The Letter 2012 [Epilogue]
May 15, 2013

Dearest Rachel,

ALOHA! Bet you weren't expecting an actual letter from me, but I decided to go "old school." How're things in La Push? I hope that things are still calm. I haven't heard anything about any wolf-y excitement up there. I hope that it stays that way.

How is Leah doing? She has written me notes from time to time, but doesn't give me anything in detail. I'm far away. Take pity on me. I need details!

Mala found a job through the school now that he has finished his masters degree. He will work with the USGS (US Geological Survey). He works on Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Tsunamis and such. When an event happens he will need to go there to see what happened. So far he loves it! We still go to the beach a lot, though.

The new house is coming along nicely. Our old furniture will have to do until later, so we are painting the walls to match what we had before. We finished the front room and the bathroom. I had thought of using neon colors, but went with pastels instead. They are the colors of the old front room, just toned down a lot. It is really pretty. Come and see! But we are not done with it. The kitchen is next.

What is this I hear about you and Paul? You are going to have another baby? Why didn't I hear this from you first? Billy called to tell me. I am so happy for you! Do you want a girl or a boy this time? When are you due? Are you feeling all right? How will this affect your teaching at the res school? What does Little Ephraim think of being a big brother?

Guess what, I'm pregnant, too! It has taken all of these five years without phasing to start my cycles up again. I guess that means that I'm really human again. I had only had my second period, so we were lucky. When I skipped the third one, I just thought that it would take time to re-establish a pattern, but we had interrupted the pattern ourselves. You and I might be due at about the same time. Oh, one more thing. My sonogram was so exciting, I'm having twins! I guess that I'm lucky that I am not having four or five, being a wolf and all - just joking. They are fraternal, each with their own little apartment, so to speak. It is too early to tell what sex they are. I'm fine. If you hear from any of the Cullens, would you tell them for me? I'm sure that the doctor would want to know. So far, though, everything is progressing like normal little human babies should.

When we first got back home after you left in 2008, every time I would get upset over anything Mala would watch me closely. He was hesitant to touch me. We both needed time to get back to normal, but he was too careful. He didn't want to hurt me. One day I decided to take things into my own hands and showed him a thing or two about the passion of a Quileute female wolf. He was surprised, but he liked it. Now and then he likes to see her come out again. Now that he knows I won't pop into a wolf he is much better. Much better. We still have little tiffs from time to time, like we did before, but no big crisis arguments. We would never cause such pain to each other. He tries to keep everything peaceful and calm. He is a gem!

Hope you didn't worry too much about the excitement we had over here. Did you see the videos online? The tsunami was only about a foot tall. You could hardly even see it, and we had all evacuated and everything. The oceanographers and news reporters recorded everything. It was the first event that Mala got to work on. You can see it reported on TV and on the internet, but it was much ado about nothing. It is much better to be safe than sorry, though.

Well, there's not much more to write about. I'm tired. Write me soon!

Love, Rebecca

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