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Seventeen years ago…

In a small school of Jump City, a group of kids attending Jump City Elementary school were all in class, enjoying their time as the day went by of learning and having fun.

All, but one little girl.

She wore a small blue dress, a picture of a skull on the bottom left pocket and the sleeves were ruffles. Along with her white ruffle sleeves, she wore white knee high socks and gray colored shoes. Her neck long violet hair was clipped back from the side and a small jewel was on her forehead, sticking out from her pale skin and amethyst colored eyes.

Her name was Rachel Roth.

Six year old Rachel Roth sat in one corner of the kindergarten room, playing with the blocks by herself. It was just like all the other days; sitting alone as she tried to have the day quickly go by so she could get home. At least her day was half over for it was the afternoon.

"Hello there."

It took a second for Rachel to notice someone was talking with her. She set the block in her hand down and looked up, seeing a new face. This boy was a little taller than her, short green hair, green skin and green eyes. He was wearing a light brown shirt with matching shorts. On his shirt was a picture of a dog's head with his tongue sticking out and on his right leg, there was a bandage over his purple shoes. He had his arms behind his back, feeling a little nervous.

Rachel would have been a little freaked out by this boy since he was green, but knowing she wasn't normal herself either, she actually liked him.

Rachel leaned her head to the side, looking at the boy and said, "Hi."

"Do you mind if I play with you?" He sat down next to her and grabbed one of the blocks in the case next to her, making his own small tower.

Rachel didn't have much of a choice for he already started to play so she just nodded her head and continued on with her tower.

"My name's Garfield."

She looked over at him who was staring at his tower, holding the block in his hand near himself. "I just moved here."

"I've been living here for practically my whole life," Rachel finally said.

Garfield looked at her and smiled. "Would you like to be my first friend here?"

Rachel smiled, thinking about the question before smiling and quickly nodding her head. "To tell you the truth, you'd be my first friend also."

She heard him gasp a little. "Really? I thought you said you've been living here all your life."

Rachel shrugged. "I haven't been the best at making friends. The purple hair, pale skin and my chakra doesn't help."

"Well," Garfield said, running a hand through her hair and then touching the jewel on her forehead. "I think it's awesome."


"Yeah!" Garfield laughed. "You kind of remind me of my uncles Cliff and Larry; one's robot and the other is like a mummy!"

"Well at least that beats my dad; he's a demon!"

"You're lying." Garfield said, giving her a funny look.

Rachel shook her head. "It's true!"

"Since you're my friend," Garfield said, "I guess I do believe you."

"Time to clean up children!" Their teacher yelled as she clapped her hands.

Garfield and Rachel started packing their blocks away, not saying another word to each other. It was when Rachel had an idea to break the silence.

"Would you like to come over today?" Rachel asked her new friend.

Garfield scratched the bottom of his chin like he usually saw his father do when he's thinking. After some time he said, "Sure!"

"Great!" Rachel said. The two then walked over to one of the tables and took a seat down, getting ready for the lesson of the day.

"He's just fine, Rita," Arella told the blond mother on the other end of the line as she stood in the hallway upstairs near where the two kids were playing. "I promise I will drop him off during the night."

"Thank you, Arella," Rita said. "If you get lost, please don't be afraid to call my number."

"I know this place like the back of my hand; don't you worry a bit."

Rita sighed before saying her goodbye and hanging up the phone. Arella took a deep breath as she set the phone down. She couldn't help but shake her head; some mothers could be so over protective.

"See, I told you my father is a demon," Rachel whispered to the boy standing next to her.

"I can't believe you were right," Garfield mumbled.

Her father was completely red all over that scared him first off. He had two arms and two legs like regular men do, but he also had four eyes and two horns on the top of his head. When he came over to play, when Garfield met him, he wanted to race out of the house, but when he learned he was a nice guy, it didn't bother him that much anymore.

The two kids were standing over the window of Rachel's room that shown the backyard where her father was moving the lawn like every Monday evenings. He was whistling for he didn't see the kids staring at him.

Garfield and Rachel sat on the floor, picking up the crayons Rachel had lying on the ground and started coloring on the white sheets of paper Arella brought them. "Do you know how your mom and dad met?"

Rachel shook her head. "Not a single clue. Every time I bring up the topic, they always say, 'You'll know when you're older' which kinda scares me a little."

"Well, at least you have your real parents around," Garfield said. "I don't remember much about mines."

"What about Rita and Steve?" Rachel asked.

"They're not my real parents; they're my guardians."

"Do you know what happened to your real ones?"

Garfield looked down at the crayon, rolling it around in his hand. "They died in a boat accident." He looked up at Rachel. "I tried to save them, but I couldn't think of an animal to change into."

"An animal to change into?" Rachel repeated.

Garfield nodded his head. "I have powers where I can change into different types of animals. Although, I haven't been able to figure out how to use them fully for I only know some types, but my dad says I'll be able to learn more by the time I'm grown!"

"That's amazing!" Rachel said. "Can I see you change into one?"

"Sure!" He moved to the other side of the room where there was nothing he could break in case he turned into a large animal. He stood on his feet and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a bird. Rachel gasped, clapping her hands. "Do you know another?"

Garfield spoke before turning into a puppy, wagging his tail in the air as he ran over to Rachel, licking her face. Rachel laughed, trying to move Garfield, but it wouldn't work for he would just come back.

"Rachel, Garfield?" They heard Arella call from down the hall. "What's going on?"

"Oh no, it's my mom," Rachel said. She looked at the door and then back to Garfield. "Hurry, you have to change back."

Garfield barked before turning back into his human form, a big small on his small face. "It's not that hard, you don't have to worry. I heard your mom climbing the stairs."

"The stairs?"

"Not only can I change into those animals," Garfield said, "but I can use their strong senses too!"

"That's amazing! I wish my powers were cool like that."

"You have powers also?" Garfield asked, getting a little excited.

But before Rachel could say something, her mother opened the door and walked in, eyeing her daughter's room. There was nothing wrong with it, but she still felt as if something happened.

"Rachel, is everything ok? I thought I heard a bird and then a dog in here," Arella said, looking at the children.

"That was us, Mom!" Rachel quickly said. "We were just making animal noises!"

"Oh, alright, that's great to hear that you're having fun." Arella then closed the door again. Rachel and Garfield didn't talk until they heard her downstairs to start cooking dinner.

"So back to your powers," Garfield whispered incase her parents came up again. "What can you do?"

"I mostly can use telekinesis, fly and teleport. For the rest of my powers, I have no idea how to use," Rachel explained.

"You mean there's more?" Garfield asked.

"Yes, my dad always is talking about it with my mom when they think I'm asleep; empathy, astral projection, sorcery and telepathy!"

"Wow," Garfield breathed. "That's great!" He looked around the room and saw her purple colored pillow sitting on her bed. "Can you use your telekinesis and bring that pillow over?"

Rachel slowly nodded her head before turned to look at the pillow; closing her eyes. Garfield got up, standing next to her to watch what she did. When she closed her eyes, she re opened them and they started to glow white. Rachel then said, "Azarath, metrion, zinthose," and lifted one hand that started to glow black.

Garfield looked back at the pillow and saw it was surrounded by a black aura. The next thing he knew, it floated up and then zoomed towards his hands and landed. When it did, the aura was gone and Rachel's eyes turned back to the same amethyst color. "Wow!" He screamed and Rachel covered his mouth, placing a finger on top of hers and shushed him.

"You can't let my parents know I can use my magic," Rachel whispered.

"Why not?" Garfield said through her hands.

"Because," She let both of her hands down. "My dad will be proud, but my mom will worry that I'll get hurt somehow. You know mothers."

Garfield nodded his head, "Yeah, sometimes Rita thinks I'll hurt myself if I change into animals too fast or something."

"They know about your powers?"

"Of course, they placed the pieces together when my dad found me in the forest one day. I told them about the boat, flying away, and then had nowhere else to go."

"What about your green skin?" Rachel asked. "Do you know how that came to be?"

"Something about my birth parents being scientist." Garfield scratched the top of his head. "I heard they were working on something and used it on me for a test and then it changed me. I used to have tan skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. Now I'm just stuck with green everywhere."

"Well," Rachel got up and walked around him, "green looks good on you."

"Thank you!"

Rachel softly giggled. "That's what friends are for."