where you live, I live in a two-dimensional flat plain.

Me: Oh. So tell me Gourry, why don't you cut your hair?

Gourry: ME?!? CUT MY HAIR?!?! NEVER!!! *Pats hair* I'm sorry you had to hear that, I'd
never cut you my long gorgeous tresses.

Me: *Does an animé facefault* Well then, I think it's about time we wrapped this meeting
up. Is there anything else that you'd like to say?

Gourry: Yeah, when's lunch?

Me: *Sighs and points behind Gourry* Over there.

Gourry: ALRIGHT!!! *Makes a beeline to the food*

Me: Well that's about all the time we have for today, come back soon when we interview
yet another Slayer!

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