Here I am.

Stuck in a cave.

(Dramatic sigh)


With a giant 7 tonn flying bison.

Well, it's not so bad, considering Katara's here with me.

And the fact that this is the ''start lovin' on whoever's with you, because you're gonna die if you don't'' Cave.

Wait, that's bad.


Yeah okay.

Katara's amazing.

Beautiful, sweet kind, a temper that could kill a mammoth...etc.

Not to mention she's saved my neck a few times.

"Hey Aang, look up ahead, I think there's a door"

A door!

A door!

A door!

Ok, yeah. No.

It wasn't a door.

Well, it was, but not the door we wanted.

It was a door to a tomb.


Well, I shouldn't complain, i'll sound like Sokka.


I shouldn't complain for fear of sounding like Sokka, but come on. A TOMB?

One with half naked kissing people.


Katara sighed, instantly drawing my radar.

"You okay?"

"Yeah. But Aang, what if we're trapped here?"

"We won't be"

Deep breath.



Do not panic, for fear of scaring the maiden.




"Well, all we have to do is trust in love and we'll find our way"

Ok, that sounded better in my mind.


"You know, I have an idea. No never mind, it's to crazy"


I had been hoping that she would say something like 'Let's find some cave bats and fly them out of here" or something like that.

Definitely NOT what she said.

"Maybe if we kiss, the cave will let us leave"

I was glad it was semi-dark, so she couldn't see my blush.

Blink blink.


Me and Katara?


"You're right, it was a stupid idea"


"Yeah, I mean. You and me kissing?"


That DEFINITELY sounded better in my mind.

Actually, I should have just kept quiet.

"Huh, so you don't want to kiss me?"

"Well yeah, over kissing you or Momo, I would pick you"

Where was this stupid stuff coming from?

She started to walk away.

"Wait! That was a compliment"

(Face palm)

Katara turned to me, and I could see the sparkle of tears in her eyes.

"You know I didn't mean it like that Katara"

She came closer, and I could see that she was really scared.

The torch started to dim.

I took a step forwards.

Our faces were getting closer.

The torch went out.

Our lips met.








Then, the whole cave lit up with luminescent lights on the ceiling.

I was blushing so hard, I made a tomato look white.

I think Katara was too, but her skin was dark enough that I couldn't tell.

She was smiling, so it couldn't have been THAT bad.



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