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Chapter 1; A Fresh Start

Shego's POV

The shrilling sound of an alarm clock woke the teen from her slumber. A tired groan was vocalized as her arm flew around toward the object of her annoyance. She froze mid-swing, her hand engulfed in hot plasma. She sighed, remembering the lecture she received after breaking her last dozen alarms. The plasma engulfed hand smothered before slowly descending and pressing the off button. The girl sat up groggily, running a hand through her tangled onyx hair and sighing. After a moment of rubbing her emerald eyes, the teen jumped out of bed and made her way to the bathroom. When she finished her shower and other morning routines, she strolled into the kitchen.

"Good morning Shego! Ready for your first day of school?" Her employer, and legal guardian, asked in a peppy manner.

"Yea, whoopty freakin doo" The teen circled her finger for emphasis on her sarcasm.

"I make pan-cakes" He sing-songed while fiddling with his pink apron.

"Thanks Drakken" The green hued girl muttered, sitting at the table.

"Cheer up Shego! Senior year, new school, new promotion, things are looking up!" The blue man said with a huge smile.

"Yea I suppose. It's defiantly nice to be your sidekick now. Being a henchman was shit." She shoved a pancake into her mouth.

"That's the spirit! Now you start to get serious, commit real crimes, rob bigger places, and you get to fight my arch foe!"

"Who again?" the villainous asked, taking a large sip of milk.

"Kim Possible, the teen crime fighting cheerleader" Drakken spat with anger in his voice. Shego almost spit out all her milk, but caught herself before it happened.

"A cheerleader? Really Dr. D, your telling me, a cheerleader beats you?" Shego laughed with amusement.

"She's good Shego! I believe she's your age too…" The scientist began to ponder to himself. Shego looked to him,

"My age huh? She cute?" The teen smirked with wonder,

"Oh no! There will be NO dating arch foes in this household!"

"Fine, whatever, I was just curious."

The green eyed teen said with a wave of her hand. Drakken let out a small sigh before looking at the clock.

"You have to leave soon or you'll be late for your first day"

"Whatever… why do I even have to go here again?" The stubborn teen crossed her arms.

"Because, Shego, you were expelled from the Underground Villain's Academy" Drakken said with a blank expression on his face.

"Not my fault… Mr. Dementor was practically asking to be punched in the face…" Shego mumbled.

"You didn't go to class, and when you did you beat up the teacher. Let's just try to stay in this school please. It's a public school so teachers won't rant about world domination. That also means it's a safe haven, and when your in that building, you can't be arrested. So let's try to stay with this one please." The older man asked, his voice sounding tired.

"No promises Doc. But… I'll try"

"Thank you" He smiled at her.

"I'm going now, see you later."

The teen got up and left through the front door, pulling her keys out of her pocket as she did. She went into the garage and smiled at her baby, before opening the door and jumping into her 2008 dodge viper. She revved the engine a couple of times before speeding out the driveway and down the street. The sun reflecting off the green and black paint job her precious vehicle.