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"People who try to live their lives without flaws, are the most flawed people of all"

"In todays news it's been said that-"


"-next we add just a pinch of crushed bay leaves to give it that-"


"With a triumphant call of justice, I the 'Super Ranger' shall bring down-"


"Minoru! Stop changing the channel already! You shouldn't even have that TV on right now," a young woman said.

"Hm?... why not? It's not like I haven't got anything to do today, nobody comes in at this time anyway," the young man known as Minoru said.

The people walking by, entering and exiting the nearby buildings passed the restaurant by as if they didn't notice it was there.

In the small city of Sugoroku Japan, in the early days of April, was a small food motor trailer with a sign on top displaying 'Yori'.

This small trailer was painted in stripes of both light grey and violet colors. The right side of it had an open large opening for taking orders, which also showed the kitchen inside of the portable restaurant.

Over that area was a large sturdy awning, and hanging from the corner of it was a small television.

Watching from the inside of the trailer was a young man in his early twenties holding the remote. He was a medium tall man, with light brown curly hair wearing a simple attire of light blue jeans and a light red shirt and old looking black leather shoes.

He was also wearing a nametag with his name 'Minoru' on it and a hair net on his head as well. Sitting outside the small shop on one of the table chairs was a young woman he was talking too.

"Anyway you don't need to worry about me, I can take care of myself. Shouldn't you worry about yourself right now Suzy? You're last year of University is coming up soon," Minoru said.

"I've already prepared myself so you don't need to worry about me, and stop calling me Suzy you know I hate that name," she said.

"But you used to like it when I called you that," Minoru said.

"When I was six, when are you going to stop calling me Suzy and use my real name Suzu?" the girl known as Suzu asked. She was a slight bit shorter than Minoru with short ear length black hair.

She wore her own attire of a light blue short skirt with thin black shorts underneath. She had on a long sleeved white shirt with a light blue vest over it. Strapped to the left side of her hip was what looked like a light green purse bag

"I'll call you by your real name when the times right," Minoru said still keeping his gaze on the TV.

"You keep saying that, but you never tell me when that is," Suzu said.

"It's when the time is right," Minoru said.

"And when is that?" she asked.

"When the time is right," he said.

"Grah," Suzu got up from her seat and reached up to Minoru's hair where she grabbed a long lock of hair.


"Stop giving me half answers!" she said twisting his hair between her fingers.

"S-S-S-Stop t-t-t-that! I don't need any more curls in my hair," he said, Suzu reluctantly let go of his hair.

"Sheeeesh, my hair wouldn't be curly if it wasn't for you," Minoru said.

"Consider it a blessing since your previous hairstyle was so boring before," Suzu said.

"yaahh, a blessing isn't something a demon gives- AH HAA! It's a blessing a blessing, from an angel!" Suzu grabbed his hair again after he made that comment.

"Gaaaahhh! Why do you have to treat me like this?" Minoru said.

The two continued to make small talk, the day passed by uneventful with just a few people stopping by to ask for some of Minoru's cooking. Soon the day was getting late and the sun was near to setting.

"Hmm… it's getting late, I should probably get home now," Suzu said.

"Alright, thanks for coming over," Minoru said working a few levers and shutting down the trailer.

"…. Oh, before I go I got something for you," Suzu said. She reached into her side pouch and pulled out a small box with wrapping paper.

"Hmm? A present?" he asked.

"Did you forget what today is?" Suzu asked lightly smirking.

"Hmmmm…. Ah that's right, today's my birthday," Minoru said un-emotionally.

"Yeah… I can't believe you forgot again," Suzu said.

"Heh… well I never really did care about the day I was born," Minoru said.

"I'll say… I've never heard of a kid who wanted to celebrate his birthday with just a small dinner, you're parents would always try getting you to get me and all your friends together t-… opps," Suzu covered her mouth to stop herself from talking.

"Don't worry about that, you can say it. I've gotten over it a long time ago," Minoru said.

"I know, you didn't even react at the funeral… weren't you sad?" Suzu asked.

"of course I was… but there wasn't any point in showing it… it wouldn't have helped in any way," Minoru said.

"…. W-well anyway enough sad memories, aren't you going to open it?" Suzu asked.

"Hm? Oh right," Minoru took the small package and began unwrapping it.

When he undid the paper inside the package was a box holding a small electronic device in it with a lable.

"V-System?" Minoru asked. Inside the box was a light black colored portable game console which was rectangular in shape with a small screen in the middle.

On the left said were four red arrow shaped buttons pointing up, down, left, and right. On the opposite right side were two circular buttons, one with the image of an X and one with the image of an O.

A little lower from those two buttons was a small horizontal rubber button with the word 'start' under it painted in gold.

"Have you heard of it? They're these new game systems that just came out," Suzu said.

"I haven't, what does it do?" Minoru asked.

"The V System!"

"Huh, Oh LOOK! There it is," Suzu grabbed onto Minoru's head to point him in the direction of the small television which was doing a commercial featuring the same device Minoru was just given.

"This brand new device is the latest and greatest in the gaming craze. It downloads music, plays videos, and connects to other V Systems without the internet, all free of charge. Those who buy it will also have the special massive online multiplayer game for free!" the voice said showcasing pictures of the product.

"Free game?" Minoru looked into the box that had his gift a second time, sure enough he pulled out what looked like a mini computer disk.

Only this disk was three time thicker than a normal mini disk and color coated with a black color, on it were the words 'V-Games'.

"And that's not all!" the voice said.

"Starting from today till next year we're running our special 'V-System Contest'!" the voice said emphasizing his voice.

"Contest?" Minoru questioned.

"Play our special game included and rack up as many points as you can against other v-system players. The number 1 top ranking player will win the special prize! 1,000,000,000,000 yen prize, as well as our Mystery Surprise," the voice said.

"Mystery prize?" Minoru questioned.

"one billion yen! That's a lot of money!" Suzu said.

"So get your V-system today!" the voice said ending the commercial.

"Interesting I guess this is a pretty useful thing to have with all its other functions, but why did you get me something this expensive?" Minoru asked.

"Oh it wasn't that expensive, my father's company helped make, and ship these things out throughout the whole state," she said.

"Your father? I thought he didn't work with things he found immature," Minoru said.

"He does when he's paid three times his normal pricing range, in advanced. Which is why I was able to get my hands on two of them," she said.


Suzu reached into her pocket and pulled out the same V-system game, only here's was a blue color.

"I thought it might be nice for us to be able to have fun together whenever we can… as soon as I'm done with school, I'll be taking over for my father like he wanted. And I'll be too busy for a lot of things," she said sounding slightly sad.

"hmm, that's right… then I suppose you should play as much as you can. University was hard, I know that from experience, but someone like you will make it," Minoru said.

"It was hard for you? You graduated at the top of the class singlehandedly doubling the school's reputation, I don't understand why someone like you is working here," Suzu said pointing to Minoru's small food trailer.

"It's what my parents left me, and it's all I need for now, nothing else. If I need more, I'll get more," Minoru said.

"sigh I suppose… anyway I gotta get home, I'll see you later, and happy birthday," she said leaving.

"Yeah, see you Suzy," he said.


Meanwhile, as night fell, there were strange events happening in a peculiar area. The place did not look to be a part of earth or anything similar.

The place was shaped like the inside of a very large and very long tube going farther than any eyes could see. The place with a light green color with a shading of different multiple colors, and long black lines in a checkerboard grid shape going around the area.

Traveling along the area at a blinding speed along the walls was a red spot which looked like the light from a spotlight. Behind it traveling at the same speed was another light, only this one was made of different colors like the shading on the green walls.

Back with Minoru, he was laying on his small bed with a light on over him, he was looking over his little device that Suzu had given him and had his own laptop open next to him as well. He was looking up his new gift online trying to see if he could find out anything about it, or any gaming tips.

"Hm… weird… it only shows up on shopping sites," Minoru said. Minoru grabbed onto his V-system and turned it on, his game disc was still left in the box.

"Alright let's see… it has memory storage, it's go a video player… but what's it connecting to if it's not connecting to the internet?" Minoru questioned.

When Minoru turned his game on the red light in the strange other world suddenly reacted, moving left and right like it was trying to get away from the other multi colored light.

The other light did not let up from his pursuit and continued to follow him coming closer inch by inch.

"…test connection?" Minoru was looking through the functions of his system and came across the testing function. "… might as well try it."

*beep* Minoru pressed the button and began the function.

"… Ah! Now's my chance," the red light in the other world suddenly disappeared completely from sight, the multi colored light that was following him suddenly stopped after losing sight of his target.

*beep beep beep beep beee-….*

"Huh?" the function Minoru used suddenly stopped, the V-system had also suddenly shut down without warning.

"Ahh, I didn't tell it to do that," Minoru flipped the power switch on and off multiple times, but nothing happened.

"Agh… this things a piece of junk," Minoru reached over to the counter and grabbed his cell phone.

*pipipipipi pipipipipi pipipipipi*

Suzu was laying in her bed alone in her very large house playing her V-system. When she had gotten home he had called to say that he was working overnight again leaving her alone in her house once again. When she heard her phone ringing she grabbed onto it turning it on.

"Hello?" Suzu asked.

"Hey Suzy, I got a problem," Minoru said.

"Everything alright? And it's Suzu!" she said.

"Yeah I'm fine nothing to serious, it's just that the gift you gave me sort of suddenly shut down by itself," Minoru said.

"It did? Well sorry that that happened but why are you telling me? Aren't you good with technology?" Suzu asked.

"Yeah, but I wasn't able to find out anything about it online when I looked it up, I was wondering if you knew something," Minoru said.

"Uh… no, I don't know what to say, mine's working just fine," she said.

"how is it?" Minoru asked.

"Heh, it's addicting, I'm afraid I might be up all night. I'm fighting against this guy, and he's weak," she said.

"So you don't know what might be wrong with mine?" Minoru asked.

"no sorry… ah but now that I think about it your V-system was the only color of its kind," Suzu said.

"The only color?"

"Yeah, black V-system's weren't one of the colors that was released to the public," she said.

"Well I doubt that the color is the reason for my problem," Minoru said.

"Look if you want I'll stop by tomorrow and go exchange it for a different one-ZZZZ f-ZZZZZZZ ou-ZZZZZZZ!"

"Huh? Suzy?"

*click* the signal was lost and the phones disconnected.

"What the heck?" Minoru looked to his phone to see the reception level was at its highest. *ding*

"Hmm?" Minoru looked away from his phone to see that his game had turned on again by itself, the black screen was now a bright red color.

"That's odd… ," Minoru picked up his game and looked closely at it.

"Is it safe?"

"HUH!" Minoru's eyes perked up when he heard a voice that came out of nowhere.

"W-Who's there?" Minoru said.

"Ah!... oh… thank goodness it's just a regular person," the mysterious voice said.

"Who's there! Show yourself!" Minoru said.

"Hey hey relax! Not so loud," the voice sounded close to Minoru.

"Who's there? If you're a trespasser don't think I won't harm you," Minoru said.

"Huh? W-W-WAIT, don't hurt me! I'm sorry I trespassed! Please don't hurt me!" the voice said cowardly.

"Wha-… where are you?" Minoru said.

"Oh uh… I-I'm in your hand," the voice said. "What?"Minoru looked into his left hand which still held the V-system.

"Minoru?... Minoru?" Suzu's phone was suddenly cut off from Minoru.

"What happened?"


"Huh?" Suzu's V-system gave off a noise and the screen suddenly went black and then into a multicolor. "What's that?" Suzu looked closer into the screen out of curiosity.


"AHH!" the screen suddenly shot out a blinding light.

"So… wha-… what the hell are you?" Minoru was baffled by the fact that his new V-System was suddenly talking on its own.

"Oh uh… I'm… not really sure what to say… well I'm what you would call a program, and my name is Alpha," the voice of Alpha said.

"A program?... wh… OK is this some kind of joke? Suzy, are you doing this?" Minoru spoke to his system.

"Suzy?... no I'm not a Suzy," Alpha said.

"No I mean… what are you? Or who… something like this isn't… who are you supposed to be!" Minoru said frustrated.

"Well I… l-look before I tell you anything I need to know, did some strange creature follow me or is somewhere near me?" Alpha said.

"Wha-C-Creature! What are you talking about?" Minoru said angrily.

*ping* "Huh?... Oh… never mind, I'm safe," he said.

"Wha… OK forget this!" Minoru grabbed onto his phone again and speed dialed Suzu.


"Suzy, are you playing some kind of prank on me?" Minoru said.


"Suzy? Can you-"


"Wha- Suzy?"

"something weird just happened, it came out of-AAHHH!"


"Suzy?... SUZY!" the phone was suddenly cut off from Suzu.

"Wha… Suzy! SUZY are you alright!" Minoru called out.

"Ah so that's where it went," Alpha said.

"Wha… you!" Minoru grabbed onto the V-System and looked into it.

"WHAT are you talking about!" Minoru said.

"Oh… uh… that thing that was following me… the Virus, it must have tried to find me and went into your friend instead," he said.

"Wha- ah… Suzy…ARGH!" Minoru picked up the V-system and angrily tossed it into the passenger seat, Minoru took the driver seat and put the keys into the ignition.

"W-What are you doing!" Alpha said afraid.

"I'm going to go help my friend," *VRRRRMMM* the engine started up and Minoru started driving to his friends home.

"WHA, WAIT! You're going towards the Virus! Don't do that! GO the OTHER way!" Alpha said.

"My friends in trouble, and I'm not leaving her alone!" he said.

"Y-You can't! You have no idea what you're messing with, the Virus's are powerful, he'll kill you!" Alpha panicked.

"I'm not listening to what some screen saver has to say, whatever you are you can just leave if you're so afraid!" Minoru said.


Minoru took a sharp turn which nearly sent the V-system flying, the car turned into the road in the middle of the city, Minoru stepped on the gas pedel all the way down making him go well past the speed limit.

"Can you at least click my seatbelt on?" Alpha asked.

"You're hard, you'll be fine, or you can leave," Minoru said.

"I-I can't leave this thing, this is one of the few items that keep me hidden from Virus's! If they catch me they'll force me to go back to Boss!" Alpha said.

"Boss?" Minoru said.

"Boss'll kill me if he gets me, I can't go back to my place!" Alpha said worried.

"What the hell are you talking about!" he asked.

"I- ah AHH! THERE HE IS!" Minoru looked forward in the street to see Suzu walking in the middle of the street, the people nearby were all running away from the area.



Minoru forced his car to turn to the side and he slammed on his breaks forcing the car to stop in its tracks, Minoru stopped his car inch's away from hitting Suzu.

"SUZY!" Minoru jumped out of the Trailer and onto the street.

"W-WAIT STOP!" Alpha called out, but he didn't listen and Minoru ran up to Suzu and was about to ask her what she was doing here.


"GAH!" Suzu hit Minoru square in the face knocking him back more than seemed possible for her strength.

"S-Suzy? What the hell, what's-," Minoru took a look into Suzu's eyes and saw that they were filled with a muti color in her pupils.



"GLLLAAARGH!" Suzu's eyes began to glow the multi color that was in her eyes more brightly. Her whole body then began to shine the same multi color all over her body till it became blinding forcing Minoru to shut his eyes. When the light died down Minoru opened his eyes again.

"S-SUZY!" Suzu's body had lost its shapely human form and she was now in a more monstrous shape.

Her body became more enlarged and looked like it had been spray painted with the same multi-color. Her hands had grown larger and became sharper.


"RAGH!" Suzu walked towards Minoru with the intent to cut him.

"SUZY! What's going on with you!" Minoru asked trying to get Suzu's attention. She didn't listen and tried to strike him, Minoru quickly jumped back from the attack.

"S-SUZY! Stop it, what are you doing!" Minoru said.

Suzu kept on the attacks trying to strike him Minoru kept running back from Suzu's attacks.

"Oh… this is bad!" Alpha said still inside the trailer.

"If something happens to that guy then that Virus will find me, I can't keep running!" Alpha said worried.

"S-Suzy wait! AH!" *SLASH* "What ha-AH!" *SMASH* Suzu brought her claw down on the ground and smashed the street causing it to crack from her strength.



Suzu was about to attack again but was interrupted by the sound of an engine starting. The monstrous Suzu looked to her left to see the headlights of Minoru's trailer was turned on and heading towards her.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" the car called.

"W-Alpha!" Minoru didn't have time to think about what was going on, Minoru jumped out of the way from his oncoming trailer.


"GLAAARGH!" Suzu took the trailer attack head on sending her flying across the street. "SUZY!" Minoru yelled concerned.

"She's fine don't worry!" the voice of Alpha called, Minoru looked into the driver window to see the wheel was turning itself.


"Alright look, your friend over there has been taken over by a monster called Virus! Right now she's not in control of her actions! We need to destroy that Virus!" Alpha said.

"I-I can't do that, my friend will get hurt!" Minoru said.

"No she won't, we'll just be destroying the outside body, that'll be enough to get rid of the Virus and save your friend," Alpha said.

"W-Well how do I do that? She's way to strong for me to fight," Minoru said.

"Don't worry, I can help with that!"


The driver widow opened up and the the Trailer began to shake left and right.

The V-system along with the game disk both flew out of the car, Minoru caught both of them. The trailer's engine shut off and the black screen on his game turned red again.

"Wh-What's going on!" Minoru said.

"No time to explain, she's getting back up!" Alpha said meaning Virus Suzu.

"W-How are you going to help me!" Minoru asked.

"I'll give you my power, like that Virus, only you'll be in control. With my powers you can fight off that Virus and save your friend," Alpha said, "But in exchange for helping you, I need you to help keep me safe from those Virus's."

"Why should I? How do I know you're not lying or that you'll take control of me like that Virus thing did?" Minoru asked.

"GRAAALLGH!" Virus Suzu was back up ready to fight.

"We don't have time! Please, just trust me bodyguard! I can't let him get me!" Alpha said.

"Grrr…. F-Fine, but you better explain what the Hells going on later or else!" Minoru said.

"Fine! I promise! Now quickly, put the machine on your waist with the screen looking forward! Then turn the switch on!" Alpha said.

"Wha-… L-Like this?" Minoru put the game on his waist and flipped the switch.

*BEEP* *click* when Minoru turned the V-system on the right side of the console opened up and three circular connection plugs colored yellow, white, and red came out.

On the opposite left side three hole slots opened up where three different wires were. A yellow wire on top first shot around his waist and connected to the yellow plug on the other side, the screen on front turned on.

A white wire in the middle shot out and around his waist and connected to the white plug, "Power…" the game said itself.

Then a third red wire shot out and connected to the red plug, "…On" the game said again.

"Power On, Select Game" the console on Minoru's belt spoke out in its robotic cyber like voice.

"Wh-… what's this!" Minoru said.

"GLARGH?" Virus Suzu stopped to look at the new device on Minoru's waist.

"The disk! Hold the Disk up QUICKLY!" Alpha called out.

"Th-This?" Minoru held the black disk in his right hand and held it up.

The black disk suddenly began to change color from its dark black into a deep red, on the front of the game the words changed and now said 'Alpha's Adventure'.

"Quick put me in the system!" Alpha said from the disk, making it move in Minoru's hand.

"Huh… uh r-right," *click* The top part of Minoru's belt opened up a slot where he could drop the disk in.

"This better work," Minoru said dropping the disk into his belt, the whole console changed from black to red like the disk.

"Alpha's Adventure, Press Start," the game said.


"It's on the game, it says it, press the button! Quick!" he said.

Minoru looked down where the start button on the system was and placed his thumb on the button.

"...Here goes…Henshin!"

*BEEP* "GAME START!" Minoru's body was suddenly covered in a black body suit with green lines in a grid pattern.

His feet produced red metallic looking soildier boots that reached halfway up to his knees.

The belt wires around his waist were covered in a red snake scale like armor, the sides of the V-system on his belt had two brick like castle pillars attached. His chest was covered in a red armor patterned like a knight's armor.

His shoulders had something similar looking to red shields on top of them. His hands had red armor gauntlets lined with the color of yellow on them making his fist bigger. On his head a full red metal helmet covered his head, on his face were two half ovals on his face which looked like black screens with a slight red hue.

"... wha-… what's this?" Minoru said.

"It's your new power, just be sure to keep me safe from any Virus's that come along bodyguard and you can use it as much as you want," the voice of Alpha said in Minoru's head.

"hmm... this feels pretty good... it feels like power is surging through my body," Minoru said.

"With my abilities you're far more stronger than before, now go attack that Virus bodyguard. If you hurt him enough he'll be forced to let go of your friend and she'll turn back to normal," Alpha said.

"Alright... shouldn't be too hard," Minoru said.

"GLAARRGGH!" Virus Suzu growled at her opponent.

"Alright Suzu or Virus or whoever I'm talking too. You better stop what you're doing right now and give me Suzu back and stop attacking people, or else!" Minoru threatened.

"GRAAAGGGGGHH!" Virus Suzu growled back.

"Fine," Minoru readied himself in a fighting position.

"Let's go a round in versus mode."

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