La Luce della Luna

Disclaimer: Gabriel is mine. Elizabeth is mine. The Cullens? Not so much. All recognized Twilight people are Stepheine Meyer's. I'm just playing with them.

Summary: The companion piece to The Stars and The Sun. This is to that as Midnight Sun is to Twilight. All of this will be told from our beloved Gabriel's POV.

Author's Note: I know. I'm horrible. Sorry! At least this is a LONG chapter, right? 30 pages on word!

Chapter 14

sic erit; haeserunt tenues in corde sagittae,
et possessa ferus pectora versat Amor.
Cedimus, an subitum luctando accendimus ignem?
cedamus! leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus.

Thus it will be; slender arrows are lodged in my heart,
and Love vexes the chest that it has seized
Shall I surrender or stir up the sudden flame by fighting it?
I will surrender - a burden becomes light when it is carried willingly.


When I asked the previous innkeeper to what place to visit next in this state, he informed of Annapolis. It smelt of the sea and was of a far slower pace than the lights of Baltimore. Boats still sailed in and out of the harbor in Annapolis and it held the charm that Charm City did not, that of a world I thought much gone.

I worked with that innkeeper to book a room within the capital of the state of Maryland. He promised that the new inn would be well to Elizabetta's standards and that it's location was ideal within the city. I paid him handsomely to have all set and stay but the night at what he referred to as a bed and breakfast. I recalled the one we stayed at previously and thought myself not strong enough to resist but, such a place, did look to be to Elizabetta's likings from what I knew of them.

The inn was far different for a modern hotel and very much like the inns of my day. A room such as one might have at home, with a toile beadspread and crocheted curtains about the bed and soft white curtains upon the window, is what greeted us as we entered the room. Elizabetta seemed to take no notice for she held but her sable fur in her arms, kissing the head of her much loved pet, as her eyes found the desk within the room and did not leave it.

This innkeeper, an older lady, had led us to it and explained when to expect dinner as well as breakfast. I listened and thanked her though Elizabetta took no notice of the lady –my own lady's attention entirely transfixed upon the phone. Once the innkeeper left us, no word did Elizabetta speak. Indeed, she took straight to desk, her pet in her arms, at such a speed that I did believe for but a half of a second that she was not human once more. No human moves that smoothly, that quickly, that I have seen.

When she sat down, her pup took her leave of her mistress' lap, and began to move about the room in a fashion I was becoming accustom to. Wagging her tail, the sable fur made her way from one edge of the room to the other, inspecting it with her nose and seemingly finding it much to her liking. The pup would not stay with us much longer but go to the pet boarding if Elizabetta had her way, and her way she would have.

Immediately did my secret mate look through the many drawers of the desk and find a thick yellow book. I watched the smile creep upon her perfect pink lips as she flipped through the pages quickly. I had placed the bags she did always bring in with her –whether they were to be used or not- upon a bench in the room, prior to my turning to full look upon her.

She sat upon the wooden chair, her fingers gracing the yellow pages before her, looking to it for what ever answers it may give. I stayed silent but a few feet behind her and but watched my sweet pet. Elizabetta's green eyes read each word, her finger following along, as if in deep concentration. I knew what she looked for and read for as such had been a great concern of hers. She looked for boarding for the small sable fur that did gleefully dance around a small table within in the room currently.

It did not take long before my love's other hand reached for the older looking black phone. It was only upon her looking up that she did glance at a white sheet of paper upon it and frown. I knew not why until I heard her voice speak to me. "Gabriel?" she asked as she turned within the small wooden chair to face me.

"Yes?" I replied in the same tone knowing much that she would not like it as such but that it would get her mind off more serious matters for the moment. Indeed, her green eyes narrowed at me as if fire itself laid behind them.

A perfect dark eyebrow arched before she spoke unto me again. "Throw me my phone," she more ordered than asked. I saw no more of her face for upon her words, she looked down at the yellow book again. "It's in my purple bag. I think."

I knew where she had stored it for I had seen Elizabetta's every move upon her packing for this stay. I had watched as her ivory hand slipped the simple phone now decorated with strawberry stickers into the purple bag earlier. Before she had finished speaking I held the phone for her and tossed it when her green eyes looked upon me once more. She, of course, caught it well.

I listened with curiosity brewing within my very being for Elizabetta asked many questions of each place of boarding she called. Not one, but three did she speak with and each she asked the same six questions. She wished to know the price of boarding –of which seemed a normal thing to ask though she had no reason to worry in regards to that for I would happily pay to keep the small fur covered object of my love's affection away for but a day or week. Even though I had stated as such, Elizabetta seemed to take no notice of it.

The next questions were regarding play times and the foods given to the dogs. That she wished her pup to be comfortable was understandable. However, the questions that made little sense to me were those regarding extra payment for medications, any twenty four hour veterinary care, and if any doctors did specialize in epilepsy upon the staff. My own brow furrowed upon hearing of such. Was the sable fur that Elizabetta kept so close to her ill and suffered from a disease of the nerves? Even in my day we knew well of epilepsy for though not many had it, it was not a newly discovered disorder.

I knew well of the medications that Elizabetta gave her pet each morn but I had little in the way of knowledge as to why she did as such. Of course, now this gave me even greater insight into her character for not only was she capable of loving that which she shouldn't –despite their vegetarian diet they were still vampires- but she cared deeply for what others would have long ago assessed as an ill dog and have put to sleep. Though I could start to see why Elizabetta could not allow death to come to her pet –the joy the animal brought her made me wish to see if even this creature could be turned to an immortal for anything that brought about such joy should not be allowed to wane from this life into the next. Instead, Elizabetta spent time to discover the best care for her pet, the best life for this clearly contented creature. If this was as my mate wished, then so be it. I would have no other though I could not tell her that as such.

I had been mulling over such an idea of telling her but it had yet to be a week since we hath met and though I understood well how our kind came to love I did also understand it in human terms as well. Humans may speak of love at first sight though none truly believe in it from what I have seen. No, my mate could have no love for me; how could she? I was but a monster, a vampire! One who wished to take her very sweet life's blood from her throbbing blue veins as I settled for nothing more than a kiss upon her temple. I had thought earlier upon my meeting of her that she was the one that was mentally ill and yet, it truly was I that did not have my wits about me. I wished for her blood, I wished for her flesh, and yet, most of all, I wished for her.

If my first wish was granted, then the last one would be denied for she would die at my own hands. The pain that raged through me at even a split second of such a thought was enough to force me down. I sat upon the bed and noticed Elizabetta eye me curiously as she spoke upon the phone. Quickly, I placated her with a smile knowing that I could not ever take her life's blood from her.

Knowing that, I doubted that the second wish could I ever truly have if she did wish to remain human. However, if she did wish to remain human, as long as she would allow me within her company, I would never feel true sadness again. I would be contented with this, to be here, to watch her, and to see her joy.

I would also see her sadness, her pain, all of her, each day, for the rest of her life. And what then? I knew what then. I would be a curse upon any that had wronged her in her life and their children. I would protect all that she had loved that lived still. I would become nothing more than a shade upon the Earth; no longer living in any sense of the world and without any hope. If all the world were righted til none that had wronged her lived and all that she had loved perished, I would then seek death for a life without my Elizabetta was the only Hell I could conceive of anymore.

I shook such dark thoughts from my head as I watched Elizabetta end her phone call and then look upon her pup once more. She reached over and grabbed the sable fur about to pull the creature up and into her lap. Knowing she wished not for an audience as she hugged the creature she loved much, and for me, to better ignore the jealousy within me that brewed as her precious lips were placed upon the pups head, I began to unpack her things and place them where I thought best. Anything to distract myself.

I knew her pink rounded bag of the thin but strong material belonged within the bathroom vanity and to there I took it. Each bag I saw and put where they would end up should she have need of them. One by the desk, another nearest the foot of the bed –in the past week I had seen how each item would end up, where my treasure would demand they go. So, in but a few seconds I placed each of them according to what I believed her will to be. I then thought to further distract myself with an old newspaper or a book –anything to which would help keep my mind on other things.

I considered hunting. It was something that I had need of –to drink another's blood for the temptation was growing stronger by the day though I was provided some immunity to Elizabetta's sweet scent. However, I worried greatly of her well being if I should leave for even a moment. What if the Guard come whilst I am away? I could not bear the very thought and yet had I not promised earlier that I would do so this night?

The telephone chirped out its odd little tune to which both Elizabetta and I looked towards it. Even the sable fur cocked her head at the sound of the mobile phone ringing loudly from the desk. Standing, my little treasure answered it with some wariness. "Hello?" she stated. When all apprehension left her face, I knew well of which family it was so I went back to attempting to distract myself in anyway when Elizabetta called to me.

"She wants to talk to you," my love stated in an off hand manner, tossing the mobile telephone in my direction. I caught it quickly enough and placed it to my ear, unknowing of wish "she" Elizabetta referred to. I could not hear the voice from across the room unlike in the confines of the vehicle.

"Yes?" I asked with great curiousity. However, as soon as the word had left my lips did the voice upon the other end of the phone speak.

"You can hunt. I'll watch her. The Guard aren't planning anything until tomorrow and you'll be back by then. Elizabeth will be fine," the Alice vampire told on to me as if in a manner of great frustration.

"She will be unprotected," I whispered upon the phone. A psychic many thousands of miles away was no match for a vampire close at hand –whether that vampire be protective or murderous. My other motive for keeping such conversation from Elizabetta was of the argument we had earlier over this very topic.

"She'll be fine. If they do decide to come by, I'll warn Elizabeth and she can just go out to one of the clubs and wait for you there. Even the Guard aren't dumb enough to try anything in public like that," this fairy creature as Elizabetta called her told me. I looked to my savior in question for I waffled between my bloodlust –giving into my hunger and hunting- or staying where I may become the danger for her.

As Elizabetta smoothed back the soft vanilla and ginger fur of her pet with her alabaster hand, her green eyes were raised to my dark red ones. I had no wish for this little treasure to know of my dilemma. Would she still feel safe with me in anyway if she knew the thirsts she caused in me? The bloodlust was but one…

"You will call her the moment anything that may harm her should come this way?" I inquired once more to fully validate such in my own mind.

"She'll be fine. Go, tonight," Alice stated with a sigh before ending all communication with but a press of a button. I did the same as the dulled ring tones of the phone being no longer connected came upon the receiver. Elizabetta stood as I went to place the telephone back in her alabaster hands.

"What's up?" my savior, my Diana, asked of me. Her meaning was simple in this new common language –that she wished to know of what Alice stated- yet without the complexity of the words.

"Alice reminded me that I had promised to hunt this evening," I stated with a hint of a smile upon my lips. Would this scare my savior? No, for it was upon my hunt she found me and destroyed Jane. No, this no fear would it bring to her eyes.

"Good," she stated in a satisfied manner prior to turning and folding herself back up as she sat upon the floor with her flea fur. "Bring the truck back in one piece," she continued much to my amusement. Even in her worry for her pup, my savior could show her fears regarding her vehicle.

As my love played with her sable fur, she turned on the television as well which was a blessing for I now had nothing in which to distract me after the phone call from Alice. I would not leave to hunt until Elizabetta slept –something that we both decided upon. I watched the contraption and listened to the news of the day. Elizabetta, for her part, made no motions to leave the room. Instead, she played gently with her beloved sable fur for the rest of the evening before her taking to bed.

I waited until my Diana's, my sweet goddess of the moon's, breathing evened and her eyes moved quickly beneath their half closed lids. As she sweetly slumbered, I pulled my way from the room. It was a hard thing to do, far harder than I imagined. For I had thought that pulling myself from the delicious agony of watching her sleep in which my lust for her raged would be a blessing. I knew well that the fairy vampire watched over her and would alert my savior to any danger and yet, as I took my steps out the door, I was haunted by many questions.

Had not the fairy seen Elizabetta turn down that fateful street and kill Jane? Was it only out of wishing the mind witch dead that Alice said nothing? Had it been her that called my savior that night? And what of my taking of the Cullen's beloved pet? Did Alice not see my decision? My hand steadied at the door, refusing to turn the knob as such thoughts assailed me.

It was only from the corner of my eye I saw it. Elizabetta's phone had a red light that flashed upon its face and then disappear. It did so again two seconds after the first, and again, as I waited to open the door much against my wishes. Instead of the door, my attention diverted to the phone for it was only upon a message that it glowed red as it did now. I could not help my curiosity as to what the message said as I picked the phone off the small desk within the room.

Surprise overcame me when I saw it was a written message addressed to me only to realize quickly that I should not be surprised about such things with the frustrating fairy about. It was clearly from her.

Take the phone. I can call her on the room phone. I'm watching them and they aren't in the area yet. You're fine. Go. –A

A smile crept upon my lips as I did as the frustrating fairy commanded. Not in a long time had I done as others wished but I knew that if I did not do so, my savior would be displeased. Any displeasure when death may come upon us in a matter of hours was not what I wished for my savior. I only hoped that she may live and return to her family.

I drove as far as I dared and went for my first hunt as a vegetarian vampire. Upon existing the vehicle, I inhaled the air to make sure none but myself were around. Being that it was night, I doubted any human hunters were nearby but still, there may be a human camping or up to some other activity that did not deserve death this night. All I could smell was Elizabetta's sweet scent as it had saturated her vehicle and a few old trails of humans that had passed by earlier. Each were hours if not days old. I was safe form breaking my promise to my savior.

All was still as I entered the woods, for no animal dared to make a sound outside of the too rapid beating of their hearts. I kept my focus upon my hunt as the leaves and sticks were crushed beneath my feet. If I dared to think upon even the moonlight as it sauntered through the still too thin leaves of spring, I would think upon my human savior and how she had but her pup to protect her in the inn currently.

The door to the room was locked, I reminded myself –which would stop most human monsters. The frustrating fairy was watching over Elizabetta with her mystical eye. But would she be able to give my savior enough time to leave should the Guard…

I stopped myself. It was pointless to have come this far and not hunt some sort of mammal to sedate my thirst prior to returning to my human savior. I brought my mind around to the musty smell of decaying leaves and dirt, attempting to find anything that smelt the slightest hint of appetizing in the air. I also listened for any sound, hearing nothing but the smallest of creatures, some sort of river or large creek a few hundred feet away, and the whistling of the breeze as it moved about the woods I had entered.

My direction was not defined. I stayed off the human trails and followed what smelt of deer in the hopes that something larger preyed upon them. My luck turned within ten minutes of my arriving as I approached the river bed. Upon the other side of the rushing water was what my nose had lead me too, a large brown bear.

It wasn't appetizing in the sense that humans were but it did smell far more like a meal than any of the deer or other creatures I had passed did. It did not sense the danger of me given the river and the distance. A smile crept upon my face as I crouched down, ready to swim or jump as I wished and catch my large prey.

I thought nothing of it as I approached this fur covered creature that dined upon its last fish. He did not see me until my teeth already were but an inch away from his neck. The fur upon my tongue was disconcerting but the rich warm blood erased any uneasiness I felt regarding this unorthodox meal. It was nothing like human blood for it was not nearly as sweet. I wondered if this is what humans meant by "gamey" when describing their meals.

As I drained the creature of its life's blood, I slowly began to notice two things; that I was wet and that my shirt was torn to many small pieces. Currently, half my sleeve upon my left arm was about my wrist and I knew not where the upper half of the cotton had landed. Perhaps I should have brought a change of clothing for hunting humans rarely resulted in such causalities as this. Even if they did shoot at me or otherwise mar my clothes, I would simply have stolen theirs once I was done with the body. If their clothing was unacceptable, most had a closet of something that would have worked or I could easily steal from a neighbor. I do not think Elizabetta would approve if I returned wearing a fur coat upon the spring. The skin would not have time to dry properly.

I dropped the dead carcass and examined the remnants of my clothing upon me. I tore off what little of the shirt remained for it was useless and began to wonder how quickly jeans dried. I should not have swum across the river for would not the water harm the leather of the seats in my savior's vehicle? I did promise not to harm it.. At least I had left the mobile phone in the car so it was not damaged as well.

To walk in shirtless to any establishment would be uncommon but not unheard of. I could easily go into the inn as I am without much worry. Rather, it was the vehicle itself that was my focus and should I attempt to find clothing elsewhere prior to my return? But where? For no human lived within miles of this place. I again cursed myself for not bringing a change of clothing and swore to remember next time. Or, at least, to leave a bag of my new outfits that I had recently purchased but a few days prior in the truck at all times. However, any such ideas for future hunts did little to help me now.

I made my way back to the vehicle quickly and looked about it to find some item that may help my current issue for I could not get the seat wet. Perhaps if Elizabetta packed a towel amongst her things? The moment I thought of it, I realized exactly where a towel did exist –beneath the bed of my savior's sable fur. It would smell odd and I did not relish the hint of wet dog fur that would linger, but it would save me from possibly ruining Elizabetta's leather seats in her vehicle by wearing wet jeans.

Satisfied with my solution, I drove back to Annapolis. I found the change in me startling though my joy grew as did the speeds at which I pushed Elizabetta's vehicle as I raced towards the inn. But two weeks ago, I would have not thought anything of a human's horseless carriage other than to attain, perhaps, one for myself. I would not have cared for such things as leather seats and I most certainly would not attempt the loathsome vegetarian diet and yet in little more than a week any thoughts I had of only myself, of caring only what became of me and of what Hell I should go to, had left me. Instead, my thoughts were very much of what another thought and, to some degree, what her clan thought for I knew well that their thoughts were upon her too. It was to her safety, her life, that I cared for; for I cared greatly for her.

I had not considered another individual's opinion before with such weight since the time of my son. His death still haunts my every move for I was an undead thing, unchanging, and he was gone from this plane.

Somberly, I drove up to the inn; my jeans now mostly dry as I left the vehicle. I could hear the various humans going from one pub to the next but a street over as well as the sound of the water gently lapping against the docks not far away. What I also heard as I turned to enter the inn was a soft gasp.

From my peripheral vision, I saw two women upon the other side of the street. It was the shorter blond woman who gasped and looked upon me with lustful eyes. I attempted to ignore her as she drunkenly whispered to her friend how much she'd like to take me home for the evening. I suppose at one time I may have smiled at such a comment but now, all I could think of was reaching my Elizabetta.

I rushed past the door of the inn as quickly as possible and still maintain a human look. I took no notice of any humans here and walked quickly to the door, taking my key out and opening the door to the room.

Though it was dark inside, I was immediately at ease with what greeted me. Elizabetta still slumbered quietly upon her bed and her sable fur opened it's eyes only to growl lightly at me. Softly, I admonished the creature before closing the door. Elizabetta was safe and that was all that mattered to me anymore.

In the morning, I thought upon how best to spend the day. I had no wish for Elizabetta to continue to sulk within the room and do nothing more than tease her pet. "Shall we look about this city?" I asked after her breaking fast in the morn.

My love nodded softly and watched her pup trot around the room when she had just brought the fur creature back in from her walk. Elizabetta was still concerned regarding the boarding of her pup. She had confessed to the innkeeper during the breaking of the fast, that my little treasure was fearful of leaving the creature with any other than her family. I knew this well enough that, smiling, I took her hand and led her to what I hoped was away from her thoughts on boarding her precious pup.

For the first hour after her meal, she said nothing. I feared again that she had gone into some sort of hysterics except that her eyes followed items we saw along the road. She was aware but sadness had taken her. As we walked about town, for I hoped the fresh air may clear her thoughts, I thought to try to get a rise out of her, a reaction. For any reaction would be far better than the depression she currently was in. It was when we passed by a couple who were walking their dogs, Elizabetta looking longingly after the animals, I muttered, "Human women are far too emotionally attached to things of no value."

And…nothing. She only sighed. No glare, not arguing. I know she had heard me for her sigh was due to my muttering but…nothing. She walked and looked upon the old buildings but her sadness was all that was written within her eyes. There was no anger, no ferociousness, that I had come to expect. Instead, that anger, those glares I greatly wished for from her –to have some reaction from her- came from within me. I could feel the anger in me grow and realized that the man in me, that I, was angry at myself for treating this lady in this manner. Did a gentleman ask for such a rise out of a lady? No! Instead, a gentleman should treat a lady with all respect and show her that the world was still filled with beauty when she could see none.

Looking around, the buildings were things of beauty –each typical of the era in which I came to this country if not much earlier- but I did not think that pointing such things out would calm the hurt within my mate. I looked to the stores and hoped that despite Elizabetta not being a typical woman, that my lady may find some trinket that may bring a smile once more to her lips.

"Come," I said as I gently took her hand to lead her to a store that seemed filled with curious objects. Her green eyes looked upon me with intrigue but she made no sound in objection. Rather, she took her stride beside me and followed without a word. I knew then how deep her pain truly was for not a time has gone by in the past few days that she did not at least ask of where we went if I did lead the way –except for the dreadful incident in the land of Dunkirk.

Her brow knitted as I held open the door for her upon reaching the store. It was across from a small harbor where many a boat was tied. In my day, it was nothing to see many boats vying for a space in the harbor in which to come ashore. In this day and age, it was a sight to behold for the automobile had long since taken over both the horse and the boat as the ideal transportation. Canals gave way to highways and such stuffs were considered quaint rather than necessary.

I smiled upon her confused face as my beautiful lady took a step within the store. I watched carefully as she picked up this or that –all things made of seashells- until she turned to face me. "Was there something you wanted in here?" Elizabetta did finally speak. Her voice was meek but it was hers and that alone caused the man in me much pleasure.

I shrugged, wishing to give no hint of the depth of feelings for her but also to let her know my concern. "You spoke of shopping upon the other day when I could not venture outside. If you wish for another store, then we shall go as you please," I informed her. Elizabetta replied with but a sigh and began to once again examine the various trinkets before her.

A seashell clock, a wind chime made of seashells, a boat, a figure of a crab made of seashells, bottles of seashells, and much more made up this store. I had no doubt this theme was due to the proximity of the harbor and meant to be a tourist destination. I believe the modern term for such a place was "tourist trap" and I had brought my Elizabetta into it. I tried to think of any other place we may have passed as we had walked during her melancholy mood but could think of none other than a few dining establishments.

As I attempted to think upon another place in which to take my love, she turned to face me. "Gabriel?" she asked, biting her bottom lip immediately after doing so. I smiled at hearing my name upon those perfectly luscious reddish lips.

I took her hand upon and gently kissed the top of it before I gave my reply. "Yes?" I asked softly of her. I wished to treat her as a lady and not as I had prior.

"Do you mind much if we go to another store?" she asked me much to my delight. If she had want of something, anything, then perhaps my plan to relieve her of her melancholy was working even in it's smallest amount.

"We may go wherever you wish, my dear," I told her sincerely. Her lips attempted to turn in an upward manner but never reached even the approximation of a smile. Still, it was a start and she was speaking once more. This was all I wished for for now.

The store she brought me to, I knew not what to think of. For it was odd, eccentric, to say the least –and never a place I would have come near prior to this day. All the items were of fairies; such as the type I had seen hanging from the rear view mirror within Elizabetta's vehicle. Small clay fairies with feathers for hair. And those items that were not fairies were artisan created jewelry and dream catchers –things that were called "New Age" by this new generation. Yet, though I would never touch such things, I could easily see my lady here.

The colors of the store, the ribbons and glitter that made up the various bits and pieces contained within it, it was all my mate. As her fingers brushed against the glass of a display case, her eyes looking for some unknown object, I happened upon what looked like…circlets or crowns of some type. They were clearly for women for they were made of some sort of glittering stars garland and ribbons. One of which I saw was clearly made for my Elizabetta – teal metallic stars were interspersed between pink and purple ribbons. Though the colors she may wear were red or pink mixed with black, I had seen the many items she owned long enough to know these were not her favorite colors.

Her favorite colors were purple and a dark bluish teal. She also admired pink greatly and each item she owned –that of which was not covered in strawberries- held these colors. Her laptop was black but the background upon the screen on it was a mix of teal, purple, and pink. Purple, teal, and pink –these were her heraldry.

Taking the crown from its stand, I secretly placed it upon her head. The ribbons contrasted beautifully with her thick dark hair. The stars belonged upon her head. Though it looked nothing of a crown from my time, it still made my mate look like the true Princess she was.

Confusion colored her face as she reached up upon her head and felt what I had placed there. "Gabriel, wha.." she began but did not finish. Instead, she brought the long ribbons from the back of the crown around so she may inspect the colors herself. To this, did she smile as the pink and purple satin strands graced her ivory hands.

It was not a full smile, but it was well enough. Her melancholy was leaving her and this was all I wished. At least, I believed it so until her green eyes became transfixed upon some unknown object. It was behind me and to the right of me, whatever had caused her some alarm. I turned to see them too –jeweled dog collars. I cursed myself for such a foolish mistake. Why had I not seen them? All mirth left Elizabetta's features. Quickly, she placed the crown back upon it's stand as I whispered, "Let us go."

My inability to see the dog's collars ruined any chance I may have had at cheering my little treasure. Her thoughts were ever present and downcast based upon her facial features. She would speak when spoken to but little did she make in the way of any conversation. Upon another hour, I lead her back to the hotel where her beloved pet was. It would be better for her to take what time she had with the pup now than to continue in this failed outing.

Of course, being back at the inn, my thoughts too turned darker. This may be our last days for how soon would we reach the place where our confrontation with the guard would transpire? I could not think of Elizabetta not continuing but I also knew she would fight any attempt at my leaving her…and then what? I could not leave her, my greed for her scent and her untouchable flesh was too great.

As we walked near the inn, her phone rang. I saw the conflux of people nearby and kissed my lady upon the hand to go into the inn and repack our bags as well as retrieve the much loved sable fur. Elizabetta nodded and stayed along the sidewalk as she said a "Hi, Carlisle," upon answering the telephone. The guard would not attack in broad daylight such as this despite the clouds overhead. There were too many people nearby.

Quickly, I took the bags and the pup –much against the flea fur's wishes- down to the truck and loaded the items. Upon seeing the blue vehicle, the fur creature calmed and trotted toward it knowing it was our destination.

Upon placing all the items inside the vehicle, including the sable fur, I looked about for my little treasure. At first, I was alarmed for she was not where I had left her. But it was no more than a second notice that I saw her leaning upon a brick wall near the very spot where she had been but a few minutes before. Her eyes were closed, those green orbs cut off from my view, and she held the phone in her hand but down from here ears. She looked as if the weight of the world was upon her shoulders and I wished to take that from her.

As gently as I might touch a flower petal, I placed my hand upon her shoulder. She looked upon me startled and I retreated my hand immediately. However, Elizabetta shook her head. "Sorry," she whispered, to which, again, I knew not why. "Didn't realize it was just you."

I smiled softly and tried my best not to laugh upon my love. Why should she apologize to me, a vampire? I was the very terror that all humans feared –I was Death- and yet she did not show it. She showed compassion, empathy, and even love towards those of the Cullen clan.

"Come, we must go," I informed my secret mate. She nodded and followed silently until we reached the vehicle. When I opened the door for her seat and she glared upon me but obligingly sat in the vehicle, Elizabetta stated but one thing. "We need to run the errands first," she pointed out. I nodded. Indeed, we had many errands to run.

Of course, we were in need of supplies though I knew not where to get them. Elizabetta mentioned the previous evening of simply going to the hardware store as well as the large market to get what was needed. She also informed me I was to follow her and not pick up every curiosity I saw for we were in a hurry. I did not understand the instructions for a hardware store I had been in many times before.

Or, rather, I did not understand until we were inside.

We were to drop off the sable fur first. Elizabetta pulled the creature from the back seat into her lap, hugging the confused creature endlessly upon our drive to the veterinary office. Each time those lushous dark pink lips were placed upon the flea fur's head, I could not help the pings of jealously I felt.

However, my jealously was easily overcome with the thoughts upon our survival of this confrontation. I tried not to let myself think any other than that we would win. Demetri, Alec, and Felix would be dead by the morn and no more would they follow us. So what if the Volturi still demanded our capture? They would have lost their tracker and be unable to find either myself or my mate.

But what if they did find us? What if the device Elizabetta and I were to construct did not work or, far worse, destroyed us both?

My dark thoughts were interrupted by my sweet pet's voice. "Turn here," she stated as we came upon the drive for the animal boarding. As she readied the leash for her flea fur, Elizabetta kissed the pup but once more upon the head. "Gin, ready to go?" she asked the creature who but cocked her fur clad head in response.

Quickly, I vacated the vehicle and went to open Elizabetta's door. I looked at her frame as she held the now growling sable fur in her lap. "Are you ready?" I asked softly of the lady before me. As she nodded, a small piece of her thick brown hair fell softly down to frame her lovely face.

"Ah want to make sure she's safe," Elizabetta informed me with such seriousness, I but gave her a hand to lead her to the door of the boarding place.

I thought we would do nothing more than drop the fur creature off and then be upon our way. However, this was not the case. Instead, Elizabetta spoke to the veterinary doctor at some great lengths. She informed the doctor of when this sable fur last had a seizure, what her seizures typically were like, anything and everything the doctor could possibly ever wish to know –and more- in regards to the small fur thing. The dog, upon the other hand, found it far more interesting to watch the cats that were in a cage nearby. I did not blame her for I wished to hunt as well.

Once my love's question were all answered, she picked up her pet and kissed the creature repeatedly before handing the strawberry covered leash to veterinary assistant and nearly tearfully watching the sable fur trot off down the hall. Why such tears to be shed over a creature that was little more than a self walking floor mop was not explainable to me but I did know that Elizabetta loved it and therefore I could not hold anything against the creature.

I remained silent as my mate remained silent upon our drive to the next destination. My secret love had written upon a piece of paper directions to a place known as Home Depot. I had heard of the store but knew of none in the New York City area that I transversed. For any need of tools I might have had, that which I did not steal, I would buy through the mail. Though hardware stores existed from time to time in the great city, I had not been in one for many decades.

I thought my little treasure had again gone into her depression until I went to open the vehicle's door for her. She hopped out on her own and eyed me with her green eyes as if I had just done something displeasing to her. I thought on what I could have done on our drive to this large orange building but could think of nothing.

"You," she began, the finger of her creamy right hand pointing directly towards my chest. I was too shocked by her demeanor to teasingly grab her hand that she placed between us. "Are not allowed to run around the store. If I say we need to go get something, we're going to a new aisle. Ah don't care how cool, how shiny, how interesting the item may be to you. Ah don't even care if you don't know what it is, we are goin' to get what we came for and nothin' else. Understood?" she asked me, ending in my own native Italian. I found it interesting to note that she almost said the word "capisci" in a manner similar to my own but not in a mocking way. Rather, it was as if she had been to Naples and learned Italian at some point in her life.

Still, I could not help the smile brought to my lips by her words. Was she depressed regarding her sable fur, perhaps; but the far more pressing issue was that I was to behave by her terms within this store. Taking her hand that she had waged at me, I unfolded her fingers gently and kissed the creamy alabaster skin. I did take notice that much of her glare lost it's potency at that gesture. "I promise, my dear," I told her. Elizabetta's response was to sigh, brush past me in a slightly abrasive manner and grab the wheeled basket from a caravan of them within the parking lot.

I followed her obligingly and entered through the side doors of a porch area to this warehouse looking place. Immediately, I was assaulted with the smells of wood and dirt, metal and paint. It was hard to discriminate between which was more potent and I was simply pleased that I had fed the night before so that the mix of the smell of humans made little call to me. Glancing to my little treasure, I saw her brow wrinkle as she looked about the store.

"We'll get the lightbulbs first," Elizabetta stated as her eyes gazed about large room. "And we'll work our way down, alright?" she more stated than asked. I could not respond; for when her eyes went to the large room, so did mine.

I had been within the large department stores and buildings of New York but never before had I seen such a spectacle as this. The grocery store, even the shopping center that my love called a mall, weren't akin to this. The warehouse was the store for everything was out on display for potential customers –not simply models or pictures as might have happened within my day. Upon the far end were many different types of wood cut in various ways so that one may make their own house or whatever else they may need. Upon the other end was an entire conservatory of plants, filled with many plants and smells. To the end in which we walked into, nearest the conservatory, laid before us were all sort of cushions. Beyond them to the left, going towards the myriad of plants, were different sets of furniture made for the out of doors.

What struck me more was the none of the humans that entered here seemed the slightest bit alarmed at the size of this place and the many tools, gardening, and construction pieces that were here. Elizabetta herself started to pull away only to once more give me a sour look as she saw my wonderment. "C'mon, Gabriel. We don't have all day!" she stated in frustration.

I followed wordlessly, unable to find any speech for this was not something I had seen before. The grocery store was the closest comparison –for what it was with food, this was with all things needed to build a home. Perhaps I could build one for my mate. Would she like such a thing and what style would she prefer? Of course, what I have learned of Elizabetta, I believe her to be displeased if I were to build anything. She did not like me as of yet and only seemed to withstand my presence due to our mutual need for protection against the Guard.

This thought wounded me. Again, I considered what would become of both my little treasure as well as myself if she never felt even the slightest measure for me as I do for her. I could not leave her. To her clan would I take her but I do not know what after that. Watch her continue to live her human life only to be so destructive upon her death that Death itself would need to take me? For what? I had considered as much upon the death of my son. I had no wish to go to Hell and yet where else would a demon such as I go? There was no place for me except upon this plane.

Then back to my old ways? If anything upon that hunt last night, I did learn, it was that I could not return to them. Elizabetta had changed me too fully for me to escape back to that what I once was.

I followed where she went; but to her Death could I not go. So what then? Make her immortal and have her resent me further? If I too made her a monster would she not loathe me as I loathed my creator? Edward did not hate his creator. However, such a relationship was built on the need to preserve life. I only wished to preserve the one before me.

Elizabetta walked towards the lightbulbs and picked up several. I held up but one, curious as to why she required so many. Would not one bulb work with her plan?

"Why?" I began to ask for I wished to know the reason behind the number of lightbulbs Elizabetta was to purchase. She quickly interrupted me, the finger of her right hand shaking before my visage, and a humorous smile upon her lips.

"Remember your promise?" she asked of me. I smiled back which did seem to confuse her based upon her vivid green eyes.

"I promised only not to ask what things were and to not run amuck within the store. Other questions, such as why the need for so many lightbulbs, are still valid," I pointed out. She sighed and began to move the basket forward, again folded over it much the same as she had in the grocery store.

"Because of the stupid law they'll pass," my savior stated, her brow knitted as she spoke. For once, her frustration was not at me but at this unknown "they".

"What law is this?" I asked as we continued on to the next aisle.

"Congress will pass a law requiring all lightbulbs to be those stupid fluorescent twirly ones and not the incandescent ones soon and the twirly ones require a HAZMAT team if they break," Elizabetta muttered with much disgust evident in her voice. She went to the duct work aisle though I did not understand why as her fingers graced the packages of duct ties.

"Twirly ones?" I questioned, attempting to recall seeing such a thing. My savior nodded.

"They twirl up," she stated, moving her index finger upon her right hand in an upwards spiral. I did not recall seeing such a creation.

"And they have mercury in them" she stated as her attention was again diverted to the duct ties. "I'd much rather step on glass than have to deal with mercury poisoning," she muttered upon pulling a package of long duct ties from the rack before her.

I thought on her words carefully. If it had not yet gone through then was this something her Alice told to her? Also, why would such a need to stock up upon the items now arise? Would we not be able to once I returned her to her clan?

As soon as I thought to voice my questions, I heard an argument from the next aisle. We had moved to the area I had need to visit –electrics. I was surprised to see as many of the items as I would have to need here. Elizabetta assured me earlier that what I could not find here, most likely existed at our next stop or near it. As I examined the wires I would need, I heard a woman's voice raised for the aisle next.

"I don't give two hoots about none of that. You best not be taking your time and just get what we came in to get," this unknown woman informed some unknown person.

"But honey you've," a man's voice started only for him to be interrupted.

"Don't you 'but honey' me. I've seen how long it takes you to make up your mind. Like how long it took you to even propose. A good seven years! And I ain't waiting around in this store for seven years!" this woman stated loudly. At this point, I took a glance back at my Elizabetta who was most desperately trying not to laugh. Her face was half hidden as she leaned forward, biting down on those perfect deep rose colored lips. It was her green eyes that could not contain the laughter in them as she looked up at me. I could not help but smile back.

"I just need to get some information on these ceiling fans, woman," the man said, each word accentuated with his voice rising. My little treasure shook her head upon hearing the last word. She added a mumbled, "He's in trouble." As if the man was not already in trouble with such a wife or fiancé as the one he did currently have. It did not sound as if they had any love for each other so wife it must be for a fiancé was one that he could easily still leave.

Slience lasted but a few seconds before the woman reacted to her husband or fiancé's response. "Then you best be getting it," she stated as I placed the items in the basket.

"That it?" Elizabetta asked me in a hushed tone. When I nodded affirmatively, assuming she did not wish for the couple upon the other side to know they had any audience, we both moved out and on to the next aisle.

"Cause you ain't getting any home if you keep this up!" the woman shouted as we left the electrical department. Elizabetta's laughter was barely contained as her cheeks flushed a rosy red. Though the blood pulled in her face, I could not harm her. The hunt last night helped but I was also too filled with questions for did my secret love not find it odd for such behavior in such a public place where any may listen in? A wife to berate her husband so in such a manner was to be done in the privacy of ones home if at all. It was the husband that ruled the house though many a woman would force his hand.

"You find that amusing?" I asked as light heartedly as was possible once I was certain that we were too far from them to hear –assuming they could hear over their now tempered argument.

At my question, Elizabetta began to laugh, her voice ringing much to my wonderment. "You didn't?" she asked, her green eyes dancing with laughter. I found the situation odd for on one hand I did find the argument filled with much amusement but upon the other I felt something I could not explain.

"You have heard many arguments such as that?" I asked in an attempt to gain information given that my little treasure seemed to not find such an argument odd at all. Elizabetta shook her head and I noticed an odd look come across her face. Her eyes no longer held laughter and I instantly felt as if I had wronged her some how.

"Mom and Dad sometimes, I guess," she stated softly, her shoulders hunched as we continued our progress with our basket. A quick silence fell and Elizabetta spoke once more before I could fill the emptiness. "That was a Rose and Emmett argument," she said, again straightening her posture and a smile upon her lips as she looked on to me. I noticed well that she mentioned married couples –presumably couples that were married many years for she had explained before that Rosalie and Emmett were a mated pair in her clan and that "Rose" held no love for a human that knew of our existence. Was this than normal for modern married couples? I thought upon it more, recalling other times when I was hunting a meal or even existing upon the streets of New York; and in my shift of memories I did recall many similar such arguments where a couple who did still have love for the other fight in such a manner. Did not the great master playwright, Master Shakespeare, write of such couples? I recall Beatrice and Benedick being the source of much laughter in his play of Much Ado. They did sport and trade wit with insults in such a manner.

To the tools we went as another thought occurred to me, one that had begun to pick upon me the moment the woman in the argument spoke to her husband in impolite manner; was this not how Elizabetta spoke to me –to some degree- prior to our coming into this store? I continued to think about her sometimes brash manner and wondered if it was at all possible that such speech as she gave was not out of contempt but out of comfort? Was it that she was comfortable enough around me that she knew no words would force me away? Was that what Elizabetta considered of love? Was she to be my Beatrice and I her Benedick?

I shook such thoughts from my head. She was human. Humans did not behave in such a way towards each other until many years after marriage –not within a few days of having known each other. I allowed my own feelings towards her to dictate what she must feel. All she must feel is safe and loved for nothing else mattered to me.

We bought our items that we needed at the orange warehouse known as Home Depot only to go to another one known as Target, or as my savior corrected me, Targèt for she explained that it was a French owned store so, as a bit of sport, many English speaking humans declared it "Targèt". There I was able to find the rest of the supplies I needed as well as for Elizabetta to get but some paper towels and windex which she declared may be necessary. I was curious as to what type of place this was that she thought such items might become necessary.

I led my savior back to her vehicle. Upon entrance to the passanger side, she gazed upon my visage with sadness again in her eyes. "We need to get to that other motel now, don't we?"

I seated myself in the passenger side before answering my savior. "Yes, my dear," I stated as softly as I could now that all laughter was lost for her visage no matter how much I wished for it back. Of course, there was little reason to laugh now given what we were to go up against.

Elizabetta gazed out of the window once more and I thought upon her mood. I wished to keep her has contented as possible until the Guard came to us. Her fear was well founded, if that was what her currently melancholy was due too. However, was she not like this earlier about her sable fur?

"Is this all for your Miss Ginsie or are you melancholy because of the guard coming to us?" I asked when my curiosity became too much. I also wished not for her to go back into the trace such as the one upon our leaving of Dunkirk. Despite that I could accomplish much on my own, it would be useful to have my savior's help upon setting of our trap. Speaking on to her so that she might answer should help her to not return to the trace like hysteria.

"Both and plus some," she muttered with her typically frustration lacing her tone. To this, I smiled. Her voice showed her spirit despite what her current posture.

I thought more upon the incident at the warehouse and wondered much if Elizabetta could ever think of me in any such terms as her mate. Though I had much doubt, perhaps there was a way to discover if she held any affection for me. Slowly, I took her hand into my own. A simple touch of her soft warm fingers against my own hard cold skin –that she did not pull away from- as I began to speak. "Little treasure, I promise you, no harm will come to your pup. I will protect you with my existence as you protected me," I whispered. Her sable fur was safe at the vet. With me, I would protect her at all costs for nothing was more precious to me any more. What had I held as important before this? My own existence? For even that seemed trivial if hers was at stake. I gently pulled at her hand, hoping that she may gaze upon me but no such move did she make. Rather, a half whispered "Thank You" I did receive; though she did not pull her hand from mine either.

We drove for a few more minutes in silence, her hand in mine, before she cast her green eyes my way. Her eyes narrowed upon my visage as if she was looking for something specific; of what I knew not. I squeezed her hand as gently as one might place a rose petal between their fingers to feel the softness of it. "What is it, Elizabetta?" I asked of her, wishing only to know her thoughts based upon her actions. I could not look upon her and not feel a smile upon my lips anymore.

"I just wanted to make sure you went hunting last night," she stated in an off handed manner before her green eyes were again cut off from me and returned to the window. "Thank you," she stated once more.

What I felt was both a combination of pride and humility. Pride for that I did what I thought I could not and humility for not having taken this option much earlier in my existence. How many lives did I end for my own greed of blood? Though many were criminals –monsters not too unlike myself- how many had not been? There were some I was unsure off, some who smelt too sweet. It had been my pride, my arrogance, that demanded only human blood but no longer could I kill that from wish my only love had sprung. That I too, half an eon ago, had come from.

"Of course, I wished to be prepared," I stated a bit too abruptly. My thoughts were a jumble of what ifs and of her that had changed me. I had not taken this new diet lightly. It was unnatural but , in that thinking, I had forgotten that I too was not natural. My love for this lady was not natural. Far too much was not natural and there was little I could control of it.

"You were right. There were a great deal of black bears to the Western part of this state. Thank you," I informed my savior for it was upon her words that I took to this. It was upon her demands that I felt myself forced to be a vegetarian. Now, I am unsure if I ever would wish to go back. When I thought earlier of how my existence would be if I should loose Elizabetta's company –that I would destroy all that wronged her if she should die- their blood, at least, I would not take. "I do not think I could stomach a deer," I continued to which she gave a small hint of laughter.

"Bear does taste better than deer," my savior stated with much humor in her voice. "Deer is much too sweet and salty at the same time but bear is pretty good," she continued. Deer I knew was still eaten by some but not in any of the cities, I did think. It was a rural meat for those that did hunt and fish. I had not heard of a human tasting bear. Perhaps the Cullens were preparing her to be turned? They hunted and gave her the meat to eat? I furrowed my brow in thought as my little treasure looked upon me once more. "Especially with mustard!" she stated with much enthusiasm.

"You've eaten…bear? I did not think it was a food much thought of for most humans anymore," I responded to my goddess, Diana; my Elizabetta.

To her hands did her eyes go as she shoulders moved in a shrugging motion before her posture became one of a more introverted nature. "I had friends that would hunt and fish. I'd go fishing once in a while but…," my little treasure's voice trailed off before she looked up again quickly. I tried to picture this lady in such a common role as that of a fisherman. It did not fit her as I saw her until I thought upon the Bible. If my angel truly were an angel, well, were not many of the apostles fishermen when the Lord, our God, found them? Would not an angel fish then?

It also did not escape me that she again used the past tense in saying that she had friends. She must still believe that she was thrust upon this time from another, from one world into another. Of course, upon meeting vampires, what else would one believe?

"They'd send or bring back things like venison jerky or roasted bear meat. It was…different, but not bad," my love continued.

I took the slip road to the next highway before I replied. Her words brought to mind many things for this unnatural situation compounded many times over with more situations that were themselves not previously known to me or natural in themselves; before this, I considered unnatural to be bad but what was I but a demon, the very definition of bad? That these things I now found myself doing -falling in love with a human, drinking the blood of animals- these were not bad. "No, it's not bad. Simply different," I whispered. She smiled upon me which brought a smile on to my own visage.

It was at that moment I saw the sign for the hotel in which Elizabetta wished to perform this arson act. She declared it the "White House Motel" and I had noticed the hint of laughter in her eyes when she spoke of it. It was not until this moment I realized why.

"What the…?" I stopped myself from cursing in this lady's presence but only just. To say that this place was a rat motel would be an affront to rodents everywhere. It was to an establishment such as this that I would sooner think to find my more traditional meal than to ever let my lady's presence grace it.

"You are not staying here," I informed her as my eyes found the filth and rubbish littered upon the gravelway. I drove over much and found this building beyond wanting the closer we came to it. The film left upon the windows themselves was thicker than the glass. The motel was once white but had a thin gray and green moss growing about it. The roof itself had not been repleaced or seen a thatcher since the time of my lady's birth. I dared not to consider what the insides of such a place may look like.

"We have to. This is the perfect place to create a nice little bonfire," Elizabetta told me as her creamy alabaster hands moved to undo her seatbelt. She twisted so that the top of her dark hair covered head was but a few inches from me. I knew she meant to get out of the vehicle but I could not allow her to do so. This was not a place for a lady but for the monsters of both her world and mine.

"No," I stated as emphatically as I might. I did not wish to simply sit here and waste the precious gas within the tank of her vehicle so I turned it off but kept my position for I would turn it back on again the moment Elizabetta agreed to leave and find a more suitable place. "This is no place for you," I informed her. My savior's response was to roll her green eyes in a hopeless gesture before moving to grasp the door, prying it open but an inch before I was able to grab her a stop her from leaving. Did she not see as I did? Were her eyes too weak to see the danger that lurked here? Perhaps. Perhaps that is why she was able to save me to begin with for no lady with stronger eyes would venture down a nearly empty street only to turn towards an alley where two fearsome creatures were.

Upon my hold on her, her eyes darted to my hand and then to me, narrowing. My stilled heart realized what hope it had before of any affection towards me was nothing more than what I constructed in my own mind. This journey we were on together was out of self preservation for Elizabetta. Her green eyes destroyed any hope I had of more towards me.

"Look, what are you going to do, Gabriel?" she began, her eyes never leaving my face as her anger grew at myself. Though any hope for affection was gone, I was gladdened to see she made no more moves to leave the vehicle. If only she did not force me from her presence. "Find somewhere else where there might be actual families and not just the bottom feeders of human society?" she questioned. So her eyes did see what I saw!

Her gaze softened and turned to the front of the vehicle, tilting her head in a manner that she was almost like a small child. "Actually, I doubt even another soul other than us and the owner is here given the lack of cars," she said softly, all anger gone from her voice. Maybe all hope was not lost and her temper was but a flare – quickly and impressively lit but also quickly gone. It did not escape me that she used the word soul in which to describe us however it is but a figure of speech. I have no soul any longer. She is my soul though she does not know it. "…Unless it's one of those by the hour places and it will be packed tonight," Elizabetta continued.

To this, I knew not how to respond. That such a lady as my savior would know of such an establishment that was used not as a place of rest –for I have quickly learned over the past few days that humans need far more than merely a hour to sleep- but for other activities… The lustful part of me began to think of how badly I wished to engage in those activities with my angel but the man was aghast that such an innocent would know of such a place to begin with.

Her eyes returned to my visage it was upon me she looked quizzingly. "What?" she asked of me. How could I voice to her my surprise at her knowledge? I knew I could not because to do she may take as an insult which I had no wish to do. Instead, I pulled her as close as I dared, her sweet smelling skin but a few centimeters from my lips as I spoke unto her.

"Listen to me, my dear," I begged of her. My angel closed her eyes at my words but her breaths stayed even as her jaw tightened but slightly.

"I stated to your little clan that I would not allow any harm to come to you upon my own existence and I meant it well. This place is nothing but harm and I will not let you grace its threshold," I promised her. She demanded to be released per her actions and I let my hand slip from her left arm. My hand trailed down her knit covered arm, my fingers brushing by her hand.

"Oh really?" my savior asked. I gave but one nod in response for though she may take this as a challenge, I would not let her leave this vehicle. Rather than attempt to leave, she turned to me and spoke again.

"Well then, what are you going to do with me?" she asked . This was not a question I understood readily for I would simply take her away from here. I knew not what after that. "For as much as you think of me, I am not a gentlewoman, Gabriel. I am, or was, paid to think all day. I did that. A lot," she continued and I realized my error. She mistook my not wishing her here for my thinking her to be frail. She was frail in the sense she was a human and I knew her well to be wise. I cursed myself for making Elizabetta think for one moment that I believed her to be unable to take care of herself. "This was my idea. You can't just let me sit out because you think I might catch some skin disease in this God-Forsaken place," she said as her voice rose in volume. Tears pooled in her green eyes, making them look even more like emeralds. Her words meant nothing compared to the pain I saw in her eyes. Her pain was to be my pain and I would take it all upon myself if I could.

Raising her right hand, her index finger pressed against my chest in a manner meant to intimidate but I found myself so far cursed that it only added to my pain. I had caused the anger, the hurt, the pain in Elizabetta's eyes and there was little I could do regarding it. "You are not allowed to dictate what I can and cannot do. I'm going in there. I'm going to set up and wait until tomorrow when all hell breaks loose. Because if I don't and the Volturi realize we've broken up, how do you think either one of us will fare?" she pointed out quickly. It was with this I realized why she so badly wished to go into this place. If I did take her and leave here, would I come back? Perhaps. We knew the Guard would come here and it would give me a chance to stop them on my own. Even if I did not, then how long would it be before the Guard came after us again? Until the caught us?

What would the Guard do to one such as my angel? That they would kill her was not the question but whether they would be kind enough to not cause her pain was. I had heard of some of the tortures over the years reserved for humans that knew too much or discovered too much. They did not end well.

"You'd have all the fire power and you might get one or two of the guards but what would I do? Would you just leave me or would you be willing to part with a match or two?" she inquired and I knew well what she meant. The Guard may split upon the realization that we had split. If they knew I was in this trap alone and my savior was elsewhere, how quickly would they go after her? I released Elizabetta's arm completely now for I had taken her right arm upon her finger pointed at my chest. My instinct was to not allow her to damage herself for I thought for but a moment she may move to hit me. I may well deserve such a slap but it would hurt her far more physically than such an action could hurt me.

My savior knew the risks. She knew of what may happen and yet she still wished to go forward with this plan. "As this is of your own free will, so shall I follow," I told her softly as I dared so that her human ears may still hear it. Even that seemed to cause her pain for her eyes closed and she gazed away from me.

She left my side, opening the passenger side door to take the bags that she would normally carry with her as if this were but another hotel. I made no move to stop her, let her carry on as if the Guard were not after us. As if they would not destroy us.

When I saw her begin to walk towards what must be the reception for this motel, I got out and went around the vehicle. Nearly afraid of being rebuffed, I place my hand upon her shoulder to stop her. It was not that I did not believe her capable, only that she should be given as little trouble as was needed upon this day. By the looks of the motel, the reception would be a great deal of trouble. "Please, allow me?" I asked. It was my job as a man to take care of such a thing; yet I wished not to have Elizabetta feel as something lesser for the sake of her sex. It was that she was my savior and my mate that I also wished to go rather to have her go. If I held not the feelings of love for her, then I would think she was far more capable than any other human to deal with whatever laid behind the front office door.

Her shoulders moved up as she attempted to shrug, I suppose. My answer was in that she turned away from me and went back to her vehicle rather than continuing to the front office. Though no fear of germs or illness had I in five hundred years, the thought of touching the knob to the reception area was enough to re-enliven that fear once more. It may have been brass once but the dirt corroded upon it made it look as if it were made of something far less pleasant.

Upon my entrance to the dimly lit room, I saw an older man sitting behind the unfashionable dark wood counter. Orange and red carpet dressed up the sides of the desk in a manner such as I had not seen in nearly thirty years. I believe that was also the last time the carpet had been cleaned.

No words did the man speak until he got up from his goldenrod colored chair and place down his cigarette. The room was filled with smoke and smelt of both it and mold. This did not help my fears for what Elizabetta may breathe in this night in our own room. "It's thirty five for the night," he coughed giving no clue to his accent. His face was well weathered to the point that he may be of any race. I nodded and placed the cash down as he placed the key upon the counter. His hand immediately went to grab the green paper upon the counter, as he gazed past me through the darkened windows. I need not follow his gaze to know the cause of his smile. The only thing in that direction was Elizabetta and her vehicle. The look in the eyes of this old man as he gazed upon her nearly made me kill him.

My hand reached up towards his throat. From lust to alarm did his eyes go in that split second. It was only the squeak of the tailgate to Elizabetta's vehicle that saved him. I knew it was my mate opening the back door to her truck and I knew what she would wish for in this situation. I would not kill him.

My hand went down from his throat and the man's eyes still were filled with fear. However, for good measure, I growled at him before turning to leave. Nothing more needed to be said.

I walked quickly towards Elizabetta. No matter what she would say to me, I was relieved to have her again in my sight and near me. Thinking only of getting her inside, I grabbed the box of tools and whatever else I may only to see my savior looking upon my form. I stopped midway and wished only to make sure of her decision. "Are you sure this is what you wish?" I asked once more.

She tilted her head, gazing upon me as if the answer was obvious. "What choice do I have?" my angel again pointed out. I but nodded and took the canister of gasoline along with the box of tools towards the door that would lead to our room.

"Then let us prepare," I stated. I was unsure even within myself as to whether I meant for what was beyond the door or the Guard. The key was still upon the index finger of my left hand to which I managed to balance the various items I held in my arms and use the key to open the door to our room. I was curious as to what level of Hell this was upon opening the door. Certainly, there had to be a level in which such grime and filth was where one would stay –unable to ever get it clean.

I stopped in the doorway as the smells assaulted me. Dried blood was the first one I could only faintly smell. What was far more distressing was the mix of dried human fluids coming from the bed where more than one whore had laid down for a man's lust. On top of that were the smells of mold, of smoke, and of a thousand other things I did not even think I could name. In all my five hundred and twenty one years I had never smelt anything so revolting rolled into one as this. I was surprised that my human mate did not vomit at the smell. Perhaps it was too weak for her nose.

Instead, she entered it and looked around as if judging it for it's character. "Well, I guess this will make for the perfect horror movie," Elizabetta stated before her green eyes met my now amber ones. "We've got vampires, creepy motels, and bomb making equipment. All we need is the dumb blond in high heels running away from the swamp thing that I think lives in the bathroom here and we'll be set!" she continued in a teasing but cheerful voice. Her smile only broke as I looked upon her as if she were truly insane. Not only is she not fearful of vampires but she has no fear of such a place as this?

"What is it?" Elizabetta asked as she turned around to once more take a look upon the room. "Oh God, it's not blood is it? I brought some cleaners because I figured this place might at least need some windex but…" she stated in a hurried and worried manner. Her eyes squinted as she looked for something unknown to me.

"No," I informed her. My sweet goddess turned quickly, to the point I almost believed that she was not human once more. "It's not blood," I told her. Of course, there was blood but that was not the issue. Dried blood smelt to me as a rotten piece of fruit might smell to my savior. "But there are many other things that I would much rather not smell," I continued as I moved to her side.

"Like what?" she asked with all the innocence of a child. I could not help but to smile.

It was her curiosity at the world around her that I loved so greatly. She always seemed to wish for knowledge above all else. I moved to place my lips upon the top of her head. A soft touch of her warm alabaster skin against my mouth as I have done before. She did as was her custom, to scowl at me but make no other move against me. I ignored it, thinking again upon my thoughts earlier regarding Benedick and Beatrice in Master Shakespeare play.

As I looked upon the wooden table –it seemed to have some rot but not enough to destroy it's integrity as a table- I slowly placed the items I carried upon it. "That is not for your innocent ears to hear, little treasure," I informed her. The table did not break, to which I was glad. It was then that I answered her knowing well that my savior would demand an answer.

She said nothing as she looked about for a place to put the bags she had upon her shoulders. I was to state that the dresser may be an option when she saw it and went to carefully place the plastic bags down first. It was clear by her movements that my little treasure had no wanting to touch the objects in this room. Immediately upon placing the bags on the low lying dresser, she did jump back and look upon the wooden chest of drawers as if it were the predator and not myself.

"I umm…" she said as her breathing turned shallow. Her eyes darted around the room quickly and I moved closer, hoping that my angel realized this was no place for her. "I'm going to go get those cleaners," she informed me as she silently asked for the keys. I gave them knowing that no amount of soap and water could cure the grime that lay thick in this carpet. I was unsure of what color it was truly. Perhaps a beige? The mud, smoke, and dust were so thick upon the fibers that –what was left of the carpet- was a dull grey. Too many cigarette holes had been burned into it around the bed to truly call it a carpet anymore and it was well worn from a thousand different footsteps upon the enterance.

As I began to take out the items I should have need of for making the remote detonator to attach to the light – I dared not look upon the light fixture itself given the state of the rest of the room- I heard another vehicle pull upon the gravel lot. The music was loud and not of the stuff I had grown accustom to while traveling in my Elizabetta's vehicle. I could not hear how many additional humans there were but I also thought little of them and only wished to work upon our plan and await Elizabetta returning to the room.

What I did hear made the man in me roar with rage. The way the men called to my mate, the way they placed their lips together to whistle at her, it took every ounce of sanity I had to not act as a vampire and destroy them. I walked at as quick a human pace as would still look human and placed Elizabetta behind me. The one creature that emerged from the vehicle had begun to walk over to my savior much to the laughter of the others. I knew that these men were the kind that I had hunted but a week ago. I dared not guess what they would consider to try and do to my human lady. On instinct, I bore my teeth and growled a warning at this creature, my right arm keep Elizabetta firmly behind me.

The creature stopped and stepped back, his arms raised in protection. It would not help him if I did attack. "Woah," he stated as he took another step towards his vehicle. "Sorry dude. Didn't know she was your woman," he continued. Upon his words, his only saving grace at this moment, the only thing that would save his life, was an apology to my savior.

"You will apologize to her, immediately!" I informed him, barely containing my anger. I wished badly to destroy him and the rest of his party. It was only that I could hear the heartbeat, feel the warmth, of the creature behind me and know that she was safe that currently saved him.

Elizabetta's heart rate was quickened almost to the point I remember hearing it that night she saved me. I had no wish to scare her but I did wish to terrify the creature before me.

"Sorry, lady. You got a good man there," the man stated. He bowed his head and began to take another step back. I growled again as I wrapped my arm around Elizabetta; placing myself between her and this creature. I covered her as best I could until we got back into the room. Without much thought, I closed the door and rested my fists against it.

"While we are here and until the entire guard situation is settled, I will not let you out of my sight," I informed her. The last person I did not let leave my sight was my former wife though for a very different reason. Elizabetta I did so out of protection, for the wanton whore that was my adulteress wife, it was to prevent any further shame coming upon our family –if possible.

As if she could read my very thoughts, Elizabetta spoke. "Were you ever married?" she asked as if all that had just occurred outside was nothing more than a bad dream. It was a rather normal question but not in a situation such as this. I turned around quickly, no fear of being made as something unnatural in front of my secret love, and looked directly at her.

"What?" I asked for I could not believe the simplicity of the question given what had just occurred. Was she not still scared? Would she not cry from fear? Her manners were as if she had not just been in the situation she just was. Did she not fear those creatures that were in that other vehicle? I heard them leave to which I was grateful for if Elizabetta slept while they were near, their lives would quickly be forfeit. Or was it as I had thought hours ago now, that she did trust me and therefore thought fear something unnecessary?

Her perfect green eyes rolled once more as she walked further into the room. Tearing a piece of paper cloth from its roll, she used it as a handkerchief between her bare hand and the knob the to water closet door. "Did you have a wife?" she asked again, accentuating each word as she spoke it in annoyance. I had taken my place again to collect the wires that I had dropped upon hearing those creatures call at her.

Upon opening this door, I saw her move back and I could only guess at why as the smells of mold and film further assailed my nostrils. I thought upon what to tell her and looked down at the pieces of the detonator in my hands. "Yes," I replied.

I had always tried not to think upon my human life but I could not keep such information from Elizabetta as she asked for it. To think upon my life when I still had a soul, when I was not a demon, was to think upon my son. "It was an arranged marriage. We had one child, a son, and so I let her be after that to do as she willed," I told her. I still missed my only child, Francesco, despite the passage of time. Time only forces you to get stronger so that you may exist, it never truly heals the pain.

"She married again not two weeks past my disappearance for there was enough blood at the scene where I was changed to show that I was dead," I continued. I thought upon my former wife's marriage day for she married one of the adulterers I had caught her with. It was if she had planned all along to have me dead. Of course it was I, who, in the end, brought about a final justice.

I gazed upon my goddess of the moon, my Diana, and knew she would never act in the way my former wife did. I had seen how loyal Elizabetta was to her sable fur alone and to her clan. She was not one to break a promise lightly.

The pea green chair at the table did Elizabetta pull upon. Her nose scrunched up in disgust as she looked at it and then threw many of the emptied plastic bags down on it before she would grace the chair with her bum. I was unsure whether to laugh or praise her for realizing how revolting the chair truly was.

"When were you changed?" she asked next. I grounded the wires as Elizabetta pulled upon the many bags, searching through them as she asked her question. I suppose she wished to know at what age I died, at what age did I become frozen forever into this cursed existence.

"The summer of 1523. Why this sudden curiosity of my life?" I inquired. She did not ask such questions when we had sat within much cleaner hotel rooms than this or as I drove her vehicle. I did not mind her asking but if there was something behind it, then that could I answer too.

Again, she shrugged all the while looking through the many plastic bags we both brought in. "I don't know. Just figured I'd ask is all," she stated in an off handed manner. A smile crept upon her face as she held up the light bulbs I place upon the floor. It was quickly gone as she looked at the underside of the table from her vantage point. I could only guess at what was there.

As if in an effort to make conversation, she asked yet another question. "So what was with the church the other day?" she asked as she gazed upon me from beneath her long dark eyelashes. "You weren't really scared God was going to smite you, were you? Or that you'd turn into a pile of ash when you walked in? Because, as cool as that would be to see I seriously doubt…" she rattled on. The idea of simply walking into a church and turning to ash made me laugh. Or, rather, what Elizabetta's reaction would have been had that happened. I could see her get angry with God and glare upon every crucifix or other symbol of Him only to stomp her feet and tell God to restore me or she would fight Him. It would not matter that he was God and she was still a very human lady.

"No, that I was not fearful of that. I only fear myself and what I remember," I informed her. Of course, that was not enough information for my mate. She looked upon my visage as if awaiting more of a story. I sighed and placed the completed detonator to the side. It did not need much to be reworked so that the light fixture would turn on. In fact, the remote switch was precisely that and I only added more wires so that it would fit snuggly behind the light fixture were it would be hard to see.

"I remembered feeling guilty about not loving my wife as I should have when I was human," I stated. I recalled not feeling enough for my wife for she had taken two lovers that I knew of to our marriage bed. "She…" I began only to rethink my words. I did not wish to retell the shame brought upon my family. If nothing else, she still was the mother of my child. "Was not my type I suppose would be the phrase one would use of this day, little treasure," I spoke in her modern tongue. A half a smile came to her lips before another roll of her lovely green eyes. However, it was clear she wished for me to continue as her fingers managed to take the sharp point she had and drill a small hole into the lightbulb. I watched in fascination at how careful she was with the glass object.

"The last time I had been in a church, prior to the other day, was to try to convince the priest to speak on my behalf so I might be granted an annulment. I had no love for my wife and did not wish ill of her but I had seen her eyes gaze to another's," I told her as matter as factly as I could. It was more than her eyes that had gazed upon another but there was no need to speak ill of those long dead. I gently took the lightbulb from my savior to fill it with gas. There was a funnel that worked well to prevent gas from spilling. I was more wary of the fumes than of the décor.

"So, rather than have her take a lover, I pleaded with the priest to allow a communication to the bishop at the time for an annulment. He refused…" I lied slightly. She had already taken a lover but it was but a small point. The greater was what I did to the priest. "So I killed him," I admitted. Until that moment, I was still human. I was still capable of being saved. After I destroyed a man of God, God himself could not forgive me. I could not forgive myself for my weakness.

I was quiet as I took the gasoline filled lightbulb and placed it in the light fixture. It was a standard mount but one that was from half a century ago. The old bulb was of little use since it had burned out based upon the look of it. We would not have light in here when the sun set.

Elizabetta now knew I was a monster as a human as well as being a vampire now. She too was quiet even when she spoke again. "What did you do then?" she asked as if a child asking for the rest of the fairy tale story.

I smiled slightly at this precious treasure. She did not run though she knew of what I was. Her only request was more information. I left the light fixture to obtain the remote detonator. "Don't flip the switch," I said as I saw her squint into the darkening room.

"I don't want to even touch it," she said beneath her breath, awaiting more of my story.

"I ran," was all I simply said upon attaching the detonator. I glanced into Elizabetta's awaiting eyes before explaining what happened next in my story. Like a coward, I ran from all my problems. "I ran into the woods, straight into the arms of a beautiful woman," I ribbed slightly. Elizabetta did not take the bait.

"Your creator?" she breathed in a manner that I found odd. I was expecting an eye roll again from my savior. It seemed to fit the previous pattern of banter. Still, I nodded. I recalled running from the church. I dropped my sword and left the screaming and the blood behind. I did not know where to go, so to the woods I fled. I would be killed if I went back to my home for none could kill a priest and live so I thought enough through to run to the woods were the other devils hid. I did not know how right I was until she bit me.

I was only a few feet beyond the road when a flash of white blurred before my eyes. I know I called out only to receive laughter as my answer. I felt her cold arms embrace me before her teeth found my neck. I struggled and thrashed but this woman that held me was far too strong for me. All I did in the process was break my arm and cut myself, blood freely flowing through the cuts onto the ground. I never did get a proper look at her face.

I recall the pain well. The moment she bit into my neck, I felt as if on fire. The fire coursed through me as my blood left me. I remember hearing someone else near –or something- when she dropped me into the dirt and left me there to die. It was there by the side of the road I was transformed from a human monster to Death himself. It was a simple transformation for I was already dead either way.

"She probably thought she finished me but I survived the three days of change. When I awoke into this life, I only wanted to rid it of evil, such as I had become before my change," I attempted to tell her without much emotion. When I awoke after those three days, I knew I was a demon. I thirsted badly for blood and took the first poor creature I happened upon. He was the town beggar, blind by birth, who I had given many alms to over the course of his life. It was his misfortune to greet me that day upon the road for all I wished for was blood. It was not until after I drained him of his that I recognized him for who he was. I swore to only take the blood of sinners after that.

"Temporary insanity and evil are two very different things, Gabriel," my angel lectured me. They were but I was not insane when I killed the priest. Rather, I remember that moment in vivid detail. It had been an option I dismissed when I traveled into town; to kill the priest should he not give into my demands. It was only after I killed him I did not dismiss the option as easily as I thought. However, such a point I did not wish to spend the night arguing over so I chose to point out that she should take her rest instead.

"You should try and sleep if they are to come tomorrow," I said as I looked upon the bed. I believe Elizabetta had blankets that could be put down and then for her to sleep on top of them. Maybe the bed she should not sleep in. If we went back to the large store and bought a cot, it would be safe and she could get her rest.

"There is no way in God's green Earth that Ah am evah gonna even touch that bed let alone sleep on it," my little treasure stated definitely. On this, I did not blame her. "Ah'm pretty sure it's diseased."

I went for a closer look at the blanket that covered the bed. It had stains from many human fluids even on top of it along with burn marks and several other bits of mud and dust. A cot was in order. "I think you may be correct in that assessment but you do need to sleep," I pointed out to her but Elizabetta stood firm. She shook her head upon my suggestion.

"I'll sleep tomorrow, when we are at a real hotel with a real bed and a real bath," she informed me, emphasizing real as if she thought this more of a fantasy land or a nightmare. " For now, I can stay awake. I'll just be grumpy. I think the smell alone is enough to prevent me from fallin' asleep anyway," she muttered. I could not help but smile at that. Was not my first thought upon stepping into the room that it smelt of refuse and other foul things? I was curious as to how Elizabetta could not smell it and now know she did. She just did not mention it upon entry.

If she was to stay up for the entire night, then perhaps I could as some questions of my own. I knew of her life with the Cullens to a degree but none of before that. I had seen the look in her eyes when she mentioned her parents in the warehouse and I wished to know more. Perhaps this night would be a chance to learn much more about my love.

Author's Note: Hopefully this turned out okay. The last ten pages or so were written when I was sick so I have no idea if they even make sense, let alone sound right. Review, please, and tell me?