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Chapter 1

Kunzite strode purposefully towards to elegant palace. He would never show it, but he was scared out of his mind. He was a loner by nature and was not at all comfortable in large crowds. He wasn't much of a talker, he preferred to listen and watch. It was truly fascinating how much he could learn simply by observing other people. It had become a required skill he had acquired while living on the streets as a child before Beryl saved him.

He rolled his shoulders in the only show of discomfort he allowed himself and continued on his way. His black velvet jacket was a bit on the warm side but his soft white shirt was a welcome relief in that it allowed his skin to breathe a little. But no matter what he did, he still felt like some sort of overdressed fop.

Presenting his invitation to the footman, he continued on into the elegant palace taking not of his surrounds as he did so. Carved statues stood in alcoves on either side of the great entryway, golden cherubs darted about on the mural on the ceiling, and gold… Gold was literally everywhere. It covered the statues, the chandeliers, the candelabras, the whirls and whorls on the walls. Everywhere.

Gold. What a harsh color. Simply take away the shimmer and it was no more than a glorified shade of yellow. Yellow for cowardice. Kunzite had never been much of a gold person, preferring the soft, illuminating silver. Silver was so much gentler, cold, precious, and in the case of quicksilver, deadly. Gold was easily manipulated, and was basically worthless for anything and everything except decoration. He could not for the life of him understand why people would literally kill for such a useless metal.

He was given no more time to consider the subject because at that moment his mind was too busy trying to grasp the Ballroom.

The Ballroom. Heaven save him. It was huge, and packed wall-to-wall with people in elaborate costumes and masks. Only the very center of the room had been cleared for the numerous dancers to twirls, glide, and float across it. His discomfort just took a leap off the deep end and gulped as he tried to flounder. This was not his forte.

"Pardon me, my good lord," murmured a smooth voice to his right.

Turning to it, Kunzite was greeted by the lovely, masked countenance of a young…person. It was hard to tell whether the stranger was a he or a she from this angle alone. Long, red-gold hair tumbled in bejeweled curls down the mysterious youth's back and over one shoulder. Pale skin was revealed under the elaborate mask setting off a pair of soft, pink lips. The youth's hand was outstretched in invitation.

Taking his chances, Kunzite took the hand and was escorted to the dance floor. He could hardly remember much of the actual dancing. Only the image of his charming partner filled his gaze. Jade. The youth's eyes were a liquid jade that, when viewed in a certain light, revealed flecks of gold. So beautiful.

His revere was cut short by the end of the dance. Turning to applaud the musicians, his attention was once again caught by yet another distraction. Trumpets blared and the guests turned to the elaborate staircase.

"Announcing King Elis, Emperor of the Golden Kingdom, Guardian of the Sanctuary of Elysium, Lord of the Eastern Isles, and Ruler of Terra, his son Prince Endymion, Heir-Apparent to the throne of the Golden Kingdom, and Court Sorceress Beryl the Violet."

The crowd erupted in a thunderous applause in which Kunzite participated. Never too soon to start playing his part, never knew who was watching. He would have left then and there if the youth by his side had not handed him a glass of wine before downing his, er, her own glass.

Kunzite watched with raised eyebrows as the wine in the youth's glass vanished before sipping his own. He swore he would only have one glass before the night was over.

Just one glass. Just one more glass, Kunzite promised himself for the fifth –sixth?- time that night as he began working on his next glass of wine. He was feeling rather tipsy already. Luckily, the wine wasn't pure enough to have too strong an effect…unless he'd drunk as much as his young friend.

It was strange. The more Kunzite looked at the youth, the more he wanted him, her. He blamed it on the wine. He tried to organize his thoughts as he actually looked at his thoroughly drunk companion.

The red-gold hair almost seemed to take on a coppery shade in the relative dark of the gardens they now stood in. Those Soft jade eyes only seemed to sparkle more in the lantern light instead of grow dull as would be expected from the number of drinks the youth had had. Long, flowing robes of a pale green that faded to a darker green the further down it went. It hung loosely from the youth's slender form in a most flattering way. The mask was the same shade of green over the smooth nose but also slowly faded to a darker shade of green as it neared the edge of the mask in a softly painted starburst. Silver whorls glittered in the lantern light and the golden liner over the mask's eye slits seemed to bring out the gold flecks in the young person's jade eyes.

This person was, in a word, seductive.

But that was as far as Kunzite's thoughts got before they were cut off by a part of soft, supple lips pressing up against his own. For a moment nothing happened.

Then Kunzite gathered what wits hadn't been drained along with the wine and yanked the object of interest into a secluded corner of the garden. He pressed the youth against the back of a stone statue nestled in an alcove created by a large hedge of roses and proceeded to kiss those lips until they were bruised and swollen.

He pressed a knee up into the boy's crotch –because only a boy would have crotch like that- and rubbed mercilessly against the awakening arousal there. Only the moonlight and the equally quiet roses were witness of the next few minutes of pure pleasure. And only the stone statue that acted as the sole supporter of the pleasured couple had eyes to see, but lips that were forever sealed shut.

Kunzite was able to think straight enough to remember to carry the now sated and sleeping boy to a bench near the fountain where he knew the youth would be found before taking his leave. He was highly tempted to remove the boy's green mask to see the face that went with those gorgeous jade eyes, but had stopped himself. Perhaps, a pleasurable tryst in the night while drunk was best left as just that, a tryst. Nothing else. Nothing deeper.

He would spend the next several years of his life wonder if he had made the right decision leaving the youth's identity unknown. Because, whether right or wrong, Kunzite regretted not seeing. All he could do now was go on with life.

Until one fateful day…

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