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Chapter One

The guys were acting strange. They normally acted strange with the comics, costumes, and conventions, but they were out doing themselves this time. They had been running around all week looking excited but slightly panicked. They seemed to be running around with their heads cut off. Well, except for Sheldon. It was almost as if they were keeping him purposefully out of the loop. Which didn't make sense at all to Penny. He normally kept on the up and up of the inner workings of the group. He was too neurotic not to. Yet, there was Howard telling Leonard of where they could go and that he had gotten "the supplies". 'Supplies for what?' is all Penny could think. 'What are they working so hard on?' It wouldn't be until the end of the week that Penny would understand what.

She got a text from Leonard telling her that they would be away this weekend. Something about a spontaneous convention and they had to catch a train early to get there in time. It wasn't making any sense to her. Sheldon didn't go anywhere without planning everything out to the last detail weeks ahead of time. And they wanted her to believe he up and left with no preparation. No, there was something going on and she would figure out what even if she had to go Junior Rodeo on their asses.

After a horrendous shift at The Cheesecake Factory, Penny was trudging up her stairs. All she wanted to do was take a bath, pour a glass of wine, and watch her TIVO'd episodes of America's Next Top Model. That was what she was going to do. That changed when she heard loud laughing and music coming out of the boys' apartment.

'Oh hell no! They lied to me? Convention my ass! Well, let's see how much they like me just showing up to their little party' Penny pulled out her 'emergency spare key' to open their door. Being as quiet as she could, she stuck her head in to peek at what they were doing. 'Probably made another robot and their celebrating' was her last thought before all thoughts left her head. Her mouth fell open in shock.

Sheldon was pounding shots with Leonard against Howard and Raj. Slamming his glass down, he shouted "Suck it bitches! We rock Leo!" High fiving Leonard (Leo? What the hell?), Sheldon turned around and took a chug of a beer on the counter. Wiping his mouth on shirt sleeve, he looked up to see Penny watching him. His eyes lit up with undisguised pleasure before he made his way towards her.

"Hey! You here to join our little party?" looking at her with hooded eyes (was Sheldon giving her bedroom eyes!), he sauntered up to her with his hand out.

"Name is Lee Cooper. What's yours darlin'?"

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