State of Suspended Mortality


By: Winters of Despair

For the record, I blame the green light.

I know, you're all wondering why I'm not laying the blame on the wizard who cast the spell. He was holding the wand. He spoke the incantation. Those two seemingly small words…

Avada Kedavra.

Or maybe I should blame the mastermind behind the whole operation: He-Who-Has-An-Obsession-With-Chasing-Underage-Boys, otherwise known as the self-proclaimed 'Lord Voldemort'.

I mean come on, not even Vlad is that creepy.

But no, I believe the blame lies with the green light.

Green used to be just another color to me. Grass is green, trees are green and moss is green. So what? Then the accident with the portal occurred and my perspective of the color green made a full 180º.

Green is the color of ectoplasm, the Ghost Zone and general ghostly power. When I transform into Phantom, my eyes glow green. It is also, apparently, the color of a little spell that sounds almost disturbingly similar to 'abra kadabra'. Do you know where I'm going with this?

Forget whatever story you learned in church or from your English teacher or wherever. Green is the color of death.

I've learned not to expect things that are green to last very long. Every year leaves die, flowers die, grass dies; and those 'evergreen' trees? Their foliage can turn brown too.

So when I met a boy my age whose name was Harry Potter, I didn't have to be from the wizarding world to know he was special in a way no one wants to be. My eyes locked onto his and I saw the rich emerald color, hiding behind wire rims. I knew immediately he was marked for death.

But this story doesn't begin there. It begins with my sister and I, and one of the many deranged minions of a Dark Lord obsessed with immortality.

Of course, if it hadn't been for that cursed green light, I wouldn't have even fallen into this mess.