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"Karen, Kori; can you two leave us alone for a moment?" Tara asked the two who were talking next to Tara and Rachel.

"Sure, Tara, no problem," Karen said, both of them nodding before leaving, taking their stuff with them in case they weren't allowed back.

"You're beautiful," Rachel commented, fixing the veil behind Tara's head, making sure it's on right.

"Are you really going to let me get away with this?" Tara asked, looking at herself in the mirror and feeling the tears ready to form in her eyes.

Rachel sighed, placing a hand on the side of her face. "Tara, I'm not letting you get away with anything. Now, will you please, just stop acting like that and be happy?"

"No, I won't!" Tara got up, turning to face her. "I was able to put up with Garfield always talking about you when we were together, but I'm not going to when I'm with him forever."

"Then why did you say yes when he proposed to you?"

"I never agreed to the proposal," Tara said. "I turned around when Garfield tapped on my shoulder and I saw him on the ground. Malchior then called me and I had my Bluetooth underneath my hair. Malchior asked me if I was going to break up with Garfield and I said yes while my hand was up to telling Garfield to give me a moment, but he thought I was talking to him when I said yes and the hand was for him to place the ring on."

"Well if that's what happened, then why didn't you tell Garfield?"

"Because he was so happy! Plus I didn't have the guts to do so. I mean, by the looks on how he was so happy, I thought he didn't care about you anymore."

Rachel stood there in complete shock, staring at the blond girl in front of her whose eyes were filled with water. She didn't know what to do now that she learned the real truth.

"Now that it's out in the open, what do you want me to do?" Rachel asked. "Is there something you had in mind for us to fix this?"

Tara closed her eyes and turned her head to face the window. Without Malchior, Tara really couldn't think. Now that everything was going to fast as she was supposed to continue getting ready to meet Garfield at the altar, there's really no point.

"I don't," Tara chocked. "I really don't know what to do."

Rachel sighed, placing both hands on either side of her hips. "Then there wasn't any point in telling me the truth."

"Yes there was my dear daughter."

Rachel and Tara turned to face the door and saw Rachel's and Garfield's parents both standing there with smiles on their faces.

"Dad?" Rachel asked. "What are you talking about?"

Trigon sighed, looking at his wife before back to Rachel. "Let's just say your mother has convinced me that Malchior isn't the right lad for you."

Rachel looked at each parent, then to Tara, and back to them, being able to hear what they were thinking.

"Oh, no," Rachel yelled, "No, not going to happen, never; are you guys serious?"

"You're not leaving this room until you change," Rita said, closing the door and locking it.

"Where are they?" Garfield asked, walking back and forth in a pace as he and the others already made it to their seats. "Tara never takes this long! She's always on time."

"Man," Victor grabbed his best friend by his shoulder and pulled him back to standing on the priest's left side. "Will you calm your butt down?"

"I just want to get this day over with!" Garfield screamed, throwing his hands into his hair. "Is that too much to ask?"

"Yes, it is, now keep quiet," Richard answered. "This is a huge deal to the girls, so they're going to do as much as they want and can to make this day special."

Garfield crossed his arms over his chest and slouched. "I only wish making things special was faster."

And after he said that, the music started to play, and Garfield, along with the other guys, stood up straight. One by one, the girls walked in.

First, Karen, Tara's Maid of Honor, walked in, holding her own flowers as she looked in front of her, trying to make sure nothing from the side lines would distract her, like it usually would.

Next, Koriand'r, Tara's Bridesmaid, walked in, holding onto Tara's flowers-red roses with yellow Lilies.

Following Koriand'r was the flower girl. Tara wanted Rachel to be the flower girl, thinking that would be the perfect job since she would come in late, and no attention would be on her for it would be on the bride, but instead of Rachel coming out...

It was Tara herself.

Garfield, along with everyone else face's dropped at the sight of the one who was supposed to be the bride caring the basket full of flower pedals and throwing them on the floor as she made her way up the aisle.

When she got to the front, everyone kept looking at her.

"Tara, what are you doing?" Garfield asked, seeing his fiancé standing there with a smirk on her face as she stood next to Koriand'r.

"I'm being the flower girl," Tara answered, lifting the basket to show Garfield. "Duh! What else?"

"You're the one who's supposed to be in the white dress, not throwing flowers!"

"Oh, you mean the bride? Sorry, today's not my wedding day."

"Excuse me?"

Tara pointed, "She's the bride."

Garfield, along with the others, turned their head to the double doors that were still opening, showing one women standing there with her face covered by a long veil, wrist length white gloves, a gown reaching the floor, and holding onto Malchior's arm as together they walked down.

Since Tara's parents had passed away, she asked Malchior to be the one who walked her down, and knowing they had a close bond, Malchior agreed too.

Instead of "Here Comes the Bride" tune that would usually play, there was a twinkle type of music.

"I've always been the kind of girl that hid my face. So afraid to tell the world what I've got to say."

As the bride took a step pasted a row of seats, people sitting there were able to see her face, and gasped. That made Garfield more nervous, especially by the singing. The voice was familiar, but right now, he couldn't figure out who it was from.

"But I have this dream right inside of me. I'm gonna let it show, it's time to let you know. To let you know."

Garfield caught the sight of Arella and Rita giving each other high fives as Steve with Trigon. Knowing the four of them each had smirked on their faces and were that happy, whatever that was happening right now, was all because of them.

"You're the voice I hear inside my head the reason why I'm singing. I tried to find you. Now I've found you."

When Malchior handed over the mystery women to Garfield before taking his place as other groomsmen, Garfield didn't hesitate to lift the huge veil, reveling to Garfield, and the audience, the amethyst colored eyes belonging to only one special girl.

"You're the missing piece I need, the song inside of me. I tried to find you. Now I've found you," Rachel finished off with a huge smile on her face when their eyes came in full contact.

"Rachel," Garfield breathlessly said.

"Friends, families, dearly beloved; we're gathered here today to join this man to this woman. Is there anyone sitting here who believe these two shall not be wed?"

Trigon opened his mouth to say something, his mind changing, but Arella covered it with her hand and Rita placed a hand on top of Arella's. Steve threw both of his hands on top of the women's; making sure Trigon wouldn't be able to pull them off.

"Then it is time to exchange the wedding vows. Garfield, you may start."

"Actually, I'm sure we all agree that Rachel should start," Victor said, the priest pointing the microphone to Rachel. From the look Garfield gave her, he already knew that they were both going to walk out of here today with tears covering their faces.

Rachel took the microphone and pointed the speaker part to her mouth, taking a deep breath before starting to talk.

"Our times together from kindergarten to high school were the greatest times I have ever had in my entire life." Rachel started, already my voice was starting to crack and she didn't get halfway through. "From the day you wanted to be my friend, nothing was going to stop you from doing that, and I'm super happy nothing did."

"From now on, I will try my best to tell you the truth, even though it might hurt to express it. You will be my best friend again, and nothing will stop me from loving you for the rest of entirety. I love you, Garfield Logan. And even though, I was forced into this dress," Rachel looked at her parents who sat normally this time, with their hands not on her father's face. She then looked at Tara, "Not been able to pay for any of this," Tara stuck her tongue out before laughing. "I guess I can say so far, this day has been perfect. Being with you, for the rest of my life, already has got me a feeling that I'm going to love every moment of it."

Rachel heard Garfield sniff and he was trying his best to keep his eyes on her rather than the floor.

Victor walked up from behind Garfield, handing one ring to her after she gave the microphone back to the priest. Garfield held out his left hand.

"With this ring," Rachel took a deep breath before continuing, "You have my life," and she slipped it on Garfield's finger.

"Garfield," The priest said, handing the microphone to him, and Garfield slowly took it, already out of energy from the words Rachel said to him.

"I just like to point out that you're an idiot, Rach," Garfield joked into the mike, having everyone in the audience laugh. "But, it's time to be serious. See, Rachel, from the day we met, I knew there was a connection between us for it felt great to be with you. It felt the same way during our whole life together, and if I met someone with time traveling powers, I would go back in time and relive all those memories."

Garfield turned his view to look at Tara who was smiling wide, seeing him and Rachel standing in opposite directions in the perfect place.

"No offense, Tara, but I'm glad it wasn't you underneath that veil," Garfield yelled over.

Tara giggled before saying, "its fine, Garfield. I'm glad that I'm not standing where Rachel is too. Unless, you know, when it's my wedding day."

Garfield and Rachel laughed, shaking their heads before turning to look back at one another and Garfield continued.

"You're an awesome girl, and Malchior took great care of you while I was gone, but I'm going to do better."

Rachel looked at one of Garfield's groomsmen, catching Malchior smiling too. He winked at her, telling her things will be alright.

Garfield took one of Rachel's hands into his.

"From now on, it's going to be the adventures of Garfield and Rachel Logan and together, we'll be the best there is. Of course, after my parents and yours which are going to be my parents soon. I love you, Rachel Roth, and no one will deny that. If they do, then they'll feel the pain from my-"

"Garfield, don't make us stand here all day," Rachel said. "You can tell me all this later."

"Okay, okay," Garfield handed the microphone to the priest and took the ring from Victor's hand. "With this ring, you have my life." He placed it on, kissing it before letting it set down back on Rachel's side.

"Now, do you, Garfield Logan, take Rachel Roth to be your lawfully wedded wife through sickness and health, through the good and bad, through thick and thin? Do you promise to cherish her, love her, and care for her until death do you two apart?"

"Heck, yeah!" Garfield screamed.

"Then do you, Rachel Roth, take Garfield Logan to be your lawfully wedded husband through sickness and health, through the good and the bad, through the thick and think? Do you promise to cherish her, to love her, and to care for her until death do you two apart?"

"I do," Rachel said, shaking her head at Garfield's response, but couldn't help but smile at it too.

"Then by the power in me, I now pronounce Garfield Logan, and now, Rachel Roth Logan, husband and wife. You may ki-"

Garfield didn't let the priest continue; he already pulled Rachel in by grabbing onto her waist, not being able to keep his excitement calm. Everyone started clapping as Tara screamed, having both hands on the side of her mouth.

"Can I have everyone's attention, please?"

Garfield, Rachel and everyone else stopped their side conversations and turned to the small stage up front where Tara was standing with her back facing everyone else. Why she was standing like that, no one knew, but from the sound of her voice, she was happy.

"Now, we all know why we're here tonight," Tara began, leaning against the wall on one shoulder. "To celebrate the wedding of Rachel and Garfield; two lovers since they first met. Of course, you all knew that."

Rachel and Garfield looked at each other, smiling before turning their gaze back at the blond.

"And for those who didn't know, it's all thanks to Malchior and I."

The guests cheered.

"So, in honor of the greatest couple, tonight is going to be full of madness. This song is dedicated to you two, Rachel and Garfield. We love you both together. And it better stay like that, you hear?"

Everyone cheered again and Tara started moving from side to side, dancing to the claps people started to make before turning fully around, smiling wide and stepped down the few stairs, waving at the crowd in front of her.

Garfield jumped in front of her, "Hey look, hey look at the night beaming with madness." He walked to the other side of Tara. "Did you know stories are created on such nights?" He kissed Tara's cheek, thanking her for all she's done.

"Hey look, hey look at the night beaming with madness. Did you know stories are created on such night?" Tara and Garfield sang together.

Malchior appeared from one side of the stage, walking down to meet the girls who surrounded him. "Everything is so beautiful, so charming," he said, seeing everyone and everything around him.

Garfield went to go meet him. They grabbed each other's hand, pulled their bodies together and then let go. Malchior and Garfield ran a hand through their hair and Garfield pointed to Malchior who spun around. "So many stars have brightened our night," Garfield sang.

"No one has any wits left," Garfield and Malchior, along with the girls dancing behind them, sang together. They clapped to the side twice and then patted their hips. "It's just us, our hearts and our lovers. There's complete madness, and only madness in the air." Together they did a head bang before Garfield went to go stand by Tara again and repeat the same move.

"There's no guide or leader. No one can be accused of that. Just total madness and only madness in the air." Tara threw a hand up as she and Garfield head banged.

"All hot girls put your hands up and say," Malchior sang, walking over to the side were all the girls were and waved his hands in the air with them."Tonight will be the best!"

The girls moved to the side and showed Rachel standing in the back with the guys. "All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!" Malchior gave her a hug before looking back at the stage for new guests that arrived.

"The night is passionate and pulsing with excitement!" Jason sang, spinning onto the middle of the stage and extending his hand out.

"Its intoxication is deep and strong," Komand'r walked out, taking Jason's open hand.

"The night is passionate and pulsing with excitement!" Garfield jumped up with Rachel by his side to greet Jason and Komand'r.

"Its intoxication is deep and strong," Rachel sang after, giving Komand'r a hug.

"You can hear the music blasting from miles away," Mal walked out from the side Komand'r walked out from.

"But it doesn't matter for it's all too strong to be stopped!" Charlie came out from the same side, resting a hand on his shoulder.

"No one has any wits left, just us, our hearts and our lovers," Garfield sang with Komand'r by his side. Jason then came and stood on the other side of Garfield. After he did a small handshake with Garfield, the three of them sang, "There's complete madness and only madness in the air. There's no guide or leader. No one can be accused of that, just totally madness and only madness in the air."

"All hot girls put your hands up and say," Ryuko walked down the stairs as he waved his hands in the air with the girls who stood on the side. Garfield quickly went and gave him a high five. "Tonight will be the best!"

"All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!" Komand'r and Rachel sang together, walking with the guys who kept following them.

Garfield walked back to stand in front of the small stage. "Actually, there's a lot of peace to be found here."

What surprised him was Victor running out next. "But this heart has gone insane," He tabbed a finger on where his heart is before walking up to Garfield and giving his best friend a hug.

"Actually there's a lot of peace to be found here," Richard came out, giving Garfield a high five and placing a hand behind his back as his other one gave Victor a high give.

"But all our hearts have gone insane," Garfield sang, having Victor and Richard laugh.

"Fill each moment with your dreams," Karen appeared in between Victor and Garfield.

"And tell everyone the secrets of life," Koriand'r stepped in between Richard and Garfield.

Garfield, Victor and Richard stood shoulder by shoulder and together they sang, "No one has any wits left. It's just us, our hearts and our lovers. There's now complete madness and only madness in the air." They shared a head bang before Garfield went over to where Karen and Koriand'r stood.

"There's no guide or leader, no one can be accused of that for there's just total madness and only madness in the air!"

"All hot girls put your hands up and say." Somehow, Garfield, Victor and Richard stood on top of the bar table top, taking off their jackets, swinging it around and throwing it into the crowd of girls that were jumping up and down. "Tonight will be the best!"

"All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!" Karen, Koriand'r and Rachel sang together before laughing at their husband's actions.

Cristian and Andrea both then walked down from the entrance that lead on top of the stage. Garfield quickly ran up and grabbed Cristian's arm, pulling him down but forgetting about Andrea. She stood there for a moment before both came back, saying they were sorry. Andrea couldn't help but forgive them and share a little dance.

Cristian and Garfield stood on either side of Andrea. "All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!"

Andrea took a step forward, looking at everyone. "All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!"

Garfield tapped her shoulder and pointed to the side, having Andrea look as he and Cristian walked away from her. Andrea looked at where Garfield and Cristian stood before, and saw they were running away from her, so she ran after them.

Wallace stood in front of the crowd of girls, throwing his hands up in the air. "All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!"

Angelica pushed through the girls, giving Wallace an evil look before laughing. The girls moved aside and had the crowd of guys standing where they were. Wallace looked at them all and then back at his wife who was the one with the smile on her face as she sang, "All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!"

Wallace laughed too, giving her wife a kiss before meeting with Garfield and Rachel.

Joseph, Garth and Kole walked in next; Kole linking her arm with Joseph as Garth was next to them.

Garth ran away from the two, jumping down to stand in the middle of the girls. "All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!"

Kole pulled Joseph with her as they stood in front of the guys. "All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!"

Isaiah and Toni came up behind Garfield and Rachel, scaring them before dancing together.

"All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!" Isaiah and Garfield sang together.

"All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!" Toni and Rachel sang.

"All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!" Roy walked in, already singing right before his girlfriend came in after him and sang, "All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say tonight will be the best!"

Leonid and Rosabelle were already dancing with Tavis and Gan.

"All hot girls put your hands up and say. Tonight will be the best!" Lenoid, Tavis and Gan sang together, circling Rosabelle.

She grabbed Leonid's shirt and pulled him close to her face. All cool boys c'mon make some noise and say," She pushed him back to standing next to her and the four said, "Tonight will be the best!"

For the rest of the night, all everyone did was dance together.

"Seven hours of dancing, who would have thought?" Garfield asked, as he was undoing his tie, to his new wife who was lying down on their bed still in her wedding dress.

"Well, you know our friends when they're happy," Rachel said, looking up at him.

Garfield laughed, leaping up and landing in the bed right next to Rachel.

"Are you trying to break this bed?" Rachel screamed, punching Garfield's stomach. "We haven't even been here for half an hour yet!"

"You got to admit though," Garfield said, turning to lay on his back with his hands behind his head. "I picked a great place."

"Oh, yes," Rachel sarcastically said.

"You mean you don't like it?" Garfield shot up from the bed, looking at Rachel.

"No, because you didn't choose a great place," She sat up, "You chose a perfect place." Rachel whispered.

Garfield let out a sigh of relief, placing a hand on his chest. "Good."

"How did you even afford to stay at the Cies Islands?" Rachel asked, getting up to see the outstanding view of the ocean outside the window.

"Well, our friends helped me out," Garfield said, standing behind Rachel with his head on her shoulder. "They said this was probably the one place you have to go in your life."

"It's breathtaking, Gar." Rachel turned around, looking at Garfield's face, a little shocked. "What?" She asked.

"Rachel, you never said my nickname before," Garfield explained, taking her hands into his.

"Garfield, you're crazy," Rachel shook her head, turning to look back outside the window. "I thought it was something serious."

"Serious, like how you almost let me get married to Tara instead of you?"

"Hey," Rachel spun back around and pointed a finger at him. "It was your fault you proposed to her. You know, when you propose to people, that's the one who you end up marrying?"

Garfield lifted Rachel's left hand up. "Well, Tara gave the ring to you."

Rachel pulled her hand away. "How did you know that?"

Garfield placed his hands in his pockets. "I was with Tara the whole time as we were getting ready for the parties and wedding. Don't you think I would at least catch that the design of the ring changed?"

"I didn't want her giving me the ring; she just forced it onto my finger."

"Just like how she forced you into the dress?"

Rachel playfully slapped the side of his face having Garfield laughed as he grabbed her hand after it.

"You know, Rachel, you don't know how happy I was to see Tara standing there as the flower girl," Garfield whispered.

"I don't get why you proposed then if you didn't love her. Neither does anybody else!"

Garfield shrugged. "You know me, but that doesn't matter anymore. As long as you're my wife now, I couldn't care less of what happens in the future. Come on, we got all of Cies Islands to check out!"

"Thanks, but no thanks Garfield. Maybe not today," Rachel said as she made her way back to the bed, taking one of the pillows and placing it on her stomach to hug it.

"Why not?" Garfield asked, leaning against one of the bed poles. "What's wrong?"

Rachel shrugged, smiling a little. "I just want to annoy your company now that we're together."

"I think I know where this is going," Garfield said, smirking.

Rachel gasped, sitting up to throw the pillow at him. "It wasn't going anywhere! Can't I just have you lying down next to me, fully in clothes, and be happy with that? We were separated for years and now I want to at least enjoy the first day with you finally mine!"

Garfield looked at her, his mouth half opened with shock. "Love you too."

Rachel gave him the "I-wanna-throw-you-out-a-window" look.

"Sheesh, calm down, if I knew you were going to go all freaky mode on me, I wouldn't have said it."

Rachel laughed, lying back down as Garfield made his way to the other side. "I don't know how I feel in love with you a long time ago."

"Well, I am a pretty awesome guy to fall in love with."

"That you are, Garfield," Rachel whispered, burying her head into his chest. "That you are."

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