A/N- Prompt was 'family' from a leverageland challenge on lj

Eliot hadn't had a real family in a long time. The memories of his childhood did little to fill the void of the longing to belong in a world where for him trust didn't come easy.

Things were different now. Nate and Sophie with their bickering just like a mom and dad, all the while still found a way to look out for everyone and teach the others. Like when Parker needed to know how to hook a guy by wearing a dress, or Nate having to berate Hardison when he lost focus during briefings.

Parker and Hardison were like those annoying younger siblings that followed you around and did things they knew would bother him just for spite. Even with their crazy antics he still felt compelled to look out and protect them from danger should anything go wrong during a job.

Eliot found a place where his violent past wasn't something to be ashamed of, because they all had their secrets and previous indiscretions. His services to them might be mainly limited to bashing heads, but without him he knew their unit wouldn't function.

Maybe they weren't the ideal family, but they were enough for him.

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