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It was dark. The clouds were blocking the moon and the stars. Night had swept in and was hiding me, giving me the freedom and cover I so desperately longed for. I walked aimlessly around the new city, trying to get my bearings. The clouds over head threatened an imminent snow story. The air pulsed around me and for some reason, I felt as though something big was about to happen. I felt as though the past I was running from would give me a bit of a head start before it came chasing after me like it always did. The world didn't seem like it was about to consume me.

I kept walking. I could hear the water lapping against the dock and kept walking. Something kept propelling me forward. Something kept pushing me to keep going, to not ignore this feeling. Something told me that just up ahead was something that I would not want to miss out one. So I kept walking, hoping that whatever it was I was supposed to find would show itself so that I could get back on with my life.

I lived a simple life. I was a simple girl and all I wanted was to just keep going. I wanted to blend in with the crowd and make it through this part of my life so I could get on with the rest of it. I was going to school, trying to further my education before I took my place in the work force. What I would do, I wasn't sure. There are only so many things one can do with an English degree, and only so many of them would allow me to keep my sanity. I was not the kind of person who would be able to sit quietly at a desk typing away about some event that I reviewed, or do bland management work. I needed something that would change enough to keep me interested, I needed the words that I so desperately craved and soaked in while studying, and at the same time, I needed stability. I couldn't really think of any job that offered me that, but I digress. I was twenty-one and had seen more than most ninety year olds. I was forever seeking a way to escape from the monotony that was my life. I was relatively plain, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. I wasn't the tallest of girls and my legs certainly didn't go on for miles. I was simple. Everything was simple. Too simple. I hated it.

I was still walking when I heard it. At first, it sounded like it could have been the ocean, but as I kept walking and the noise got louder, signaling I was getting closer to the source, I realized it was coming from the opposite direction. I quickened my pace as the feeling deep in the pit of my stomach tightened. The closer I got the tighter the knot in my stomach became. It was a grunting noise, something that was unsettling, something I wanted to run from, yet something that still caused me to inch closer and closer until I discovered the source. It seemed to be coming from an alley. A cliché that made me want to run far, far away from whatever was hiding in the darkness that I was seeking refuge in. But I seemed to be propelled forward, inexplicably pulled toward that alley and whatever it held.

I was almost to the mouth of the alley now, and I slowed my steps. I was frightened now. The noise was loud and aggressive. I'd had enough aggression in my life, I didn't need any more, yet I couldn't pull myself away. I couldn't rip my attention from its objective. Finally, I had reached my destination. As soon as I lifted my head to see what was making the noise, I felt a huge weight push against my body, and then I was falling. I felt my head hit the ground and then everything faded away, and I was numb. The darkness had taken over, and everything went black.

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