"Finn seriously that thing is nothing but sugar and ice, it has no nutritional value," Rachel laughed and shook her head as he yet again offered her a bite of his snowball.

Finn shook his head and grinned at her proudly displaying his blue stained teeth, "Not true, I had them put condensed milk on it, that has to give it some kind of nutritional value," he played shook his head and pushed the spoon toward her again. "Just try it Rach," he said playfully raised an eyebrow and grazing her lips with the spoon.

Rachel pressed her lips tightly together, "No way." She said quickly before pressing her lips back together and shaking her head at him, watching as he shrugged at her and took another bite.

"Fine you loss," Finn playful tucked the cup in his lap away from her reach and continued to eat, mid-bite when he felt a hand on his face turning it to look at her, barely having time to process the sensations on his lips as they parted making room for hers, leaning into the kiss getting deeper back the second his sugar treat all but forgotten. His hands moved up to tangle into her hair as she slid onto his lap and ran her fingers through the sides on his hair before pulling away and breaking their kiss, leaving him wanting more and desperately trying to recapture her lips against his.

Smiling as she pulled away she shook her head at him and licked her lips, "You're right it does taste rather good," playfully smacking her lips together and wrapping her arms around his neck dropping her head down onto his shoulder and letting out a soft sigh. Three days had passed since she'd walked into the bar and back into his life, letting him back into hers. Three days, they shared seven meals, made love five times, and that kiss was on its own kiss number fifty six. Rachel knew because she was counting. She knew she could get used to this, spending day in and day out with Finn, she knew that a part of her was already used to this. Turning her head on his shoulder she leaned in and kissed his neck softly, hearing him let out a soft purr as her lips touched his skin sent her stomach into flips. If she could freeze time right there in that moment she would she thought to herself. A thought she'd had countless times over the last few days. It was a whirlwind in her head everything from the moment she walked into the bar, was a huge whirlwind in her mind and if she thought about it for too long it took her breath away. But the thought that lingered in the back of her mind was one of a subject they hadn't even touched on. They were so caught up in the moment, so caught up in each other, that they hadn't discussed what any of this meant, they hadn't discussed the future or what was going to happen next. In fact Rachel dreaded the upcoming tomorrow because she knew that it was Finn's first day of classes for the semester and he wouldn't have his every free second to spend with her. And if she thought about that fact for too long, she would remember that the whole reason she'd had so much time to spend with him to begin with was because she was now an unemployed actress and as long as she stayed there she was going to stay unemployed without even a prospect on the horizon. They had talked plenty of the past but not once had either of them mentioned the future and their situation was certainly unconventional. Rachel sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes as his scent wrapped around him. She knew she couldn't live in the hotel forever, but she had no clue where anything stood with Finn and was scared to even bring the conversation to light.

Finn felt Rachel tense up against him as she took a breath, he could hear the small sigh that followed and reached up running his fingers through her hair as he leaned his head back against the sofa. "What are you thinking about?" He whispered softly leaning down and kissing the top of her head.

"You," she whispered looking up and getting lost in his eyes, life hadn't changed his eyes. Some people you could look at and tell their tough times had hardened them and changed things. Not Finn's when Rachel looked into his eyes they still had that same look of bewilderment and innocence she had always seen in them. She reached up sliding her fingers across the sides of his face and running her fingers through his hair looking into his eyes and smiling before pressing her forehead against his and closing her eyes feeling a tear slip from them, as her heart pounding in her chest, she wanted to ask him, to find out what the last few days meant to him, what it meant for them, if it even meant anything for them.

Finn gazed at Rachel confused as the tear rolled down her cheek. He reached up wiping it away and pulling back slightly, "Why are you crying?" He asked in a whisper.

"Because," she stopped and bit her lips, I love you; her voice screamed inside her head, I love you, the words she wanted to say screaming and fighting to come out. But instead she simply shook her head, "It's nothing," she said pulling back and wiping her tears away as she jumped off his lap. "These last few days have just been overwhelming." She shrugged and look at him watching as his mouth opened to speak his words cute off by the sound of her ringing cell phone. "I'm going to get that hang on," she held a finger at him before walking around to the bedside table to answer her phone.

Her actions seemed off and Finn knew that. He wished he could get inside her head and know what she was thinking. He knew as well as anyone that they still had a lot of talking to do, there were still things to figure out and he didn't know what any of it meant but he knew that he wanted to figure them out with her. He lost his heart to her the moment she walked back into his life, it was like his heart took off at a hundred mile an hour right for her the moment he saw her face, it wasn't something her could have fought if he'd wanted to. And as soon as she got off the phone he was going to tell her exactly that, he nodded to himself and studied her reaction to her conversation. Raising an eyebrow as she got excited and jumped slightly clapping her hands together and then hanging up the phone.

"Finn you're not going to believe this," she rambled off quickly. "Okay it's not Broadway but that was my agent they want me for a West End production of Evita."

Finn felt his heart sink into his stomach, London and one of her dream roles, he already did not like where this conversation was going. "West End, that's London…" He said in a slightly unsure voice.

"Yes, that's London, like London's version of Broadway. Some think it's even better than Broadway but those people are people who obviously just couldn't make it on Broadway but it's still it's the big league and not just the big league but the big leagues and one of my dream roles and the producers had seen so much of my touring footage that I don't even have to audition they want me." She rattle off quickly practically dancing around the room before she realized Finn was still sitting on the sofa and reality settled in. "There's a catch," she said stopping in front of him and taking a dream breath knowing the next words out of her mouth weren't going to go so well. "I have to leave tomorrow. Rehearsals start in three days, so I have to leave tomorrow. My agent already booked me a flight."

Finn sucked in a deep breath and shook his head, forcing a smile, "That's great Rachel," he said forcing a nod and taking a hard swallow, unable to fake being happy for her even though he did want to be happy for her, he just knew what this meant. Wiping his hands on his jeans, he moved to stand up. "That's really great for you Rachel; it'll do wonders for your career. I guess you're not lost anymore." He remarked and faked a smile.

"Finn," she said quietly and took a step towards him only to watch as he took a step back.

"Don't Rachel. We both know what this means." He said swallowing hard. "You're going to leave tomorrow and start working towards that dream of yours again and I'm gonna be right here, going to classes, leading my boring average Joe lifestyle."

"Finn," she said a slight hint of desperation in her voice, "It doesn't mean we can't…"

He quickly cut her off, "We can't what? We haven't even talked about what this," he stops pointing between them and taking another step away from her, "Is. And maybe it just is what it is, a really great couple of days we can file away in our memory banks and maybe move on with our lives this time."

Rachel shook her head and wrung her hands together the tension between them building, "This is my dream Finn."

"Exactly." He said sharply. "That's your dream. And you're going to have it. You're going to be that big star you want to be." He paused taking a harsh swallow and slamming his eyes shut rubbing his temples for a moment before looking at her his brain screaming a million things at him, his heart pounding in his chest and begging him to tell her how he felt. Finn quickly snatched his eyes away from her knowing there was no way he'd be able to say his next words if he was looking at her, "Go to London Rachel," his voice was rough and harsh as he spoke. "Go to London. You're going to be the big star you've always wanted to be. And I'm always going to be the second string Lima loser, just in a different city." A bitter half smile scoffed across his lips as he reached into his pocket grabbing his keys. "Second string will always be the best I'm going to get with you and I can't do that to myself but I won't stand in your way either."

Rachel watched incomplete disbelief as he didn't even give her the chance to speak before rushing out the door. She knew she should chase after him, but her body was paralyzed, her phone slipped out of her hands and she collapsed onto the floor balling up and resting her head against her knees as the tears flowed from her eyes.

Finn Hudson felt like he had just gone through the longest day of his life. His focus in class had been completely lost and all he wanted to do was go home and sleep because sleeping meant he wasn't think or checking his cell phone and wondering where Rachel was. She hadn't even tried, he thought to himself, she hadn't even called to say goodbye, then again after the way he just blew out of the room why would she, he thought to himself. He didn't know what time her flight was supposed to leave but he was certain that it had left by the time he was on his way home from class. "You need to stop thinking about her and beating yourself up," he said out loud as he pulled into his apartment complex and parked making his way towards the apartment he shared with Ste. "Just stop and act like nothing's wrong, same way you did last night." He said and puffed his chest out before opening the door and walking inside. Ste gave him a waved as he made his way towards the kitchen. "How were classes today man." Finn asked with his head buried in the refrigerator.

"They were alright. How was your day anything interesting happen?" Ste answered the words leaving his mouth almost too fast for Finn to process them.

Finn knew that while he might not always be the smartest guy, he knew Ste pretty well and he could tell when something was going on with him. "No, nothing interesting just a bunch of boring classes, I'll be glad when I never have to attend a class again." He nodded and looked Ste over before his eyes drifted down to a large brown and pink book on the coffee table. It looked nothing like a textbook and those were usually the only kind of books they had on the coffee table, this looked more like a photo album and it was certainly not one he'd seen before, it was probably Maddie's, he affirmed in his head. "What's that?" He pointed at the book and made his way over to the chair near the sofa where Ste was sitting.

"I was waiting for you to notice that," The words came out almost like Ste had been holding his breath, before an unsure smile crept across his face. Ste reached forward and picked up the book before walking over to Finn and dropping it in his lap, "Open that," he nodded and held his hand out to Finn in a not yet motion. "Open that look through it and then walk inside your bedroom."

Ste voice was firm and almost demanding. Finn had heard the tone many times before, usually only when Ste was trying to make him study or learn something, but Finn knew that the tome of Ste voice meant business. "Okay, I will." He responded watching as Ste nodded before patting him on the shoulder and walking out of their apartment. Finn looked at the door closing behind Ste in a confused manner, then back at the book in his lap just as confused. "Okay, open it and look at it," he repeated the instructions to himself a nervous feeling in the pit of his stomach as he reached up with a shaking hand to open the book. When he opened the first page of the book it hit him like a ton of bricks staring him right in his face was a picture of himself and Rachel they day the graduated high school, underneath that a picture of them together the day he went to New York to help her moved into her dorm room, five days before he moved into his. Finn stared at the pictures completely lost and confused as his eyes drifted to the bottom of the page and there staring him right in his face was a ticket stub. The air left the room and for a split second Finn was positive he was suffocating as he read the ticket stub, "The West Virginia game," he said to himself in a horse voice and took a hard swallow, gasping for a breath and in a complete trance about to turn the page when his thought were snapped away by the sound of a door opening. His head snapped in the direction of his bedroom door and his eyes widen as her figure came into sight and her voice filled the room.

"It's every article ever published about you I could find from the time you got here until the time your name left the spotlight. Every score box, every picture, anything I could find I cut out of the paper or printed off the internet and I put it in that scrap book. It was my way of being able to be a part of your moments." She said softly playing with her hands and looking up to meet his eyes.

"You were at the game, the one…"

Rachel nodded and cut off his words, "You wouldn't answer your phone," she whispered softly before taking the steps closer to him and closing her eyes a tear falling from them as she reached the chair he was sitting frozen in. Crouching down in between his legs Rachel reached forward and ran her hand down his face, "You're not a loser. And you were never second string Finn. Not then and not now." She stopped resting her palm against his cheek and shaking her head at him. "I love you. And I'm not a star without you, never will be." She whispered softly and looked at him his eyes still wide and filled with a mixture of shock and slight confusion as he sat still completely frozen to his chair. "I can give you some time to think about everything if you need it. But I'm not going anywhere." She said firmly and waiting for any kind of reaction, finally getting one as she moved to stand up.

Finn felt her starting to stand and reached forward pulling her back down and looking deeply into her eyes, he'd seen that look before, her sixteen year old self flashed before his eyes and slowly morphed into who she was now, the changes so slightly that he's sure he was probably one of the only people in the whole who would even notice. Tighten his grip on her hand a goofy half grin started to form on his face and he shook his head slightly at her, he eyes moving and looking directly into hers, "You can kiss me if you want too," He said a real grin breaking out over his face as he watched Rachel shake her head in embarrassment before reaching forward and taking his face in her hands.

"I want too," she said softly with a half laugh before moving in and just like they began, Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry started over.

A/N: I know it's a bit choppy but it was difficult to get a start on this chapter and I wanted to split this into two chapters but then ending part didn't end up being long enough for itself own chapter. This also wasn't even the original plan I had for an ending the characters kinda ran away with the story as I wrote it. I have the opening scenes to a sequel rolling around in my head so if I can develop scenes into a story maybe I'll start working on that. I hope I did the characters justice and wrapped it up nicely for everyone for everyone. Thanks for reading.