A/N: Friends don't let friends ship Chair. Now, it's pretty obvious I want Blair to end up with Dan, and Nate to be with Jenny, but why not some cutesy Nair? This is for blairarchibald. Let us pray there is Nair in the future. Oh and this is my first time writing for Nair. Not sure if I have their characters right.

The edges of the paper were frayed and warm, as if they'd been held in sweaty, nervous hands. Blair blinked thankfully at Penelope, whom had delivered the note with a scowl of dislike; she stomped off angrily without saying a word.

Blair curled her hands over the paper. Who could've sent it? There was no name on the front, only a scrawled Open me in pencil. Giving the room a once-over, Blair wondered if it could've been Michael, who was sweet and nice to her, or if it was even Craig, who stared at her creepily when he thought she wasn't looking. No one looked suspicious.

Carefully, Blair unfolded the note at each crease, smoothing down the wrinkles with her arm.

Do you like me?

Check yes or no.

There was still no name, yet when Blair looked up there was a boy staring at her from across the room.

Of course, she checked no.

I don't know you well enough, she wrote.

Their first kiss was in middle school.

It was a very big moment.

"Should I kiss you?" He was very nervous, the words flowing out in a single breath. He was holding her hand - his palms were sweaty - and they were just getting out of school. He seemed terribly afraid but excited and it was adorable in its awkwardness.

Blair stopped, lacing her fingers through his, staring up at him with her head cocked to the side. "Check yes or no?" she teased. The air was cold. Her lips were chapped and she must've looked awful.

"I like you." Nate's eyes were warm and beautiful and blue. "Don't you know me well enough by now?"

Blair hated the way his voice sounded, so vulnerable and sad and worried, so she felt she should stop him from talking. It was only right. She lifted up on her tip-toes, stretched all the way up to her full height, and kissed him.

"I think I know you just enough."

It was some time later, after drama and Chuck and hurt, when he was there. He was nervous and awkward with his hands behind his back, unsure of what to say. But he finally muttered out something intelligible, something that sounded like you and me and forever.

He thrust a tiny little box into her hands.

"Check yes or no." She whispered it softly, in awe, unaware she had even opened her mouth. It was a force of habit, to say those words, to remember those times. She would like to say she doesn't want to cry, that her eyes watered because it was cold out.

He didn't say a word (there was nothing more to say, he just had to wait). Then: "Do you like me?" He looked so scared, so innocent, so Nate.

Yes or no.

"I love you." She looked up through tears that weren't supposed to be tears, eyes that had hurt for far too long. "I check yes." (A smile, then; how long had it been since she smiled?)

"Marry me?" He didn't look at her directly.

She closed her eyes and she thought she could hear the mistakes of the past catching up, and then dissipating, as if they didn't mean a thing. "I check yes," she repeated in a voice that wasn't her own, full of relief and joy and so much she hadn't felt in... forever.