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Warning: M/M • Swearing • AU (Fran isn't Mukuro's student)

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"But the truth would've been suicide."

Belphegor had known Fran for a few years – whether they were good years or bad was yet to be decided – and had since realized that the teal-haired boy didn't just wear his mask; he was the mask itself.

He came to realize this fact when he found out that Fran had originally been used as a genuine human weapon until the family he'd been trained by was taken down by the Millefiore.

He supposed it shouldn't have been such a shock – really – because it would explain why he kept himself to carefully composed of icy calm and certainty. But it still made him wonder what else the boy was hiding. Did he have any family or was he an orphan? Was he educated or was his intelligence just a well-disguised act?

"So why'd you lie?" Belphegor asked, grinning wildly.

"About what?" Fran drawled from beneath the old boy, hardly blinking as teeth marred his shoulder and a tongue ran over the bruised skin.

"About where you came from." Belphegor slid another hand up his shirt and ran those hands down his ribs leaving angry red marks in his wake. Fran arched just slightly into the feeling.

"I didn't lie." And he hadn't really. He'd just avoided the truth in a roundabout way.

"You didn't tell me." Belphegor argued with a sneer as he felt the subtle movement beneath him. In response he pressed his knee between Fran's legs, teasing.

"You didn't ask." The teal-haired teen retorted, shooting him a pointed look as he moved his knee up. Teasing was unfair.

"You should have told me anyway." Belphegor declared with a derisive stare that quite clearly said he wanted to know why he hadn't been informed. Fran didn't have an answer so he merely slid his eyes to the left and tried to figure why Belphegor cared, anyway. It wasn't like it made a whole lot of difference. "I hate when you do that." The blonde announced, grabbing him by the jaw and forcibly turning his eyes toward him.

"Do what?" Because he supposed he wanted to know.

"Act like no one should give a shit." He didn't quite know what Belphegor meant by that but it didn't matter because his lips were the only thing that really registered at that point - conflicted and angry. They tasted like all those emotions Fran found himself unable to show. It hurt in a way. Just a little; but it still hurt that he couldn't really be so reckless. He was taught to be contained and unbreakable. That's what he was - no questions asked.

To Belphegor, Fran was everything opposite he thought he was and it was intriguing. A simple game - but one he couldn't control.