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Dimitri's POV:

I stood at the gates texting with Rose like I did during most of my shifts. We still had to keep it hush hush from the general population, but Kirova had given us her blessing. She said doing what Rose did for me... that was true love and she knew that there was no point in trying to keep us apart. Alberta had taken over Rose's training just to keep things a little safer. The second we had made it back to the States I had proposed. What she did for me... saving me life... rescuing me... I was supposed to be rescuing her. I was so near death, I did have some fuzzy points in my memory, but Rose always did her best to fill them in and now, we were inseparable... except in public. I was torn away from my keyboard by the sound of tires squealing. I looked up to see a young, human, girl getting out of the car. I cautiously approached. "Can I help you?"

She clutched the crucifix around her neck. "Where is Rose?"

"Excuse me?"

"I need Rose."

"Can I get a name?"

That was when she fell to her knees. "Dear Lord, please protect me from these creatures of the night. Guard me from their evil ways."

I looked at my partner. "Keep an eye on her while I get Rose..."

He gave me a curt nod. "Right."

I eyed her once more as I headed into the building and down the hall to find Rose. I walked to her classroom and slowly opened the door. I cleared my throat and everyone looked up. Rose smiled and I did my best to not smile back. "Miss Hathaway, there is a woman at the gates demanding to see you."

Her eyebrow went up. She was getting good at that. "A woman?"

"Yes. She said she needs protection from the creatures of the night."

Rose jumped up and ran out of the room and down the hall. She burst out the front doors of the school and ran to the main gates. They opened for her and she embraced the praying woman tightly. "Sydney," she finally whispered.

Reluctantly, the woman hugged her back. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, but what are you doing here?"

"Isn't your graduation in a couple days?"

"You came for it?"

"Well, I came to do the lecture on Alchemists, but... your father... convinced them to let me stay a few more days."

"My father?" She looked back at the town car that was still sitting there. One of the back doors opened and out stepped Abe Mazur. Rose smiled again. "Daddy!" She ran to him and hugged him tight. "What are you doing here?"

Abe chuckled. "Daddy, huh? I guess that beats 'old man' doesn't it?" Rose let out a small sob. Was she crying? I took a step forward, but Abe raised his hand to me. I stopped where I was and he started to rub her back gently. "Shhh... It's alright, kiz."

Rose pulled away a little. "Kiz?"

"It means daughter."

Rose smiled at that and then seemed to remember I was there. "Dad, Sydney, I want you both to meet Dimitri Belikov."

Sydney eyed me. "Is this the one you went to find?"

Rose nodded. "Yes."

Sydney looked at me. "You are not a creature of the night?"


She walked over and extended her hand. "I apologize for my behavior earlier. Rose is the first of your kind I have trusted." She looked over her shoulder. "And Mr. Mazur is the last of his kind I will trust."

Rose laughed. "Dimitri, I want you to meet Sydney, Alchemist extraordinaire, and Ibrahim Mazur... My father."

I looked between the two of them. If you just saw them walking down the road, you would think they were father and daughter. "Are you serious?"

"As a Strigoi..."

I extended my hand. "Mr. Mazur, it is an honor."

Abe rolled his eyes and looked at Rose. "Rosemarie, are you SURE you want to marry this wimp?"

Did he just call me a wimp? I grabbed the stake out of my pocket and tossed it in the air. "I wouldn't call a person who makes sure you stay alive a wimp Mr. Mazur."

Rose's eyes almost popped out of her head. "Dimitri! You can't talk to a Moroi like that!"

I stopped and looked at Rose with one eyebrow up. "Are you... Miss I-Told-Off-The-Queen-On-Her-Birthday REALLY going to lecture me on Moroi etiquette?"

"I was well justified. She needs to learn to not talk about what she knows nothing about."

I could tell Rose was getting upset so I pulled her to me. "I'm sorry. I know you were just trying to protect Adrian like a good guardian should." I kissed the top of her head. "I love you."

"I love you too." She muttered.

I looked up and smiled at our guests. "If you would like to come with me, I will gladly show you to our headmistress's office."

Abe Mazur wasn't a dumb man. He knew when to keep his mouth shut. Instead, he extended his arm to Sydney. "Shall we?"

Sydney looked thoroughly repulsed, but no one says no to a Mazur... not even a human. With a low chuckle, I led them into the building and to the main office.

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