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"SSssss Ah!" Minoru complained as the girl applied the disinfection swab on his cheek.

"Just hold still, I'll be done soon," she said in a firm voice. After the battle the man who was Decade had taken Minoru to his home to help him which was a photo studio. Minoru was curious of this place, he was sure that not too long ago this area was nothing more than a vacant empty lot. When he and Decade got here a young woman had immediately scolded Decade and began helping Minoru with his wounds.

"Alright, there you go," she said placing the last band-aid on his cheek.

"Thank you," Minoru said rubbing the area she finished.

"You're lucky that Tsukasa was able to hold himself back, it could have been a lot worse," she said before turning her attention to Decade, "What's wrong with you, you could have nearly killed him," she said angry.

"If he gets in the way it's his own fault," he said like he didn't even care, he was leaning against the wall looking away from the two.

"It's fine really," Minoru said stopping them from fighting, "I got in the way, it's my own fault."

"Oh no, you're not taking the blame," she said stopping Minoru, "Why did you get in the way of his attack?" she asked.

"Uh well… I guess it was just instinct," Minoru scratched the back of his head.

"You're next," Decade said. "N-No, wait!" the dark Virus said trying to get up to run. Decade pulled out a different card again and slid it in his belt. "It's no use begging," Decade said. Minoru watched as the Virus tried to get away.

"Hey- w-wait a second!" Minoru yelled.

"The Virus was afraid, he didn't want to get hurt. So I guess I… just reacted," Minoru said.

"Virus?" the girl asked curious.

"The enemies of this world, and it was a foolish move what you did," Decade said not bothering to turn around, "Even if you showed him kindness now, there's no guarantee that he won't just come get you later."

"Uh… well… yeah," Minoru said sounding depressed.

"Eh! No it wasn't bad," she said, "you did a good thing, something that was really noble," she said trying to cheer him up.

"It was also foolish," Decade said.

"Tsukasa, shush," she said back at him, "Anyway it's nice to meet you, I'm Natsumi Hikari," she said shaking his hand.

"And I'm-." "He's Tsukasa," Natsumi said quickly.

"drhg, I can do my own introduction's," he said.

"I'm Minoru, Minoru Yori," he said shaking her hand back.

"So, you're supposed to be the rider of this world?" Natsumi asked him.

"The what?" Minoru asked back confused.

"You're a Kamen Rider," Tsukasa said.

"Oh, uh yeah, that's what everyone's been calling me, and you're one too?" Minoru asked Tsukasa.

"Kamen Rider Decade," he said.

"Decade? … Kamen Rider Ten Years?" Minoru said.

"Drgh," Tsukasa nearly tripped over from his spot, "Not Ten Years, 'Decade'!"

"But that's what a Decade is," Minoru said.

"That's not my name," Tsukasa said annoyed.

"snrk," Natsumi gave a slight giggle. "It's not funny," Tsukasa said angry.

While the three were talking the front door of the place suddenly opened up, in walked a young looking man with black hair carrying two large brown grocery bag. An older looking man walked behind him carrying a lighter looking plastic bag.

"ngh We're back," the younger one said grunting as he carried the heavy food.

"Natsumi, we're back," the older one said, "Ah and I see that we have guest again," he said when he saw Minoru.

"Hello, I'm Minoru Yori," he said introducing himself.

"Hey Eijiro, where do you want this?" the younger one said still holding up the bags.

"The kitchen Yusuke," he said leading him, "Anyway make yourself at home, I'll put something on the stove." The old man left into the kitchen, and the younger person who Minoru heard was Yusuke walked back out. He grunted as he took a seat next to Minoru and Natsumi.

"ugh, finally," he said.

"Is the work too much for you?" Tsukasa teased.

"I didn't see you doing anything," Yusuka said back, "So who's the new guy?"

"Oh uh, I'm Minoru," he said.

"Right, Yusuke Onodera," he said laying his head back.

"Hey uh… where did you guys put my V-System?" Minoru asked looking around.

"Hm? Oh the game? I put it in the drawer," Natsumi said.

"Uh oh," Minoru said looking for the drawer Natsumi said she put it. In the corner of the little shop was a little table with a few drawers, Minoru opened them up one at a time until he saw his V-System in one of them.

"GASP, FINALLY what the hell Bodyguard!" Alpha yelled.

"Eh? It's alive?" Natsumi said surprised, Yusuka raised his head up when he heard Alpha complaining.

"Sorry, I was busy," Minoru said.

"Well don't let some strange looking person suddenly take us next time!" Alpha complained.

"Strange?" Natsumi said angry.

"Haha, I think I like that thing," Tsukasa teased.

"Shut up Ten Years," Natsumi said back to him.

"Who are those people anyway, and what did that person do?" Beta asked.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to ask about that," Minoru said.

"What is that thing?" Yusuke asked.

"Huh? Oh this?" Minoru said showing them him V-System, "Yeah these are my friends, the Virus's."

"Viruses? I thought they were the enemy," Natsumi said.

"Not these ones, they're friendly," Minoru said.

"Hey!" Alpha yelled, "If you put me back in that drawer again I'm coming after you," Alpha threatened.

"Yeah, really friendly," Natsumi said annoyed.

"Oh ignore Alpha Sempai, hello there, the name is Beta," he said.

"I'm Delta." "


"Names Sigma!"

"I am Zeta." The Virus's all introduced themselves to the other group.

"Excuse me, but which one of you was the pink fighter we saw?" Beta said.

"That would be me, and it's not pink it's magenta," Tsukasa said.

"Ah yes, do you perchance know about those enemies Sir had faced earlier?" Beta asked.

"Yeah, you sounded like you knew em," Sigma said.

"I don't know them personally, however I do know that those Viruses do not belong in this world," Tsukasa said.

"This world?" Minoru asked.

"Yes, I heard that man snuck out of his own world, and I need to get him back to where he belongs before he does any damage," Tsukasa said.

"You talk like you're all aliens," Minoru said. "No, we're nothing like that," Tsukasa said.

"Then wha-." *PIPIPIPIPIPIPI* Minoru was interrupted by the sound of his cell phone ringing, "Uh sorry hold on," he said answering his phone. "Hello?"

"MINORU WHAT THE HELL!" Minoru pulled the phone away from his ear when the loud yelling hurt his ear, the rest of the people heard her yelling as well.

"Virus Bait's angry," Alpha said.

"Uh hey Suzy, so I guess you heard about the fight?" Minoru asked.

"You're damn right I heard, what the hell. I was literally right next to you! You couldn't wait!" Suzu yelled at him.

"I don't think the enemy was willing to wait for you. Anyway is everything alright for you?" Minoru asked.

"Yeah, doctor said everything was fine! What happened this time? Is the enemy still alive?" Suzy asked.

"Yeah yeah, no listen are you sure everything is alright? Isa said you were losing long tracks of time," Minoru said.

"Yeah I… couldn't really get an explanation for that. Doctor thinks its stress or something, Listen where are you? I wanna be close when you go fighting again!" she said.

"Uh right I'm at… uh I don't know the address, look can I just meet you back at my place?" Minoru said.

"Do NOT leave that place until I get there!" she threatened before hanging up the phone.

"She sounds worse than Natsumi when she's angry," Tsukasa said, Natsumi gave him a threatening glare making him stay quiet.

"You might want to get your drink to go, don't want to test the patience of mad woman," the bat next to Minoru said.

"Yeah she would get vio-… AHHH!" *CRASH* Minoru quickly scattered back out of fear, "W-W-WHAT IS THAT THING?" Minoru stuttered.

"huff, how rude, my name is Kivala," the tiny white bat said.

"Ah don't worry about her she's harmless," Tsukasa said.

"Whoa she looks way freaky," Sigma said amused.

"E-Excuse me?" she said angry flying to the V-System, "If anyone's freaky it's you!" she said pointing one of her wings at the V-System.

"Hey Bro, can we get our own pet like her?" Sigma asked ignoring her.

"I'M NOT A PET!" she yelled.

"What is she?" Minoru asked.

"She's what's called a Kivat, she's from another world to," Tsukasa said.

"Jeeze, is there anyone else I should be aware of?" Minoru asked.

"Actually yeah, has anyone seen Daiki?" Yusuke asked.

"Who?" Minoru said.

"Do NOT leave that place until I get there!" Suzu threatened Minoru over the phone before she angrily hung up.

"So where is he?" Isa asked carefully.

"He didn't say. Said he would meet us back at his home," Suzu said putting her phone back in her pocket.

"You know you shouldn't get angry at him, he didn't decide that you would miss the fight," Isa said.

"I know, it just really gets me angry that I KEEP missing the fights!" Suzu said.

"You've seen some," Isa pointed out.

"Yeah, but you've seen more than me. And I've been with him longer than you have! Hell I've known him longer than you have!" Suzu complained.

"Well… then that just means he cares about you more than me. He just want's to keep you safe," Isa said trying to sound optimistic.

"Bull, besides I keep missing fights for more reasons than Minoru saying I need to get back," she said.

"Alright alright, look let's just go. The Virus's Minoru faced are still around remember, maybe we'll get lucky," Isa said.

"I freaking better," Suzu huffed.

Suzu and Isa both got to the park where Minoru's trailer was parked, Suzu tried the knob but it wouldn't open.

"ugh, he's not here yet," Suzu complained.

"Well I don't hear any screaming so I don't think he's out fighting," Isa said.

"Then where is he? He should have been here by now," Suzu said.

"You don't know that," Isa said.

"Whatever, if he is out fighting and he hasn't told me I'm totally kicking his butt. Come on we'll get in through the hatch on the roof, I have a key," Suzu said.

"Minoru gave you a key to his place?" Isa asked curious.

"Well no and yes," Suzu said acting non-shallot.

"You stole it didn't you?"

"Oh just shut up and follow me," Suzu said, she led Isa to the back of the trailer where a small ladder was built onto it. Suzu stepped up on the first step and began climbing.

*BLAST* "AHH!" Suzu let go and almost fell on her back, a blast of sparks shot out of the handle that she had just grabbed on, Isa was startled and jumped away from the ladder. "What was that?" Isa said looking around the area.

"Looks like you've finally arrived," the two heard, Suzu and Isa looked at the source of the voice and blast. Standing out in the area was a single man with bowl cut black hair, in his hand was something that looked like a blue toy gun in his hand.

"I've been waiting for you to get here," he said.

"Wh-Who are you?" Isa said. "Are you the Virus?" Suzu asked angry at him.

"Virus?" he asked her.

"You don't know?" Suzu asked him.

"I'm not whatever you're talking about, my name is Kaito Daiki just a simple treasure hunter," he said.

"Treasure hunter?" Isa said confused.

"And you," Kaito said pointing to Suzu, "Have something that I want," he said suddenly aiming his gun at her.

"Oh man, he's got a gun," Isa said worried.

"Oh I get it," Suzu started annoyed, "You're after me because my father's so rich right? Hoping to get a ransom off of daddy's little girl?" she said taunting him.

"How insulting," Kaito told her, "You think I want some useless money? Even more so get it through ransom? I don't need to threaten a life to get what I want. If there's something I want I'll just take it, and what I want-." he said moving his gun away from her, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a strange looking card. "I want the power you have," he said.

"My power?" Suzu asked. Kaito ignored her and slid his strange looking card into the left side of his gun and slid the front out taking the card with it.

"Kamen Ride"

"Kamen Ride?" Isa said surprised. Kaito aimed the gun directly above him and pulled the trigger.




His blast went directly up into the air in the form of what looked like a bunch of blue cards, around Kaito appeared constantly shifting body looking forms of green, red, and blue. The three forms all headed directly to Kaito and his body was suddenly covered in a black suit, there were ridges all over his chest and around his waist was some weird looking belt with a screen and a square looking holder on his side.

The cards above him suddenly shot down and stuck themselves on his head coloring his head blue, energy traveled down his sides turning them blue as well. Kaito relaxed his gun arm and faced Suzu and Isa.

"Wh-What is that?" Isa said surprised, *snap snap* she instantly grabbed her camera and began taking pictures of him.

"He has the same powers as Minoru," Suzu said just as shocked.

"Now," he said aiming his gun at Suzu, "Hand over the treasure you have," he said.

"W-I don't have any," Suzu said.

"You don't… but your friend does," he said.

"Wh-no I don't," Isa said, *BAM* "RGh!" Suzu suddenly hit the back of Isa's neck, Isa fell unconscious and fell on the ground, Suzu didn't even bother to try and catch her. Suzu started at Kaito with a look of annoyance, her pupils were hued a light white.

"How did you know about me?" JamZ asked.

"So she really doesn't know anything about you, how interesting," Kaito said.

"Enough, what do you want with me?" JamZ asked.

"The power of JamZ is powered by you, the last of your kind. There's not another one of you in the whole universe. Someone like you is literally irreplaceable," Kaito said.

"So what? You want me as some trophy? I may not agree with the Virus's, but I'm not about to be some shiny object for some stupid human to admire," JamZ threatened, she reached into Suzu's Pocket and pulled out a small white i-pod.


In a flash of light appeared her stereo belt and she swung it around herself attaching it. Suzu slid the device in the middle opening and pointed directly upward with her index finger.

"Track 1, Press Play"

"Henshin!" she clicked the middle button activating her belt.

"Let's JAM"

A wave of sound covered Suzu all over her body, her form was then replaced by a large suit of white armor with stereo speakers, and dials all around her body.

"Are you ready? Than listen up," she said. JamZ ran at Kaito ready to attack him, Kaito aimed his gun at JamZ and began firing shots at her.

*BLAST* JamZ ducked down from the attack and pressed the button on her belt.

"Track 3, Soft Jazz"

JamZ aimed her left palm speaker at Kaito. *

BREEEE* JamZ fired a sound shot of energy at Kaito who fired his own weapon as well. JamZ weapon overpowered Kaito's and her attack went through his shot.

*BOOM* Kaito grunted as he was hit and pulled out another card from his side.

"You're going to have to do better than that little gun," JamZ said.

"You're right," Kaito said sliding the card in his gun.

"Attack Ride"

Kaito aimed his gun up at JamZ.


*BO-BO-BO-BOOM* Kaito's gun made four other after images and fired a larger burst of shots. JamZ aimed her own arm at Kaito and fired her own shots.

*BOOOOM* The two attacks collided and blew up in the middle canceling each other out.

"After all that talk, I hope that's not all you have," JamZ taunted, "You didn't think facing me would be that easy did you?"

"Oh don't worry," he said pulling out a new card and sliding it in his gun, "No treasure is worth getting if it's easy to steal."

"Kamen Ride"

Kaito aimed his gun at JamZ again.

"You're shots aren't going to work on me," she said.

"Oh?" Kaito said aiming up pulling the trigger.


Kaito's shots turned into nine red, green, and blue forms. They all went down in front of JamZ and turned into weird enemies covered in black and bronze armor wielding weird looking small batons.

"What?" JamZ looked at the enemies that had come from Kaito's gun, "Did you just shoot people?"

The three new enemies ran in and swung their weapons at JamZ who dodged their attack. JamZ punched at the middle one and kicked the second one back. The third one thrusted his weapon at JamZ while she was busy.

*SLASH* "AUgh," JamZ jumped back after she was struck and the three got together in formation next to each other. They attacked again, and JamZ quickly pressed the button on her belt.

"Track 2, Heavy Metal"

JamZ right arm formed her large sound wave sword, and she immediately slashed at the three.

*SHING* *BOOOM* The three enemies were slashed instantly all at once by JamZ weapon, and they all blew up in a fiery explosion leaving nothing behind.

"That was a little better," JamZ said readying herself to fight Kaito.

"That wasn't all," he said, JamZ ran directly at Kaito to fight him. Kaito took out three more cards and slid them in his gun one at a time, "Let's see if you're as good as these."

"Kamen Ride"




Kaito aimed his gun at JamZ this time and pulled the trigger.

*CRASH* The after images of three different forms all hit JamZ knocking her back from Kaito. JamZ landed on her back but quickly got up before all the new forms came together, this time all of them were different than before.

One of them was in white with a long cape, and wielding a fencer like sword in her hand. Her mask looked like a metal grate in the form of wings, around her waist was a belt with a white buckle and an emblem shaped like a trident with wings on the side.

The second one was in black and red. In the middle of her chest was and sides of her head were red upside-down V's. In her hand was something that looked like a crossbow, and on her face was a large green diamond shaped front. Her belt had a long buckle with green and another red upside-down V.

The third one was in white and red, holding a black harp with weird gold emblems at the ends. Her mask had an array of gold shaped onements making an angry looking face, her belt had a buckle with the same images as on her harp.

"W-Where- how did you do that?" JamZ said worried.

"Hmph, not bad for a Stupid Human," Kaito taunted, "Get her."

The three picked up their weapons and made a dash for JamZ. The white one slashed at JamZ at the same time she attacked, and the two blades collided with each other. Femme continued her attack and did a follow up, but JamZ kept up and deflected her second attack.

*shii* "Ah!" JamZ was attacked at her left side by Larc's crossbow arrow she stumbled back and gave Femme another chance to attack.

*SHING* Femme's weapon slashed right through JamZ and she stumbled back again. Femme and Larc both stepped to the side and Shuki stepped in the middle of them, she raised up her harp and began playing it.


A large wall of red energy was made from Shuki's instrument and headed right through her.

*zztztzz* "RRghh AHahaH!" JamZ felt the burning energy pass through her paralyzing her. Larc raised up her weapon and aimed it at JamZ, Kaito stepped in as well and inserted one of his cards in his gun.

"Attack Ride: Blast"

*BO-BO-BO-BOOM*Kaito and Larc both shot their weapons at JamZ through the wave of energy.

*BLAST* "AAAUGH!" JamZ cried out, she went flying through the air after being hit by all of the attacks. Electrical energy surged around JamZ as she groaned in pain on the ground. "rrgh, Bastard," JamZ insulted through her teeth.

"You were the one to underestimate me, blame yourself," Kaito said, he took out another card with a blank on it and walked past the three riders.

"Rgh, I'm not done yet," JamZ said as she struggled to get up.

"Don't try and lie to me, you don't have any strength left," he said pulling up his card.

*BASH* *BANG* *BAM* Kaito's attention instantly shifted away from JamZ and he looked behind himself. The three riders all fell down on the ground and disappeared in thin air, behind them were three familiar black Virus's each holding a long baton, a Rifle, and Spiked fist.

"Them?" JamZ said surprised.

"Where did you come from?" Kaito said, he turned his attention back to JamZ. When he did the black haired man was already in front of him and placed their hand on his chest.

"Some hunter," he said.

*BZZZTZTZ* "AUUUGH!" the man's hand produced a powerful electrical like energy black in color.

*BOOM* The power traveled around Kaito and the attack blew him away, Kaito was on the ground this time trying to shake off the pain.

"You, what are you doing here?" JamZ said to him annoyed.

"Oh? I thought you might have needed some help," he said trying to sound friendly.

"Help? I don't need any help from a filthy Virus like you," JamZ said angrily getting up.

"Now don't get angry at me, I'm not the same as the Virus's you're really angry at," he said holding his hands up, still smiling.

"You Virus's are all the same to me, and don't think that because you've helped me that I won't take you out now," she said getting ready to press the buttons on her belt.

"Hmm? You don't like Virus's, but you don't seem to have a problem with System," he said to her not worried that she was about to attack.

"He's different, he's been useful, and it's hard to decide if I don't want his help. If you can throw it away easily, it's not worth keeping," JamZ said.

"Oh?" the man said, the black Virus's were about to attack again, but the man raised his hand up telling them to stop. "My name is Inormo," he told JamZ.

"So what?" JamZ said.

"You're alright with System because he defeats the Virus of this world… what if I did the same thing for you, but better?" Inormo asked.

"… What are you saying?" JamZ asked slightly relaxing her body.

"I'm looking to replace System, remember?" he asked her.

"So what?" JamZ asked.

"You have some connections to this System do you not?" he asked her.

"Don't insult me, I wouldn't socialize with that Virus lover," she said.

"But you don't deny that he would trust you if you wanted him to?" Inormo asked.

"… I suppose so," JamZ said.

"So what do you say?" Inormo asked, "I want to replace System, you want all of this worlds Virus's gone. With you, it would be much easier."

"You're asking me to join you?" JamZ asked, "Why should I do anything with an annoying Virus like you?" she huffed angry.

"The Virus's of this world, they are all coming here to take over this world. I can personally promise you that all the Virus's that step into this world will be killed on sight. Including System's friends, that is what you want right?" he asked her.

"Whoa boss, you wanna work with her?" one of the black Virus's said.

"Why not, she's not friends with System, they simply share similar goals," he said, "And if you help me with System, then I can make your goal, my goal."

"You would take out all of the Virus's?" JamZ asked with interest.

"I have the reinforcements to do so, and I've already defeated System before remember? Even if you go against the Virus's yourself do you think that you yourself would be able to win?" Inormo asked her extending his hand, "So what do you say?"

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