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Beryl stared thoughtfully out the window of her private chambers. Her thoughts were filled with the day's council meeting. She was thrilled. Finally, she had been promoted to the coveted position of Court Sorceress. She had worked towards this goal all her life and finally she was beginning to see the fruits of her labor.

She practically glowed with withheld excitement. Now she could begin to put her plan into action. She had put all her thought and life into this. It was foolproof. Soon, the Silver Millennium would fall, and with it the Golden Kingdom. Prince Endymion she would spare. He was cute after all. No use throwing away something so gorgeous, unless she had no other choice.

Her gaze turned to the figure kneeling before her and her mind returned to the moment at hand. She swept her long, brunette locks over her shoulder and spoke, "What is it, my loyal one?"

The figure stirred. "You summoned me, my lady," a soft baritone voice answered submissively.

Beryl smiled. "Yes, I did. You have served me well ever since I found you and took you under my wing. I am proud to call you my personal guardian."

"Please, do not flatter me, my lady. I live to serve my mistress, and I shall die in your service."

The brunette sorceress chuckled gaily at the young man's response. So predictable, and loyal to a fault. A fault she willingly took advantage of. "I have an assignment for you," she began.

The young man's head rose slightly in interest and she continued. "I need you to make your way into the Golden Kingdom's court. Preferably, I would like you to become one of Prince Endymion's personal guards but a mere general will do perfectly well in a pince. I will do my part to push the two nations to war from the outside, but I need someone I can count on…someone I can trust on the inside. I need you. Can you do this?"

The man's head lowered ever so slightly in thought. "I will do my best, my lady."

Beryl smiled gently and placed a hand on the young man's head, enjoying the feel of his soft hair beneath her fingers before drawing them down to clasp his chin and raise his head so their eyes met. "You have served me well thus far. I trust you will not fail me now when I need you most?"

Piercing glacial eyes met her sky blue and the young man replied softly, "I am ever yours to command," before clasping her hand in his and planting a soft kiss on her knuckles.

She smiled. Her orphan mongrel had finally become the perfect weapon. "I'm glad. There is a masked ball coming up in a week's time. It would be the perfect opportunity for you to insert yourself into the court. I can have you assigned to the new incoming trainees. With your skill and training your advancement through the ranks is guaranteed. I will pull some strings to be sure you become a general when the time comes. By then, everything should be in place.

"I want you to delve deeply into the world of the court and of the soldiers. Establish yourself. Make yourself known as a matchless warrior fiercely loyal to the Golden Kingdom and its prince. Become an enigma, though I'm sure you'll have no trouble there.

"But be sure to be ready to attack when the time comes. I can't have you betray me when I need you most. Do you understand?" she gazed at him hard putting the full force of her will behind her gaze.

He met her gaze without any signs of doubt or fear. "I will do as you command, my lady. You have my word. I will fight and I receive your word. I am ever yours in both body and soul."

Beryl nodded and ran her fingers through the soft strands of snowy hair. Her outer calm belied her inner excitement. She shivered in anticipation. "Then go and prepare yourself. My plans hinge on your success. Do not fail me, Kunzite."

The young man stood tall, before bowing to her. "I never fail." Then he turned on his heel and was gone leaving Beryl to her thoughts.

"No. You never fail. But then, there is always a first time."

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