This is a story of a girl named Tifa Lockheart

Who tried to save the world with some of her pals

And while all of them were special, one holds a special place in her heart

But Alas! Cloud doesn't know where his own heart falls

Aerith was the name of the other girl

Her hair was perfect, her bow was bright

And she moves gracefully, her skirts a-whirl

Just like that, Tifa knew she was in a dreadful plight

They walked together, Aerith and Cloud

He slashed a Cactuar for her, and she cured him at night

They smiled at each other, and oh, they laughed so loud

Until Tifa couldn't take it any more, and so she took flight

She knew the value of Aerith's materia, the power that is Holy

And stole it at night, and off she flew to the Ancients' city

"I will show them, by golly!"

By then her heart's already broken, more's the pity

As she knelt down, beside a small lake

She prayed so hard, she didn't see Sephiroth go!

But her eyes were closed, and she didn't seem awake

Until her beloved Cloud shouted, "Gaia! Tifa, no!"

A sudden glint of her eye, and Tifa showed why she's a martial arts whiz!

Dodging and rolling, a punch and a kick

"Take this!" "And that!" "And some of this!"

"Are you really the Great Sephiroth? Well, aren't you weak!"

As Sephiroth hobbled away, shaking his fist

Cloud went to his hero, and held her close

He said, "Don't do that again, you are always the first on my list."

And planted a big kiss on her lips, stunning her more than Zangan's blows

And so Mr. and Mrs. Strife lived happily ever after

Cloud and Tifa went back to Seventh Heaven

Aerith went home to live with her mother

And here ends the magic of FF7


It's not that good, but a line popped in my head that begged to be written, so there ya go.:P And yes, I know that Tifa couldn't have summoned Holy, but she didn't know that, did she?

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