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And every night until the next time they saw each other, America dreamt of what could have happened if he had played along and slept with Japan. Driving himself nearly insane with the re-occurring fantasy, and every morning waking up to march over to the phone and end up not dialing the number.

If this was psychological warfare, it was WORKING.

He tried not to contact the smaller nation for quite some time, nearly four months when they finally made contact again. Just when Alfred realized he had read the same paragraph seven times and was about to throw the paperwork out the window, the phone rang in his office. He picked it up and sighed into the receiver. "Afred Jones speaking…"

"You sound tired." Kiku pointed out without so much as a proper greeting. "Are you free this weekend?"

Of course he was never free, but they had always cleared their schedules for each other before. The Blonde considered avoiding him at all costs, but he really needed to get out of the office and resolve this stupidity between them. If he saw Japan and reassured himself that nothing was going to happen then maybe he'd stop thinking about that one night every second of every day. It had turned out to be a subliminal message. Before it hadn't even occurred to him to want to sleep with Kiku (well, that wasn't including random out-of-the-blue dreams, but now it was just silly), and he kind of missed skipping out on work and sneaking off to Japan.

It was almost unbelievable that they had been doing that for a few decades and neither of their bosses had caught on.

"Sure." He agreed tiredly, propping his elbow up on the desk and letting his hand fall into the awaiting palm. "My country or yours?" He began massaging his forehead to calm himself and reduce some of the stress that had etched its way between his eyebrows. He was beginning to feel more and more like Arthur every day.

"Mine, I want to show you something."

Why did that suddenly sound ominous?

Lately it was like all he ever did was hop on a plane or wait for it to land. Staring down at the ocean beneath him the next day, he wondered if one day this would cease to amaze him and it would be so routine that he no longer enjoyed it. However, when Tokyo came into view he felt the pleasant swirling in his stomach, he knew he would have at least a couple more years of the child-like wonder. Even the fact that Kiku still insisted on picking him up at the airport made him feel so different than he did when he had visited anyone else.

"Konnichi wa." He greeted pleasantly, feeling the words become more and more fluent on his tongue after so much use. He wondered now if Arthur lied when he said he didn't know French; he bet he could understand it fluently. Especially since they had known each other for centuries and Alfred had only just started learning the language. He could speak it well, and he had only started being close to Kiku in the last few decades before and after the war.

"Hello, Alfred."

The sound of his name caused him to freeze momentarily, and a shiver to run down his spine. It left his hair standing on its ends, and the swirling in his stomach to feel like he had just dropped from the top of a rollercoaster. The Japanese nation had done it on purpose- using his name like that. What ever happened to 'only family and lovers used first names?'… He felt realization dawn on him as he mindlessly followed the smaller nation.

Was he treating him like a lover? By using his name and holding on to the crook of his arm lightly as they wandered the streets to the general area of Kiku's home? Damn Japanese! Everything is so between-the-lines and sneaky!

Nervousness set in, and he was aware of how incredibly uncomfortable he felt now that the intention of the nation before him was spelt out so clearly. Kiku began offhandedly commenting on the dinner he wished to attend, and how he would appreciate it if Alfred (Oh god, there it was again) came with him. The feast was in celebration of the weekend celebration. It was almost a cultural festival; one that was trying to get the spirits of the people back up again and bridging the gap between generations.

He explained it all to America, like he was somehow able to focus on anything but the fact that Kiku was using his name, proudly. Gesturing around to the preparations being made and telling him of all the things he wished him to see the next day. Finally Alfred was able to register something out of what Japan had said, and asked him why he had arrived a day earlier.

"You can settle in tonight." He replied in too cool of a voice, not really looking at him as he said it. "I wouldn't want you to be over-tired for the festivities."

"So, what are we doing for the rest of today then?" He blurted out, feeling foolish for saying it like that. He prayed that the strange behavior the Japanese man had been exhibiting was limited to simple words and actions, not innuendoes.

Much to his alarm, he saw the corners of those lips quirk up in a ghost of a smirk before it quickly vanished and Kiku looked up at him. He swallowed thickly as the hand hooked around his arm tightened ever so slightly and the other nation replied innocently.

"Perhaps we can talk?" Japan licked his lips and led them onto the regular path they took to get back to his estate. "I feel as though he have some things to discuss."

"Talking… right, yeah…" He replied nervously, letting the dark haired nation lead him like a lamb to the slaughter. He swallowed thickly and tried to will the dirty thoughts of Kiku in that yukata out of his mind. Japan made those clothes easily accessible just so it would haunt the American's dreams; he knew it!

He could just push him against a wall and run his hand up his thigh, making the robe pool around his waist then-


He smacked himself -hard- and began cursing in his head in every language he knew swears in. Meanwhile the lithe man was walking just a little further ahead to lead the way, and stayed completely oblivious in his stupid, annoying, tempting yukata. He was unaware of the frazzled blonde's thoughts, and the fantasies that had plagued him since that one night and that one simple sentence.

Years later, an American comedian would call it the 'tic-tac comment'.

Well it was about to explode in the back of his brain if he didn't preoccupy himself with something else. So he started counting red yukata's, finding that by the time Japan had led him to his home he had seen a grand total of fifty-six. Fifty-six freaking red yukatas and sixty-seven places he could have pushed Kiku onto and ravished him.


"Alfred, are you uncomfortable?" A gentle hand rested on his shoulder and he almost lost it right there, in the front room. Kiku sounded concerned, and Alfred could sense just a hint of nervousness in his tone. He counted to ten and then cleared his throat to speak.

"Where did you want to talk…?" He kicked off his shoes as he changed the subject and put them into a neat order to preoccupy his attention.

There was a pause, a rustle of movement, and then the timid reply. "The east sitting room would be fine, I suppose." He could sense the smaller nation was fidgeting before he turned around and saw him picking at the sleeves of his yukata again.

East sitting room- directly across the hall from Kiku's bedroom.

Kiku led the way wordlessly when Alfred gestured for him to go ahead. The walk seemed too quick and yet incredibly slow at the same time. The blonde was trying to keep his rapidly beating heart from coming up through his throat and was staring everywhere but at Japan. They passed rooms and hallways that Alfred knew well from being there so often lately. He could have gotten to the destined room without the Japanese man's guidance, but this seemed more appropriate.

They sat down, side by side, on one of the couches that Japan had put there for company. They were close enough for their legs to just brush if either of them moved. He wasn't sure who did that; him or Japan.

"A-Alfred…" Mumbled Kiku, hesitantly once again playing with the unraveled strand on the one sleeve of his yukata. He was twirling his finger around the thread, trying to quickly rip it out without causing more damage. Alfred thought the gesture was a little odd, because normally Kiku would just fix the sleeve patiently with a thread and needle instead of a momentary fix like ripping off the fraying piece.

His patience grew paper-thin. "Japan, you're calling me by my first name." He realized after that he sounded almost angry about that and back-pedaled a bit as to not seem like he hated it. On the contrary; he really enjoyed hearing his name again, maybe not with the 'kun' at the end like before, but at least it was something aside from a clipped 'America-san'. "I… I thought that meant something… Here." He pointed to the ground vaguely, talking about the Japanese culture. In America you called pretty much everyone by their first name.

"It does." There was no mistaking the shaking in those words or the blush spreading across the pale man's face to his ears.

This must be some kind of seduction tactic, because Kiku couldn't actually be shy about sleeping with him, could he? He had been the one to start this whole thing, and now he was stumbling over everything like an inexperienced school-girl? But the more that he stared at the island country the antsier he looked, and the more his words tripped and fell from his mouth hurriedly. He had never heard the older nation stutter before; he was normally so poised and calm.

The fact that he looked uncomfortable seemed to stir something within Alfred. Something that made him place a calming hand on Kiku's cheek and turn his head slowly. He wanted to reassure him that this was okay. He leaned in with enough time that Kiku could push him away or stop him, but instead the words just died on his lips and he sucked in a small breath before their lips met.

Alfred couldn't believe he had been so unsure about this. Thinking that they shouldn't push their friendship into anything else seemed like such a silly thought now that he was in this situation. It felt normal to be moving his mouth against the soft, pale lips of the smaller man. He pressed himself against him. The blonde angled his body so he was nearly on top of him; gently pushing Kiku further into the couch and so they weren't so uncomfortably positioned. He pulled at the black-haired nation's bottom lip with his teeth lightly, eliciting a soft gasp.

Just as he was deepening the kiss he felt the hands on his chest. He wasn't pulling him closer, or pushing him away. They were just resting there, and he was slowly starting to kiss him back, so that wasn't what worried him. It was the fact that they were shaking, curling in the fabric as an anchor instead of a fit of passion. It was almost like he wasn't sure what to do.

No way.

He pulled back abruptly, unable to properly savor the dazed look in those dark half-lidded eyes. "Ja-…Kiku, you… You want this… Right?" He wasn't sure how exactly to ask if the person he had just made out with was what he was thinking of. This way made it seem like a fair, easy question that wasn't insinuating anything.

"Yes." He breathed out, but even though his eyes were glazed over in the beginnings of passion, he still bit his lip and looked so damn unsure of himself. It was as adorable as it was unnerving.

"Are you…" He started recalling the bouncy little Italian telling him a story, when he had been captured and they were waiting for Germany to come save his useless ass, that he had hugged Japan. Apparently Japan had freaked out, saying it was his 'first time' and then made some comment about Italy 'taking responsibility' for it. Surely, he had thought, they had been joking about it like friends among friends.

Now he wasn't so sure, so he leaned back a bit further to give the other nation some room and finished his question. "Have you… slept with someone before?"

There was a brief pause where the question was processed and then the orient nation seemed to consider lying. Finally there was a sharp shake of his head and he looked down to hide his apparent shame.

"Oh…" He blinked multiple times, and the words sunk in deeply. "OH!" He nearly hopped off the other nation, his surprise quickly causing his body to act without his mind catching up. "I'm so sorry!" He sputtered out, stunned speechless for anything else to say that could soothe the conversation.

Kiku, however, simply tilted his head back and closed his eyes in aggravation. This was not where he had wanted this to go; he was hoping he could have made it a bit further without the blonde figuring it out. Now he was starting to realize how inexperienced and clumsy he felt. He hated feeling like he was inadequate. He felt defensive irritation kick in and he sat forward and wrapped his arms around himself to try and remain calm.

"Of all the things to apologize for, that's hardly one of them." He said quietly, trying to keep his voice even and void of any emotion that would betray him. The moment was long gone, and it left nothing but a dull void in its wake. Things had been going great too; Alfred made his head spin, and the kiss felt so good and secure. The mere thought of it made heat rush all across his body.

"I… I thought…" Stumbled the blonde, looking like he had just accidentally spilt hot coffee or something on Kiku instead of giving him his first kiss. "Oh god, I didn't know…"

Japan wanted to just run out of the room and tell Alfred to leave, because his shock was just making him feel even worse. He had been foolish to think that he could trick both the American and himself into thinking he knew what he was doing. He felt so weak, and he hated feeling that. Sometimes he had to just sit and marvel at the fact that only Alfred could make him feel it. No one else scared him, and not in the power sense of the word either.

"それは大丈夫で す." Kiku slipped back into his native tongue in his nervousness, before quickly translating it back into English, despite knowing Alfred could understand him. "It's okay." He ducked his head to hide his face. "I shouldn't have asked you to come…"

Alfred, currently going through all the nasty fantasies he'd been having and feeling bad about every single one, snapped out of it and stared at him incredulously. "Why?" He turned Kiku towards him and asked him earnestly. The other nation faltered and looked uncomfortable as he answered, trying to choose his words slowly.

"I assume you would rather not have to deal with the awkwardness of sleeping with a virgin. I just hoped you liked me enough to-"

"Wait! Hold the phone!" The blonde pressed his hand against Kiku's lips to stop his sentence. "あなたが大好き です." (I really like you) He said slowly, making sure the other nation heard every word. His honesty shocking the agile nation, since the first time he had mentioned them sleeping together Alfred had looked very unhappy with the idea. "Why wouldn't I want to sleep with you?"


"Can we try again?" Alfred didn't wait for him to answer, instead cutting him off earnestly and moving in a little closer, his hands still resting on Kiku's shoulders from when he turned him. He shifted again and made it so that they were both sitting facing each other on the couch, instead of him nearly on top of the other nation. That was way too much; it was too smothering for someone who hadn't done it before. "Just tell me if you want to stop; I swear I'll stop."

Confused by the sudden change in attitude Kiku didn't really know what to think. What he did know was that he really wanted this, and he really wanted America to do it. It wasn't because he knew the blonde had done this before, or because he admired his strength or looks. He just really trusted him, and as cliché as it sounded, he wanted the blonde because he cared about him. It appeared that his feelings were reciprocated, and with that in mind he leaned forward, made sure to tilt his head a bit, and pressed his lips against Alfred's.

The innocent kiss lasted briefly before Alfred shifted a little closer and cupped his jaw before kissing him again. He was moving languidly, a calm but still passionate pace. When Kiku became confident enough at kissing back he tentatively reached up and wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck, bringing them closer together.

Taking this as a good sign, the American deepened the kiss. He slid his tongue across Kiku's lips and slipped his tongue inside when they parted obediently. He touched his against Japan's before retracting it and trying again. Soon Japan was tonguing him back, his hands tangling in his hair in a strangely pleasant way. Meanwhile Japan was quickly becoming drunk on the fluttering feeling in his stomach and dizzied by kisses.

They broke apart for air and Alfred was finally able to see the effect he had on the smaller nation. He had never seen him look like this before with his skin flushed, lips pink, and eyes dazed over. He leaned forward and trailed small chaste kisses down his neck, careful not to move too quickly in fear of freaking out Japan. He knew he wouldn't break down THAT easily, but he had to keep in mind that this was still relatively new, and he really wanted this to be good for the black-haired nation.

The yukata stopped his progress down, and much to his surprise Kiku began to untie the sash around the middle so the robe would fall off his shoulders. It was still closed so that he was only blessed with creamy shoulders and the top part of his chest. He began to ravish the expanse presented to him, enjoying the sounds the raven-haired nation wasn't sure if he should let out or stop. He felt a hand curl against his back and realized he was still fully clothed.

Deciding that the smaller man would stop him if he went too far, he proceeded on confidently. Alfred shrugged the jacket off and began to run his hands down Kiku's back, successfully pulling the material off further and exposing two nipples. He latched onto one with his lips and felt Kiku arch up into the touch, a breathy moan escaping him when he did.

The sounds, he realized, had sent little shockwaves down there, and now he was becoming aware of how much they had affected him. A million thought's passed through his mind then, but one seemed to stand out as the most logical choice; relocation.

"Kiku." He moved away from his chest to stare into almond eyes, "we should go into your room."

Japan nodded, standing up unsteadily and grabbing Alfred's hand to lead him wordlessly across the hall. The whole situation seemed surreal, he felt like a teenaged boy would feel if they were sneaking into someone's house and their parents were due back any minute. His heart was pounding against his ribcage, and he nervously stumbled in the dark until they made it to the bed. Or rather, the futon on the floor.

He pulled Kiku down so he was lying on top of it as gently as possible, before leaning in and kissing him again. Since the smaller country eagerly kissed him back he figured things were going okay. He pulled back and pulled his t-shirt over his head, afterwards wondering if he should have waited until Kiku pulled it off. It was too late either way, so he proceeded along the pale chest where he left off, pulling the robe open further as he went down.

Finally he realized he was kissing down a rough patch of skin, and with dread gripping him he realized that, in the dim light, this was where he had bombed Japan. It was a huge star-shaped scar that was across his stomach and lower chest. He noticed Kiku had stilled slightly, but he could still hear his quick breathing, and the way it hitched every time he touched his skin.

"Alfred, please…" He put his hands on the blonde's shoulders, afraid that if he didn't do something to push him along that he would stop. They had been feeling guilt for far too long, he didn't want to feel that tonight.

He could feel fluttering across Japan's stomach when he slipped the sash from around his waist and threw it to the side somewhere. He undid the last remaining tie that was keeping him from his prize and pulled the yukata open, exposing the older country for his eyes only. He tried not to dwell on staring in lust too long, and moved to suck gently at his pelvic bones, that were just visible beneath a firm abdomen. He could only imagine what it would be like to be holding those hips and thrusting into the awaiting heat.

Reeling himself back in he realized he wasn't sure what Kiku wanted to do. He was hard, but he probably didn't want to do everything all at once, right?

He leaned back and stared into the face of his friend. "How far… did you want to go?" He asked awkwardly, feeling the nation beneath him shift uncomfortably.

"All the way." He responded softly, "I want you to…" He couldn't finish his sentence, feeling uneasy saying something so lewd. Alfred got the hint and nodded dumbly. After a moment of no movement, the black-haired nation reached down and pulled Alfred up so he could kiss him passionately. "Please," he murmured against his lips, "I want this."

"Okay… Do you have any lube or…?" This was so strange.

"Oh! Um, right." Kiku got up and wandered over to a small chest of drawers. He pulled something out of the top drawer and then retreated back to the futon. He sat down and handed Alfred, who had just taken off his glasses and put them aside, the little vial. They began feeling nervous when he popped the cap and a familiar fragrance filled the room.

"Massage oil? Good idea." Kiku nearly jumped on him, kissing him hard so he could hide his embarrassment.

Instead of lying back down the auburn-eyed country crawled on his lap and sat down with both legs on either side of him. He continued the desperate kiss, trying to forget what was about to happen. At least he knew the mechanics of it, and wasn't going to get a nasty surprise.

Coating his fingers in the oil he braced his one hand on Kiku's hip to warn him, and then slowly massaged the tight ring of muscle to relax it before slipping his finger in. Japan hissed against his mouth but renewed his efforts on this kiss to distract himself against the sudden invasion. He moved the finger around experimentally, knowing this was incredibly uncomfortable for Kiku. He pushed in a little further and curled his finger, looking for his prostate and praying to whatever god he believed in that he could make this as pleasurable as possible.

He advanced in further and suddenly Kiku threw his head back with a loud 'ah' and his hips twitched forward involuntarily. He pulled it out a bit and pushed back in, hitting the same spot again and feeling Kiku clutch at his shoulders and make the same sound, albeit a little quieter.

"There!" He gasped out, making a sound of discomfort when the other finger was added, but it dissolved back into moans when he kept pushing against the spot.

After using adding one more finger and making sure he was properly stretched he pulled out the oil again and went to pour some more but Kiku touched his hand. A wordless question; may I? The blonde handed over the oil unquestioningly and gasped when the fragrance wrapped around his cock, and Japan began coating it generously.

He felt so hard it was unbearable, and probably could have been gentler when he pressed Kiku onto the futon again and pushed his legs apart. He paused before the entrance and stared down at him. "Is this okay?"

It took a simple nod for him to bury himself inside the smaller nation to the hilt, feeling the desire to come just from getting inside. He tried to calm his breathing and waited, knowing that the black-haired nation probably needed some time to adjust. For a quiet minute he let those slender fingers dig into his shoulders in pain, but then they loosened and he felt them awkwardly wrap around his neck.


He slowly moved out and then pushed himself back in, readjusting his hands on Kiku's hips before changing the angle and trying again. He began to move at a steady pace, hearing Kiku's breathing pick up again. He pulled Japan's legs around him and the other nation recognized the gesture and wrapped them around his waist so he could penetrate deeper.

"Alfred!" He almost smirked when he found the sweet spot again, and started to drive in mercilessly at that angle. Luckily he was already at his ends because it didn't take long for either of them to finish. He had only stroked the Japanese nation a couple times before he threw his head back and cried out as he orgasmed. America soon followed; his groan seemed to echo in the poorly lit room.

They lay there for a few minutes, trying to catch their breaths and remember how to work their bodies properly again. Finally Kiku found the outline of his face and pulled his close. They clumsily bumped noses, but finally were able to have their good night kiss.

"Thank you."

"Hah, どういたしまし て?" (You're welcome?)



Kiku winced at the loud outburst, watching as his new lover paced around in the rock garden outside his house. It held many sakura trees, but their blooming season was already over, and instead they provided temporary relief from the scorching August sun. The small pond with koi fish was the only tranquil sound that morning.

"He's going to KILL me!" He exclaimed frantically. "He knew I was here and now he's coming to murder me! I won't even be able to get 'I'm sorry' out before he beats me to death with that frying pan of his!" He paused and then put his hands to his face. "And I won't even get to know what part he's killing me for; the whole Russia thing or because he's being over-protective!"

He even made beating gestures with his arm to emphasize the notion of Yao beating him with the wok. Japan didn't even try to correct him on the difference between a frying pan and a wok either; it would fall on deaf ears. However it did sober him up to hear about China acting as his older brother. He had been by a week previously, to finish political business, but he had barely spoken more than two words to Japan.

Alfred realized his mistake and went to go comfort his boyfriend, but he looked past Kiku and shrieked like a little girl before finding comfort behind a tree and hiding there. He only realized after that the raven-haired nation hadn't followed. Japan shook his head and almost smiled, but instead he turned around to greet the sight of China, who had just come around the bend in the path and probably hadn't seen the blonde at all. The entrance to the garden could be seen from the small hill they were on, but the trees covered them pretty well.

The younger of the two oriental nations bowed his head and stared stubbornly at the grassy floor. He was unable to meet the golden eyes of the man who once treated him like a son. There was silence for a moment as the red-clad nation sized him up. From his line of sight he could see that China had worn traditional robes of a scarlet color. Finally the bottom of those robes came into his sight and then a hand touched under his chin and lifted his head.

Alfred was scared Yao was going to slap Kiku, but instead he spoke with a voice that surprised the blonde by sounding very strong and commanding. Something he was only used to hearing from Germany.

"Look me in the eyes, Honda, Kiku. Long past are the days when you can pretend you respect me. You forced us to become equals, and you will not pretend otherwise."

And Japan complied, lifting his head so he could stare into the golden eyes of his older predecessor. They had what appeared to be a battle of wills that the American couldn't even begin to understand and then China walked around him, and put his hands into his sleeves. Once again the youngest of the three of them feared for his little boyfriend's life, but Yao simply walked on; staring into the distance.

"I have gone to see Russia, aru." He announced, perhaps a little too loudly for just Kiku, and if he could see the blue-eyes nation hiding he would see the flinch. "Which, I will admit, was probably foolish. However I have lived these past few years in fear of facing what will hurt me. So I am here today." He turned back around and stared at the shorter-haired male, who was still standing where the eldest nation had left him. Although his head was bowed and Alfred could tell he was probably trying not to cry.

"I do not know why you did what you did, aru." Yao said much lower, more privately. "However, you are still my flesh and blood. I have come to think that you were possessed by the lust of war, and I ask you to let me believe this and not to correct me." There was relief in the air and Kiku stared at China, disbelief clear in his expression. If America believed it possible, he looked like he wanted to do nothing more than break into a smile and hug the older nation.

Japan looked like he was going to speak but Yao lifted his hand to silence him. Instead he turned, with deadly accuracy in pinpointing where the blonde was, and spoke to Alfred.

"And, Alfred Jones, if you ever go near Ivan Braginski again I will rip out every artery and vein you possess. And if, by chance you are still alive by then, I shall start on capillaries." The situation would be funny if America wasn't so terrified. "I know you are there!" He barked out, and Alfred jumped and walked out of his hiding place, knowing irritating the older nation would probably not be a good idea.

Yao sighed, completely losing his regal air, once Alfred walked rigidly by him and stood beside his boyfriend. China offered him half of a tired smile; as if he had finally done something he had wanted to do for quite some time.

"I suppose my blessing would mean nothing at this point. However as long as you don't do anything stupid to Japan and you head my warning then we shall get along well enough." Alfred nodded dumbly when he realized the red-clad nation was waiting for a response, and Kiku nodded as well. "Well then, I shall take my leave, aru. Goodbye Kiku, Mr. Jones."

And in a flourish of crimson, he was gone.


I am sorry, but I HAD to give China his retribution! Anyone who read 'The Air you took and the breath you left' may appreciate this last part…

Okhay, first of all, I don't LIKE this one. I think it's rather crappy. However, writing from America's point of view allowed me to do one thing I wasn't able to do before… Be EXTREMELY sarcastic and make it funny. If you didn't laugh at all during this than I have failed at what I was aiming for. This was supposed to me extremely awkward and funny, opting for the more upbeat song 'Why Georgia' instead of the darker 'Belief'.

Wow, it's done… I don't think this is going to hit me for a while…

FOR ANYONE INTERESTED: These are the songs that made the fictions and the lyric that was the distinguishing image I had in mind when writing them. I don't own John Mayor, obviously.

The Waking Up is the Hardest Part- Germany/N. Italy

Based off the song "Dreaming With a Broken Heart"

Lyric: "You roll out of bed and down on your knees, and for a moment you can hardly breathe."

The weight of what happened finally hit them; the pain cripples them.

Not the Storm Before the Calm- France/England

Based off the song "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room"

Lyric: "Don't you think we ought to know by now? Don't you think we should have learned somehow?"

After all the things they've been through, they should have learned the answer was right in front of them the whole time…

Crawling Towards the Pillowcase- Cuba/Canada

Based off the song "Your Body is a Wonderland"

Lyric: "I love the shape you make when crawling towards the pillowcase."

It was supposed to be light and fluffy, and I love this lyric. You can see Matthew doing this.

The Air You Took and the Breath You Left- Russia/China

Based off the song "Split Screen Sadness"

Lyric: "'All we need is love' is a lie, 'cause we had love but we still said goodbye."

The war still managed to tear them apart, and you need more than love or lust to make things work, so a double meaning lyric.

But All I Feel is Alone- America/Japan

Based off the song "Why Georgia"

Lyric: "It might be a quarter life crisis, or just a stirring in my soul."

I think America is going through a life crisis when he realizes the 'hero' is the one who ended up alone, even though they're supposed to always get the 'girl'…