La luce della Luna

Disclaimer: Gabriel is mine. Elizabeth is mine. The Cullens? Not so much. All recognized Twilight people are Stephine Meyer's. I'm just playing with them.

Summary: The companion piece to The Stars and The Sun. This is to that as Midnight Sun is to Twilight. All of this will be told from our beloved Gabriel's POV.

Author's note: So um…it's been two months since I finished The Stars and the Sun and it shouldn't have taken that long. Sorry. I honestly have a very good excuse. Both of my computers decided to die. My brand new got-it-the-day-I-finished-the-Stars-and-the-Sun laptop decided to die after a week and a half. The hard drive made a funny noise and that was it. Luckily, it was under warranty so I just sent it in and got it back a couple of weeks later and it's all pretty again. However, about a week after it went, my desktop decided that it hated that I finally beat the last part of this game that I had been trying to beat FOREVER and died. I managed to Frankenstien the desktop but I needed a full Windows CD –not just the update- to really get it up and working. So, I had to wait on the CD…from Australia. Now, both computers are working and I can write again. Thank God!

Rather important note, pretty much anything in italics is either a fun little prologue or English. Gabriel thinks in Italian –mostly early 16th century Italian, but Italian. Because of that, (and since I don't know Italian) I decided to just go with only the English being in italics and the Italian looking "normal". Also, this is so rated M. You should figure out why by chapter three. Did I mention that Gabriel can be a dirty old murderer?

Chapter 1

Upon that misty night
in secrecy, beyond such mortal sight
Without a guide or light
than that which burned so deeply in my heart
That fire t'was led me on
and shone more bright than of the midday sun
To where he waited still
it was a place where no one else could come

Loreena McKennit, Dark night of the soul

The day nor the month held little meaning for me though I knew it to be the seventh of April in the two thousand and sixth year of our Lord, for such things were but figures for those that do not age and do not truly live. I had no need to breathe or to even move for I may go for days without the thirst even beginning to burn within my throat as if it were a testament to the fires that awaited to consume me in Hell should I be taken from this purgatory of existence and brought to my final justice. I did not live, I existed and those I hunted this night may have but a beat of a heart to show that they live more than do I but it was their only saving grace. I had need of but one of the two that I followed and thought upon the one that smelled sweetly of the stench of a more floral scented blood. I cared not to decipher his scent but only to devour it prior to my next meal in two weeks.

Upon my watch of the two men as I followed lightly upon the roof tops if not from behind them or across the street from them, I grew more angry at my prey for their various misdeeds and vileness; if I am but the monster then what are the creatures that rape and leave their victims to a slow death? Are they not truly the demons of this Earth that roam more freely than I am able to in my accursed form? If God did curse me for my deeds from within my human flesh why does he not curse those that take the last innocence of a child? Is it only for he knows that I shall take their lives and leave their burning bodies in such a way that these creatures might be identified by the police as the putrid souls locked inside the sweet smelling pieces of flesh that they so be? For this, did I hope because, if it were as such, then God might still hold some mercy upon me and not let me go to the pits of Hell this night.

I knew that Hell was to be where I shall be sent upon the End of Days if my final death does not come sooner than that. For where else would one be sent that had killed a man of God within God's own house for the simple act of remaining steadfast within the man's own convictions? From that place did I run as a coward straight into the demon's arms and bring this cursed existence upon myself. I am now the killer of those that kill, those that take what is not theirs to take, the very least of society who have shown no remorse or anything other that joy in their own vileness; I drink from those that have souls as dark as mine must have been upon the day I lost it forever.

The one with the sweet smelling blood spoke his goodbyes to part ways with the other. I had little doubt within me that I shall track the other upon yet another day or week in which my path would cross his again and then make him my supper. For now, he would live, but only by the grace of his friend's blood, as such held it's hold upon me.

The sweet one dove down a street, away from the crowds that were thick upon the never sleeping streets of the city. In all my years that I hath traveled, to this city did I return for it's never exhausting supply of blood but also the ability to never have need of leaving for I could become yet another nameless face within the crowd of unsuspecting humans. It was here that I had chosen to call home, far from the land of my human birth and far from the place where I was damned to eternal night.

Many others existed here and I would see my own kind from time to time if not share in their company for a bit prior to leaving upon my own once more. I had been apart of a coven or clan only to break the tenuous ties and leave them behind completely for never did I feel anything more than what one may feel for anything other than that contentment of being around ones own kind. The one exception was a feeling that I might describe as the need to protect a more vulnerable but valuable vampire of whose skills I relied heavily upon but , even then, it was nothing more than what could best be described as a business arrangement or friendship.

For now, I was alone in the world but believed that another of my kind may soon cross my path again. Never was I alone for long despite the ways of most of my species for I saw little merit in only feeding and being little more than animals; for what else would you call one that did nothing but eat and rest upon the day when such a creature could not sleep?

Watching my prey as he went about a corner betwixt two buildings for a reason I knew not, I seized at him and felt my teeth tear into the soft warm flesh of his neck as his dark red blood burst forth filling my mouth with a flavor beyond description and his body heaved in pain. No more than a second past as the thick red liquid coated my burning throat with its divine taste and smell when I heard a woman scream.

My mind had no more time to comprehend the noise nor its source than I found myself engulfed in what felt like the flames of my transformation that I remembered well. I did not understand what had occurred outside of dropping the man I had been drinking from and the knowledge that my body was behind his.

Was this Hell? Had God condemned me to my final punishment this night after half an eon of awaiting such a day? The pain that coursed through my body suggested as such though I did not scream out for I knew screaming would have no affect upon me. This lesson had I learned from my own transformation by the she-devil that did drink from me and turn me into a demon-slave. Little will had I left of my own for the all consuming thirst was all I knew when I came to this life and now, pain and suffering on a physical level –for always were they present upon the emotional level- would be my constant guides. Here would I finally die.

For what felt as if hours did I lay there and allow the burn to destroy me though I did not fully understand why the smells of the streets of New York still filled my nostrils through the exquisite pain. My mind knew it to be minutes but, what confused me far more, was the distinct scent of another of my kind that played with the other odors around. I could just see her feet and saw as she dragged my prey off to finish him, leaving me to burn and I wondered how many others had I seen burning upon bonfires of their own limps that might still have some thought and reason about them. Was this to be my fate and what was my final judgment then?

I could see her toss the body, or him but no man of this day would wear strapped shoes such as hers, and then felt the pain increase, if at all possible, as she moved back and out of my sights. I could hear her and knew her eyes be upon me but none else did I know for all I felt and knew of at that moment was pain. Complete and absolute.

The flames of the sun felt to burn within my body and stay with me in this Hell. Was this truly not Hell for no longer could I feed in such pain and my meal was taken from me, was it not? It was then I heard the vampire of whom I knew not speak only to recognize her voice instantly. "Gabriel, you tried to take my food from me," Jane stated in her child like voice as she forced the pain to course through me. Hearing my name cross her lips is what caused my recognition for I had long ago visited the halls of Volterra only to find them not to my liking. Jane. My current pain was due to her.

I knew the sweet looking child to be the Devil herself, or, rather, born of such and her brother be the other half that countered the pain. Fire and Ice they were for one could make you feel this indescribable pain and the other could make you feel nothing. Both were Hells of the two demons own making and each were from a place and I had long since left and placed far from my memory. I had no wish to upset those of the Volturi family but it would seem that even in my attempts to rid myself of them, still I was found though I was blameless for any wrong. So now, I burn without anyone to stop her.

However, as quickly and abruptly as the pain began did it also so end for the moment I felt it leave me, I got up and turned only to see a sight that took a bit longer to understand. Before me was Jane, her deceiving cherub face now engulfed in flames whilst, slightly behind her was a woman in a pink and black dress and what could only be described as a flame thrower of some sort. The woman was human for I heard her heartbeat but I did not understand how a human could know or why a human would know of us. Perhaps she did not and only served to kill as many other did? No. That I did not believe.

As I saw Jane turn towards the woman, her eyes wild as the flames quickly spread for she had only just feed and the venom no doubt had been pooling in her mouth, my only thought was to protect this woman, no lady, from Jane's flaming form.

I thrust myself at her and pushed her to the side, hoping to put myself between this lady and the vile demoness. Jane seemed beyond her wits and was easy enough to avoid as she ran about screaming. I watched in horrid fascination for, as much as I had wish of the pain to stop, to kill Jane was to die yourself. For, I knew, it would not be long before Aro came to look for his pet.

I could see the human woman near the poorly powered streetlight. Her skirt was slightly messed as she sat upon the ground to where I pushed her. I felt guilty at once and hoped I did not harm this savior of mine though I wondered how she knew and how she had come by a way to cast flames. It was then I saw the can of hairspray and could just make out a lighter still clutched in her right hand. Ah. Given what I knew of flammables, I would guess that this simple can was what I saw cast the flames directly to Jane's face. Having just eaten, she may still have had some venom about her lips. It was her undoing.

I watched as Jane's remain fell silent to the pavement. I had no wish to move from my current place since I did not want Jane to rise again and hurt my savior but also for my own sake, for I did not wish to hurt this lady myself. I had not eaten. I could hear her soft but quick pace of her heart and knew the thick blood that flowed through her veins. I dared not to breathe. I had already smelt the scent of her blood and knew it to be sweet, mouthwatering and delicious. If she was hurt from where I pushed her, then I would kill the one that saved me and I would not add another innocent life to the one I destroyed so many years ago.

I clenched my fists as the thought and heard what I believed to be her cellular phone ringing in her pocketbook. She did not answer it but seemed to watch the scene before her with wide eyes. The more chivalrous side of me wished to ask her if she was alright and help her to her feet but I knew that if there was any blood flow from the slightest of wounds, I would be her Death.

Still her phone ringed and she did not answer it. She but looked towards me and I could see from the peripheral that the lady was truly lovely. Her hair fell upon one side her face but the side I could see was the mark of a near perfect bone structure. Her, dress, though bunched up around her currently for the way I pushed her from Jane's revenge, was something of a time but a half century ago. What I noticed most was that of her perfect emerald eye as it stared upon me and moved from my visage to the flaming remains of Jane Volturi. May peace be upon her and upon us –those that are now responsible for her death.

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