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"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." – Friedrich Nietzsche

"Miley! Miley! Miley!" The shouts were ringing in her ears as she quickly drained the sugary concoction in her cup, spilling half of it down her chin in her haste to beat the opposing team. She was on her third round of flip cup and the alcohol was starting to affect her coordination, her body warm and loose and her vision slightly hazy from its depressive effects. Still, it only took her one try to flip her cup upside down onto the sticky table surface, winning the game for her team for the third time in a row that night.

"Miley, you rock!" Oliver yelled, slamming his hand on her back before dipping his cup into the large metal pot labeled 'Oken's Lobsters.' They had run out of beer earlier, having started with only an 18-pack and a crowd of thirsty recent college graduates, and had resorted to playing the drinking game with something that had started out as a gin bucket but had quickly become dumping grounds for any type of alcohol Oliver could find. The result was a strong, sickly sweet mess that was quickly going to Miley's head.

"Thanks," she replied, yelling over the loud music. The bass rolled through her chest and Miley swayed lightly on her feet. She eyed the drink mixture warily. "I think I'm gonna sit this round out, wait for the reinforcements."

Oliver nodded in understanding, about to reply when Gabe Lamotti came up to him, giving him a drunken bro handshake and commenting on the 'wicked' party. That must have been something he picked up in Boston. They had run into each other a few times in beantown, each encounter slightly more awkward than the first. Gabe's attraction to her had been obvious, and Miley's longing for Lilly had been socially debilitating. After the first time they had hung out - what Gabe had interpreted as a date and Miley had interpreted as a friendly coffee - the boy had taken to shameless flirting and slightly inappropriate touching.

Miley quickly ducked her head in avoidance and moved into the living room, blinking slowly as she scanned the room for a familiar face. The music was pounding and bodies were grinding to the rhythm, hot and fluid like sex. The room was packed and as she tried to squeeze between the bodies dripping in sweat and drunken desire, she felt a cool hand grip her arm. Turning quickly, her mouth dropped open at the site of the girl in front of her.

"Sarah? Wow, you look…" Hot was the word that came to mind. "You look really good!"

"Thank you, Miley. So do you! Dressing to impress someone?" Sarah asked, eyeing the outfit Miley had on. Miley blushed at the thinly veiled appraisal. She had to admit, she liked the attention. It meant she would get her intended reaction out of Lilly when she saw her later tonight. Miley had raided the Hannah closet earlier in the evening, pulling out a pair of skin-tight black leather pants and a black tank top. It was perhaps a little sultry, but Sarah had been right – she was dressing to impress someone.

Ignoring Sarah's question, Miley asked her own, focusing on forming her words clearly. "So, what have you been up to since high school? Savin' the world?"

"Something like that. I went to UC Berkeley for Conservation and Resource Studies, and I interned at Greenpeace the last two years. They wanted me to work for them after graduation but I got accepted to Berkeley's environmental engineering program so I'll be going back to school in the fall. What about you? I don't think I've seen you since the day of graduation. You didn't go to Joannie's party, did you? Gee, that night was crazy."

Miley smiled at Sarah's high-pitched rambling. She had forgotten that the girl could talk. She also remembered what Lilly had texted about Sarah and Joannie that night, four years ago. "No, I didn't go. I've been in Boston, studyin' contemporary writing and production as well as music business and management at Berklee College of Music. I've been home for about a month now."

"Wow, that's cool. I never knew you were into music." Miley nodded, smiling to herself at her secret. No one here, besides Oliver, knew just how much she was into music. Hannah Montana had been on a temporary break while she 'explored higher education' and little did everyone know, she was going to be releasing a new album by the end of the year. She had been writing songs for the past four years and all that was left was finishing up the recording sessions. It was going to be an epic album, with a lot of heart break and some recent love songs, all written about a particular blonde-haired best friend. "So, what's up with you and Lilly? I haven't seen her tonight."

Miley felt her heart speed up at the question. Had they always been that obvious that even Saint Sarah knew there was something between them? "What do you mean?"

"You guys are still friends right? I was just wondering if you knew if she was coming tonight or not. I haven't seen her since Joannie's party and I wanted to talk to her about that night. She might have seen some things…"

"Yeah, we're still close. She had a job tonight down at the pier. Some couple's engagement photos I think. She said she'd be by as soon as she could." Miley explained as she fiddled with her hands. Sarah noticed the nervous habit and smiled knowingly.

"That's right, she was going to study photography. Well, when you see her, tell her I'm looking for her!"

"I will! It was good to see you again Sarah. Good luck with grad school!"

"Thanks. See you later, Miley." Sarah winked, turning back to the grinding mass of bodies.

Miley watched Sarah walk away toward the kitchen, amazed that she was the same girl who had been so socially awkward back in high school. Now she was braces free, glasses free, and had a smoking body. If Miley weren't so madly in love with Lilly…

One of Miley's favorite songs faded in through the blaring speakers to her right and she closed her eyes, feeling the music dig under her skin, crawling into her system. She wanted to dance but did not feel like subjecting herself to one of the drunk and horny frat brothers crawling all over this place. They were all dressed the same, popped collar and sideways hat that screamed, "I'M A JERK AND JUST WANT TO GET IN YOUR PANTS!"

Wishing Lilly would just hurry up and get there, Miley began swaying her body from side to side, her arms raised and her newly cut hair falling over her face. She still had her buzz from before, but the music gave her another kind of high and she closed her eyes again, wanting to feel it flow through her as she worked her body on the dance floor.

"Hey…" A familiar voice called out to her, touching her arm. "Hey Miles, can I have this dance?"

"Hey baby," Miley giggled, running a finger down Lilly's cheek, stopping at her glossed lips. She stared at them hungrily, wanting to feel their softness against her own, taste the sweetness that she had become addicted to over the past month. But making out at Oliver's graduation party in front of a bunch of old classmates and Oliver's fraternity brothers was not the way she had planned on telling the world she was in love with Lilly Truscott. She was sure half of them probably already knew, if Sarah's cryptic words were any hint at that, but she didn't want to ruin Oliver's night. He and Lilly had broken up over her, and while that had been years ago, it was obvious Oliver still had feelings for the blonde. He hadn't stopped talking about Lilly since Miley had arrived at the party a few hours ago.

Lilly stepped closer, wrapping her arms around Miley and Miley couldn't stop the moan escaping her lips as she felt Lilly press her front against her back. She reached behind her and grabbed Lilly's hips, pulling her closer and letting her mind haze over, nothing existing but the beat and the feel of Lilly's soft hands running up and down her body.

"I like the outfit…" Lilly hissed huskily in Miley's ear, sending a rush of goose bumps across her body. "Who are you flaunting yourself for?"

"You." Miley turned in Lilly's arms, sliding her palms across Lilly's abdomen and delighting in the feel of solid warmth beneath her hands. The sexual tension between them was simmering and Miley felt arousal pulse through her body at the look Lilly was giving her.

"Let's get outta here," Lilly growled, grabbing Miley's hand and pulling her through the mass of dancing bodies toward the back door. She stepped outside and practically ran down the stairs of the back porch to the perfectly manicured lawn below.

Miley stumbled after her, pushing Lilly against the bleached wood fence that separated the Oken's backyard from their neighbors. Her arms wrapped around the blonde's neck, fingers digging into her hair as she kissed her. Lips to lips, tongue to tongue. Her body was flush against Lilly's and everywhere they touched she felt a spark. Her body felt alive.

Lilly's hands gripped at her hips, pulling Miley closer as the kiss deepened, as if she were trying to mesh their bodies together. Miley wanted to feel more of Lilly, all of Lilly. They had been together since the night she had flown home from Boston, almost a month ago, and while they had spent countless hours exploring their feelings and each other's mouths, they had yet to take their relationship to the next level. But tonight was different and she knew Lilly must feel it too as the blonde was kissing her back with a ferocity that matched exactly what Miley was feeling.

Miley tore her lips away from Lilly's and began working her mouth against her girlfriend's neck, sucking and kissing as she went. She felt like she couldn't get enough and the sounds Lilly was making only fueled her smoldering desire. She wanted her, needed her, badly.

From somewhere behind them, someone whistled and slurred a lewd comment as a group of drunken rowdy party-goers passed by them, heading toward the back of the house. Miley reluctantly pulled away at the unwelcome noise and brought her face back to Lilly's, resting their foreheads together and breathing heavily. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

"Do you want to go down to the beach?" Lilly asked, her voice husky with lustful passion.

Miley searched her eyes and smiled. "Okay. But what if I just wanna look at the stars?"

"Then we'll look at the stars." Lilly brought her hand up to Miley's cheek. "Whatever you want to do, I just want to be alone with you, not surrounded by drunken idiots."

Miley nodded and grabbed Lilly's hand, giddily making her way to the beach behind Oliver's house. It was a rougher section of shoreline, full of washed up seaweed and shells, so they would have plenty of privacy to make out without causing a scene. Her time with Lilly was sacrosanct, and Miley refused to share her with anyone tonight. She settled onto the sand about fifty yards down from the house, pulling Lilly down with her as she leaned back, unmindful of the sand and debris beneath them. A few moments passed as they silently took in the sky above them, searching for familiar constellations and feeling humbled by the grandeur of the Milky Way.

"The night sky is really beautiful here. You can actually see the stars," Miley sighed, rolling her head to look at Lilly who was also staring up at the starry sky. "It's nothin' compared to you though."

"That is such a line," Lilly chuckled, turning her head to capture Miley's eyes with her own. "I liked it though. What else do you got?"

"Only what's in my heart." Miley rolled onto her side, gazing down at Lilly's moonlit face. She was incredibly beautiful, the unearthly glow catching along her forehead and nose, edging her features in silver. Miley traced a finger along her cheekbone, watching as the light played in Lilly's eyes. "So beautiful," she whispered. "I don't know what I did to deserve you. You make me unbelievably happy, Lils."

"Ditto," Lilly breathed, reaching up to tuck a strand of Miley's shoulder-length hair behind her ear. "By the way, have I told you how unbelievably sexy you are tonight?"

The words went straight to Miley's core and she felt her body begin to heat up. Gone was her sentimental mood from seconds before and in its place was a strong surge of both passion and devotion for the girl next to her. A smirk tugged at her lips. "No. But you can start by kissin' me."

"Deal," Lilly whispered right before she pulled Miley down and kissed her again. Their moans mingled together as the kiss quickly escalated and frantic hands pulled Miley closer.

The kiss kept going, passion heightening minute by minute, and Miley's hand began wandering over the body she had been dreaming about for years. As she reached the edge of Lilly's shirt, her fingers itching to feel the hot skin beneath, Miley pulled back, leaving them both breathless and gasping. "Do you – I mean, I can keep it in my pants…" Miley paused, hardly believing her own words. Her body craved Lilly and she didn't think she could stop now. "I mean, maybe you're not even -"

"Please, Miley," Lilly whispered. She moved her hands to the edge of Miley's tank top, urgently pulling it up. "I want you too."

Miley leaned down to kiss Lilly again, fingers sliding under Lilly's tight t-shirt for the first time. Her stomach was toned from surfing and sports, and her skin was softer than Miley had ever imagined. It was enough to drive her crazy and when Lilly mimicked her actions, her hands exploring the skin under Miley's shirt, it was almost Miley's undoing. She had never been kissed like this before, been wanted like this before, with such passion, such desire that had her feeling faint. If she hadn't been lying down, her knees would surely have buckled at this point.

Feeling brave and craving more of Lilly, Miley moved her hand north, cupping Lilly's breast through her bra. The quiet moan that sounded from her girlfriend only furthered the consuming need taking over Miley's body and she hastily moved the material to the side, rubbing her palm over the already hardened nipple. Miley could barely think, couldn't do or feel anything except Lilly's body beneath hers, her own body a live wire pulsing in time to her pounding heart and sparking every time Lilly touched her.

"Lilly," Miley groaned, ripping her mouth from the blondes and moving her attention to the delicate neck stretched before her. She was already aware of the sensitive spots, and her mouth sought those out first, bringing Lilly's quiet moans to a crescendo of pleasure as she continued to explore Lilly's breast, teasing her nipple between her fingers.

Lilly moaned deeply and her hips bucked against Miley as she tugged at the responsive nub, grinding against her sensitive spot, and Miley almost came right then, just from the small amount of pressure. Her body was on the verge of lighting on fire, and she didn't think she could take any more of this without getting some sort of relief. Slowly, she began to rock her hips against Lilly's, moaning at the intense wave of pleasure the action brought about. She had never been more turned on in her life.

"Miley," Lilly whispered breathlessly. Small hands grabbed Miley's hips and pulled her forcefully down, increasing the pace of their rocking hips. They were both panting, their harsh breathing covered by the sounds of the waves hitting the shore, and Lilly's eyes were nearly black with desire as Miley stared down into them. The realization of what they were doing sunk into Miley's hazy mind and she felt herself losing control.

"Oh, God," she whimpered, dropping her head as she shamelessly rocked her hips into Lilly's thigh, needing the release. Lilly's breathless chant of her name finally sent her over the edge and she screamed out her orgasm into Lilly's shoulder, her body shuddering against her best friend. In the midst of her climax she was vaguely aware of Lilly's fingers digging into her back, her own shout of release blending in with Miley's.

For several moments, neither of them moved as they came down from their almost simultaneous orgasms. Miley buried her face in Lilly's neck, hugging the blonde tightly to her. She was extremely happy, extremely satisfied, extremely…she didn't know how to describe what she was feeling. All she knew was how deliriously content she was at the moment as endorphins flowed through her body and love for the girl in her arms threatened to overwhelm her heart.

"I love you," Miley whispered, kissing Lilly's exposed neck before leaning up and staring down at her beautiful girlfriend. She liked that word, girlfriend. It was still hard to believe sometimes that Lilly had loved her all that time, that she still loved her despite the time and distance away from each other for the past four years.

"I love you too, Miles," Lilly grinned, pulling on Miley's arm to bring her down into a sweet kiss. "Hey sexy lady."

"Hey baby," Miley chuckled, leaning in to steal another kiss.

"As much as I love laying here with you, I've got sand down my pants."

Miley couldn't stop the laugh that burst from her lips and she rolled off Lilly, standing to her feet and extending a hand to the blonde. She stood silently and watched as Lilly danced around, shaking the sand from her pants, and committed the moment to memory. "Need some help gettin' it out?"

"It's a tempting offer, but I'd rather not flash anyone that might be looking."

"What about me?" Miley asked, blushing at her forwardness.

Lilly stopped her movements and Miley blushed even further at the intense gaze coming from the blonde. "Well I kind of already had plans for some sexy Miley/Lilly time later. That is, if you, uh…" Lilly fidgeted.

"Lilly?" Miley stepped closer, brushing down Lilly's disheveled hair.


"That sounds amazing, baby, but we don't have anywhere to go." Miley bit her lip, contemplating going back on her own self-imposed rule of no sex in her parent's house while her dad was home. She had been given a brief taste of being with Lilly and the thought of waiting any longer was killing her.

"Well, see, that's where you're wrong. I already asked Oliver if I could crash in one of the guest rooms."

Miley's heart jumped forward, nerves suddenly overtaking her body as the idea became an almost sure possibility. "Beautiful girlfriend, say what?"

"Yeah, I didn't want to drive back to my dad's place after the party if I decided to drink, and I didn't want to assume anything with you…So when Oliver mentioned the rooms were up for grabs for the weekend while his parents are gone, I called dibs," Lilly explained, continuing to fidget as she kicked at the sand.

"Okay, I have just one question."


"Why are we still standin' out here on the beach when there's a perfectly good bed waitin' inside?" Miley breathed, pulling Lilly flush against her body and kissing her again. It was madness, but she would never be able to get enough of this girl. She didn't care.

Questions, comments, or concerns? I hoped that lived up to your expectations. Btw, from personal experience over Memorial Day, not worth it. Sand EVERYWHERE. *cough* Anyway, if you don't know what flip cup is, Wikipedia it. I was going to end this after the beach scene but I just kept writing…so this one will be two chapters. Stay tuned for the next installment, hopefully coming very soon!